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497 examples of  dilates  in sentences

497 examples of dilates in sentences

Dwell on the felicities of love in a cottage, and if he doesn't see it, dilate on the article in a brown-stone front, with marble steps.

Splendid, indeed, must have been the effect of the hundreds of lights gleaming upon the pure marble, the rare exotics, the massive plate, the State dresses, and the rich liveries; and I am not surprised at the enthusiasm of the narrator as he dilates on the grandeur displayed.

Downes dilates at quite unusual length upon the magnificence of the new scenery and costumes.

Expand, dilate, distend, inflate.

If I had had a pistol" I stopped, warned by an uneasy movement on the part of the man I addressed, that I had better not dilate too much upon my feelings.

Naturally pallid and of small inconspicuous features, her eyes on these occasions would so flame and her whole figure so dilate that she looked like another woman.

" All this and more did Mr. Moffat dilate upon.

It is useless to dilate on the other aphorisms, or rather sophisms, which were seriously discussed at the Paris Conference, and which had even the honour of being sustained by the technical experts: 1.

In complying with this request, Ananda, who had made marvellous progress in worldly wisdom during the last twenty-four hours, deemed it needless to dilate on the cardinal doctrines of his master, the misery of existence, the need of redemption, the path to felicity, the prohibition to shed blood.

At Verona, Byron dilates on the amphitheatre, as surpassing anything he had seen even in Greece, and on the faith of the people in the story of Juliet, from whose reputed tomb he sent some pieces of granite to Ada and his nieces.

" Of the weaknesses on which the writerbent on verifying Pope's lines on Atossafrom his vantage in the ground-floor, was enabled to dilate, many are but slightly magnified.

The object in this case, as in the previous one, is to dilate the lungs as quickly as possible, so that, by the sudden effect of a vigorous inspiration, the valve may be firmly closed, and the impure blood, losing this means of egress, be sent directly to the lungs.

Great joy, by horror tam'd, dilates his heart, And the near heavens their own delights impart.

555 Or gazing from the mountain's silent brow, Bright stars of ice and azure worlds of snow, Where needle peaks of granite shooting bare Tremble in ever-varying tints of air, Great joy by horror tam'd dilates his heart, 560 And the near heav'ns their own delights impart.

It erects the hair of the animal, and dilates the pupils of the eyes.

They have their griefs for guerdon, to dilate Their name and glory; nay, the cross, the sword Make them to be like saints or God adored; And gladness greets them in the frowns of fate:

If thus a lady's love dilate the knight, What glories and what joy all joys above Shall not the heavenly splendour, joined by love Unto our flesh-imprisoned soul, excite?

The prince was watching him with eyes that seemed to dilate and contract.

Attentive observation will show also that the caliber of the main artery is not constant; at somewhat irregular periods of a minute or more it dilates and contracts a little.

If the nervous control be relaxed, the blood-vessels dilate, more blood flows through them, and more material is brought to the glands of the skin to be acted upon.

Thus, terror dilates the pupils, fear acts upon the nerves of the small blood-vessels of the face to produce pallor, and the sight of an accident, or even the emotions produced by hearing of one, may excite nausea and vomiting.

When the circular fibers contract, the pupil is made smaller, but if these fibers relax, the radiating fibers cause the pupil to dilate more or less widely.

The narcotic dilates the pupil, causing dimness and confusion of vision.

The air dilates the Eustachian tube, and is forced into the ear-drum.

Diastole (Gr. diastello, to dilate).

And watching her closely, Victor permitted himself a smile of satisfaction as he noted the rapidity with which she yielded to the hypnogenic spell of the translucent quartz; how her breathing quickened, then took on a measured tempo like that of a sleeper; how a faint flush warmed the unnatural pallor of her cheeks, how her dilate eyes grew fixed in an unwinking stare, and slightly glassed....

She paused for a little, staring at them with dilate eyes dark in a pale, rapt face.

Her heart grew cold to see the eyes Of all dilate with slow surprise: "Kilvani, thou hast lost thy head; Nothing can help a child that's dead.

