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151 example sentences with  disallowing

151 example sentences with disallowing

Had ancient times conspired to disallow What then was new, what had been ancient now?

He that can dispense with himself to slander a Jew or a Turk, doth in so doing render himself worse than either of them by profession is: for even they, and even pagans themselves, disallow the practice of inhumanity and iniquity.

Luckily I was not attending the reverend gentleman's ministration, but he seemed to think the greatest crime I had committed was disallowing the costs of the prosecution.

If it were said, Miss Clarissa Harlowe has a wit and penetration beyond her years; we, instead of disallowing it, would addand a judgment no less extraordinary than her wit.

It is well known that the Chinese consider their walled towns in the same light as fortifications are regarded in Europe, and disallow foreigners entering them, excepting on special occasions.

TO THE REVEREND DR SWIFT, DEAN OF ST PATRICK'S. Though Courts the practice disallow,

An angry despatch from Downing Street informed Lord Elgin that it was disapproved, and that nothing but an apprehension of the financial embarrassments that must ensue prevented its being formally disallowed.

He, indeed, contented himself with 'calling the attention of the House to certain parts' of the Bill in question; but Mr. Herries, following out the same views to their legitimate conclusion, moved an Address to Her Majesty to disallow the Act of the Colonial Legislature.

Does not that argue a better state of feeling in the European Community; and do not you think that it is for the benefit of the Ryots, that their interloping landlords should not be in a humour to employ vindictively the vast powers which, whether you disallow Contract Laws or not, they, as proprietors, possess over them?

Specifically, we must revise our attitude as to immigration, excluding whole classes, and even races, that we have hitherto welcomed with open hands from the disinterested offices of steamship companies: we must control and in some cases prohibit, the mating of various racial stocks; finally we must altogether disallow the practice of changing, by law, one race-name for another.

V. prohibit, inhibit; forbid, put one's veto upon, disallow, enjoin, ban, outlaw, taboo, proscribe, estop [Law]; bar; debar &c (hinder) 706, forefend.

misbecome^. Adj. undue; unlawful &c (illegal) 964; unconstitutional; illicit; unauthorized, unwarranted, disallowed, unallowed^, unsanctioned, unjustified; unentitled^, disentitled, unqualified, disqualified; unprivileged, unchartered.

Nowadays we condemn all such measures and disallow the right of the State to interfere with the free expression of opinion.

It cannot be said that the claims of history have ever been disallowed by the reading public.

All his business in the morning is to dress himself, and in the afternoon to show his workmanship to the ladies, who after serious consideration approve or disallow of his judgment and abilities accordingly, and he as freely delivers his opinion of theirs.

Et quod gravissimum, in the matter itself, many things I disallow at this present, which when I writ, Non eadem est aetas, non mens; I would willingly retract much, &c., but 'tis too late, I can only crave pardon now for what is amiss.

Paulus Jovius on the other side, disallowing tench, approves of it; so doth Dubravius in his Books of Fishponds.

Laurentius approves of many fruits, in his Tract of Melancholy, which others disallow, and amongst the rest apples, which some likewise commend, sweetings, pearmains, pippins, as good against melancholy; but to him that is any way inclined to, or touched with this malady, Nicholas Piso in his Practics, forbids all fruits, as windy, or to be sparingly eaten at least, and not raw.

To this opinion of his, [1503]Felix Plater is quite opposite, "though some wink at, disallow and quite contradict all phlebotomy in melancholy, yet by long experience I have found innumerable so saved, after they had been twenty, nay, sixty times let blood, and to live happily after it.

censures Varro, Cato, Columella, and those ancient rustics, approving many things, disallowing some, and will by all means have the front of a house stand to the south, which how it may be good in Italy and hotter climes, I know not, in our northern countries I am sure it is best: Stephanus, a Frenchman, praedio rustic. lib.

Crato, a German, commends east and south site (disallowing cold air and northern winds in this case, rainy weather and misty days), free from putrefaction, fens, bogs, and muckhills.

And when his report was disallowed, he said: "As a supporter of reconciliation, I am not approved of.

Certain advances which on a settlement of accounts between South Carolina and the United States were disallowed or suspended by the accounting officers of the Treasury.

Only the other day, since I have been at the India Office, the Governor-General disallowed a Bill passed by a Local Government which I need not name, with the most advantageous effect.

] What I desire of you is, That you disallow that a Coxcomb who pretends to write Verse, should put the most malicious Thing he can say in Prose.

Persons addicted to this lust are like robbers and pirates, who are delighted with spoil and plunder, and not with what is given and justly acquired; and they are like malefactors, who covet what is disallowed and forbidden, and despise what is allowed and granted.

