66 examples of detective's in sentences

"Of course not," was the detective's reply.

And although I was silent, I shared the Scotch detective's belief.

" The detective's face became anxious.

That would be the detective's advice, I'm sure, and probably Van Torp approved of it.'

He held his tongue, and told no one about the detective's visit, because he had no intimate friend in England; partly, too, because he wished to keep his name out of what was now called 'the Van Torp scandal.' He would never have alluded to the matter if he had not accidentally found himself next to Lady Maud at dinner.

It was presumed that he would know something of his father's affairs; the idea having now taken firm hold of the detective's mind that perhaps grave financial difficulties had tempted the unfortunate manager to appropriate some of the firm's money.

" Perhaps the doctor's significant words, added to her earlier dread of the abnormal, made Katherine read in the detective's manner an apprehension of conditions unfamiliar to the brutal routine of his profession.

" The detective's smile widened.

Unless they could demolish the detective's theory he, Bobby Blackburn, would go to the death house.

Detective's an ass.

In this room the detective's satisfied chuckle was an offence.

The detective's laugh was disagreeable.

" Graham touched the detective's arm.

Under those conditions Robinson's failure to press the question was as disturbing as the detective's matter-of-fact capture of the cloak.

" "Indeed!" Faith's head towered above the detective's as she spoke.

Mr. Forbes hastily repeated the detective's information.

The detective's ruse in covering the candy had produced results as startling as they were suspicious.

The bearded man saved himself by a quick turn, and with a great heave of his shoulders broke the detective's grip, then suddenly he attacked, smiting for the neck, not with clenched fist but with the open hand held sideways in the treacherous cleaving blow that the Japanese use when they strike for the carotid.

In spite of the torsion torture, he had swung his free arm under the detective's lifted guard, not in Yokohama style but in the best manner of the old English prize ring, his clenched fist falling full on the point of the heart, full on the unguarded solar-plexus nerves which God put there for the undoing of the vainglorious fighters.

And on a chair beside the girl, battered and blackened, sat Esmeralda, while under the detective's pillow was the scorched but unharmed diary of De Heidelmann-Bruck!

There had been bitter moments in the great detective's life, but this made up for them; there had been proud, intoxicating moments, but this surpassed them.

MARSDEN, MARIE M. Junior detective's fingerprint book.

The waiter who had run across the sidewalk and got into that carriage had borne a guilty secret with him, as the detective's experienced eye had instantly perceived.

And yet all the time she was filling the detective's mind with the blackest suspicions against herself.

" In spite of Deever's distrust of Nick, the great detective's manner, when he spoke with decision, was such as to secure instant obedience.

66 examples of  detective's  in sentences