115 examples of diaphragms in sentences

(Showing the dorsal and the ventral tubes.) A, the cranial cavity; B, the cavity of the nose; C, the mouth; D, the alimentary canal represented as a simple straight tube; E, the sympathetic nervous system; F, heart; G, diaphragm; H, stomach; K, end of spinal portion of cerebro-spinal nervous system.

These two cavities are separated by a movable, muscular partition called the diaphragm, or midriff (Figs. 9 and 49).

" Again, every camera has an arrangement of diaphragms regulating the amount of light.

There was, it is true, the single small instance of the excited noncom. who poked a large, unwholesome-looking automatic pistol into my shrinking diaphragm when he wanted me to get off the running board of a military automobile into which I had climbed, half a minute before, by invitation of the private who steered it.

This, in the earlier machines, gave rise to considerable annoyance, as the diaphragms, being thin, readily collapsed at even moderate pressures; but recently all trouble on this head has been obviated by introducing the three projections near the center, as shown in the cuts, which bear upon each other and form a series of stays from one end of the cells to the other, supporting the plates until the obstruction is forced away.

He breathed Guppy's London particular, the wind was the black easter that pierced the diaphragm of Scrooge's clerk.

This disk is placed in the center of the diaphragms, in order to obtain the greatest rapidity combined with the least possible distance to travel.

On the ground of some novel and some already accepted experimental evidence, M. Mercadier holds that the mechanism by virtue of which the telephonic diaphragms execute their movements is analogous to, if not identical with, that by which solid bodies of any form, a wall for instance, transmit to one of their surfaces all the vibratory movements of any kind which are produced in the air in contact with the other surface.

Movements corresponding to particular sounds may be superposed in slender diaphragms, but this superposition must necessarily be disturbing under all but exceptional circumstances.

In proof of this view, it is cited that diaphragms much too rigid, or charged with irregularly distributed masses over the surface, or pierced with holes, or otherwise evidently unfitted for the purpose, are available for transmission.

They will likewise serve when feathers, wool, wood, metals, mica, and other substances to the thickness of four inches are placed between the diaphragm and the source of vibratory movement.

The real diaphragm may be removed altogether.

It appears thus that the advantage of the iron diaphragm over iron filings reduces itself to presenting in a certain volume a much more considerable number of magnetic molecules to the action of the field.

The iron diaphragm increases the telephonic intensity, but it is by no means indispensable.

"It would seem that our earth and atmosphere," continued the Professor, "and all of the universe, probably, is surcharged with electrical energy that may be readily set in motion through the mechanical vibrations of a sensitive diaphragm much as when one speaks into a telephone.

The lower end of the pipe was sealed with a diaphragm of tin.

The basis of his telephone was still the disk or diaphragm which would vibrate when the sound-waves of the voice were thrown against it.

In this the diaphragm was a piece of gold-beater's skin, which Bell had selected as most closely resembling the drum in the human ear.

A mouthpiece was arranged to throw the sounds of the voice against the diaphragm, and as the membrane vibrated the bit of iron upon itacting as an armatureinduced currents corresponding to the sound-waves, in the coils of the electro-magnet.

In his transmitter Edison placed tiny bits of carbon in contact with the diaphragm.

The lower plungers work through sleeves in diaphragms located in the center of the pumps.

In these diaphragms, the openings for the delivery valves are made.

Before we do anything more in this direction, we must consider the influence of the lens and its diaphragms.

The Photographic Society of Great Britain have recommended that the diaphragms of all lenses should bear such relation to the focal length that each should require exactly double the exposure of the next smaller.

Note down this focal length, and proceed to measure your diaphragms in sixteenths of an inch.

115 examples of  diaphragms  in sentences