If they dared to put a gold ring on their finger, even that trifling pretension to gentility was detected and disallowed by the jealous overseer.

After much altercation, a grant was made to him, on the condition that it would have to be refunded if disallowed by the Directors.

In some of the Southern States there are professing Christian churches who permit slave-holding, but disallow the selling of slaves, except with their own consent.

The assembly attempted at various times to check slave importations by levying prohibitive duties, which were invariably disallowed by the English crown.

And even though disallowed as presumptuous, it is an instinctive one.

These, as stale, we disallow, Or judge of thee meant; only thou His true Indian conquest art; And, for ivy round his dart, The reformed god now weaves

22.The use of the pronoun ye in the nominative case, is now mostly confined to the solemn style; but the use of it in the objective, which is disallowed in the solemn style, and nowhere approved by our grammarians, is nevertheless common when no emphasis falls upon the word: as, "When you're unmarried, never load ye With jewels; they may incommode ye.

Churchill even goes further, both strengthening the censure, and disallowing the exception: thus, "This, whether in the solemn or in the familiar style, is always inelegant, and should never be admitted.

In W. Day's "Punctuation Reduced to a System," a work of no inconsiderable merit, this principle is disallowed; and even when the adjunct of the nominative is a relative clause, which, by Rule 2d below and its first exception, requires a comma after it but none before it, this author excludes both, putting no comma before the principal verb.

James I. erected a Post Office, which he placed under the control of Matthew de Questor; the office was claimed by Lord Stanhope, whose claim, however, was disallowed; but owing to the detection of de Questor in some mal-practices, the office was given and confirmed to W. Frizee and Thos.

Some of the Piankeshaw Indians ceded Clark a tract of land for his own use, but the Virginia Legislature very properly disallowed the grant.]

Of her he says: "I was never married but once and commend their resolution who never marry twice, not that I disallow of second, nor in all cases of polygamy, which, considering the unequal number of the sexes, may also be necessary.

] What I desire of you is, That you disallow that a Coxcomb who pretends to write Verse, should put the most malicious Thing he can say in Prose.

I have no Pretence to, and abundantly make up to me the Injustice I received in my own Country, of disallowing me what I really had.

Dr. Hampden was said to have been recommended by Bishop Copleston, and not disallowed by Archbishop Howley.

This course, after some hesitation, was followed, but only partially; and without allowing or disallowing the Professor's claim to a veto, the Vice-Chancellor on his own responsibility stopped the degree.

You may affirm that an absolute despotism is the only government fit for Dahomey, and I may not disallow it; but when you go on and say that Dahomey is the happiest country in the world, why, I refer you to Dogberry.

Precision is much, but not all; some words and phrases are disallowed on the ground of taste.

Because Harry is under 17 (the age of majority in the wizarding world), he is disallowed from entering.

The breed's colors vary widely, with only lilac and chocolate disallowed for pedigree.

The sudo command gives the administrator the option of allowing certain users access to otherwise disallowed commands on a granular level.

This Monitors internet traffic and generates alerts for disallowed access.

After Lewandowski had an early goal disallowed for offside, Hoffenheim threatened an upset when Boateng turned a shot by Hoffenheim winger Ihlas Bebou into his own net on eight minutes.

Considering the dire consequences this loophole can have for Guyana, the IMF said it would be appropriate for Guyana to limit the amount of debt for cost recovery purposes or disallow interest expense altogether.

However, action livened up in the 21st minute when Marcos Tebar headed in an Odisha FC corner only to see the referee disallow the goal for an obstruction on Chennaiyin goalkeeper Vishal Kaith.

However, most retail outlets and other personal services will not reopen during this phase, and dining in at food and beverage outlets will continue to be disallowed.

If it observes a single third-party host tracking you on three separate sites, Privacy Badger will automatically disallow content from that third-party tracker.โ€

In a move to provide more scope for Indian companies, including MSMEs, the Centre has decided to disallow global firms from participating in government procurement tenders up to Rs 200 crore.

And disallowing global tenders will create demand for their products.

It would have been his second of the night but VAR and the referee, Kevin Friend, disallowed another predatory finish from the Portugal international minutes earlier.

Juventus officially had no shots on target yet its No. 9 Alvaro Morata had a hat-trick of goals disallowed for offside calls.

Many gyms in the past had no policy that disallowed a coach from being alone in a room with an underage athlete.

Rodrygo netted Madrid's second in the 81st, two minutes after Vinรญcius Jรบnior had a goal disallowed by video review.

She noted that she canโ€™t be easily picked on, neither can he stop her from airing her show which he has secretely asked the court to disallow her from doing.

Some of them are close to his training mates and could well be pacing his training sessions, only that social distancing protocols disallow group training sessions.

