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4182 examples of  dims  in sentences

4182 examples of dims in sentences

"Daily I find some gallant dream that ranges The heights of heaven; and as others do, I serve my dream until my dream estranges Its errant bondage, and I note anew That nothing dims, nor shakes, nor mars, nor changes, Fond faith in you and in my love of you.

So now, one morning, when the mist was out over the land, she said to Martin when he woke, "Get up and go out on to the hill and see the mist; and when you feel its coldness and taste its salt on your lips, and see how it dims and saddens the earth, you will know better than to wish for that great water it comes from.

No breath of scepticism dims their complacency, although events steadily prove their theories wrong.

Mark how it mounts, to man's imperial race, From the green myriads in the peopled grass: What modes of sight betwixt each wide extreme, The mole's dim curtain, and the lynx's beam: Of smell, the headlong lioness between And hound sagacious on the tainted green: Of hearing, from the life that fills the flood, To that which warbles through the vernal wood: The spider's touch, how exquisitely fine!

Dim miniature of greatness absolute!

Love scorns control, and prompts the labouring sigh, Pales the red lip, and dims the lucid eye; His look alarmed the stern Tรบrรกnian Chief, Closely he mark'd his heart-corroding grief;

The picture of that circle of ragged children comes before me now and dims my eyes with its pathetic suggestions. Such dolls!

All the winged orders hovered round, watching when the new-born should open its yet closed eyes; which, when it did, first one, and then the otherwith a solicitude and apprehension, yet not such as, stained with fear, dims the expanding eye-lids of mortal infants, but as if to explore its path in those its unhereditary palaceswhat an inextinguishable titter that time spared not celestial visages!

That spoils all the romance and dims the beauty of the diamond.

His eyes are become dim through excessive study; his heart is very large, full of love and hope in Jesus Christ.

The ancient eyes grew dim, and tears, welling up, overflowed and trickled down the furrowed cheeks.

Thou sat'st with Thrasybulus and his train, Couldst thou forebode the dismal hour which now Dims the green beauties of thine Attic plain?

I pray you, pardon me, Elsie, And smile that frown away That dims the light of your lovely face As a thunder-cloud the day.

In other men we faults can spy, And blame the mote that dims their eye, Each little speck and blemish find, To our own stronger errors blind.

Thereof as every earthly thing partakes Or more or lesse, by influence divine, So it more faire accordingly it makes, 45 And the grosse matter of this earthly myne Which closeth it thereafter doth refyne, Doing away the drosse which dims the light Of that faire beame which therein is empight*.

I am not sure that we have gained greatly by letting our notions of spiritual life grow dim and abstract.

And the dim sorrow that had come so swift and strange upon me, to be likewise steeped in golden mists of the love that I once did love; and the glamour to be come all fresh upon me, and I to know in that moment how much we do forget, even when that we do believe that we have all memory and all sorrow within our hearts.

It is not because the sentiment of present pleasure dims the memory of the past, but the true reason is, your mind is becoming stronger and more fortified every day.

He is nature's fresh picture newly drawn in oil, which time, and much handling, dims and defaces.

And the soft and silken rustling Of bending yellow wheat Says, "See the harvest moonthat dims The arc-lights of the street.

If she pulled back the curtains, there would be a panel of dim light visible, however dark the night.

" "His Phoebe is so fair, she is so bright, She dims the sun's lustre, and the moon's light.

The odor of the velvety weed of Shiraz meets my nostrils; a dark-eyed son of Pan places the narghileh at my feet; and, bubbling more sweetly than the streams of Jordan, the incense most dear to the god dims the crystal censer, and floats from my lips in rhythmic ejaculations.

Dispel the mist that dims my eyes, that I may first plainly read the secrets of my wretched heart, and then give me, O Almighty God, the sincere will to root out all therein that beareth not good fruit....

This operation is to be repeated frequently; and as the work advances, the quantity of coloring matter is to be diminished, until finally it is spread over the face plate in a thin film, which only dims the brightness of the plate.

A sister calls the western gale To waft her soul-expressive tear; 'Tis Asgill claims that piercing sigh, That drop which dims the beauteous eye, While on the rack of Doubt Affection proves How strong the force which binds the ties she loves.

The dazzling robes are turning blank and colourless, the emerald rays waning to a pale, sad light, the flashing diadem is dulled and dim.

She panted for air, motion, freedom, and betook herself to Kensington Gardens, partly because that beautiful retreat lay within an easy walk of her house, partly perhaps, that for her, as for many of us, it had been brightened by a certain transient and delusive light which turns everything to gold while it lasts, leaves everything but a dull dim copper when it has passed away.

But now a tremor breaks the spell, And stirs to life the languid air, It is the convent's vesper-bell, The plaintive call to evening prayer; That prayer which rises like a sigh From every sorrow-laden breast, When twilight dims the garish sky, And day is dying in the west.

For the sky Dims thine eye, Or for the stars so calmly shining; Like thee let this soul of mine Take hue from that

The glass resounds, with gracious power possessed; It dims, grows clear; living it needs must be!

