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663 examples of  disarms  in sentences

663 examples of disarms in sentences

[They fight, Bellmour disarms Friend, and runs in. Disarm'd!

They had their knives out, but I managed to disarm the one who attacked me, and my horse upset a second, while the Indian, who had no weapon but a stave, cracked the head of the last.

Then it was that General Herkimer was detailed to disarm the Tories in the valley, and while carrying out such orders quite naturally made enemies of the majority of them.

" Such magnanimity, however, did not disarm the hostility of those who surrounded the King.

After an artful exordium, in which he tried to disarm the suspicions which he felt must be entertained of him, and to point out to the Spartans how completely his interests and theirs were identified, through hatred of the Athenian democracy, he thus proceeded: "Hear me, at any rate, on the matters which require your grave attention, and which I, from the personal knowledge that I have of them, can and ought to bring before you.

Fortunately, the difficulty was solved by Austria boldly insisting that Sardinia should disarm before being represented at the congress, and on April 23d this demand was enforced by an ultimatum, to be answered within three days.

See, I bid him disarm, he disarms; mother-naked I bid him to go, And he goes mother-naked.

"Do you know you are a dangerous man, Monsieur Paul Martin?" "Oh, mademoiselle!" "Such fortitude, such forbearancewhen I ought to be slappedenchants, disarms, makes me remember I am a woman, foredoomed always to yield.

He retained, however, sufficient presence of mind neatly to disarm Phinuit before that one guessed what he was about.

Extinct are those smiles, with that beautiful countenance, with which (for thou wert the Nircus formosus of the school), in the days of thy maturer waggery, thou didst disarm the wrath of infuriated town-damsel, who, incensed by provoking pinch, turning tigress-like round, suddenly converted by thy angel-look, exchanged the half-formed terrible "bl," for a gentler greeting"bless thy handsome face!"

Why are misers so hateful in the world, and so endurable on the stage, but because the skilful actor, by a sort of sub-reference, rather than direct appeal to us, disarms the character of a great deal of its odiousness, by seeming to engage our compassion for the insecure tenure by which he holds his money bags and parchments?

I think it, therefore, sir, very evident that this new method of encouraging sailors will be so far from increasing them, that it may probably drive them out of the empire, and at once ruin our trade and our navy; at once beggar and disarm us.

But a bolder attempt to disarm argument of its force, and to perplex the understanding, has not often been made, than this which I am now endeavouring to oppose.

" "Thereyou disarm me.

and our officer stepped forward to disarm this chivalrous prisoner.

Something in his expression, however, seemed to disarm her.

But the numerous sentimental enemies of political economy, and its still more numerous interested enemies in sentimental guise, have been very successful in gaining belief for this among other unmerited imputations against it, and the Principles having, in spite of the freedom of many of its opinions, become for the present the most popular treatise on the subject, has helped to disarm the enemies of so important a study.

"Let us disarm the post which is over there," said Schoelcher.

" "Let us disarm it.

These were supposed to disarm the demons who led into foul temptation.

She had to disarm jealousy and win confidence; to be as humble in address as she was elegant in manners, and win a selfish man from pleasure by the richness of her conversation and the severity of her own morals.

For a whole year she labored with them to disarm their hostilities and prejudices, and succeeded at last in collecting two hundred and fifty children in the schoolhouse which she had built.

"You belong, then, to the most wonderful race on earth, to the only race who have dared to cross swords with Mrs. Grundy and disarm her.

I looked into your eyes like a dog which wishes to disarm the anger of his master by humility.

At last Zadig, having recovered his spirits, stops; makes a feint; leaps upon Otamus; throws him on the ground and disarms him; and Otamus cries out, "It is thou alone, O white knight, that oughtest to reign over Babylon!"

can the weak alarm Of women's yells those stubborn souls disarm, Whom nor the sword nor trumpet e'er could fright, Nor the loud din and horror of a fight?

The State that disarms renounces to the extent of its disarmament the power to protect itself.

Which of course disarms criticism, other than what may be expressed in a question whether a book less exclusively preoccupied by the War might not more surely have attained this end.

I do not desire to check or disarm criticism, but I have a right to point out that I have performed my work rapidly and have largely subordinated certain literary considerations to a desire to write my story naturally and simply, in much the same way as I should have told it in conversation with a friend.

Throned in the vaulted heart, his dread resort, 450 Inexorable CONSCIENCE holds his court; With still small voice the plots of Guilt alarms, Bares his mask'd brow, his lifted hand disarms;

raise pity, excite pity &c n.; touch, soften; melt, melt the heart; propitiate, disarm.

He gets within the law and disarms it.

It was, after his usual style, verbose, involved, and obscure, sprinkled with quotations from Scripture to refresh the piety of the saints, and seasoned with an affectation of modesty to disarm the enmity of the republicans.