The health institute complained in March that the EPSโ€™s, the notoriously corrupt for-profit health intermediaries, were refusing to take tests, therefore disallowing possible infections to be diagnosed.

The police, he said, have no right to disallow them from continuing their programme.

The Red Devils have had a league-high seven goals against them disallowed by the video assistant this season โ€“ with the latest being Jordan Ayew's Crystal Palace strike on Thursday night.

Theyโ€™ve also had to limit or disallow the use of some shared spaces, which restricts interactions and collaboration between members.

Though a second disallowed try for Leinster followed โ€“ Scott Fardy harshly denied for a knock-on on the ground โ€“ Pierre Mignoniโ€™s defence showed some steel to make Leinster work for their third try.

VAR came into play yet again a few minutes later, disallowing another United goal for another Rashford offside.

What you disallow, you disallow.

What you disallow, you disallow.

โ€œWhy are they allowed to go to markets and disallowed from going to places of worship?

Despite the 2001 High Court ruling disallowing further demolitions and other acts of harassment, Jewish settlers and the IDF have subjected Palestinian farmers to ongoing violence and blockades of their land.

Disallowing the defendant from relying on the contractual limitation period avoids a disproportionate prejudice to the plaintiff and does no disservice to the various purposes of limitation periods.

During our next meeting there will be a special presentation on the linkage in question, and then a general vote to allow or disallow the linkage in our rulebook will be passed.

I disallow this counterclaim item.

Although if I was to interpret the above, I suppose you could argue that the 848 is allowed in the Sportbike categories but disallowed in the Superbike catergories.

If it finds the regulations are not authorized by law, it can object to and disallow them.

In order to make the static analyses even possible, we disallow a small number of MATLAB constructs and features, but attempt to support as large a subset of MATLAB as possible.

It is entirely feasible to make this impossible by disallowing adjacent bookings by members of the same group.

And if she vowed in her husband's house, or bound her soul by a bond with an oath; And her husband heard it, and held his peace at her, and disallowed her not: then all her vows shall stand, and every bond wherewith she bound her soul shall stand.

Many support filtering the Internet, censoring T-shirts, disallowing student distribution of political or religious material, and conducting prior review of school newspapers.โ€

"A proposal can provide that all the assets of the debtor shall vest in the trustee under the proposal and that the trustee shall have all the powers of a trustee in bankruptcy to disallow secured claims.

Section 90 applies this concept to allow the federal government to disallow a provincial law within one year of enactment.

Some jurisdictions disallow witnesses that are mentioned in your Last Will and Testament, either as a beneficiary or an executor/executrix.

The Americans protested this act to the British government, and Britain, not wanting to upset relations with the United States, disallowed the amendments and guaranteed the Americans the right to procure bait in Newfoundland.

The court allowed an appeal where the Board disallowed compensation under CVCA s.17(1) due to the behaviour of the victim spouse which it held contributed to her death.

The CRTC should also require both CTV and CTV2 to operate in those markets, reversing a prior decision to disallow it.

The government wants to work us to death, while poisoning us to death with toxic food sources, while taxing us to death and disallowing us to advance financially.

The grand total of disallowed and reserved acts was thus 159.

The most significant reduction he made was as a result of disallowing the โ€œtopping-upโ€ of amounts previously taxed on a party and party basis on several interlocutory applications and appeals.

The Ontario Court of Appeal reviews the Wilson judgement in the McIntyre case and rules that contingency fees are not necessarily disallowed in Ontario.

The remainder of the Claim is disallowed.

There was no discretion to allow or disallow expenditures that fell within the designated categories on the basis of reasonableness.

These cyber sentinels will often disallow a large attachment (more than 100KB or so) to enter the companyโ€™s mail system and may tag it as spam or a potential virus or Trojan.

The trial judge concluded that this proceeding fell within s. 2 of the Statute of Limitations and exercised his discretion to disallow the limitation defences raised both by the appellants and by the County.

This is a useful example for subclassing Enum to add or change other behaviors as well as disallowing aliases.

This well-worn method is popular since it requires almost no setup, and works quite well in firewalled environments which permit you to handle HTTP through a proxy, but disallow regular outbound TCP connections.

Undertake to provide math (calculation), if LIL and LTA O&M costs were disallowed, what would the 12.4 look like.

Unless you have settings that disallow cookies, the next time you visit a site running the advertisements, a new cookie will be added.

We strongly feel that it will bring extra economic hardship on the people already affected, and that we, the undersigned, protest this application for an increase in electricity rates, and request the Government to do everything possible to disallow it.'

What happens is that Elections Canada, for whatever reason--and we'll discover that at trial--has decided to disallow certain expenses and force them to be charged.