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2846 example sentences with  designated

2846 example sentences with designated

Similarly, also, they had their favourite flowers, one having been the foxglove, nicknamed "witches' bells," from their decorating their fingers with its blossoms; while in some localities the hare-bell is designated the "witches' thimble."

Similarly the house-leek has been designated the "devil's beard," and a Norfolk name for the stinkhorn is "devil's horn."

Among further plants associated with his Satanic majesty may be enumerated the garden fennel, or love-in-a-mist, to which the name of "devil-in-a-bush" has been applied, while the fruit of the deadly nightshade is commonly designated "devil's berries."

Three days afterwards, Taney directed collectors to deposit the public money in certain banks which he designated.

These poems were afterwards designated Epitaphia, from the two words [Greek: epi], upon, and [Greek: taphios], sepulchre, being engraved on tombs, in honour or memory of the deceased, and generally containing some eloge of his virtues or good qualities.

But what added most to our strength was the presence amongst us of the hero John Nicholson, he who has been since designated as the "foremost man in India."

Let those who have not yet been prรฆtors serve for one or two terms as lieutenants to such persons as you may have designated.

Without entering upon the office himself he immediately designated others as censors, namely Paulus ร†milius Lepidus and Lucius Munatius Plancus, the latter a brother of that Plancus who had been proscribed and the former a person who at that time had himself been under sentence of death.

And if they ever should slip away from us, taking refuge in certain designated spots, there, too, they are sure to be enclosed as in a trap.

DIO'S ROMAN HISTORY 66 Vespasian is made Emperor: is also designated as such by portents (chapter 1).

Subsequently in the senate he designated him Caesar and sent a message to him, written with his own hand (Trajan was governor of Germany): "The Danaans by thy weapons shall requite my tears."

We observed on the river's bank what a man at my elbow (a professor of religion, who had discovered a great propensity to talk about his religious experience before gamblers) coolly designated "a drove of horses, mules, and niggers."

On the very night on which Leverrier's letter had been received, we find the telescope directed to the designated point in the heavens.

Tents or bunks in the same vicinity will be designated for the reliefs so that all the members of each relief may, if necessary, be found and turned out by the corporal in the least time and with the least confusion.

Enlisted men against whom charges have been preferred will be designated as "awaiting trial"; enlisted men who have been tried will, prior to the promulgation of the result, be designated as "awaiting result of trial"; enlisted men serving sentences of confinement not involving dishonorable discharge, will be designated as "garrison prisoners."

Enlisted men against whom charges have been preferred will be designated as "awaiting trial"; enlisted men who have been tried will, prior to the promulgation of the result, be designated as "awaiting result of trial"; enlisted men serving sentences of confinement not involving dishonorable discharge, will be designated as "garrison prisoners."

Persons sentenced to dismissal or dishonorable discharge and to terms of confinement at military posts or elsewhere will be designated as "general prisoners."

With the exception of those specially designated by the commanding officer, no prisoners will be allowed to leave the guardhouse unless under charge of a sentinel and passed by an officer or noncommissioned officer of the guard.

Prisoners reporting themselves sick at sick cull, or at the time designated by the commanding officer, will be sent to the hospital under charge of proper guard, with a sick report kept for the purpose.

All serviceable clothing which belongs to a prisoner, and his blankets, will accompany him to the post designated for his confinement, and will be fully itemized on the clothing list sent to that post.

Members of the prisoner guard and overseers placed over prisoners for work will receive specific and explicit instructions covering the required work; they will be held strictly responsible that the prisoners under their care properly and satisfactorily perform the designated work.

At the assembly, the men designated for the guard fall in on their company parade grounds as prescribed in paragraph 106, I. D. R.

I was told to see Baron von Mumm Schwartzenstein, who was officially designated by Von Jagow to handle neutral correspondents, and who, unofficially, I have reason to believe, is connected with the Secret Service.

In compliance with resolutions of the last session, the Board of Commissioners were directed to examine in a particular manner the parts of the coast therein designated and to report their opinion of the most suitable sites for two naval depots.

The Board, consisting of engineers and naval officers, have not yet made their final report of sites for two naval depots, as instructed according to the resolutions of March 18 and April 20, 1818, but they have examined the coast therein designated, and their report is expected in the next month.

It is the obvious import of the law that none of the persons thus taken should remain within the United States, and no place other than the coast of Africa being designated, their removal or delivery, whether carried from the United States or landed immediately from the vessels in which they were taken, was supposed to be confined to that coast.

A progress corresponding with the sums appropriated has also been made in the construction of these fortifications at the points designated.

But as the military command of General Jackson was to cease on the 1st of June, General Gaines, the officer next in command, then here, who was first designated to take possession of East Florida, received from me a verbal direction to give such effect to any requisition from the governor for military aid to enforce his authority as the circumstances might require.

In a word his greediness has created on this score a very complicated and wide-spread science, which, amongst nations which are considered civilised, has become most important, and is designated the culinary art."

