57 examples of disabused in sentences

The name is but the guinea's stamp, The man's a GOULD for all that; but the people were soon disabused of this idea, and the name of JEAMES PHYSKE was in everybody's mouth.

It may be necessary to explain, at this point of our narrative, that John Effingham was perfectly aware of the error which existed in relation to the real character of Captain Truck, wherein he thought great injustice had been done the honest seaman; and, the old man intending to sail for London next morning, had persuaded him to accept this invitation, in order that the public mind might be disabused in a matter of so much importance.

He wished to disabuse them of the idea that he led in private a life of luxury and self-indulgence.

We must, then, disabuse ourselves of the notion so naturally produced by reading, and especially by reading in time of war, that the German Jingoes are typical of Germany.

Yet I think, if we sum up the loss and gain, we shall find the colt's character has gained, rather than lost, by being thus disabused.

He learns to substitute a very rational reverence for the man who is breaking him in, for a totally irrational reverence for the kettle; and becomes thereby a much wiser and more useful member of society, as does the man when disabused of his superstitions.

At first, like many other travellers, I was deluded by the notion that these idlers were men of independent means, but my mind was soon disabused of this fallacy.

She is always disabused when too late.

That, my dear Marquis, is what you call love, and it will be difficult for you to disabuse yourself of the impression, for by force of persuading yourself that it is love, you will, in a short time firmly believe that the inclination is real.

undeceive^, unbeguile^; set right, correct, open the eyes of, disabuse, disillusion one of. be informed of &c; know &c 490; learn &c 539; get scent of, get wind of, gather from; awaken to, open one's eyes to; become alive, become awake to; hear, overhear, understand. come to one's ears, come to one's knowledge; reach one's ears.

But Safdar Khan's next words disabused him: "Nay, nay," he said.

We soon disabused his mind of that idea, and had the dead tiger hauled up to dry land.

In the first place, however, it will be necessary to disabuse the public mind of some very prevailing misconceptions with respect to the conditions of a Balloon exposed to the action of the winds, pursuing its course under the exercise of an inherent propulsive power.

Even Dr. Channing was a subject of this delusion; and it is well remembered, that his too favorable opinions of his fellow men, made it difficult to disabuse him of it.

The Chinese were gradually disabused of their prejudices.

He should have followed his hero home to be disabused of this monstrous notion, for even while it was being propounded Tommy was sitting in such an agony of silence in a woman's presence that she could not resist smiling a crooked smile at him.

He could have disabused her, but it would have been cruel, and so on this subject, as ever, he remained silent.

It was high time the world was disabused.

It is necessary for the interests of truth, for the interests also of both countries, that the popular mind, the mind of the public men of Spain also, should be disabused in respect of two important errors.

The next moment, I am disabused.

" As it seems to me that the conversation is taking a painful direction, I try to divert it by telling my news; but the bloom is again taken off it by the old man, who declines to be disabused of the idea that the Peninsular is still raging, and that it is Roger's grandfather who is returning from that field of glory.

Those teeth fair Lyce must not show If she would bite; her lovers, though Like birds they stoop at seeming grapes, Are disabused when first she gapes; The rotten bones discover'd there, Show 'tis a painted sepulchre.

Philosophers may assert that a rightly constituted mind will rise superior to all outward circumstances; but two weeks in a Korak tent would do more to disabuse their minds of such an erroneous impression than any amount of logical argument.

If she should, she must have nothing to disabuse her mind until we break the news to her.

Up to the time I left, the burgomasters were unable to deliver the potatoes, Any dupes of German propaganda who imagine that there is much self-sacrifice among the wealthy class in Germany in this war should disabuse their minds of that theory at once.

57 examples of  disabused  in sentences