50 examples of disgustingly in sentences

"There is something so disgustingly wholesome about you, Rudolph.

" "No; but, constantly together as we've always been, it's a question of there being so disgustingly much to get over.

But the boys were born selfish, tiresomely, disgustingly selfish.

The male infants of Jews are engaging and goodlooking when young; but, as they grow up, they become ordinary; and Jews of a certain age, are decidedly and most disgustingly ugly.

I am afraid that his temper got the better of him, and as the night drew on, unsolaced by a word from Froissart, and unrelieved by any literature more engrossing than old railway time-tables and hotel advertisements, he consigned to the Bottomless Pit the Chief of the Devonport Dockyard, the disgustingly virtuous and unenterprising Maynard, and even the harmless soul of his lately buried mother.

Of course I don't mean painfully sober, but not to get disgustingly disgusting so that they have to be dragged to the taxi.

Next day, being the eve of the festival of the Virgin, he killed a fat lamb to entertain me, part of which he roasted, and part was boiled; and though contrary to the rules of our religion to eat meat on that day, I made a hearty meal, notwithstanding that every thing was disgustingly dirty.

Suddenly a herd of black creatures larger than bloodhounds came galloping in; they had large pendulous ears, their noses were to the ground sniffing, they went up to the lords and ladies of long ago and fawned about them disgustingly.

I shall never be able to let you know how disgustingly horrible it was sitting in that vile, cold wind!

They were disgustingly real to me.

Is there any piece of water more unreasonably, distressingly, disgustingly rough and perverse than the British Channel?

He's disgustingly conceited.

He knows all the ins and outs of the place, and has long been disgustingly familiar with its ups and downs.

The temperature remains 33°, and everything is disgustingly wet.

He had heard of men who had justified themselves with vile tales to their insipid, disgustingly virtuous wives, but he had not counted such among his acquaintances.

Berkley, secretly amused, was aware of several cadaverous convalescents haunting the bushes above, dodging the eyes of this pretty nurse whom one and all adored, and whom they now beheld, with jealous misgivings, in intimate and unwarrantable tete-a-tete with a common and disgustingly healthy cavalryman.

The proof of unselfish affection lies not in words, however glowing and flattering, but in kind actions; and the actions of the Arabs toward their women are disgustingly selfish, except during the few years that they are young and pretty enough to serve as toys.

Yet there are writers who would have us believe that these Indians, Eskimos, and Africans, who manifest their appetite for food in so disgustingly coarse a way, are in their love-affairs as sentimental and aesthetic as we are!

" Again and again the poets express their raptures over exaggerated busts and hips, often in disgustingly coarse comparisonslines which cannot be quoted here.

If this critic will take the trouble to read these poems of Meleager in the original he will find that a disgustingly large number relate to [Greek: paiderastia], which in No. III.

We are lodged at an inn which, though large and the best in the town, is so disgustingly filthy, that I could not determine to undress myself, and am now up and scribbling, till my companions shall be ready.

I know, for did I not begin with "pie plant," with which every market was glutted, at one cent per pound, and try the entire list, with disgustingly low prices, exposed to depressing comparison and criticism?

They were all as disgustingly filthy in appearance as could well be imagined; and some of them did not scruple to hunt for vermin on their skins, of which there was an abundance, and throw them on the floor.

The mass of this fierce cavalry was wretchedly clothed and disgustingly dirty.

"How can you be so disgustingly flabby?

50 examples of  disgustingly  in sentences