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207 example sentences with  detective's

207 example sentences with detective's

His brick-red hair was as unkempt as if it had never known a comb, yet the attire of the great detective was as fastidiously neat as if he had dressed for an important social function.

The way in which Crewe had pulled the police case to pieces had shown Rolfe that the conviction of Birchill was by no means a foregone conclusion, and had left him a prey to doubts and anxiety which Inspector Chippenfield's subsequent depreciation of the detective's views had not altogether removed.

If she had watched the detective's departure from the window she evidently had some reason for wanting to see the last of him.

The contrast between the detective's quiet English tones and the Frenchwoman's impetuous appeal was accentuated by the methodical way in which Crewe slowly jotted down an entry in his open notebook.

Rolfe, whose association with Crewe in the case had awakened in him a keen admiration for the private detective's methods and abilities, permitted himself to defy his superior officer to the extent of saying that "the best way to prove Kemp a liar is to prove that his story is false.

The tone was dry, the words abrupt, but the detective's heart was dancing like a feather.

"This is a find," muttered Hexford into his fellow detective's ear.

Seeing nothing peculiaror at all events, giving no evidence of having noted anything peculiar in my movementClifton went evenly on, pouring into my astonished ears the whole long story of this detective's investigations.

Would I have considered it farce if I could have heard the words which this detective was at that moment whispering into the district attorney's ears: "Do you want to know who throttled Adelaide Cumberland?

"Of course not," was the detective's reply.

And although I was silent, I shared the Scotch detective's belief.

The detective's face dropped suddenly from triumph to humility.

" The Prince turned and beheld Glück, evidently expecting orders to accomplish an assault upon the detective's person.

"Then the man in the salon who claimed to be a detective was" "What?

"Is your detective's name Anatole Girard, and does he live in Rue du Capucin Blanc?" "Yes.

I must have lost it at the hotel, or the detective's, or in the automobile I had hired.

The detective's face became anxious.

"I have the detective's report here in writing," continued Goodlaw; "I will give it to you that you may read it at your leisure.

On this especial morning the detective was nearly a block in the rear, with the snow driving furiously into his face, when an automobile suddenly rolled up to the curb beside him and two men leaped out and pinioned Fogerty in their arms.

Mershone stopped short, seized the detective's hand and wrung it gratefully.

They were both in plain clothes, but the unmistakable stamp of a Scotland Yard detective was clearly imprinted on each of them.

That would be the detective's advice, I'm sure, and probably Van Torp approved of it.'

He held his tongue, and told no one about the detective's visit, because he had no intimate friend in England; partly, too, because he wished to keep his name out of what was now called 'the Van Torp scandal.'

"Acting upon the detective's instructions, there were several men in plain clothes ready to his call in the immediate neighbourhood.

Now in this case had you looked up page 797 of this little volume of Gotha's Almanach you would have seen my name in it and known from the first that the so-called Russian detective was a liar.'

It was presumed that he would know something of his father's affairs; the idea having now taken firm hold of the detective's mind that perhaps grave financial difficulties had tempted the unfortunate manager to appropriate some of the firm's money.

The Head listened to the amateur detective's statement with interest.

I was pleased to see also that the detective was nodding his head, as I talked, in a way that showed he appreciated all my precautions.

But there was nothing else to be seen, except that near the table there were indistinct glimmerings of light, and at the far end the outline of a dull glowing revolver, evidently in the detective's pocket.

Perhaps the doctor's significant words, added to her earlier dread of the abnormal, made Katherine read in the detective's manner an apprehension of conditions unfamiliar to the brutal routine of his profession.

The detective's straight smile returned.

"There's no evidence we know anything about that your grandfather's heart didn't simply give out, but the detective is absolutely certain, andthere's no use mincing matters, Bobbyhe believes he has the proof to convict you.

The detective's smile widened.

Bobby experienced a swift impulse to strangle the brutal word in the detective's throat.

Unless they could demolish the detective's theory he, Bobby Blackburn, would go to the death house.

Detective's an ass.

"All right," the detective's level voice came back.

Why haven't you arrested him?" In this room the detective's satisfied chuckle was an offence.

The detective's laugh was disagreeable.

Bobby saw the candle quiver at last in the detective's hand.

Graham touched the detective's arm.

The detective's manner increased the hatred which had blazed in Bobby's mind when he had stood in the bedroom over his grandfather's body.

The detective's level smile widened.

Bobby stared at the slight protuberance in the breast pocket of the detective's coat.

Between the extinction of his candle and the commencement of that movement!only a second or sothe evidence had disappeared from the detective's pocket.

The detective's keen senses were satisfied.

Under those conditions Robinson's failure to press the question was as disturbing as the detective's matter-of-fact capture of the cloak.

It was the moment of the great detective's triumph.

His only hope lay in the scoundrel's arrest; so he laid an information at the police station, and a clever detective was told off to investigate the charge.

There was a half quizzical light in the detective's eyes as he spoke, apparently to no one.

The detective's voice was quite calm.

The dramatis personae had all been of the better type, with the single exception of William Barkerthey had been persons against whom the detective was loath to believe ill.

And see, Mary, that detective is watching me, too, he has hardly taken his eyes off me since we entered the car.

Faith's head towered above the detective's as she spoke.

Mr. Forbes hastily repeated the detective's information.

"Oh, Mr. Denton, is there not some other way to do this?" "I wish there was," said that gentleman shortly, "for our detective's mistakes have already cost us several thousand dollars."

"A woman could hardly forgive such an insult, but your detective is capable of far worse, Mr. Denton; he is a very wicked man.