It has therefore a proportionable scope allotted it in the plan of Mr. Gibbon; who seems to understand better than almost any historian, what periods to sketch with a light and active pen, and upon what to dwell with minuteness, and dilate his various powers.

But ye thereby much greater glory gate, Then had ye sorted with a princes pere: For now your light doth more it selfe dilate,

I shall not, however, dilate on these points, because I am sure you will read all about it in the Times.

History can add but little to this graphic sketch, although indignant and passionate enemies may dilate on the Corsican's hard-heartedness, his duplicity, his treachery, his falsehood, his arrogance, and his diabolic egotism.

But Rousseau came from Switzerland, where the passion for personal independence was greater than in any other part of Europe,a passion perhaps inherited from the old Teutonic nations in their forests, on which Tacitus dilates, next to their veneration for woman the most interesting trait among the Germanic barbarians.

" That imagination which dilates the closet he writes in to the world's dimension, crowds it with agents in rank and order, as quickly reduces the big reality to be the glimpses of the moon.

Our griefe doth but contract the heart, & gladnesse Dilate the same; and soo too much of eyther Is hott i'th' fourth degree.

V. increase, augment, add to, enlarge; dilate &c (expand) 194; grow, wax, get ahead.

V. rarefy, expand, dilate, subtilize^. Adj. rare, subtile, thin, fine, tenuous, compressible, flimsy, slight; light &c 320; cavernous, spongy &c (hollow) 252. rarefied &c v.; unsubstantial; uncompact^, incompressed^; rarefiable^. 323.

V. be diffuse &c adj.; run out on, descant, expatiate, enlarge, dilate, amplify, expand, inflate; launch out, branch out; rant.

Hardinge dilates with delight upon his military preparations and plans of defence, and seemingly will be disappointed if he cannot put them into execution.

I shall dilate this subject apart; in the meantime let lovers sigh out the rest.

If you will particularly know how, and by what means, consult physicians, and they will tell you, that it is in offending in some of those six non-natural things, of which I shall dilate more at large; they are the causes of our infirmities, our surfeiting, and drunkenness, our immoderate insatiable lust, and prodigious riot.

The good affections are caused by some object of the same nature; and if present, they procure joy, which dilates the heart, and preserves the body: if absent, they cause hope, love, desire, and concupiscence.

Of all these I should more amply dilate, but my subject will not permit.

I will now more copiously dilate, through all his parts and several branches, that so it may better appear what love is, and how it varies with the objects, how in defect, or (which is most ordinary and common) immoderate, and in excess, causeth melancholy.

Austin dilates this common definition, and will have love to be a delectation of the heart, "for something which we seek to win, or joy to have, coveting by desire, resting in joy."

Of each of these I will briefly dilate, and show in what sort they cause melancholy.

The ceremonies of flinging stones to stone the devil, of eating a camel at Cairo by the way; their fastings, their running till they sweat, their long prayers, Mahomet's temple, tomb, and building of it, would ask a whole volume to dilate: and for their pains taken in this holy pilgrimage, all their sins are forgiven, and they reputed for so many saints.

It would be quite superfluous to dilate on the value of the information thus supplied, without which, indeed, much of our subsequent legislation on poor-laws, corn-laws, and all matters relating to rating and taxation, would have been impracticable or the merest guesswork.

dilatar, to dilate, expand, enlarge, spread (abroad); refl., to dilate, spread out, expand, extend, swell.

dilatar, to dilate, expand, enlarge, spread (abroad); refl., to dilate, spread out, expand, extend, swell.

It is very unlikely that you will escape as did Narcissus, for though, indeed, 'He swept a fine majestic sweep Of toga Tennysonian, Wore strange soft hat, that such as you Would tremble to be known in,' nevertheless, he somehow won happier fates, on which, perhaps, it would be unbecoming in so close a friend to dilate.

At times, as I watched, I saw the heaving of the indented mound, gap across with a queer, inward suction, as with the drawing of an enormous breath; then the thing would dilate and pout once more to the incredible melody.

