724 examples of dictator in sentences

And when his bloody vengeance was at last glutted, Sulla ruled as an extravagant, conscienceless, licentious dictator.

Cleopatra was still in Rome, and entertained hopes that the boy Cæsarion would be declared the dictator's heir; for though he had been married thrice, there was no one of his lineage surviving.

She became Cæsar's paramour, and from the time of the dictator's death Antony had never seen her.

In China a revolt for a republic began at Wuchang in October; the Manchu court made Yuan Shi-kai dictator; he summoned a National Assembly.

In Mexico a revolution overthrew President Madero, and Huerta became dictator.

When Barton Booth first appeared as "Cato," Bolingbroke called him into his box and gave him fifty guineas for defending the cause of liberty so well against a perpetual dictator.

Cromwell and Frederick were well enough; but as Carlyle grew older his admiration for mere force grew, and his latest hero was none other than that infamous Dr. Francia, the South American dictator, whose career of bloody and crafty crime horrified the civilized world.

Jaffier, the old Dictator, had just stepped out of his dingy little capitol, when a rifle-ball tore through his sleeve, between his arm and ribs.

A convoy, in the charge of Dictator Jaffier's oldest and most trusted servant, reached the hacienda at noon the next day.

The point in Dictator Jaffier's mind was just the hour to strike.

He had thought of various ways to get in contact with Jim Framtree, but there were obstacles in every path, from the point of view of one conceded by the whole Island to be Dictator Jaffier's right hand, as Captain Carreras had been.

Doubtless Dictator Jaffier was very glad of your return to the dreamiest of climates" "Yes," said Bedient.

The Señor declared he was very sorry if my trip to Equatoria proved a disappointment in any way, but he didn't see what there was to fight about; that no one deplored so much as he the recent attempt upon the life of Dictator Jaffier; and as for himself, he was identified with all the interests of Equatoria, which were moving forward exceedingly well....

The Señor said he must have done Dictator Jaffier an injustice all these years in considering him the stupidest of men.

The Island did not hold more loyal devotion than his for Dictator Jaffier, to hear Monkhouse tell it; and how Celestino Rey had reached his ripe years, with such hatred in the world, was by no means the least of Equatorian novelties....

Miss Mallory followed his eyes a moment later and discovered that Dictator Jaffier's gunboat had moved.

"The Dictator is always so good about giving the Savonarola armed convoy," he said.

THIRTY-THIRD CHAPTER THE HILLS AND THE SKIES Varied were the emotions of Dictator Jaffier and Coral City generally, while Bedient slept through that long day of surpassing fortune to the Island.

He communicated certain facts to the Dictator next morning, and a day later, the government forces entered and took possession of The Pleiad without firing a shot.

Miss Mallory explained what Dictator Jaffier had done for her, adding: "It was all Mr. Bedient's doing....

I was soon after sent to school at a village hard by, of which my grandfather had been dictator time out of mind; but as he neither paid for my board, nor supplied me with clothes, books, or other necessaries, my condition was very ragged and contemptible; and the schoolmaster gave himself no concern about the progress I made.

After that, he attempted to rule as a military dictator, and fell foul of the Mavromichalis of Maina.

Porfirio Diaz, dictator of Mexico.

If I were dictator.

(Pub. abroad as Robespierre, a study of a dictator) Translation by John Dilke.

724 examples of  dictator  in sentences