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27194 examples of differents in sentences

The Jungfraujoch is different.

By the unanimous judgment of his countrymen for two generations after his death he was hailed as Pater Patriae; and the age which conferred that title was too ingenuous to suppose that the father could be of a different race from his own offspring.

This sovereignty of individual States renders the elective franchise different in different States.

This sovereignty of individual States renders the elective franchise different in different States.

The parts of speech are usually named and defined with reference to the use of words in sentences; and, as the same word not unfrequently stands for several different parts of speech, the learner should be early taught to make for himself the proper application of the foregoing distribution, without recurrence to a dictionary, and without aid from his teacher.

He who is endeavouring to acquaint himself with the grammar of a language which he can already read and understand, is placed in circumstances very different from those which attend the school-boy who is just beginning to construe some sentences of a foreign tongue.

6.In speaking or writing, we of course bring together the different parts of speech just as they happen to be needed.

It is varied by numbers, genders, and cases; so that it assumes more than twenty different forms, and becomes susceptible of six and thirty different ways of agreement.

The sachems, war chiefs, and warriors of the different tribes began to gather early in June; and formal proceedings for a treaty were opened on June 17th.

Blount recommended the appointment of Sevier and Robertson as brigadier-generals of militia of the Eastern and Western districts of the Territory, and issued a large number of commissions to the justices of the peace, militia officers, sheriffs, and clerks of the county courts in the different counties.

Often the advertisement specified the kind of goods that would be taken and the different values at which they would be received.

He put great faith in the endeavor to treat the Americans not as one nation, but as an assemblage of different communities.

Of necessity his point of view was wholly different from that of the border settlers.

He wrote to Blount enumerating the different murders that had been committed by both sides, and stating that his people were willing to let the misdeeds stand as off-setting one another.

The general movement, and the general spirit behind the movement, became evident in many different forms, and if attention is paid only to some particular manifestation we lose sight of its true import and of its explanation.

The feats performed by Austin and Houston and the other founders of the Texan Republic were identical in kind with the feats merely attempted, or but partially performed, by the men who, like Morgan, Elijah Clark, and George Rogers Clark, at different times either sought to found colonies in the Spanish-speaking lands under Spanish authority, or else strove to conquer these lands outright by force of arms.

The conditions which rendered possible these various movements were substantially the same, although the immediate causes, or occasions, were different.

The school-teacher boarded around among the different families, and was quite as apt to be paid in produce as in cash.

What makes you call real life confusion is that it presents, as if they were dissolved in one another, a lot of differents which conception breaks life's flow by keeping apart.

But are not differents actually dissolved in one another?

But the real Newton was somehow both things at once; and throughout the whole finite universe each real thing proves to be many differents without undergoing the necessity of breaking into disconnected editions of itself.

Sames of the same, in such a world, will not always (or rather, in a strict sense will never) be the same as one another, for in such a world there is no literal or ideal sameness among numerical differents.

7. C'est vne inciuilité insupportable d'allonger son corps en estendant les bras, ou de faire differents postures.

Toutefois ceux qui sõt égaux, ou fort péu differents les vns des autres, ont coustume de se faire cette priere, & de se couurir tout ensemble.

If the different grades of race and society did not have corresponding moral and civil liberties, varying in degree as they varyh-why!

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