I should dilate on the cracklingdone to a turnbut I am afraid Mrs. Clarkson, who, I hear, is with you, will set me down as an Epicure.

There was not a spot in those narrow confines which did not, as it were, dilate with feelings of happiness.

He loved Kathleen Saumarez as much as he was capable of loving any onealmost as much as he loved to dilate on his own peculiarities and emotions.

"Jest more o' the same Providence that follows that girl," thought he when he saw Draxy's eyes fairly dilate with pleasure as he led her into the old-fashioned parlor, where the furniture was piled and crowded ready for the auction.

Then he dilates on the characters of women, which are too often wilful and unmanageable; on this point, for he is not less profuse in examples than the Chevalier de Latour-Landry, he relates an amusing anecdote, worthy of being repeated and remembered.

" After this artistic sketch, the author dilates on the goodman Anselme.

It seems unnecessary to dilate upon this point.

Whatever timidity he had entertained fled away, and Joe's nostrils began to dilate and his eyes to flash at the nearness of the impending struggle.

They expand and dilate on every side, according to our meansoften very much in advance of our means,of satisfying them.

We might also dilate upon China grass, which is manufactured in the East into delicate fabrics.

The warriors of ancient times went to the field in coats-of-mail, and both Homer and Virgil dilate upon the exquisite carving of the shield.

But on the other hand, if the love is favored and cherished, the above form unbends, softens, and dilates itself; and the substances of the form become gentle, mild, meek, and alluring.

This cascade is sufficiently large not to look like a plaything; and if it were met with in Westmoreland or Wales, tourists would dilate much upon its beauties.

Let us endeavour for one moment to conceive of this; does not the soul seem to dilate within us, and the body to shrink as to a grain of dust?

This remark, equally valuable for its novelty and propriety, he dilates and enforces with an appearance of complete acquiescence in his own discovery.

Above my head Dilates immeasurable a wild of leaves, Seeming received into the blue expanse That vaults this summer noon.

It dilates in my stiffened nostrils, but it supplies me not the breath of life.

This point is so important for its bearing on Renaissance art that I may be permitted to dilate at greater length on Signorelli's choice of types and treatment of form in general.

It was moonlight, and I wanted him to see the new iris that were in bloom along the wild walk, dilate upon the game of leap-frog that the automobile played, andwellthere is a great deal to say when Evan has been away that cannot be thought of indoors or be spoken hurriedly in the concise, compact, public terms in which one orders a meal.

Martin turned about and in the most serious manner began to dilate upon the peculiarities of worms in general and particular, as well as of the appropriateness of their study by the book collector, as the score and a half insects that injure books and their bindings are not worms at all, having none of the characteristics of the veritable book worm Sitodrepa panicea, to all of which Miss Lavinia listened with devout attention.

To both gentlemen the Editor has to offer his public thanks; nor will he be tempted to dilate further on the liberality of the one, and the tried friendship of the other.

It forsakes the contracted sphere of the incidents to dilate itself over the past and future, over distant times and nations and general humanity, to deduce the grand results of life, and pronounce the lessons of wisdom.

He was resolved, however, as far as he could, to check his niece's disposition to dilate upon the ugliness of her intended bridegroom, although he was not a little pleased, as well as puzzled, to observe that she appeared totally exempt from that mysterious dread of the stranger which, he could not disguise it from himself, considerably affected him, as also his pupil Godfrey Schalken.

From the very first qualms I'm in terrible distress; the earth gives way under me, my eyes dilate, I hurriedly swallow quantities of salty saliva; involuntary, ventriloquial cries escape me, my sides bulge out TOBY-DOG, (disgusted) I say, if it's all the same to you, tell me the rest after dinner.

Since Dares Phrygius wrote of Queen Heleine, and Virgil (that shrewd necromancer) of Queen Dido, a preponderating mass of clerks, in casting about for high and serious matter, have chosen, as though it were by common instinct, to dilate upon the amours of royal women.

The peacock crown, with all its eyes, Its emerald, jacinth, sapphire dyes, When first, irradiate o'er my brow, Wav'd its rich plumes in gleaming flow, Did not so deep a thrill impart, So soften, so dilate my heart!

