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635 example sentences with  disengaged

635 example sentences with disengaged

"Well, sir," scratching his head with his disengaged hand, "Thar ain't but two more places ter lookthe cuss is either in the lazaret, er' else hidin' in the passage forward; more likely the last.

He kept the minds of his hearers receptive and disengaged.

Adj. offering, offered &c v.; in the market, for sale, to let, disengaged, on hire.

In an instant she had disengaged herself from Pipa, and was kneeling at the marchesa's feet.

Enrica, resenting the implied doubt, disengaged her hand, and drew back from her.

But our understanding of progress must be disengaged from the false goal of growth, or the even more dangerous ideal of salvation.

Smith, however, after having his foot badly bitten, disengaged it from the shoe, which was firmly clinched in the creature's teeth, and let him drop.

The moment he was disengaged, Smith sprang for a more secure position, and the animal at the same time leaped to another large tree, about ten feet distant, up which he ascended to an elevation equal to that of his victim, from which he threw himself upon him, firmly fixing his teeth in the calf of his leg.

It is said that not unfrequently a third part of the crop is lost, in consequence of the scarcity of laborers; while those who are disengaged will refuse to work, unless they receive one-third, and even one-half of the crop, to be delivered free of expense at their houses.

It happened soon after that the heart of the fair was disengaged.

The painter, whoever he was, seems to have taken me in one of those disengaged moments, if I may so term them, when the native character is so much more honestly displayed than can be possible in the restraints of an enforced sitting attitude.

She sniffed gently, and, wiping one eye at a time, kept the disengaged one charged with sisterly solicitude upon her brother.

"I will wait till he is disengaged.

M. Chevalier, who conducted the land detachment, fortunately perceived my situation, and, seeing my danger, brought up the two guns and fired about 20 shots, which disengaged me, and gave me time to regain my boats by swift rowing.

At length, however, I have sufficiently disengaged myself from these onerous pursuits to accomplish this necessary revision; and I now offer the work to the public,

The noose was outermost and could be disengaged from the nail by a single twist of the cowpuncher's hand as he lay passive in the bunk.

He disengaged the belt and tossed it to the floor.

He sliced it open with a table knife with the precise movement one would have expected from a surgeon and disengaged it in the same neat way from its envelope.

She disengaged herself presently from his embrace and went to find him some cigarettes, refraining from taking one herself from a feeling that he would probably like it better just then if she did not.

The nub of some seriously trivial quarrel? Was that why Paula was so elaborately disengaged and Aunt Lucile so portentous?

She disengaged herself from his hands, decisively, indeed, yet without any air of pique.

Keeping school, keeping books, making books, standing behind counters when busy and on street-corners when disengaged, doing anything or everything but taking care of his precious body, and thereby giving his precious soul the chance of being in very bad company, and following the fate of poor Tray, and of the well-meaning stork in Dr. Aesop's fable.

As I took the loaf, he disengaged his point, and scratched the back of my hand with it.

* * * * * If it is useful and pleasant to have a soul so disengaged from the material world that one can let her travel all alone when one wishes to, this faculty is not without its inconveniences.

She gently disengaged her hands, her chief sensation one of amusement, Abbey was in such an agony of blushing diffidence, all flustered at his own temerity.

Despairingly she signaled with her disengaged hand; but the rower, after one mute, reproachful glance, rowed on.

Were we to place it in a horizontal position on the ground, that portion of a rounded form which has been disengaged from the block would emerge just in the same way as a model from a bath of water not quite deep enough to cover it.

At all events, the whole is there, so far as I can see; for it is not yet quite disengaged.

In fornication conjugial love may lie stored up within, as what is spiritual may lie stored up in what is natural; yea, what is spiritual is also actually disengaged from what is natural; and when the spiritual is disengaged, then the natural encompasses it, as bark does its wood, and a scabbard its sword, and also serves the spiritual as a defence against violence.

