880 examples of diplomacies in sentences

BURNSIDE against BISMARCK for diplomacy any time.

I consider him the crowning glory of American diplomacy in Europe.

It is here and in this direction (which searches deeper than the mere weighing and balancing of Foreign policies and Diplomacies) that we must look for the "explanation" of the wars of to-day.

Undoubtedly a large share of responsibility for the failure of German diplomacy before the war, and of German strategy during the war, must be laid to the account of his ever-changing plans and ill-judged interferences.

It was indeed a tragic situation, and all the more so when viewed as the sorry outcome and culmination of a hundred years of Prussian diplomacy and statecraft.

What an utter bankruptcy of so-called diplomacy!

People ask what new arrangements of diplomacy or revivals of Christianitywhat alliances, ententes, leagues of peace, Hague tribunals, regulation of armaments, weeks of prayer, or tons of Christmas puddings sent into the enemies' campswill finally scotch this pestilence of war.

In several decades of painful effort, French diplomacy has solved the problem in brilliant fashion.

All Germany's energies in the domain of diplomacy have been set in motion to make the balance of power a mere figment of the imagination.

"French diplomacy is succeeding more and more in entangling England in the meshes of her net.

The certainty which she had gained from the moves of English diplomacy, that in case of war she was sure of France's support and with it England's, turned the scaleagainst peace.

If Germany outwardly worked for peace in St. Petersburg, as M. de l'Escaille states, it would be quite in harmony with the methods of German diplomacy.

"This must be the goal of German statecraft and German diplomacy.

The court-centered diplomacies of the more firmly rooted monarchies steered all the great liberating movements of the nineteenth century into monarchical channels.

Although, under the diligent and ambitious teaching of his famous relative, the profound, sagacious, patriotic, bold, and gloriously abused Jovellanos, he had become accomplished in politics, law, and diplomacy, he seemed to be devoting himself for the present to large speculations and the sudden acquisition of wealth, and to let the state of the nation, the Cortes, and its schemes, alone.

"In twelve months' time, perhaps, I may be offered something in America or Asiacountries where diplomacy languishes.

"Here," he announced, "we conquer with diplomacy.

He was also employed, like him, in diplomacy; and was made a count by the Emperor Frederick the Third, though not, it seems, with remainder to his heirs.

We are apt sometimes to complain that so much of importance in our lives is at the dispensation of accident, yet how often too are we compelled to confess that some of the happiest and most fruitful circumstances of our lives are due to the far-seeing diplomacies of chance.

This man finally fell a victim to his diplomacies, perhaps also to his imprudences.

The war of the great attack will have given place to the war of the military deadlock; the war of the deadlock will have gone on, and as the great combatants have become enfeebled relatively to the smaller States, there will have been a gradual shifting of the interest to the war of treasons and diplomacies in the Eastern Mediterranean.

But he lacked John's tried patience, and for the ideal teacher was too likely to utter brutal truths instead of polite and meandering diplomacies.

Diplomacies in church government and adjustments in church creeds can wait on this consecration, this baptism of unction.

We need go no further back than the Reform Bill of 1867 to remind ourselves that the victory of the North over the South, and the extraordinary clemency and good sense with which that victory was used, had more to do with the concession of the franchise to householders in boroughs than all the eloquence of Mr. Gladstone and all the diplomacies of Mr. Disraeli.

A great many of the absurd, perverse, unkind, unpleasant things which people do are not knavish at allthey are silly, selfish little diplomacies, guileless obedience to conventions, unreasonable deference to imaginary authority.

880 examples of  diplomacies  in sentences