246 examples of dialectics in sentences

Logic and the dialectics of Plato, which had formed so large a part of my previous training, had given me a strong relish for accurate classification.

Zeno of Elea, the friend and pupil of Parmenides, born 500 B.C., brought nothing new to the system, but invented Dialectics, the art of disputation,that department of logic which afterward became so powerful in the hands of Plato and Aristotle, and so generally admired among the schoolmen.

He was a religious and intellectual missionary, preparing the way for the Platos and Aristotles of the succeeding age by his severe dialectics.

He was pre-eminently a great thinker, a great logician, skilled in dialectics; and his "Dialogues" are such perfect exercises of dialectical method that the ancients were divided as to whether he was a sceptic or a dogmatist.

Plato, by the introduction of this process, shifted philosophy from the ground of inquiries into man and society, which exclusively occupied Socrates, to that of dialectics.

Philosophy, as a great system of dialectics, as an analysis of the power and faculties of the mind, as a method to pursue inquiries, culminated in Aristotle.

Rhetoric became connected with dialectics, and in Greece, Sicily, and Italy both were extensively cultivated.

Nor was it by dry dialectics that he refuted these heresies, although the most logical and acute of men, but by his profound insight into the cardinal principles of Christianity, which he discoursed upon with the most extraordinary affluence of thought and language, disdaining all sophistries and speculations.

There is more here, old fellow, than you will cure by doses of Socratic Dialectics.

And that again is a question of Dialectics.

But whether the Creeds really do that or not-whether Lady Jane does not implicitly confess that they do not by her own words and deeds of every day, that, I say, is a question of Dialectics, in the Platonic sense of that word, as the science which discovers the true and false in thought, by discovering the true and false concerning the meanings of words, which represent thought.

" "Which you would have me disperse by lightning-flashes of Dialectics, eh?

" "That, too, as I take it, is a question of Dialectics, unless you choose to reduce the whole to a balance-of-probabilities argument- rather too narrow a basis for a World-faith to stand upon.

Try all 'mythic' theories, Straussite and others, by honest Dialectics.

" "And pray what are Dialectics, but strict Baconian induction applied to words, as the phenomena of mind, instead of to things, the phenomena of-" "What?" "I can't tell you; or, rather, I will not.

" "Really, you and your Dialectics seem in a hopeful and valiant state of mind.

"But are you not asking me to do just the same, when you propose to me to start as a Scientific Dialectician?" "Why, what are Dialectics, or any other scientific method, but conscious common sense?

From these moods innumerable conclusions are derived, in which nearly the whole science of dialectics consists.

The present comprehensive use of the term is but an extension of the Middle-Age division of the liberal arts into the Trivium,Grammar, Rhetoric, Dialectics,and the Quadrivium,Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, and Astronomy,as expressed in the verse, "Lingus, tropus, ratio, numerus, tenor, angulus, astra.

Dialectics of nature.

Dialectics of nature.

Dialectics of nature.

Dialectics of nature.

I fully believe that such an empiricism is a more natural ally than dialectics ever were, or can be, of the religious life.

NYÂYA, the name of one of the six principal systems of Hindu philosophy, and devoted to the dialectics or metaphysics of philosophy.

246 examples of  dialectics  in sentences