3727 examples of disappointed in sentences

But, though disappointed in my expectations, I do not despair.

We hoped to find a caravan ready to leave Linz, but we were disappointed, so we journeyed by the Danube to the mouth of the Inn, up which we went to Muhldorf.

We are prepared to have some exciting action take place, and had Ichabod ridden quietly across the bridge, we should have been disappointed.

different from. disappointed in. frightened at or by.

His friends were disappointed, that, with his readiness and fluent power of speech, he took so little part in the legislative proceedings.

Jealousy, disappointed love, disappointed greed, plans balked, labor lost, perils incurred in vain!

Jealousy, disappointed love, disappointed greed, plans balked, labor lost, perils incurred in vain!

I shall be devilish sorry for your father, who is my friend; you know he will be disappointed if you leave; depend upon it he will guess at the girl.

He resigned in the spring of 1779,as he alleged, on account of ill health, but more probably because the failure of the Lee and Conway intrigue had disappointed his hopes of promotion.

Dr. Johnson was disappointed in the effect of one of his pamphlets.

But I thought, if he came all the way to Milan, he really Ought not to be disappointed; and so I wrote three lines to Say I had heard he was coming, desirous of joining our party; If so, then I said, we had started for Como, and meant to Cross the St. Gothard, and stay, we believed, at Lucerne, for the summer.

Now and then a missionary came down to Diver's Bay, and preached in the open air, or, if the weather disappointed him, in the great shed built for the protection of fish-barrels and for the drying of fish.

It is the man, who, on catching sight of the automobile, nervously gathers up his reins, grabs his whip, and pulls and jerks, who makes his own troubles; he is searching for trouble, expects it, and is disappointed if he gets by without it.

I have not been disappointed.

Then, too, the hotels of Buffalo had expected so much and were so woefully disappointed.

He signed to Trysail to desist; and both stood looking, with disappointed eyes, at the white and bubbling streak which was left by the wake of the fugitive.

"Did you hear nothing?" The disappointed and yet admiring young man was silent, though he watched her singularly interesting air, and lovely features, with all the intenseness that seemed to characterize her own deportment.

"You still shrink from pronouncing on their beauty;" said Alida, disappointed, in spite of an affected indifference to the subject.

Because she was disappointed once, is that a reason?

While Herwig and Hettel were thus occupied in warring against one of the disappointed suitors, Hartmut, the other, hearing that they were both away, invaded Matelan and carried off Gudrun and all her attendants to Normandy.

He told Parzival of the expected stranger, whose question would break the evil spell, and related how grievously he and all the Templars had been disappointed when such a man had actually come and gone, but without fulfilling their hopes.

Parzival then penitently confessed that it was he who had thus disappointed them, related his sorrow and ceaseless quest, and told the story of his early youth and adventures.

On the contrary, such was the number of volunteers who patriotically tendered their services that the chief difficulty was in making selections and determining who should be disappointed and compelled to remain at home.

For several years after the establishment of that institution it dealt almost exclusively in local discounts, and during that period the country was for the most part disappointed in the consequences anticipated from its incorporation.

My chief motives for desiring the adoption of the measures suggested to you, viz, a general amnesty and a call of a convention, were, first, because I felt convinced that peace and harmony would follow in their train, and, secondly, if in this I was disappointed the insurgents would have had no longer a pretense for an appeal to the public sympathies in their behalf.

3727 examples of  disappointed  in sentences