But let my due feet never fail, To walk the studious cloister's pale, And love the high embowed roof, With antique pillars massy proof, And storied windows richly dight, Casting a dim religious light.

Then a little dim street caught his eye, and he knocked at the door of the first house exhibiting a card in the parlour window.

Often she would leave the flowers she was tending on the terrace, and stand looking through the dim, sun-smitten landscape toward the red-brown spot, which was Southwater, in the middle of the long plain.

Then the quaint old parlor organ with the quaver in its tongue, Seemed to tremble in its fervor as the sacred songs were sung, As we sang the homely anthems, sang the glad revival hymns Of the glory of the story and the light no sorrow dims.

So I, by lonely contemplation led To muse awhile amid the silent dead Turn me from all around I hear or see From all of Shakspeare and of great to thee: And think on all thy wrongson all the shame That dims for ever thine oppressor's name; On all thy faults, nor few nor far between, But then thou werta woman and a queen.

Actors grew to recognise the semi-bald head and the shining, round, good-natured face looming out at them from the dim well of the parquet, and sometimes, in a musical show, they directed a quip at him, and he liked it.

So he searched about in his mind and brought from the dim past the memory of the luxuriously furnished establishment of which he used to dream in the evenings when he dozed over his paper in the old house on Calumet.

The room was becomingly rose-illumined and somewhat dim, so that some minutes had passed before she realised that a man seated on a raspberry brocade settee not five feet awaya man with a walking stick, and yellow gloves, and tan spats, and a check suitwas her brother Jo.

If Buzz's real name was lost in the dim mists of boyhood, the origin and fitness of his nickname were apparent after two minutes' conversation with him.

The two old people, left alone in the sudden silence of the house, stared after the swaggering figure until the dim twilight blotted it out.

Rose never opened her eyes to the dim, tantalising half-consciousness of a something delightful or a something harrowing in store for her that day.

The writer of essays escapes many embarrassments to which a large work would have exposed him; he seldom harasses his reason with long trains of consequences, dims his eyes with the perusal of antiquated volumes, or burthens his memory with great accumulations of preparatory knowledge.

Whenever I thought of him, a dim, very dim memory would flit through my mind, which I could never seize and fix.

Whenever I thought of him, a dim, very dim memory would flit through my mind, which I could never seize and fix.

Yet I had forgotten the way to those little cottages on the edge of the fields we know whose upper windows, though dim with antique cobwebs, look out on the fields we know not and are the starting-point of all adventure in all the Lands of Dream.

And I saw my way though the fields were growing dim, and when I found it I went downstairs and through the witch's parlour, and out of doors and came that night to the palace of Singanee.

One day, while he was at this spot, the setting sun suddenly illuminated a black point, against which the waves seemed to break in foam, as against the prow of a ship; his eyes become dim, a tremor seizes him.

And I can take thee back to it, out of this dim and dingy wood.

Thomas was plainly in the depths; he turned away and stared moodily out into the dim-lit street.

But his eyes did not meet hers, for in his dim way he knew he was not now what he had been.

Little dim plants of the soil bloomed and shed faint scent along the pathway in the dewy twilight.

" She turned her face towards him and away from Dick whose arm fell from her unheeded; but her gaze did not leave the figure that stood waiting in the dim doorway, upright, grim as Fate, watching her with eyes she could not see.

Then with her hands tightly clasped, she gazed out over the dim, starlit sea.

As we drew nearer, the dim and soft outline it first wore, was broken into a range of crags, with lofty precipices jutting out to the sea, and sloping off inland.

Dumbarton Rock rose higher and higher as we went up the Clyde, and before we arrived at the town I hailed the dim outline of Ben Lomond, rising far off among the highlands.

With a glass, Edinburgh Castle might be seen over the dim outline of the Muirfoot Hills.

We were in sight of the low shore the whole day, sometimes seeing the dim outline of a church, or group of trees over the downs or flat beds of sand, which border the eastern coast of England.

It grew lighter, till, as we turned a point, right before, me lay a vast crowd of vessels, and in the distance, above the wilderness of buildings, stood a dim, gigantic dome in the sky; what a bound my heart gave at the sight!

The dome seems to stand in the sky, as you look up to it; the distance from which you view it, combined with the atmosphere of London, give it a dim, shadowy appearance, that perfectly startles one with its immensity.

But there was a dim building, with two lofty square towers, decorated with a profusion of pointed Gothic pinnacles, that I looked at with more interest than these appendages of royalty.

The light was just dim enough to give it a solemn, religious appearance, making the marble forms of poets and philosophers so shadowy and impressive, that I felt as if standing in their living presence.

Notwithstanding all the descriptions I had read, I was totally unprepared for the reality, nor could I have anticipated the hushed and breathless interest with which I paced the dim aisles, gazing, at every step, on the last resting place of some great and familiar name.

The glorious coast view looked still wilder in the gathering twilight, which soon hid from our sight the dim hills of France.

The long hall was dim with incense smoke as we entered, and the organ sounded through the high arches with an effect that startled me.

