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502 examples of  dishonor  in sentences

502 examples of dishonor in sentences

It not only undermines personal character, it is the root of national ignominy and dishonor.


Be just and do not clothe thyself with dishonor.

[-9-] When this was done the senate and the rest, finding nothing taken from them, became fairly resigned to his rule, but the veterans were indignant, regarding his sparingness and the honor shown to the others to be their own dishonor and loss, since they were to receive less.

that any rumor of our difference should get abroad in the world, which would redound to the dishonor of both!

Lieutenant-Colonel Cailland, of the ex-Republican Guard, is crossing the Pont Neuf; he sees some sergents de ville with muskets to their shoulders, aiming at the passers-by; he says to them, "You dishonor the uniform."

If, Phoebus, thou of Ioue the ofspring be, Dishonor not thy deitie so much

He was a man of simple habits and the most exemplary life, whose whole force lay in his extreme devotion to duty and his passionate love for the Church; his sole anxiety was for her glory, and he would have been supremely happy in the life he had chosen, were it not for his growing anxiety lest from her own sons she should receive dishonor.

There is nothing in it that can dishonor you.

Since there is no dishonor in his case, and all the town knows it is

For in those lofty lookes is close implide Scorn of base things, and sdeigne of foul dishonor; Thretning rash eies which gaze on her so wide, That loosely they ne dare to looke upon her.

It is useless to paint the dishonor of a court which followed gayly after such a leader.

Amid all this dishonor the foreign influence and authority of Cromwell's strong government vanished like smoke.

* Let no man dare, when I am dead, to charge me with dishonor; let no man attaint my memory by believing that I could have engaged in any cause but that of my country's liberty and independence; or that I could have become the pliant minion of power in the oppression or the miseries of my countrymen.

Being the work of such an artist do you dishonor him?

Will you not think of this too, but do you also dishonor your guardianship?

I shall take good care not to show your letter to any one, it would dishonor you.

A woman is always balancing between two irreconcilable passions which continually agitate her mind: the desire to please, and the fear of dishonor.

We do more: a prudent mother does not rely upon her fear of dishonor, nor upon the bad opinion she has of men, she keeps her daughter out of sight; she puts it out of her power to succumb to temptation.

"Dishonor closely follows upon weakness.

To impose upon art the one rule of public decency is not to subject it, not to dishonor it.

Shame and dishonor sit By his grave ever; Blessing shall hallow it Never, O never!"

If to the detriment of free institutions, then all the worse that sons of theirs can be found to do that part of the work which involves (as affairs are now tending) something very like personal dishonor.

Yet, when the senate manifested a desire to dishonor Gaius, he personally prevented such a measure from being voted, but on his own responsibility caused all of his predecessor's images to disappear by night.

It gives me pleasure to state that the Governments of Buenos Ayres and Venezuela, whose names were assumed, have explicitly disclaimed all participation in those measures, and even the knowledge of them until communicated by this Government, and have also expressed their satisfaction that a course of proceedings had been suppressed which if justly imputable to them would dishonor their cause.

I say, an't please your gracious Excellence, I found this Gentleman within my closet, There set by subornation of this Lord, And here appointed to dishonor me.

" "The Negro need not bow his head like a bulrush in the presence of a race whose records are as stained by crime and dishonor as theirs.

'Twas thy dishonor pierced my heart, Thy fall the fatal death-stab gave.

"Please go before you say what is in your heart, for your words can only add cruel mockery to dishonor!

"What is dishonor?

But the framers of the Constitution were also undoubtedly aware that this formidable instrument had been and might be abused, and that from its very nature an impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors, whatever might be its result, would in most cases be accompanied by so much of dishonor and reproach, solicitude and suffering, as to make the power of preferring it one of the highest solemnity and importance.

Here was an undisguised menace in clear, unequivocal terms, and of course, according to the argument against which I contend, neither France nor England could deliberate under its pressure without dishonor.

In case of the commencement of hostilities during the recess of Congress, the time inevitably elapsing before that body could be called together, even under the most favorable circumstances, would be pregnant with danger; and if we escaped without signal disaster or national dishonor, the hazard of both unnecessarily incurred could not fail to excite a feeling of deep reproach.

"A Century of Dishonor" was a well written book, and contains many unpleasant truths.