The detective's ruse in covering the candy had produced results as startling as they were suspicious.

And with a smiling bow he turned away, while Lord Stanway stood and gazed after him, with an expression that implied a suspicion that his special detective was making a fool of him.

The commissary spoke with deeper feeling than he had shown in years, and then, as if not satisfied with this, he clasped the detective's hand and added heartily: "I'm proud of you, old friend, I honor you."

Like a flash it came into the detective's mind that the same automobile had passed them once before some streets back.

The bearded man saved himself by a quick turn, and with a great heave of his shoulders broke the detective's grip, then suddenly he attacked, smiting for the neck, not with clenched fist but with the open hand held sideways in the treacherous cleaving blow that the Japanese use when they strike for the carotid.

In spite of the torsion torture, he had swung his free arm under the detective's lifted guard, not in Yokohama style but in the best manner of the old English prize ring, his clenched fist falling full on the point of the heart, full on the unguarded solar-plexus nerves which God put there for the undoing of the vainglorious fighters.

But now the detective's curiosity was aroused.

And the detective was speedily put in excellent humor by news awaiting him at the Palais de Justice Monday morning that the man sent to London to trace the burned photograph and the five-pound notes had already met with success and had telegraphed that the notes in question had been issued to Addison Wilmott, whose bankers were Munroe and Co., Rue Scribe.

Besides all this, and more important, M. Paul had planned a piece of work for Papa Tignol when the old man reported for instructions this same Wednesday morning just as the detective was finishing his chocolate and toast under the trees in the garden.

In a word, he looked the wood carver, every inch of him, and the detective was forced to admit that, if this was a disguise, it was the most admirable one he had ever seen.

Then a man came out alone, and the detective's eyes bored into him.

To his surprise, however, the detective was not only up and dressed, but he was on his knees in the study before a large leather bag into which he was hastily throwing various garments brought down by the faithful Melanie, whose joy at having her master home again was evidently clouded by this prospect of an imminent departure.

That was the detective's task, to be received, unsuspected, as an inmate of De Heidelmann-Bruck's great establishment on the Rue de Varennes, the very center of the ancient nobility of Paris.

And on a chair beside the girl, battered and blackened, sat Esmeralda, while under the detective's pillow was the scorched but unharmed diary of De Heidelmann-Bruck!

" There had been bitter moments in the great detective's life, but this made up for them; there had been proud, intoxicating moments, but this surpassed them.

A detective was sent to examine into the "robbery," and Chickweed would cry out, "There he is!"

The Italian's lip curled with a slight indication of contempt at the French detective's methods, but he bowed without speaking, and went out.

The little detective was much concerned at the utter want of reticence displayed by his colleague.

The sounds of conflict had already died out in the front office, and another visit from the evil-faced detective was momentarily expected, so Jimmie was urged to make the proposed attempt to reach Hans at once.

He saw that the detective was not inclined, not yet desperate enough, to march him off to prison, however, and took courage from the fact.

he cried, "you men of Kincaid's Batteryand you, sir,and you,"nodding right and left to Mandeville and the detective,"on this our solemn pledge to supply as soon as ever we can all form of law and social usage here omitted which can more fully solemnize this uniondo now" Up went the detective's hand and then Mandeville's and all the boys', and all together said: "Pronounce you man and wife."

MARSDEN, MARIE M. Junior detective's fingerprint book.

SEE Marsden, Thomas G. MARSDEN, THOMAS G. Junior detective's fingerprint book.

MARSDEN, MARIE M. Junior detective's fingerprint book.

SEE Marsden, Thomas G. MARSDEN, THOMAS G. Junior detective's fingerprint book.

For had I not believed that the eye of a detective was on me every moment, I could have taken that spike a score of times.

The detective's idea was that he was emphatically "a bad lot."

The waiter who had run across the sidewalk and got into that carriage had borne a guilty secret with him, as the detective's experienced eye had instantly perceived.

The detective was bound to give Gaspard every chance to change his mind.

Translated from the detective's cipher, it read as follows: "The address is that of a good flat house.

And yet all the time she was filling the detective's mind with the blackest suspicions against herself.

The detective was in doubt whether to enter the house in his own character.

" In spite of Deever's distrust of Nick, the great detective's manner, when he spoke with decision, was such as to secure instant obedience.

It is a characteristic difference between the clever American and the insular British shopkeeper that in America, when a thing such as I have mentioned is suspected, the saleswoman or a private detective is sent to shadow the suspect, and ascertain if she really wore the garment in question.

What a useful thing to us poor, mud-stranded mortals to find out that there is another little fragment of a world, away some hundreds of millions of miles, outside of no particular wherefor I believe this astronomical detective is only on its track!

The big figure of the headquarters detective was first; after him came a nervous, important looking young man and a stolid-faced old one.

On February 2 the report was made to the English authorities that twenty of the better sort, many wearing riding boots and carrying field glasses, had left Lorenzo Marques for the Transvaal, and as tending to throw suspicion upon the purpose of their journey, a Transvaal detective was "most assiduous" in his attentions to them.[10]

After advertising without result, he applied to the police, and a smart young detective was set to work.

In 1950, she acted in the live sitcom Detective's Wife.

Laubach first messaged the detective on July 9 using the screen name “nate laubach,” believing that the detective was a 15-year-old girl.

Our favourite detective is finally back on our screens – and the first episode of Vera kept viewers clinging to the edge of their seats.

After a shoot-out in which another sheriff’s detective was killed, the stand-off ended when the cabin in which Dormer was holed up in caught fire after police shot tear gas canisters into it.

A sudden sharp whistle broke from the detective's lips.