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4986 example sentences with  disciplines

4986 example sentences with disciplines

This leap in dimensional understanding is now informing disciplines as diverse as brain anatomy and computer programming.

It also disciplines the feelings and emotions and offers opportunity for emulation, industry, and the display of both physical and mental power.

If there be no discipline and obedience within us, we shall never believe really that Christ disciplines all things, and that all things obey him.

If a man disciplines himself to abdicate his personal point of view in thinking about the world he lives in, it makes easier a similar attitude in relation to his fellow men.

Freedom must be perpetually won, or it must be lost; and this because the sagacious Manager of the world will not let us off from the disciplines that should make us men.

It was influenced by Fluxus, the international artistic Movement of the 1960s, well known for blending different disciplines and artistic media.

LPU has been offering more than 200 programs under 40+ disciplines.

Thought is investigated by four or five academic disciplines, each in its own way.

By the end of the 19th century, antiquarianism had been replaced by a number of more specialized academic disciplines.

Denmark has qualified cyclists in all 4 disciplines in the cycling sport.

Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, and of course football; make your pick, once you attend feature games for these sporting disciplines, you are likely to see Kashif in attendance.

In many instances, PSL is limited to aspects of the โ€œnatural sciencesโ€ or โ€œhard sciences,โ€ primarily the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, but excluding the โ€œsoft sciencesโ€

"It has to be done with people from a lot of different disciplines."

โ€œLast year the number of disciplines in the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) was expanded to 12, apart from NCC, NSS and Sports.

โ€œListing of companies on stock exchanges disciplines the company and provides access to financial markets and unlocks its value.

Perseverance, teamwork โ€” he says sometimes filming can take place with more than 100 colleagues โ€” as well as staying in shape and following a regimented diet were all disciplines that heโ€™d know as a footballer.

Area MP Silvanus Osoro announced that he had set aside Sh10 million to construct a talent academy that will feature various sporting disciplines.

The American Cancer Society Extramural Research program currently supports research and training in a wide range of cancer-related disciplines at more than 200 institutions.

The disciplines are the hottest headlines in the world of digital entertainment.

They have been redeployed and appointed in the cadre of lecturers in the relevant disciplines of the Directorate of Technical Education and Physical Education Director in government polytechnic colleges and special institutions.

โ€œWe hope these results will help prioritize future research efforts across all environmental science disciplines, thus increasing our knowledge about the Arctic environmental changeโ€, summarizes Professor Miska Luoto from University of Helsinki.

Academic disciplines at the Augustana Faculty are organized into four departments for administrative purposes: Fine Arts, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences.

Access to the IPSC range is granted to persons qualified in a discipline such as IPSC, IDPA, PPC or other club approved disciplines on the approval of the Handgun Section Chair.

โ€œAcross the disciplines, our Canada Research Chairs are engaged in teaching and research that are dynamic, innovative and collaborative and reach beyond the boundaries of their fields.

Act as a Statistical Programming consultant to clients and internal customers in related disciplines e.g. Clinical Data Management, Project Management and Medical Writing.

Billed as a melding of artistic and scientific disciplines, the show includes print media, painting, drawing, sculpture, video and even "deviant taxidermy" contributed by 10 artists from Guelph and nearby.

Brockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering rewards important achievements by a team of researchers from different disciplines.

Committee Members are Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists of various disciplines.

Committees may focus on a single discipline, a group of disciplines or an area of research.

Course Design and Development Ideas That Work examines this multifaceted issue from a variety of fronts to bring you proven course design alternatives implemented in courses of varying sizes and disciplines.

Different disciplines use different methods of citing sources.

Digital arts are the principal focus of this program, however supplementary learning opportunities may be offered in other Visual Arts disciplines as well.

Digital publishing is increasingly becoming one of the most pressing issues in academia, as scholars in all disciplines seek to investigate best practices for creating, reviewing, distributing and preserving digitally born work.

ECEi students still get to enjoy the variety and the benefits of the common engineering first year and take courses across disciplines during their first year of study.

Emphasis will be placed on mastering concepts and techniques needed for subsequent work in economics, econometrics, and other disciplines.

Encompassing the disciplines of not only music, but theatre, acting, lighting, set design, and direction, opera is in many ways the ultimate art form.

Faculty and students within the department are involved in timely, important research encompassing a broad range of academic disciplines.

Five key areas of concentration offer courses in the disciplines of ceramics, drawing, painting, print media, and sculpture.

He also experimented in several other disciplines including painting an sculpture.

He also reaches out to researchers of other disciplines, urging them to take a creative academic approach by exploring their interests from a fresh and different perspective.

He also served PEOโ€™s Emerging Disciplines Task Force as vice chair of the Communications Infrastructure Engineering subgroup from 2008 to 2011.

His mom seems really on board and disciplines him the moment that I talk her and in the mornings she reminds him about what they talked about but still nothing.

However, we also want to offer guidance to new or novice shooters by actually shooting the various action pistol disciplines being undertaken by the Club.

If disciplines, divisions, or units would like to receive a presentation about Destination Excellence please contact Gerona McGrath at Gerona.

In Canada, as in many developed countries, requirements for data management are being established across a wide range of scholarly disciplines.

In celebration of the 1, 000, 024 birthday of Art, Open Space invited artists in all disciplines to a reception which was cancelled due to news of the aerial bombardment in Iraq.

Individuals or teams from relevant disciplines are welcome to apply.

Injury Prevention โ€“ A Multidisciplinary Approach This course exams the broad topic of injury prevention from the perspective of multiple sport science disciplines.

In Regina, the government supported Status Indians to establish their own college, which grants Bachelor Degrees in several disciplines.

