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27194 examples of  differents  in sentences

27194 examples of differents in sentences

Does it never occur to you that you ought to be a different mana better manthat you ought to be a different womana better womanfor the sake of the little one lying in the cradle?

But it appeared different to his friends that looked upon him.

Instead, therefore, of proceeding in the first place to the apartments of his Majesty, as had been anticipated, the Maréchal no sooner ascertained that Louis was already gone than he hastened to pay his respects to the Queen-mother, for which purpose he took a different direction.

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"Saltcreek, the name of four towns in different parts of Ohio."Id.

"Blackwater, the name of seven different rivers, in England, Ireland, and the United States."See ib.

"When we say, 'He is a tall man,''This is a fair day,' we make some reference to the ordinary size of men, and to different weather.

RULE X.FINAL E. "Diversely; in different ways, differently, variously."See

"Verses of different lengths, intermixed, form a Pindaric poem.

on the different, (and BROWN on CHURCH.)

usage of or or, and nor nor Conjunctive adverbs, what office perform; what classes of words embrace often relate equally to two verbs in different clauses list of whence, whither, &c., sometimes partake of the nature of pronouns Connected terms, two, limited by a third, what both must be should be the same in kind or quality.

generally neglect to compound their numeral names of the months and days their misemployment of thee for thou their manner of speaking, different from the solemn style examples of their manner of forming the verb with the pron.

al. to pronouns of the first and second persons of pron., the preference of, when joint antecedents are of different genders General truths and customary actions, to be expressed by the indic.

Grammars of different languages, how far must needs differ; strictures on those of PROF.

with of different persons, agreem.

of sounds which they represent a knowledge of, in what consists infinite variety in, yet the letters always THE SAME different sorts of types, or styles of, used in Eng. names of, in Eng.; do., sing, and plur.

different sorts of, to be kept distinct slanting strokes of the Roman, described Italic, chief use of capital, employment of small, do.

Little, lesser, less, different uses and import of Little, much, &c., preceded by not, too, or other such adv., how taken Less, improp.

of a finite verb different ways of using Nominative and verb, usual position of, and when varied Nom. case and object., at the same time, noun placed in the relation of Nom.

Numbers, abstract, expressions of multiplication in, ("Twice one IS two," "Twice two ARE four," &c.,) seven different opinions of grammarians respecting, examined by BROWN; who determines the prop.

Only, derivation of; class and meaning of, in its several different relations strictures on the instructions of grammarians respecting the classification and placing of ambiguous use of, (as also of but,) use of, for but, or except that, not approved of by BROWN Not only, not merely but, &c., correspondents.

WEBSTER'S do., in a different direction ignorance of, with respect to any word used, what betokens in the user (See also Spelling.)

al., character of the forms of etymological adopted by BROWN, what implied in the right performance of, whether different from analysis, what to be supplied in.

Participles, Classes of, named and defined, (See Imperfect Participle and Perfect Part.) Participles, grammarians differ in their opinion with respect to the time and voice of, how have been called and treated by some, explanation of the different, how distinguished from particip.

Parts of speech, meaning of the term: Parts of speech, named and defined: what explanations may aid learners to distinguish the different: why needful that learners be early taught to make for themselves the prop.

of the different parts of speech, see Article, Noun, Adjective, &c. Passions of the mind, by what tones to be expressed.

mood may have three, connected antecedents of different, agreem.

with, connected nominatives of different, agreem.

Place or position of the different parts of speech, see Article, Noun, Adjective, &c. Pleonasm, defined, Pleonasm, when allowable with respect to a pron., in what instances impressive and elegant; when, the vice of ill writing, occurs sundry times in the Bible, Pluperfect tense, defined, Pluperf.

with connected antecedents of different persons agreeing with implied nominatives agreem.

antecedents of different persons, numbers, and genders do.

See also Other Reciprocal or reflected verbs, constructions in imitation of the French Recurrence of a word in different senses, a fault opposed to propriety Redundant verb, defined Redund.

subsequently Scanning, or scansion, explained Why, in scanning, the principal feet are to be preferred to the secondary The poetry of the earliest Eng. poets, not easy of scansion Script letters, the alphabet exhibited in the forms of, their adaptation to the pen Scripture names, many discrepancies in, found in different editions of the Bible.

Synchysis, what was so termed by some of the ancients; is different from hyperbaton; its import in gram.

or other small particle Terminations, of words, separated in syllabicat. of verbs, numb. of different, in each tense of the Eng. verb; DR. A. MURR.