In fornication conjugial love may lie stored up within, as what is spiritual may lie stored up in what is natural; yea, what is spiritual is also actually disengaged from what is natural; and when the spiritual is disengaged, then the natural encompasses it, as bark does its wood, and a scabbard its sword, and also serves the spiritual as a defence against violence.

Besides, the three days the magistrates are required to be at home every Saturday, (that being the day on which the apprentices are disengaged,) to give friendly advice and instruction on points of law and personal rights to all apprentices who may call.

Besides, the three days the magistrates are required to be at home every Saturday, (that being the day on which the apprentices are disengaged,) to give friendly advice and instruction on points of law and personal rights to all apprentices who may call.

His master grasped at his throat, but the slave disengaged himself, and rushed from the apartment, having made his escape, he fled to the woods; and after wandering about for many months, living on roots and berries, and enduring every hardship, he was arrested and committed to jail.

They tied her with cords to their bodies, and supposing they had secured their victim, soon fell into a deep sleep, probably rendered more profound by intoxication and fatigue; but the miserable captive slumbered not; by some means she disengaged herself from her bonds, and again fled through the lone wilderness.

When about to place his foot on the block, he untied a band, which had passed round his body to sustain the weight of his irons; and as he disengaged it, he let it carelessly fall, with an expression in his countenance which told, so I fancied, that, in this moment, reflecting he should never want it again, the immediate cause and consequence of the miserable relief flashed full on his imagination, with all their concomitant horrors.

He disengaged his teeth from the mane of Mr. Russell's Hound.

He said, among other things" But Farron, it appeared, was not exclusively interested in the words of Mathilde's visitor; for at this instant, perceiving that his wife had disengaged herself from her veil, he sat up, caught her to him, and pressed his lips to hers.

Without saying a word, Cromwell gently disengaged himself from the fair suppliant, and, turning his back upon her, stalked to the further end of the apartment, seemingly much agitated.

As the latter was disengaged from the drag something fell glittering from it upon the cellar floor: two coins rolled to different corners.

Wilder had joined his passengers, cheerful, and with that air of enjoyment which every officer of the sea is more or less wont to exhibit, when he has disengaged his vessel from the dangers of the land, and has fairly launched her on the trackless and fathomless abyss of the ocean.

Then he got a hammer and sledge out of the engine tool-box, and after hooking up the safety-chain couplings between the private car and the 1010, he crippled the points of the hooks with the hammer so that they could not be disengaged without the use of force and the proper tools.

said Dick, as he galloped up to her side and dexterously disengaged the lasso.

When the storm abated, about the 29th, people went off to see if any thing remained, but nothing was left save a few large irons, whereby the work had been so fastened into a clink, that it could never afterwards be disengaged, till it was cut out in the year 1756.

"I said I would find out if you were disengaged, and could hardly restrain him from coming in with me.

He would learn from her what was the earliest night on which she and Morris were disengaged, and then write to that delightful girl whose affections dear Morris had captured.

With care I disengaged himnot to rip With hasty hook the gilding from his lip: And with a tow-line landed him, and swore Never to set my foot on ocean more, But with my gold live royally ashore.

Cannot help thinking that there is something in the thought that the glacier may have been weighted down with rubble which finally disengaged itself and allowed the ice to rise.

He held his coat and shirt together with one hand and traced patterns on the black-and-gold tablecloth with the index finger of the other, while his disengaged eye watched Mr. Bensington's sword of Damocles, so to speak, with an expression of sad detachment.

She disengaged herself gently from his embrace, and stood a little way from him, with shy, downcast eyelids.

The heat that radiates from these pipes serves at the same time to heat the annular space through which the vapors derived from the wool are disengaged.

The gases disengaged during the operation pass into a cooler, where they condense into a liquid which contains ammonia and methylamine.

It consists of a double-bottomed copper or enameled iron boiler, A, arranged for being heated by steam, and the upper part of which is protected against the action of the acid vapors disengaged during distillation by a lining of refractory clay.