In the Performing and Visual Arts Disciplines, one award is offered at $800 for one year.

In these careers and in many other disciplines - music, the arts, sports, business - we are proving ourselves capable in this Province of producing graduates who could rise to meet the challenges and excel in their chosen field.

It does this in a unique way by providing essays from experts of various disciplines that include history, theology, science, medicine, law, and governmental policy.

It draws upon a variety of disciplines to provide students with a critical understanding of the role media and communication technologies play in culture and society.

It encompasses the following traditional disciplines: Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy and Psychology.

It examines the significance of the former gender identity clinic for children and youth at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and how its closure marked a shift in thinking within psychology and allied disciplines.

It focuses on the consequences for interactive and for course design in a world where students, ideas and courses are mobile, using examples and experiences from a wide range of disciplines and national contexts.

An email invitation to participate was sent to all faculty members, in all disciplines, at the University of Saskatchewan.

An emphasis will also be placed on key theories and concepts of relevant disciplines which may affect tourism and hospitality research.

It opened the door to post-graduate studies and bridged the gaps between disciplines she was studying.

It spurs innovative researchers to learn from each other's disciplines, delve into multiparty collaborations, and achieve common goals for the betterment of Canadian society.

I will share the methods, tools, and disciplines that proved successful for us.

Many academic disciplines were represented, among them education, philosophy, literature, science and the arts.

Mental training disciplines the feeling and increases the will power, and sometimes transforms a weak, sentimental girl into an honest, healthy woman.

Applicants should ideally have a strong record of research, teaching and administration in the field of psychology, or related disciplines, and possess good interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills.

Applicants who hold an appropriate bachelor's degree but are changing disciplines or require further preparatory work, may be required to complete an additional year of graduate-level coursework.

One of the special things about Starting Lean is that itโ€™s open to all faculties, attracting students from disciplines ranging from arts to sciences, from nursing to engineering, from technology to business, from architecture to agriculture.

Or are there substantial differences in the ways each of these disciplines uses the term?

Readiness to work independently and often autonomously in the management of teams and operational disciplines and develop strategic thinking and planning in work plan execution.

Scholars outside of the traditional humanities disciplines should make clear the humanistic orientation of their project.

Scientists from many disciplines, members of clergy, โ€ฆ โ€œLutherans host exploration of food and faith By Phina Borgesonโ€

She is an ardent advocate for increased gender diversity in STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and dedicates a great deal of time to this cause.

Since students study different subject areas in high school, the intention is also to introduce them to other disciplines and thereby ensure some "levelling" of exposure by the end of first year.

Since the types of sponsors and applications can vary across campus, there may be major deadlines in certain disciplines for which others are not aware.

Special Concentration programs exist in order to accommodate students whose academic needs cannot be met by majors in any of the existing disciplines.

Special Education - Professional Disciplines - Education/Professional DisciplinesAl-Yagon, M., & Margalit, M. (2018).

Specialist Programmes are designed to provide depth and intensity of study within a limited area defined as a discipline, a group of disciplines, or a particular theme or area of study.

Studio Woodworking, a 35-week program, begins this fall at Okanagan College, and encompasses a wide range of woodworking disciplines.

That means that we are interested in much more than having students become aware of intellectual insights from a variety of academic disciplines.

The contributors include well known argumentation scholars who discuss the issues this raises from the point of view of a variety of disciplines and points of view.

The Controlling Sexuality and Reproduction conference will bring together presenters in a variety of disciplines, including history, sociology, women and gender studies, anthropology, law, and disability studies, from around the world.

As in other disciplines, LIS faculty are conscious of the connection between OA and tenure and promotion processes.

The curriculum and course listings at Episcopal Divinity School are structured around seven theological disciplines: Biblical; Historical; Liturgical; Theological; Ethical; Pastoral; Studies in Contemporary Society.

The data the team are collecting can be used by an variety of different disciplines to help better understand the day to day life of the inhabitants of this ancient settlement.

The Department has university and national research and teaching award winners and brings together faculty members from multiple disciplines.

The department will consider applicants that have demonstrated expertise in teaching in Data Analytics or related disciplines, and evidence of a research plan.

The MCIM methodology is not a market timing device, but its disciplines will force managers to add equities during corrections and to take profits enthusiastically during rallies.

The pedagogical content of the disciplines and school divisions in emphasized.

There is general support for the existing Building Code Appeal Board process, and the Province should consider adopting this model for other disciplines.

Athletes continue to take part in Winning Edge sport science sessions from a variety of disciplines and topics.

The successful applicant will have completed all requirements for a doctorate or equivalent degree in any of a wide range of disciplines related to occupational health, public health, and/or the social science of work prior to taking up the position.

The successful candidate will join a community of leading Indigenous scholars from across multiple disciplines, along with an active Indigenous community of students, staff and community members at McMaster.

Theyโ€™re out there, and they can help you integrate ideas from different disciplines.

This course examines the development of psychology, psychiatry, and related disciplines from the Industrial Revolution to the present.

This course is designed to inform students the importance of their roles within the Health Care disciplines aid facilities.

This course is open to students from all faculties and disciplines who are interested in learning the very basic language and techniques of understanding, analysing, and reporting data in the social sciences.

We provide expertise in many disciplines and sub-disciplines as it is a foundation of medical training.

We provide expertise in many disciplines and sub-disciplines as it is a foundation of medical training.

We take an interdisciplinary approach in all classes and you are encouraged to develop your expertise in disciplines not covered by your background.

โ€ฆ we take pride in offering a comprehensive variety of programs and resources โ€ฆ Across disciplines and across borders, Deloitte Global supports our network of member โ€ฆ

What disciplines were launched in U of T's "Little Red Skulehouse"?