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736 examples of dime in sentences

A small coffee-pot, handful of coffee, a tin of condensed milk, a dime's worth of sugar, can of corned beef, block of butter, loaf of bread, two tin cups.

"It's no style, and Stella said yesterday she wouldn't be seen in a dime show in it.

A few days after, a Crab, of the size of a dime, died.

(In Dime western magazine, June 1, 1935)

(In Dime western magazine, July 1, 1935)

A dime a throw.

(In Dime detective, Jan. 1949) © 3Dec48; B169213.

(In Dime detective, Mar. 1949) © 2Feb49; B181197.

(In Dime detective, May 1949)

(In Dime detective, Apr. 1949) © 4Mar49; B190401.

(In Dime detective, June 1949)

(In Dime detective, July 1949)

(In Dime western, Nov. 1948)

(In Dime western, Dec. 1948)

(In Dime western, Feb. 1949)

(In Dime detective magazine, Feb. 1950)

(In Dime detective magazine, Sept. 1943)

(In Dime detective magazine, Mar. 1943)

(In Dime detective magazine.

(In Dime detective magazine, May 1943)

(In Dime western magazine, Nov. 1945)

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(In Dime Western magazine, June 1946)

(In Dime Western magazine, July 1946)

(In Dime western, June 1948)

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