Tones of the passions, WALK, observation on. Topics, different, to be treated in separate paragraphs, PREC. of Unity.

of different methods of distribut.

do., with connected nominatives of different persons do., with connected subjects, one taken affirmat.

nominatives do., with disagreeing nominatives connected disjunctively do., when connected nominatives require different forms of the verb do., with distinct phrases disjunct, connected Verbs, connected by and, or, or nor, how must agree discordant, how managed with respect to agreem.

Vowel, defined Vowels named W and Y, when vowels; comp. Vowel sounds, or vocal elements, the different, how produced what are those in Eng.

Is this the true ratio of the merit of these authors, or of the wisdom of the different ages in which they lived? Kirkham's real opinion of Murray cannot be known from this passage only.

The Greek of this passage, together with a translation not very different from the foregoing, is given as a marginal note, in Harris's Hermes, Book III, Chap.

But there are other reasoners, who must surely have had very different notions; those, I mean, who represent Truth not as the last, but as the first of beings; who call it immutable, eternal, omnipresent; attributes that all indicate something more than human.

That methods radically different must lend to different results, is no more than every intelligent person will suppose.

That methods radically different must lend to different results, is no more than every intelligent person will suppose.

For the Irish, the Welsh, and the Erse, are no other than different dialects of the same tongue, the ancient Celtic.

" Preface, pp. 5 and 6. Hesitation in speech may arise from very different causes.

One of Hiley's Rules of Syntax, with its illustration, stands thus: "In the use of the different tenses, we must particularly observe to use that tense which clearly and properly conveys the sense intended; thus, instead of saying, 'After I visited Europe, I returned to America;' we should say, 'After I had visited Europe, I returned to America.

The phrase complex ideas, or compound ideas, has been used for the notions which we have of things consisting of different parts, or having various properties, so as to embrace some sort of plurality: thus our ideas of all bodies and classes of things are said to be complex or compound.

A number in arithmetic, and a number in grammar, are totally different things.

Wheat and oats are of different numbers; but neither of these numbers "means a sum that may be counted," or really "shows how many are meant."

In Perley's Grammar, the parts of speech are a different eight: namely, "Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections, and Particles!"P. 8.

"As there are ten different characters or figures in arithmetic to represent all possible quantities, there are also ten kinds of words or parts of speech to represent all possible sentences: viz.:

Dr. Campbell, in his Philosophy of Rhetoric, page 158th, makes a difficulty respecting the meaning of this passage: cites it as an instance of the misapplication of the term grammar; and supposes the writer's notion of the thing to have been, "of grammar in the abstract, an universal archetype by which the particular grammars of all different tongues ought to be regulated."

But this substance seems to be different from all that are described by Webster, under the names of "coralline," "corallinite," and "corallite."

By the hypothesis, equality of temperature between two different gases or two portions of the same gas at different densities means equality of kinetic energies in the same number of molecules of the two.

By the hypothesis, equality of temperature between two different gases or two portions of the same gas at different densities means equality of kinetic energies in the same number of molecules of the two.

Thus we may make a gyrostatic system such that it is in equilibrium under the influence of certain positive forces applied to different points of this system; all the forces being precisely the same as, and the points of application similarly situated to, those of the stable system with springs.

He found from an investigation which he conducted with much care during a visit to London that it is undoubtedly true that large fires are much less frequent in the metropolis than in American cities; but it is equally true that the circumstances existing in London and New York are quite different.

Dr. Leo's researches yield analogous results, though in a different field.

We have just seen that in clinorhombic crystals the principal absorption directions of certain bands were completely different from the axis of optical elasticity of the crystal for the corresponding radiations.

If such is the cause of the anomaly of certain principal directions of absorption, the bands which present these anomalies must belong to substances different from those which yield bands having other principal directions of absorption.

For several years he worked on a catalogue of the birds of Kansas, inspiring several persons in different parts of the State to assist him.

It can be accomplished with reasonable thoroughness only by the efforts of very many different workers, each in his own special field.

The Outfit for Travelling in the South American Wilderness South America includes so many different kinds of country that it is impossible to devise a scheme of equipment which shall suit all.

But on different rivers wholly different canoes, of wholly different sizes, will be needed; on some steam or electric launches may be used; it is not possible to lay down a general rule.

But on different rivers wholly different canoes, of wholly different sizes, will be needed; on some steam or electric launches may be used; it is not possible to lay down a general rule.

But on different rivers wholly different canoes, of wholly different sizes, will be needed; on some steam or electric launches may be used; it is not possible to lay down a general rule.

By careful distribution of light and heavy articles in the different containers, he could be sure of his belongings floating if accidentally thrown into the water.

There were seven variations in the arrangement of food in these boxes and they were numbered from 1 to 7, so that a different box could be used every day of the week.

