110 examples of disarranges in sentences

She wanted to disarrange these dog-eared pamphlets, to throw them on the floor, to destroy them.

So, with a severe air of suppressed indignation, he shows us to a couple of ineligible seats, where the draft disarranges MARGARET'S hair, and the charity children drop books of the op, that is to say, prayer-books, and molasses candy in unpleasant proximity to our helpless feet.

When Wampus had quite finished his work he arose, adjusted his disarranged collar and tie and proceeded to crank the engines.

Meantime the girl continued to shove the chairs hither and thither, and to arrange and disarrange everything in the room with a fidgety industry, intended to cover her agitation.

You bad boy, you have spoilt my hair,"she herself had disarranged it as she pressed against his breast.

To disarrange their bedding and expose the nose or the hands to the air would be to risk being frozen.

The blood-stained coat was open, the pockets of the garments turned out, like those in the wardrobe, and all the clothing disarranged, evidently by hands which searched for something with frenzied haste and merciless determination.

She held it in place with one hand, and with the other she carefully turned back the lace hood from her face, so as not to disarrange her hair.

"Please do not disarrange the furniture for me; a change always fidgets me, even before I take in precisely what has happened."

The number of people on the same errand having thrown out the tram service, we had very long waits, while the road was thronged with other vehicles; and the result was I was tired enoughhaving been standing all the waywhen Grassina was reached, for festivals six miles out of Florence at seven in the evening disarrange good habits.

Their head-dresses were all disarranged, and their parted lips, heaving chests, and eyes blazing with excitement, shewed that they were brimful of some unusual message.

How could eloquence survive when the magnanimity and freedom which inspired it were dead, and when the men and books which professed to teach it were filled with despicable directions about the exact position in which the orator was to use his hands, and as to whether it was a good thing or not for him to slap his forehead and disarrange his hair?

His face was haggard and white as death; his mouth agape as if from exertion, and the lips bloodless; his eyes were widely distended as if from frightclothing disarranged, collar unfastened and dangling.

The ambassador's unexpected escape disarranged our plans; but he was taken out of the embassy by force the second time under your very eyes.

The silky hair shone smooth and trim, the muslin dress was not rumpled nor disarranged, and the white hands, with which she still caressed her father's sorrow-laden head, neither shook nor wavered in their office.

I don't know how a man feels when he is in love; but when this Maggie Miller looks me straight in the face with her sunshiny eyes, while her little soft white hand pushes back my hair (which, by the way, I slyly disarrange on purpose), I feel the blood tingle to the ends of my toes, and still I dare not hint such a thing to her.

He was as beautiful in sleep as in consciousness; his lips were slightly parted, his cheek exquisitely flushed, and nothing could disarrange that short, curly hair.

Each part of this intricate system is affected by every other part, so each train must run according to schedule or disarrange the entire plan.

And he proceeded to disarrange chairs, tables and everything that came in his way, till the house was all in confusion.

We could hardly alter one word, or disarrange one member, without spoiling it.

Also, Merle could be trusted to behave himself in the Penniman parlour, not touching the many bibelots there displayed, or disarranging the furniture, while the Wilbur twin would not only touch and disarrange, but pry into and handle and climb and altogether demoralize.

Disarrange, iii. 319, n. 1.

Neither did she or Tamar find that they had more to do than was agreeable; if they had no servants to wait upon them, they had no servants to disarrange their house.

discouraged *desarmar* disarm *desastre* m. disaster *desatar* untie, disarrange *desatino* m. nonsense, folly *desayunarse* take breakfast *descansar* rest *descanso* m. landing (of a staircase) *desconocer* fail to recognize *desconocido* (pp. of *desconocer*)

He arranged metal filings in a small glass tube six inches long and arranged a tapper to disarrange the filings after they had been brought together under the influence of the spark.

110 examples of  disarranges  in sentences