It is a passionate, romantic friendship between men and boys, which (whether it really existed or not) the pupils of Socrates dilate upon as the only noble, exalted form of the passion that is presided over by Eros.

I therefore need not dilate on the reasons which made it necessary for me to smuggle, as it were, to the Governor of the State, a letter of complaint and instruction.

It ventures to doubt the free acceptance of the democratic constitution, proposes indirectly the restoration of the monarchy, and dilates with great composure on a plan for transporting to America all the Deputies who voted for the King's death.

The French farmer exhibits the same acuteness in all that regards his own interest, and the same stupidity on most other occasions, as the mere English one; and the same objects which enlarge the understanding and dilate the heart of other people, seem to have a contrary effect on both.

It ventures to doubt the free acceptance of the democratic constitution, proposes indirectly the restoration of the monarchy, and dilates with great composure on a plan for transporting to America all the Deputies who voted for the King's death.

Well, well, hard hearted man; dilate upon the weak infirmities of women: these are fit texts, but once there was a time, would I had never seen those eyes, those eyes, those orient eyes.

F and G] you may dilate.

A bright silvery streak descends from the angle of the preorbitar to the corner of the mouth, where it dilates a little.

It is rather hard upon Mr. SMILLIE, who daily dilates in the Coal Commission upon the hardships of the miner's life, that his clients should let him down like this.

I leave it among the divines to dilate upon the danger of schism, as a spiritual evil, but I would consider it only as a temporal one.

But at last, for he's no coward, he has looked death in the face and not flinched; and the danger, and the grandeur there is in despair, have lifted his spirit to great heights,heights found now in an hour, but which in a whole life long he never would have gained,heights from which he has seen the light of God's face and been transfigured in it,heights where the soul dilates to a stature it can never lose.

Oh, why cry we not out in the height of the passion of spiritual longing and desire, O come Lord Jesus, King of glory, with thine own key, and open the door, and enlarge and dilate the chambers of the soul, that thou may enter and be entertained as the King of glory, with all thy glorious retinue, to the ennobling of my soul, and satisfying of all the desires of that immortal spark?

Sallรจ, that scorn'd all power and laws of men, Goods with their owners hurrying to their den, And future ages threat'ning with a rude And savage race, successively renew'd; Their king despising with rebellious pride, And foes profess'd to all the world beside; 10 This pest of mankind gives our hero fame, And through the obliged world dilates his name.

The ladies, too, the brightest of that time (Ambitious all his lofty bed to climb), Their doubtful hopes with expectation feed, 9 Who shall the fair Eurydice succeed: Eurydice! for whom his numerous moan Makes list'ning trees and savage mountains groan; Through all the air his sounding strings dilate Sorrow, like that which touch'd our hearts of late.

Then let our Muse compose a sacred charm, To keep His blood among us ever warm, And singing as the blessed do above, With our last breath dilate this flame of love.

Her eyes dilate, her hands clasp her neck in a convulsive clutch.

"Hiticutt's tea was too strong," added Adelaide; "it dilates the pupils.

Thurn, however, dilates on the dream origin of the ghost theory, giving examples from his own knowledge of the difficulty with which Guiana Indians discern the hallucinations of dreams from the facts of waking life.

The object dilates as the mind assimilates and the nature moves, so that every step in this advance from mere emotion to vivid insight is a building up of the faculties which each onward movement evokes and exercises,sentiment, imagination, reason increasing their power and enlarging their scope with each impetus that speeds them on to their bright and beckoning goal.

The throng outside the gates of Whitehall felt their breasts dilate, and their pulses dance, as they listened to the flourishes of the trumpets and cornets, the thundering bruit of the kettle-drums, and other martial music that proclaimed the setting forth of the steel-clad champions who were presently to figure in the lists.

Man, who walketh in a show, Sees before him, to and fro, Shadow and illusion go; All things flow and fluctuate, Now contract and now dilate.

He began to dilate upon the sublimity of the scenery, in somewhat gushing phrases.