The vapors of acetic acid that are disengaged enter the boiler, C, through the tube, d, and are kept hot by the steam.

This gas that is disengaged from the upper part of the fuel consists chiefly of nitrogen and carbonic oxide, mixed with volatile hydrocarburets derived from the fuel used.

"You won't have long to wait, either," he said, wiping his handkerchief across his lips, and gripping my hand with his long bony claw that was disengaged.

A tradesman calls three or four times, with short intervals betweenhe runs over from his shop; the two juniors do not trouble to so much as look over the screen, and barely take the trouble to answer the anxious inquiry if the principal is yet disengaged.

The regiment sickened as it looked; here and there a young zouave turned deathly pale, reeled out of the ranks, leaned against a tree, nauseated, only to lurch forward again at the summons of the provost guard; here and there a soldier disengaged his white turban from his fez and dropped it to form a sort of Havelock; for the vertical sun was turning the men dizzy, and the sights they saw were rapidly unnerving them.

Back they fell, farther, farther, while McDunn's battery continued to fire and retire by prolonge, and the Lancers, long weapons disengaged, accompanied them, ready to support the guns in an emergency.

Persons who had gone through the preliminary ceremonies of initiation were permitted at length to hear, though under strict obligation of secrecy, this ancient religion and cosmogonic doctrine, revealing the destination of man and the certainty of posthumous rewards and punishments, all disengaged from the corruptions of poets, as well as from the symbols and allegories under which they still remained buried in the eyes of the vulgar.

The hand was put forth in this case not over the top curtain, but came from under the flap, and could easily have been the Medium's right hand were it disengaged, for it was about on a level with his shoulder and to his right, between him and Mrs. Gillespie.

In the former case, the capital which has been locked up in production is disengaged as soon as the production is completed; and can be immediately employed in further production.

Having made some experiments on the air disengaged by sea-weeds from the water of the ocean, which convinced him that these vegetables performed the same part in purifying the air dissolved in water which land-vegetables act in the atmosphere; he communicated them to Dr. Beddoes, who had at that time circulated proposals for publishing a journal of philosophical contributions from the West of England.

As the Monks were the Masters of all that little Learning which was then extant, and had their whole Lives entirely disengaged from Business, it is no wonder that several of them, who wanted Genius for higher Performances, employed many Hours in the Composition of such Tricks in Writing as required much Time and little Capacity.

that regular but easy Motion, which gives our Persons so irresistible a Grace as if we moved to Musick, and is a kind of disengaged Figure, or, if I may so speak, recitative Dancing.

He must have a lively Turn of Wit, with an easie and concise manner of Expression; Every thing he says, must be in a free and disengaged manner.

He that enters a gay assembly, beholds the cheerfulness displayed in every countenance, and finds all sitting vacant and disengaged, with no other attention than to give or to receive pleasure, would naturally imagine, that he had reached at last the metropolis of felicity, the place sacred to gladness of heart, from whence all fear and anxiety were irreversibly excluded.

These retire from the world, not merely to bask in ease or gratify curiosity, but that, being disengaged from common cares, they may employ more time in the duties of religion; that they may regulate their actions with stricter vigilance, and purify their thoughts by more frequent meditation.

Nothing but virtue, joined to a love perfectly disengaged from the senses, could have produced such effects.

Think not, Heloise, that I here enjoy a perfect peace; I will for the last time open my heart to you; I am not yet disengaged from you, and though I fight against my excessive tenderness for you, in spite of all my endeavours I remain but too sensible of your sorrows, and long to share in them.

I answered "Nay, I do not need you, jarvey, but I may Be disengaged to-morrow." EVOE.

One small porker, indeed, was still tucked away under her arm as she advanced to meet her husband, and she was brandishing the teapot, from which she had been feeding it, in her disengaged hand.

"I do not know," she retorted with amazing strength of voice, as she gently but firmly disengaged herself from the restraining arms that would have kept her back.

she said, as she suddenly disengaged herself from Richard's restraining arms and walked deliberately up to Marmaduke de Chavasse, "speak man....

