86 examples of disembodied in sentences

I reject not all the evidences of the phenomena upon which it is based, but I utterly deny that such phenomena are the works of disembodied spirits.

May it not be, that the time is coming when the barrier between the living, and the disembodied spirit is to be broken down?

With reference to incorporeal beings, it denotes (except in the phrase "the Holy Ghost") the reappearance of the dead in disembodied form.

It is by little things that we know ourselves; a soul would very probably mistake itself for another, when once disembodied, were it not for individual experiences that differed from those of others only in details seemingly trifling.

Ulysses's soul melted at her moving narration, and forgetting the state of the dead, and that the airy texture of disembodied spirits does not admit of the embraces of flesh and blood, he threw his arms about her to clasp her: the poor ghost melted from his embrace, and looking mournfully upon him vanished away.

They believe those who have passed the change of death are in so entirely different a plane of consciousness that between the embodied and disembodied there is no possibility of communication.

He who steals my hat may steal trash, but without it I should be like a disembodied spirit unable to return to my earthly dwelling-place.

Adj. immaterial, immateriate^; incorporeal, incorporal^; incorporate, unfleshly^; supersensible^; asomatous^, unextended^; unembodied^, disembodied; extramundane, unearthly; pneumatoscopic^; spiritual &c (psychical) 450 [Obs.].

THE HUMAN SACRIFICE The valley was an ill place even for the body, a lair of rheums and agues; and disembodied fevers waited in wells for the sunk pail.

"I sometimes wonder whether we poor drunkards are not the victims of disembodied powers of the air who, by some chance, have contracted a craving for earthly liquors, and can only satisfy that craving by fastening themselves upon some unhappy human organism.

For creatures differently constituted from maneither all reason or all pure disembodied emotionit might be otherwise; but, for man, as he is, the epithet 'true' seems to be excluded from any set of propositions that has such results.

So indistinct were the boundaries between thought and action that he really felt himself moving about the room, in a queer disembodied way, as one treads the air in sleep.

But she was dimly aware that something inside her had suspended action for a moment, during which moment she felt strangely light and disembodied, and that directly afterward the thing began to work madly, so that there was a choked feeling in her chest and a hot pounding in her head.

They rendered the gray-clad figure of the girl vague and ethereal, like a mist above a stream; they darkened the dull-hued couch on which she rested into a liquid, impalpable black; they hazed the draped background of the corner into a far-reaching distance; so that finally to Galen Albret, staring with hypnotic intensity, it came to seem that he looked upon a pure and disembodied spirit sleeping sweetlycradled on illimitable space.

when I shall set out to join that blessed company and assembly of disembodied spirits, and quit this crowd and rabble of life!

One indignant Saint, with a talent for euphemism, was heard to say, "Brigham will have his spirit disembodied!" To the priests and Elders on the platform Elder Wardle was saying, "The trouble with him was he was crazy with fever.

Of the actuality of a disembodied and individual being which, for want of more intelligence of its nature, we call a "spirit," I have no more doubt than I have of my own embodied and individual existence.

If the inference of a disembodied intelligence, as the source of such phenomena, is difficult of acceptation, that of fraud and collusion is inadmissible, and that of hallucination more difficult than that of the spiritual origin.

"Major C. , late R.A.V.C., who is now disembodied, has returned to , and will resume his practice as heretofore.

This fluid being that which we have in common with spirits, a congestion found upon the masses of brain or nerve, connected with the interior sense, forms a surface unduly exposed, on which disembodied spirits may operate: communication is thus more or less effectually established.

With a consciousness wholly disembodied she was mainly aware of a great pain that seemed to fill all the region and atmosphere, an atmosphere charged with mysterious dim green light and full of great boomings amid a crackle of smaller ones; of shouts and cheers and of a placid quaking of myriad leaves; all of which things might be things or only divers manifestations of her undefinable self.

Keith felt like a disembodied soul let loose in infinite space without goal or purpose.

In a moment I was joined by the Major, and we resumed our walk, feeling like disembodied spirits.

so thoroughly, that even his disembodied spirit would hardly have found civil treatment at Miss Bacon's hands.

I would also call the attention of the student to the fact that in the above description of the phenomena of simple clairvoyance I have made no mention of the sights of the astral plane which often become visible to the clairvoyant, and which have to do with astral bodies, astral shells, the disembodied souls of those who have passed on to other planes of existence, etc.

86 examples of  disembodied  in sentences
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