After leaving Darmstadt we entered upon the Bergstrasse, or Mountain-way, leading along the foot of the mountain chain which extends all the way to Heidelberg on the left, while on the right stretches far away the Rhine-plain, across which we saw the dim outline of the Donnersberg, in France.

We went on and up and ever higher, like the youth in "Excelsior;" the beech and dwarf oak took the place of the pine, and at last we arrived at a cleared summit whose long brown grass waved desolately in the dim light of evening.

From the hills on the Darmstadt road, I had a view of the country aroundthe fields were white and bare, and the dark Tannus, with the broad patches of snow on his sides, looked grim and shadowy through the dim atmosphere.

the sobbing and wailing, almost-human, which came from the orchestra, when they dug his grave, by the dim lantern's light.

They were worshippers (as is supposed) of the one true God, though in a dim confused way: but they had learnt enough of what true faith was, and of what true greatness was, too, not to be staggered and fall into unbelief, when they saw the King of the Jews, whom they had come so many hundred miles to see, laid, not in a palace, but in a manger; and attended not by princesses and noblewomen, but by a poor maiden, espoused to a carpenter.

They had but a small spark, a dim ray, as it were, of the light which lighteth every man who comes into the world: but they were more faithful to that little than many are now, who live in the full sunshine of God's gospel, in the free dispensation of God's spirit, with Christ's sacraments, Christ's Churches, means of grace and hopes of glory, of which they never dreamed.

Just as she gazed in other lands on some cathedral dim, Whose aisles resounded to the strains of dirges or of hymn.

There is a land beyond the sky, Where all is fair and bright, No tear there dims the sparkling eye, No cloud obscures the light.

The golden-hued shadow dims in the dawn of his married life, dulled with content, and the shadow vanishes.

This thickness much dims the blue; with a still greater thickness the blue has almost gone.

He demonstrates scientifically that which has been in my mind more as a dim, shapeless idea than a definite conviction.

" She stood straight and tall in her boy's clothes, but the dim light, falling upon her upturned face, showed it pale as death, and her voice trembled as she spoke.

And, awful as some pale presiding god, Dim-gleaming through the hush of that large gloom, In its wan veil the Giant Image stood.

IV Here, bathed, Perfection, in thy purest ray, Free from the clogs and taints of clay, Hovers divine the Archetypal Man! Dim as those phantom ghosts of life that gleam And wander voiceless by the Stygian stream, Fair as it stands in fields Elysian, Ere down to Flesh the Immortal doth descend: If doubtful ever in the Actual life Each contesthere a victory crowns the end Of every nobler strife.

Where fraud and guile are strangers, envy ne'er Shall dim the sparkling fountain of our bliss, And ever bright the hours shall o'er us glide.

Death's gathering now About his hearthis eyes grow dim and glazed.

161.), and runs as follows: "Now that the gloomy shadow of the night, Longing to view Orion's drisling looks, Leaps from th' Antarctic world unto the sky, And dims the welkin with her pitchy breath;" the second is from Doctor Faustus (Marlowe's Works, vol.

The ideas themselves that otherwise are dim and obscure, are by this means imprest with the greater strength, and have a light cast upon them, so that the mind can better judge of them; as he that beholds the objects on the face of the earth, when the light of the sun is cast upon them, is under greater advantage to discern them in their true forms and mutual relations, than he that sees them in a dim starlight or twilight.

The ideas themselves that otherwise are dim and obscure, are by this means imprest with the greater strength, and have a light cast upon them, so that the mind can better judge of them; as he that beholds the objects on the face of the earth, when the light of the sun is cast upon them, is under greater advantage to discern them in their true forms and mutual relations, than he that sees them in a dim starlight or twilight.

It would not be wise, however, to peer too closely into the dim vista of the past.

With a consciousness wholly disembodied she was mainly aware of a great pain that seemed to fill all the region and atmosphere, an atmosphere charged with mysterious dim green light and full of great boomings amid a crackle of smaller ones; of shouts and cheers and of a placid quaking of myriad leaves; all of which things might be things or only divers manifestations of her undefinable self.

Beyond the thicket the way continued tangled, rough and dim.

For a moment a dim light burned in the back of his mind.

He was a meek little man with sagging frame, dim lamps and feeble ignition.

In glancing along the leaves of a collection like this, one's heart is touched with something of the same vague pathos that dims the eye in a graveyard.

Dim. and other titles.

The loss of a star dims not the splendor of the constellations.

True honor is bright and clear as a mirror, and the slightest breath dims it.

But woe to him who dims it, even if it were my own child!" Elise turned pale and cast down her eyes.

When music sounds, out of the water rise Naiads whose beauty dims my waking eyes, Rapt in strange dreams burns each enchanted face, With solemn echoing stirs their dwelling-place.

Distance dims the panorama; haze obscures the ragged gaps in the pageant until the long lines of victorious armies move smoothly across the horizon, with never an abyss to check their triumph.

In the dim light of the breaking day he could discern a greenish-yellow cloud rolling across from the Boche trenches on his left.

It was not dark, and yet everything looked dim and confused.

God has seemed to me but dim of late.

say, do churls Know the worth of Oman's pearls? Give the gem which dims the moon To the noblest, or to none.