Desborough, abandoned by his regiment, fled in despair towards Lambert; and Fleetwood, who for some days had done nothing but weep and pray, and complain that "the Lord had spit in his face," tamely endeavoured to disarm by submission the resentment of his adversaries.

[Sidenote: Sir Palamydes disarms himself]

[Sidenote: The fisher-folk disarm Sir Lamorack] Now whilst Sir Lamorack lay sleeping in the heather in that wise as aforetold, there came by that way several fisher-folk; these, when they saw him lying there, thought at first that he was dead.

What is it that disarms us when we review thy life, and wrings from us a tear when we should utter a reproach?

* * "'Patient bearing of injuries' is true Christian fortitude, and will always be more effectual to 'disarm our enemies', and to bring others to the knowledge of the truth, than all 'arguments' whatever.

And when, twenty months after his elevation to the papacy, this hard old man died, the inscriptionwhich he ordered to be put upon his tomb was in words fit to disarm the satirist:"Here lies Adrian VI., who esteemed nothing in his life more unhappy than that he had been called to rule": "Adrianus VI.

He knew that death alone could disarm such implacable foes.

Take one man, mad with excitement or intoxication, place him with his back to the wall, a knife in his hand, and the fire of utter frenzy in his eyes,and who, among the thousand bystanders, dares make the first attempt to disarm him?

Beauclair disarms his antagonist and is about to return him his weapon, when Du Lache stabs the Baron in the back.

She is hindered in an attempt to stab him and thrown into prison, where he visits her and disarms her resentment by offering to marry her.

And now his voice, in a transport that seemed to touch the cloud heights, was neither like the voice of the easy traveller on the pass, nor the voice of his sharp call to Leddy to disarm, nor the voice of the storyteller.

The quaint simplicity of the sentiment and the playful surprise at the end quickly disarm any skepticism that would deny these lines to Horace's poet of "tender humor.

A new Minister was appointed in his room, the tone of the negotiation was immediately changed, and an ultimatum was sent to the Emperor, similar to that which was afterwards sent to this country, affording him no satisfaction on his just grounds of complaint, and requiring him, under those circumstances, to disarm.

Buonaparte instantly considered the defeat of the conspirators as an act of aggression against the French Republic; he dispatched an aide-de-camp with an order to the Senate of this independent state; first, to release all the French who were detained; secondly, to punish those who had arrested them; thirdly, to declare that they had had no share in the insurrection; and fourthly, to disarm the people.

[Mr. Anstey: I said, that Sweden was arming her fleet, with the intention of making a demonstration against the Russian provinces in the Baltic; but the noble Lord remonstrated with Sweden for doing so, and induced her to disarm.]

For as where the Juices of the Body are prepared to receive a malignant Influence, there the Disease rages with most Violence; so in this Distemper of the Mind, where there is ever a Propensity and Inclination to suck in the Poison, it cannot be but that the whole Order of reasonable Action must be overturn'd, for, like Musick, it So softens and disarms the Mind, That not one Arrow can Resistance find.

Instead, he smiled genially, a sort of between-us-men smile, which did much to disarm Barker.

Honorius lunges at Andronic; this latter disarms former; then latter comes to his senses, flies over to his old friend, and all the Venetian brawlers are put to flight.

"Before I allow you to rise, I must disarm you to prevent mischief," cried Blaize.

His melancholy end, too, disarms censure of its asperity.

As the mind matures, as experience accumulates, as the vision enlarges, the coarseness disappears, and the rich and healthful juices nourish instead a playful and cheerful serenity that illumines strength with a softened light, that disarms opposition and delights sympathy, that shines without dazzling and attracts without offending.

And, ah! if pity rules your sacred spheres, Invoke the thunder to withstay its rage, Disarm its fury, and its wrath assuage.

In the fifth grade, Sylvia's example of intimate, admiring friendship definitely threw popular favor on the side of Camilla, who made every effort to disarm the hostility aroused by her too-numerous gifts of nature.

I hastened to disarm such a suspicion by a half-articulate sigh.

It has already appeared that I was not of a temper to endure calamity, without endeavouring, by every means I could devise, to elude and disarm it.

And here, O captious critic, is a Wonderwork which not only disarms but staggers, paralyses and annihilates all possibilities of animadversion, unless you wish to share the fate of Marsyas, by pitting your puny strength against the overwhelming panoply of divine and immortal genius.

When all was over, each man went to his lodging to disarm and change; then they all came to Bayard's lodging, where the banquet was ready, and there were also the two judges, the lords of Ars and of St. Quentin, and all the ladies.

They had not even taken the trouble to disarm him.

But the two were of no avail against the Venetians, who took them prisoners and were about to disarm them.