"The ancients designated the pitch of vocal sounds by the term accent; making three kinds of accents, the acute (รฉ), the grave (รจ), and the circumflex (รช), which signified severally the rise, the fall, and the turn of the voice, or union of acute and grave on the same syllable.

"Long and short syllables have sometimes been designated by the same marks which are used for accent, tones, and the quality of the vowels; but it will be better[,] to prevent confusion[,] to use different marks.

Now John Caldigate was certainly not her son, in the usual acceptation of the word, nor did Maria Shand believe that he was so even in that limited sense in which a daughter's husband may be so designated.

The laws enacted from time to time for this purpose were called Agrarian laws; and the phrase afterward passed into a sort of proverb, inasmuch as plans proposed in modern times for conciliating the favor of the populace by sharing among them property belonging to the state or to the rich, are designated by the name of Agrarianism.

A large portion of this territory was called Gaul in those days; the part on the Italian side of the Alps being named Cisalpine Gaul, while that which lay beyond was designated as Transalpine.

Pompey was then designated to fill the office which the law created.

To prevent this, one of the conspirators had been designated to take him aside, and occupy his attention with some pretended subject of discourse, ready, at the same time, to resist and prevent his interference if he should show himself inclined to offer any.

A funeral pile was erected here for the burning of the body There was to be a funeral discourse pronounced, and Marc Antony had been designated to perform this duty.

(3) A large collection designated as the Proverbs of Solomon, 10:1-22:16.

Even the proverbs in the large collection, 10:1-22:16, which are definitely designated as the Proverbs of Solomon, emphasize monogamy and denounce rulers who oppress their subjects.

These insertions include (1) proverbs commending wisdom and praising the current wisdom teachings, and (2) the work of a pious scribe, a forerunner of the later Pharisees, who sought to correct the utterances of the original writer (who is commonly designated as Koheleth) and to bring them into accord with current orthodoxy.

Kincaid and his foundry were given full credit, and the defence named where the "iron monster" was to go, if not the very embrasure designated into which you must fire to dismount it.

At Rome, Posts and Post-houses were established, and designated statores and stationes; they were founded by the senate at a very early period of the Republic.

Yetand here we reach the most important aspect of that episodethere is an affectation of sentiment in that sending of locks, notes, and splinters from her lute; and this affectation of sentiment is designated by the word sentimentality.

The title by which Hiram Abif is sometimes designated.

They were also usually at odds with the southern Indians, but among themselves they were frequently united in time of war into a sort of lax league, and were collectively designated by the Americans as the northwestern Indians.

Won't ye be thinking, Captain Cuffe, that since my lord is made Duke of Brontรฉ, he is entitled to be called 'Your Grace'all the Scottish dukes are so designated, and I see no reason why the rear-admiral should not have his just dues as well as the best of them."

That day it took me an unusually long time to dress, but in the end I put on the designated garment.

Certainly I would go to the house designated by that number.

I remember that it begun thus:"This Organization shall be known and designated as the Sand Walking Company, and shall consist of seven divisions etc," detailing the manner of marching as we have recited.

And by virtue of the power and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States and parts of States are and henceforward shall be free, and that the executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons.

The following places are designated as rendezvous to which soldiers absent without leave may report themselves to the officers named on or before the 1st day of April next under the proclamation of the President of this date.

This was made known to Generals Grant and Sherman and assented to by them, and the particular corps for him designated.

The 15th day of April, 1864, is designated as the time up to which the numbers required from each ward of a city, town, etc., may be raised by voluntary enlistment, and drafts will be made in each ward of a city, town, etc., which shall not have filled the quota assigned to it within the time designated for the number required to fill said quotas.

The 15th day of April, 1864, is designated as the time up to which the numbers required from each ward of a city, town, etc., may be raised by voluntary enlistment, and drafts will be made in each ward of a city, town, etc., which shall not have filled the quota assigned to it within the time designated for the number required to fill said quotas.

I. Congress having authorized the purchase for the United States of the product of States declared in insurrection, and the Secretary of the Treasury having designated New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Pensacola, Port Royal, Beaufort, N.C., and Norfolk as places of purchase, and with my approval appointed agents and made regulations under which said products may be purchased: Therefore, II.

A year ago general pardon and amnesty, upon specified terms, were offered to all except certain designated classes, and it was at the same time made known that the excepted classes were still within contemplation of special clemency.

The point of meeting designated in the above note would not, in my opinion, be insisted upon.

The more elevated of these are universally designated by the hunters who occasionally visit the country and the lumberers who search it for timber as mountains clothed to the summit with wood, which, in consequence of the rigor of the climate, attains but a feeble growth.

It is admitted on the part of Great Britain that a territory designated by certain limits was granted to the United States in the treaty of 1783.

The river designated in this award became thenceforth the true St. Croix, however erroneous may have been the grounds on which it was decided so to be.