He disengaged the frame from the two nails on which it hung, and, turning it round, glanced at the back; which he then presented for my inspection.

Two words, as important as they are opposite in the sense that they determine, are disengaged: sensuality and tenderness.

If Mrs. Roger Marchbanks had known of Mrs. Hobart's fire-gown, and what it had been made and waiting for, unconsciously, all these years, she might not have given those quiet orders to her discreet, well-bred parlor-maid, by which she was never to be "disengaged" when Mrs. Hobart called.

The woman went white to the lips, and stole her disengaged hand into her husband's.

Parson Chichester reached across with his disengaged right hand, took the card and read The Reverend Purdie J. Glasson, LL.D., Holy Innocents' Orphanage, Bursfield.

They knew that Lord Alphingham was somewhat of a favourite with the Duke, but felt so assured that the heart of their child was entirely disengaged, at least to him, that on his account they did not hesitate.

Ellen made no answer, and Mrs. Hamilton's newly raised hopes vanished; she waited full two or three minutes, then gently disengaged her hand and dress from Ellen's still convulsive grasp; the door closed, with a sullen, seemingly unwilling sound, and Ellen was alone.

The door flew open, the sudden jerk disengaged her hold, and she struggled vainly in her captor's powerful grasp.

They were about to leave, when, as ill-luck would have it, one of the clerks who, deceived by the momentary silence, and from not having been at home when the unwelcome visitors arrived, believed we were disengaged, opened the door, and admitted Mrs. Rosamond Allerton and her aunt, Miss Stewart.

He disengaged her anxious hands gently, leaped upon the slanting tree-trunk, and running half-way up its incline with the agility of a squirrel, stretched himself at full length upon it and listened.

But she disengaged herself with a quick movement, drew back, and suddenly crouched like a wild animal about to spring.

Without being observed, she disengaged her knife from her bosom and let it fall as if by accident.

He laid his disengaged hand across lightly on Rosey's, as if to assure himself that she was listening.

Lady and gentleman in the centre of each line join hands, giving their disengaged hands to their two vis-à-vis.

I said, however, civilly, 'Suppose you call another time, when papa is disengaged.

So most lockers must be disengaged when making sharp turns.

Akpoti’s Counsel, Mr. Ola Olanipekun, SAN, in anger said, GTB did not come with the evidence relating to how the deputy governor was disengaged from the bank.

Emotionally-charged words seem to carry messages further in this day and age, for better and for worse: While they might energize activists who already care about the climate crisis, communications experts warn that they might people who are disengaged.

However, instead of helping the SHG members, the CDPO disengaged the Manikeswari SHG by putting allegation of bad quality of food provided by the SHG.

I am not aware of any voter studies on Ethiopia’s young people but I am informed that they are generally disengaged from the political processes, despite the previous regime’s effort to buy their support.

Sanders argues that he, uniquely, is positioned to generate such broad enthusiasm among hitherto disenfranchised or disengaged voters that a tidal wave of support for the Democratic ticket will sweep Trump out to sea.

We will get to a point where a court or legislature will say the human being is so disengaged, so many levels removed, that the actual human did not contribute to the inventive concept.

Woke Vote, an organization who is committed to the mobilization of historically disengaged voters of color, will host a voter registration drive during the unity rally.

Close to half of them felt ineffective, disengaged or overextended.

That slowly disengaged the air brakes, and the driverless train carrying 72 cars of crude oil rolled downhill into the scenic lakeside town of Lac-Megantic, derailing, exploding and leveling the town center.

The majority of organizations face unrelenting challenges pertaining to an aging workforce, employee attraction and retention, transfer of knowledge and critical skills, performance management, and dealing with disengaged employees.

The truth is, if we put more value on improving our attrition rates than building a great employee experience, we would be working hard keep agents even if they had become disengaged.