1770 examples of discouraging in sentences

The search was discouraging.

He thought he understood his business fairly, and the outlook was not discouraging.

It was, therefore, every way correct and becoming for Dabney Kinzer's widowed mother and his sisters to be the plump and hearty beings they were, and all the more discouraging to poor Dabney that no amount of regular and faithful eating seemed to make him resemble them at all in that respect.

If such provisions are not made, this hateful practice, a practice, sir, common and notorious, and very discouraging to such as would enter the service of the publick, may so far prevail, that no man shall be able to denominate himself a volunteer, or claim the reward proposed by the bill.

This is, indeed, the only tendency, whatever may have been the intention of the bill before us; for I know not whether the most refined sagacity can discover any other method of discouraging navigation than those which are drawn together in the bill before us.

why the valley itself, which is as dark as pitch: we also saw there the hobgoblins, satyrs, and dragons of the pit; we heard also in that valley a continual howling and yelling, as of a people under unutterable misery, who there sat bound in affliction and irons; and over that valley hangs the discouraging clouds of confusion: death also doth always spread his wings over it.

Under such discouraging circumstances it required all the authority of Ormond and Castlehaven to induce him to accept an office which opened no prospect of emolument or glory, but promised a plentiful harvest of contradiction, hardship, and danger.

"This reverse, far from discouraging us, should prove a stimulus to our exertions.

Failure is very discouraging, and I have known people's nerve quite upset by one of these runs.

It is no better at the South, and all the accounts of the arts or artists are of the most discouraging nature.

" All this was sufficiently discouraging, and the next day's record is one of even worse omen.

These questions required attention and as the writers had bought and paid for their book it was due them that they get the benefit of my experience, as nothing is so discouraging to the young engineer as to be continually annoyed by unreliable and inferior fittings used more or less on all engines.

And, indeed, it must have been extremely discouraging for one of better will to be fearful at every step that his comrades would dart aside into the bushes and leave him unsupported; it must have served to cripple the efforts of all the well-intentioned in the army, and should have been remedied.

During the remainder of the week Mr. Carrollton rode through the country, making the most minute inquiries, and receiving always the same discouraging answer.

Shortly before morning, a light snow fell and the dawn was chill and discouraging, so much so that Tayoga risked a fire for the sake of brightness and warmth.

My prospects were indeed sufficiently gloomy and discouraging.

The safer position is, to claim that they have done just enough to show what they might have done under circumstances less discouraging.

Far be it from me to adopt such a discouraging theory.

That angry frown was discouraging, but she felt too strongly to be quite daunted.

It is discouraging to know the history of this science.

"In Horeb, the deity revealed himself to Moses, as the eternal I am, the self-existent one; and, after the first discouraging interview of his messengers with Pharaoh, he renewed his promise to them, by the awful name, jehovaha name till then unknown, and one which the Jews always held it a fearful profanation to pronounce.

" The prospect seemed rather discouraging, and the trader said, "Come now, suppose you buy Zeke yourself?

Though not only inability for, but even natural repugnance to good thoughts is often a prominent feeling, let us not think this a "discouraging experience."

We covered less than ten miles that day, a very discouraging circumstance.

" Now, if you would have the business of making resolutions a pleasant and interesting instead of a discouraging, disquieting one, you must proceed in a different manner.

1770 examples of  discouraging  in sentences