French playwrights divide the stage into three or four lateral divisions called plans, and corresponding to similarly designated side-scenes, or pans coupรฉs, between which are passages called coulisses; but those speaking from the coulisses, or addressing persons supposed to be in or behind them, are said to speak ร  la cantonade.

The middle of the room from wall to wall was designated along the floor by a heavy chalk line, and it is almost impossible to imagine a more violent contrast between dirt and cleanliness than existed on the two sides of the line, the equator of this little world.

I accounted for the absence of a hat by explaining that I lived close by; at the same time I designated the house.

A CDP is a Census-designated place, as described by the Census Bureau.

A draw is also held to determine which semi-final winner is designated as the "home" team for the final (for administrative purposes as it is played at a neutral venue).

A moon, designated S/2005 (809) 1, was seen based on lightcurve sightings in 2005.

An area of the Lizard coverning convert is designated a National Nature Reserve because of its coastal grasslands and heaths and inland heaths.

It is one of 77 officially designated Chicago community areas.

It is one of the National Cancer Institute's forty-one NCI-designated Cancer Centers.

It will be a double-span bridge (four lanes per span in opposite directions) with designated bus lanes.

Having a designated spot to work is very important.

He called on the public to desist from indiscriminate dumping of refuse in their neighborhoods and ensure they always use designated collection centres.

"This is one of the world's most powerful self-propelled guns designated to strike vital enemy targets and facilities in the tactical depth of defense behind the front line," said Uraltransmash CEO Dmitry Semizorov.

โ€œThose five miles are very undeveloped and a few years ago had been designated the Presumpscot Historic and Natural River Corridor by Windham and Westbrook,โ€ Shaughnessy said.

To space out visitation, will be sold in designated time blocks, and timed tickets will also be required during the museum's weekly free hours.

Turns out the โ€œexpertsโ€ brought to persuade our committee to CRIMINALIZE doctors for providing care to transgender youth is designated by as a HATE GROUP.

Camping is allowed at designated camp sites; check the following website for camping Plan a day trip to the island, and spend your time enjoying the outdoors by foot, hiking, picnicking, birdwatching or swimming.

Camping is permitted only within designated campsites in this core area.

Canada did not possess an air force until the closing days of the First World War, when two RAF squadrons were designated as โ€œCanadianโ€ and a nascent Royal Canadian Naval Air Service was stood up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CAUT is recommending the government create an additional 500 chairs to be awarded to women and members of other designated groups and is calling for a change in the allocation formula.

Children seven years of age or older are asked to use the change room designated for their gender.

Close to parks, community centres and Trout Lake, All accessible from designated bike routes.

Comprised of four divisions operating across the nation, The CVI Groupโ€™s head โ€ฆ the designated area of operation, dispatchers play a crucial role in day โ€ฆ

Council has defined โ€œrural issuesโ€ as those relating to the Rural Area as designated in the Official plan.

Councilโ€™s decision last fall to pursue a Scarborough subway meant the 48 LRVs designated to run on the Scarborough LRT corridor โ€” worth about $200 million โ€” were no longer necessary.

Defining its East Asian population, which is a tiny minority in but who do not physically appear to belong any of the four designated groups, was a constant dilemma for the apartheid government.

D. THAT sidewalk projects numbered 17-33 inclusive, as described in Appendix I, be designated as โ€œpedestrian collector routesโ€ so that the abutting residential property ownersโ€™ rates are reduced by the required 25%.

Enforcement officers designated by the Minister according to Section 39 of the would enforce the management actions and Regulations for these areas.

Event Support Liaison - An employee of the City of Brampton designated to act as a facilitator between the Event Organizer and all applicable City departments and divisions.

Every Brokerage in Alberta must have one - and only one - designated Broker.

All women lawfully married to any of the persons included in the several classes hereinbefore designated; the children issue of such marriages, and their descendants.

Finally, I would like to know, if the government has not already officially designated the opposition days between now and the adjournment on December 12, when it intends to officially designate those opposition days.

Finally, John Nicholas Jeddore, a member of the Maiwpukek Band at Conne River, was designated a Tradition Bearer.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada provides services to Canadians through three strategic outcomes and nine program activities, which includes the Canadian Coast Guard designated as a Special Operating Agency (SOA).

Following your participation in the EVE Program, a letter indicating your successful or unsuccessful follow-up will be sent to the Court, or any other designated person.

For active outreach to designated groups, advertising methods may include ethnic newspapers, trade bulletins and publications, websites or newsletters of professional organizations, and community newsletters and networks.

It also means that there are still 129,000 hectares of agriculturally zoned and designated land in the Toronto-Hamilton White Belt.

It also points out that the Form 6 gives the WCB authority to disclose the workerโ€™s claim information to a โ€œdesignated advocate of my union or similar association.โ€

It authorizes the Governor in Council to designate departments to support the ministers who occupy those positions and authorizes those ministers to delegate their powers, duties or functions to officers or employees of the designated departments.

The lands are designated as "General Rural" by the City Council Approved Official Plan.