1203 examples of dicky in sentences

Point Dicky bearing South half a mile, and Mount Adolphus North-East.

Observations were also obtained near Point Dicky, which we found to be in latitude 10 degrees 38 3/4 minutes South and longitude 10 degrees 28 minutes East of Port Essington.

From the shoalest part, Mount Adolphus bore North 56 degrees East, and Point Dicky South 26 degrees East.

Vessels entering Blackwood Bay may always avoid this shoal, by keeping close to Point Dicky, or by steering for Mount Adolphus, when it bears North-East 1/2 North.

Then 'e asked somebody to lend 'im a watch, and, arter he 'ad promised to take the greatest care of it, Dicky Weed, the tailor, lent 'im a gold watch wot 'ad been left 'im by 'is great-aunt when she died.

Dicky Weed thought a great deal o' that watch, and when the conjurer took a flat-iron and began to smash it up into little bits it took three men to hold 'im down in 'is seat.

" "If you don't give me my watch back safe and sound," ses Dicky Weed, in a trembling voice, "it'll cost you twenty pounds.

" Dicky Weed tried to speak but couldn't, and 'e sat there, with 'is face pale, staring at the pieces of 'is watch on the conjurer's table.

"It's all right," he ses to Dicky Weed; "it's going to be a success; I could tell in the loading.

"Why, you fired Dicky Weed's watch straight into 'is face.

"You'd better get 'old of Bob afore 'e finds it out, Dicky," ses Bill Chambers.

Dicky Weed didn't answer 'im; he was already running along to Bob Pretty's as fast as 'is legs would take 'im, with most of us follering behind to see wot 'appened.

The door was fastened when we got to it, but Dicky Weed banged away at it as 'ard as he could bang, and at last the bedroom winder went up and Mrs. Pretty stuck her 'ead out.

"Shall I come in and 'elp you get 'im to bed?" ses Dicky Weed, 'arf crying.

" She turned back into the bedroom, and Dicky Weed ground 'is teeth together and told Bill Chambers that the next time he took 'is advice he'd remember it.

He stood there trembling all over with temper, and when Mrs. Pretty came to the winder agin and dropped the coat on his 'ead and said that Bob felt his kindness very much, and he 'oped Dicky ud make a good job of it, because it was 'is favrite coat, he couldn't speak.

"I can't 'elp that," ses Dicky Weed.

" Dicky Weed gave way at last and went off 'ome to bed and told 'is wife about it, and listening to 'er advice he got up at six o'clock in the morning and went round to see 'ow Bob Pretty was.

Mrs. Pretty was up when 'e got there, and arter calling up the stairs to Bob told Dicky Weed to go upstairs.

"You've got a feeling 'art, Dicky.

" Dicky Weed coughed and looked round, wondering whether the watch was in the room, and, if so, where it was hidden.

"You 'ave a look for 'em, Dicky, and if you find 'em, keep 'em.

" Dicky Weed tried to be civil and thank 'im, and then he went off 'ome and talked it over with 'is wife agin.

People couldn't make up their minds whether Bob Pretty 'ad found the watch in 'is pocket and was shamming, or whether 'e was really shot, but they was all quite certain that, whichever way it was, Dicky Weed would never see 'is watch agin.

" "You stole Dicky Weed's watch," ses John Biggs.

1203 examples of  dicky  in sentences