3193 examples of disgracing in sentences

They would not, if they could help it, disgrace themselves by disgracing their hero; they would not have it said that Mantua, which had not been too weak to bear him, had been too weak to endure his government.

Driggs suspected as soon as he heard about the play, and he and I came into the city to see for ourselveswe held hands to keep from disgracing ourselves last night when you got up to speak.

But such pleas do no more than suggest other faults of swearing, and good arguments against it; its impertinence, its abuse of speech, its disgracing the practiser of it in point of judgment and capacity.

You are a placeman, mutually disgracing and disgraced.

But whatsoe'er refined sprites there be, That deeply groan at our calamity: Whose breath is turn'd to sighs, whose eyes are wet, To see bright arts bent to their latest set; Whence never they again their heads shall rear, To bless our art-disgracing hemisphere, Let them.

So would he scoffe them out with mockcrie, 705 For he therein had great felicitie; And with sharp quips ioy'd others to deface, Thinking that their disgracing did him grace: So whilst that other like vaine wits he pleased And made to laugh, his heart was greatly eased.

And some restraint imply'd from each perverted text; Whilst touch not, taste not what is freely given, Is but thy niggard voice disgracing bounteous Heaven.

Should he desert her, her parents would kill her for disgracing them; and her rival, Wanska, how would she triumph over her fall?

I was often on the brink of disaster, but my fear of the boys' ridicule prevented me from publicly disgracing myself.

The Charlotte Observer has the following editorial concerning some white troops that passed through Charlotte, N.C.: "Mustered-out West Virginia and New York volunteer soldiers who passed through this city Saturday night, behaved on the train and here like barbarians, disgracing their uniforms, their States and themselves.

She would find that man of Godthat man of sanctified geniusas glad to get his enemies into his hands, as she would be to get him into the hands of his enemies:not, however, for the purpose of disgracing and decapitating them, but, that he might pour out upon them the forgiveness and love of his generous and abolitionized heart.

But dont you try to make me swallow any gammon about my disgracing you and so forth.

The speeches in reply stressed afresh the pivotal quality of forfeiture in an effective law; and Bidwell when pressed for an alternative plan could only say that he might if necessary be willing to leave them to the disposal of the several states, but was at any rate "opposed to disgracing our statute book with a recognition of the principle of slavery."

'I have come here, Charles, to ask what you mean by disgracing yourself and dishonouring my name.

I always considered that there were three classes of womenone, that would marry a blackfellow if he had money; another, that were shameless flirts, and who amuse themselves by flirting and disgracing the name of woman; and a third class that were pure and true, on whom a man could stake his life and whom he could worship.

However, that the curiosity of our readers may not be disappointed, we shall, whenever we find him a little excelling himself, perhaps print his dissertations upon our blue covers, that they may be looked over, and stripped off, without disgracing our collection, or swelling our volumes.

MAIRE Disgracing us again.

Some suspected that it was because he wanted the disgracing to be the act of the senate and the people rather than his own, especially since he was in the midst of the legions.

Mike 'ud be the last one in the world to go disgracing himself that way," was shaking Judy backwards and forwards till, as she subsequently declared, she nearly lost her life.

but then I seemed to feel that I was disgracing myself for not loathing her as something unclean.

At another time it is probable that he would have paid very little attention to so unimportant an affair; but he had long nursed a grudge against his son, and he was delighted to have an opportunity of disgracing the philosophical exquisite from St. Petersburg.

John, the poor devil, who had to put up with the worst at home, had tried to secure for himself a paltry half pound of butter for the coming time of scarcity, and, without remembering that he had concealed it in his pocket, neatly wrapped in his handkerchief, had stepped near the kitchen fire, and now the grease was disgracing him by running down his coat.

I won't suppose you to be disgracing yourself in one of those miserable tubs, tugging in which is to rowing the true boat what riding a cow is to bestriding an Arab.

* THE QUICKSAND! Is this the Eagle-hunter, The valiant fate-confronter, The soldier brave, and blunter Of speech than BISMARCK's self? This bungler all-disgracing, This braggart all-debasing.

What do you mean, PETER, by so disgracing me?" "Disgrace you!not I!" returned PETER.

3193 examples of  disgracing  in sentences