Finally, they would not disarm but maintained great armies for the continual fighting against the southern states.

Kidd's ruling idea appears to have been that he could hoodwink the world as to his doings under cover of his commission: so that when he heard of the charges against him he believed he could disarm his accusers by sheer impudence.

Often had De Montespan feigned a faint in the days when she wished to disarm the anger of the king.

He sought to disarm the genius of evil.

This effort of judicious zeal, will probably make hundreds of emancipationists, and disarm hostility and rouse indifference to a great extent.

At my feet, I commanded him, with a gesture, to disarm.

Prudence, indeed, had brought them closer to each other, slowly, subtly, in little ways to disarm the most timid caution.

Best then, to disarm suspicion by playing the game wholly in the open.

"The court of chancery frequently mitigates and disarms the common law."Spect.

But he had known how to adjust his life to duty; and without belief in God, with the support of philosophy only, his virtue had been strong enough to disarm his most violent enemies.

Even the women speak well of her, for she disarms them by her invariable good humor and sincerity.

By an unconditional and voluntary surrender, it hoped to disarm his vengeance, and sent deputies even to Freysingen to lay at his feet the keys of the city.

" These humiliating confessions and flattering assurances seemed at last to disarm the anger of the duke; but not before he had disburdened his heart of his reproaches against the Emperor, pompously dwelt upon his own services, and humbled to the utmost the monarch who solicited his assistance, did he condescend to listen to the attractive proposals of the minister.

Modesty (Pudicitia), a young virgin with brilliant arms, is attacked by 'the most horrible of the Furies' (Sodomita Libido), who, with a torch burning with pitch and sulphur, seeks to strike her eyes, but Modesty disarms him and pierces him with her sword.

"I'm a little bull-dog," you replied just now, with that stupid sincerity which disarms me.

This brought them to a parley, in which they agreed to take their wounded man and begone; but they were in the wrong that they did not disarm them when they had the power, and then make their complaint to me and my Spaniards for justice, which might have prevented their farther designs against them.

He meets enquirers with a certain engagingbashfulness is almost the word, that disarms the most suspicious.

I attack; you resist and disarm me and say: "My force having neutralised yours, and the equilibrium being now established, I will hear any reasons you may have to urge for my paying you money; or any argument in favour of your creed.

While kindness as a rule will disarm a foe, there are some ingrates so constituted that it moves them the other way.

Handsome People usually are so fantastically pleas'd with themselves, that if they do not kill at first Sight, as the Phrase is, a second Interview disarms them of all their Power.

For as where the Juices of the Body are prepared to receive a malignant Influence, there the Disease rages with most Violence; so in this Distemper of the Mind, where there is ever a Propensity and Inclination to suck in the Poison, it cannot be but that the whole Order of reasonable Action must be overturn'd, for, like Musick, it So softens and disarms the Mind, That not one Arrow can Resistance find.

It had needed but these few words of that godly man to disarm him suddenly in the midst of all the dire destruction that he was plotting.

The status of the latter had been so fixed that General Harney was not empowered to disarm them, and he so informed, the State authorities.

General Pope proposed to disarm these Indians, allot no more reservations to them, and allow no traders among them.

How thoroughly he relished the delights of celebrity is revealed, with a simple vanity which almost disarms criticism, in many a passage of his correspondence.

Enter GONSALVO, seizes the sword of one of them, and runs him through; then, after a little resistance, disarms the other.

Disarm him!Cel.

Go, go; you can disarm her wrath by a civil speech; but give her my message.

In most of us there lurks a certain strain of mischief which trustfulness disarms but distrust encourages.

Augustus, who was never quite sure of his father, thought it would be best to disarm them; and he consented to pay them, getting back all their bonds.

but" (looking at me with that sincere and hearty tenderness which, as long as I am under its immediate influence, always disarms me) "my head was full of other things; and people drop out of one's life so; I had neither seen nor heard of her sincesince she married.

And how these monsters did disarm an isle.

10 Music so softens and disarms the mind, That not an arrow does resistance find.

Darkness, which fairest nymphs disarms, Defends us ill from Mira's charms; Mira can lay her beauty by, Take no advantage of the eye, Quit all that Lely's art can take, And yet a thousand captives make.

Even his conciliatory nature could not disarm the envy which such brilliant success naturally aroused, nor wholly escape the bitterness which the intense political feeling of the time constantly bred between ambitious and able men.

The Governor attempted to disarm them, but the plan was not well carried out, and most of them escaped with their weapons to the King Country.

The best way to disarm him is to confront him boldly.

Gunther recoiled from such a proposal, and as none of his warriors seemed inclined to accept the challenge, he and his brother hastened to disarm Siegfried's haughty mood by their proffers of unbounded hospitality.