1223 examples of designated in sentences

Come, now, tell me the charm in those feet which you young ladies designated, I remember, as 'teensy,' and expressed your desire to 'tiss.'

To which Mr. Ralph replied, that the best writers of ancient and modern times had nowhere designated as a monster the man who was not in raptures at the sight of babies;whereupon Miss Fanny declared her disregard of writers in general, and her preference for babiesat which stage of the discussion Ralph began to whistle.

The archdukes, by which title the joint sovereigns were designated without any distinction of sex, were secured in the possession, with right of succession to their children; and a provision was added, that in default of posterity their possessions should revert to the Spanish crown.

This important region (the valley of the Ottawa) takes the name by which it is designated in popular parlance from the mighty stream which flows through it, and which, though it be but a tributary of the St. Lawrence, is one of the largest of the rivers that run uninterruptedly from the source to the discharge within the dominions of the Queen.

Three days afterwards, Taney directed collectors to deposit the public money in certain banks which he designated.

The good, in Hayley's case, appears to have been the viewing, through his native cheerfulness, every dispensation of Providence on its bright side; and the evil, his applying this rule to what might be not improperly designated the dispensation of his own will.

A gentleman who came yesterday to honour me with the invitation of Cincinnati, that rising wonder of the West,with eloquence which speaks volumes in one word, designated as piracy the interference of foreign violence with the domestic concerns of a nation.

In what way all these cities came to be subject to Carthagewhether voluntarily, for their protection perhaps from the attacks of the Cyrenaeans and Numidians, or by constraintcan no longer be ascertained; but it is certain that they are designated as subjects of the Carthaginians even in official documents, that they had to pull down their walls, and that they had to pay tribute and furnish contingents to Carthage.

A custom came into vogue, by which the victor and his descendants derived a permanent surname from the victories they had wona custom mainly established by the victor of Zama who got himself designated as the hero of Africa, his brother as the hero of Asia, and his cousin as the hero of Spain.(48)

The banks are designated by the auditing board, and must give bonds for twice the amount to be deposited.

In order that all persons having claims against the estate of the deceased may have an opportunity to present their accounts, a time for such presentation is designated by the court, and due notice thereof is given, usually by publication in a newspaper. 7. Inventory of the estate.

The following three places were determined and designated by the voters present as the most public places in said town for the posting up of legal notices, and suitable posts for such purpose were ordered to be erected or maintained by the supervisors at each of such places, viz.: (describe the places.)

Humane, he reverted with horror to the atrocities of General Hawley, 'the Chief Justice,' as he was designated, who had a 'passion for frequent and sudden executions.'

They were affixed on spots designated by the chiefs.

Without entering upon the office himself he immediately designated others as censors, namely Paulus Æmilius Lepidus and Lucius Munatius Plancus, the latter a brother of that Plancus who had been proscribed and the former a person who at that time had himself been under sentence of death.

Captivated by the difference and at the same time through fear that Sulpicianus might avenge Pertinax (an idea that Julianus put into their heads) they received the highest bidder inside and designated him emperor.

We observed on the river's bank what a man at my elbow (a professor of religion, who had discovered a great propensity to talk about his religious experience before gamblers) coolly designated "a drove of horses, mules, and niggers."

[Footnote 1: Designated in the Aztec original by the name Teoapan Ilhuicaatenco, from teotl, divine, atl, water, pan, in or near, ilhuicac, heaven, atenco, the waterside: "Near the divine water, where the sky meets the strand.

Evelyn designated a white house which stood back in a large yard.

It spoke emphatically of 'the joyful event of emancipation', and in allusion to an individual in England, of whom it spoke in terms of high commendation, it designated him, as one "who was distinguished for his efforts in the abolition of slavery."

so she irreverently designated Helen Brabazon's uncle, Mr. Burnaby.

On each side, sometimes on the anterior aspect, sometimes quite laterally, is a narrow elongated band or vitta, as it is here designated, from which the distinctive sectional appellation is derived.

Furthermore, the Egyptian historians never distinguished the different races in their midst, but rather designated the foreign serf class by a common name.

And by virtue of the power and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States and parts of States are and henceforward shall be free, and that the executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons.

The following places are designated as rendezvous to which soldiers absent without leave may report themselves to the officers named on or before the 1st day of April next under the proclamation of the President of this date.

1223 examples of  designated  in sentences