Furthermore, it requires a skilful teacher to adapt to such purposes the substance of a text prepared with a totally different end in view.

These are very different things, and to do one of them is by no means to do the other.

The way in which the Resurrection is circumstantially and unceasingly asserted, and made on every occasion and from the first the foundation of everything, is something very different from the vague legends which float about of kings or saints whom death has spared, or from a readiness to see the direct agency of heaven in health or disease.

Was it indeedin spite of Enoch and Elias, cases of an entirely different kindso natural to think that the ruined leader of a crushed cause, whose hopeless followers had seen the last of him amid the lowest miseries of torment and scorn, should burst the grave?

It puts the most extravagant strain on documents which, truly or falsely, but at any rate in the most consistent and uniform manner, assert something different.

But the assumption would be a bold one that the La Salette people could have invented a religion for Christendom which would stand the wear of eighteen centuries, and satisfy such different minds.

Our travellers estimated the number of men, women, children and slaves, at seven or eight hundred persons; their flocks appeared to them very numerous: they constitute part of the wealth of Zaide, who possesses a great many besides, in different parts of the kingdom, the extent of which is pretty considerable; it has about sixty leagues of coast, and stretches to a great depth in the interior of the desert.

Their commerce is in furs or skins, and ostrich feathers: they manufacture the leather called basil, in french, basane, which they prepare very well;[A11] they make this leather into pocketbooks, to which they give different forms, but in general, that of a sabretache.

Mecca, to which Mr. Kummer answering in the affirmative, the king and his suite were quite delighted; they could not conceive how a mere general of army had been able to raise himself to the rank of Emperor: it seems that these people had, till then, believed that Napoleon and Buonaparte were two different persons.

The agriculture of the waters as a celebrated naturalist has said, offers too many advantages, for the places that are adapted to it, to pass unobserved: this part of the sea, known by the name of the Gulph of Arguin, is especially remarkable for the immense quantity of fish which visit it, at different seasons, or which continually frequent these shores.

The river Falémé crosses it in the eastern part, as well as many other less considerable rivers, which, flowing in different directions, water principally that part covered with mountains which is called the high country, or the country of Galam.

but as we are convinced of the contrary, because the English already executed this manoeuvre at the last capture of this place, we venture to call the attention of the government to the situation of St. Louis, which would certainly become impregnable if some new works were erected on different points.

He was rather a distinguished monster, having carried off at different occasions, six or eight brace of men from an indigo factory in the neighbourhood.

If our winter sun had fair play we should find the climate very different.

The hour of milking, which used to be pretty general everywhere, varies now in different places, to suit the necessities of the milk trade.

The herds of cattle are also more numerous; of course they are of a different class, but, in mere numbers, a grazier often has three times as many bullocks as a dairy farmer has cows.

On the one hand the men are few, on the other the rise of a shilling or so scarcely affects the farmer (so far as his grass land is concerned, if he has much corn as well it is different), because of the small number of labourers he wants.

The waste is in the systemand a gigantic waste it is, whether inevitable as some contend, or capable of being superseded by a different plan.

The offensive smell of this animal is thus accounted for by the natives of South Guinea: Having requested a female deity to allow them to use an aromatic ointment which she used, the enraged goddess rubbed them with one of a very different description, and the smell of this has been ever since retained by the descendants of the presumptuous offenders.

I could see half a mile of the line grey, steel-helmeted men, packed horses, grey wagonswinding down the hill in the winter landscape, so different from the France I had always known.

Had England fought any other nation but France in a war in which France was not concerned it would have been different, but since England and France are fighting together what difference can it make if my heart turned to the land where I was born?

I don't need to tell you that when the news spread that there were books in the house on the hilltop that could be borrowed for the asking, I had a stream of visitors, and one of these visits was a very different matter.

We have no difficulty in distinguishing the far-off guns at Soissons and Rheims, which announce an attack, from the more audible, but quite different, sound of the tir d'exercice.

What makes you call real life confusion is that it presents, as if they were dissolved in one another, a lot of differents which conception breaks life's flow by keeping apart.

But are not differents actually dissolved in one another?

But the real Newton was somehow both things at once; and throughout the whole finite universe each real thing proves to be many differents without undergoing the necessity of breaking into disconnected editions of itself.

Sames of the same, in such a world, will not always (or rather, in a strict sense will never) be the same as one another, for in such a world there is no literal or ideal sameness among numerical differents.

7. C'est vne inciuilité insupportable d'allonger son corps en estendant les bras, ou de faire differents postures.

Toutefois ceux qui sõt égaux, ou fort péu differents les vns des autres, ont coustume de se faire cette priere, & de se couurir tout ensemble.