If a gentleman of a distinguished name and an honorable ancestry, with all the restraining forces of social position surrounding him, to hold him in check, can stoop to dishonor, what is the improbability of an illiterate negro's being at least capable of crime?

The spirit that would have chosen danger in preference to crime,to perish with justice rather than live with dishonor,to dare and suffer whatever might betide, rather than sacrifice the rights of one human being,could never have been subjugated by any mortal power.

The spirit that would have chosen danger in preference to crime,to perish with justice rather than live with dishonor,to dare and suffer whatever might betide, rather than sacrifice the rights of one human being,could never have been subjugated by any mortal power.

And those who would have us escape from the pressure of self-evident truths, by betaking ourselves to the doctrines and precepts of Christianity, whatever airs of piety they may put on, do foul dishonor to the Savior of mankind.

The invasion of any human right must do dishonor to humanity, and be a transgression of this command.

And those who would have us escape from the pressure of self-evident truths, by betaking ourselves to the doctrines and precepts of Christianity, whatever airs of piety they may put on, do foul dishonor to the Savior of mankind.

The invasion of any human right must do dishonor to humanity, and be a transgression of this command.

The spirit that would have chosen danger in preference to crime,to perish with justice rather than live with dishonor,to dare and suffer whatever might betide, rather than sacrifice the rights of one human being,could never have been subjugated by any mortal power.

In a public letter which appeared in a newspaper and was copied all over the Union, Clay said that he believed slavery was doomed to end at no far away day; that the admission of Texas could neither hasten nor put off the arrival of that day, and that he "should be glad to see" Texas annexed if it could be done "without dishonor, without war, and with the common consent of the Union and upon just and fair terms.

AR'VALAN, the wicked son of Keha'ma, slain by Ladur'lad for attempting to dishonor his daughter Kail'yal (2 syl.)

So long as this want is unsupplied, and the juvenile offender is contaminated by contact with the hardened criminal, the statesmen and those who control the legislatures of both countries, dishonor their profession of Christianity.

The mere fact that a suspicion of dishonor attached to his name was sufficient to cause him to withdraw from public life forever.

Some of these men, however, were less distinguished for cleverness than for malignity, and shrieked for blood and the display of brute force in terms that would have done dishonor even to a St. Bartholomew assassin or anti-Albigensian crusader.

"I never knew before that morality or immorality, loyalty or treason, honor or dishonor had aught to do with rank!

Where sin abounded to break the law and dishonor the Lawgiver, grace hath much more abounded to repair the breach and efface the stain.

She afterwards wrote "A Century of Dishonor," and "Ramona," which has preached for the Indians, and will continue to do so.

This work gets hold of a man, if he has any blood in his veins and sympathy in his heart, and makes him feel, if he would stand without condemnation before God in the last day, that he must do something to redeem his country from dishonor, and deliver this people from worse than slavery.

Legion of dishonor.

Legion of dishonor.

Past all dishonor.

Thus the woman being made a Christian, he married her to Will Atkins; which being finished, he affectionately exhorted him to lead a holy life for the future; and since the Almighty, for the convictions of his conscience, had honoured him to be the instrument or his wife's conversion, he should not dishonor the grace of God, that while the savage was converted, the instrument should be cast away.

" (See also Roosevelt's remarks87, 831, 335 on Helen Hunt Jackson's Century of Dishonor.)

"We ourselves," says a contemporary chronicler, "saw these things; and it was a great dishonor that in the midst of the kingdom of France the King of England should squander, spoil, and consume the king's wines and other goods."

The young Duke of Normandy had thrown himself at the feet of the king his father, crying, "Ah! my lord, for God's sake have mercy; you do me dishonor; for what will be said of me, having prayed King Charles and his barons to dine with me, if you do treat me thus?

"For nothing discreditable, I hope, dear Ghita, if it be only not to dishonor your friends!" "Many think, and say, you are Frenchmen, and that the English flag is only a disguise.

we should be much more like to dishonor them!

This procedure seemed to be a part of the established code of dishonor.

Therefore we must call upon God, He has promised to help: therefore let me not think Him to be false or untrue to His promises, for we can not dishonor God more than by not believing or trusting in Him.

Ah, stern harsh world, that in the wretched way Of poverty, dishonor and disgrace, Has pushed the timid little feet of clay.

i would fain a see you at topecliff, and thay would not let me go to you; but i desire that you will be our frends, for it is no dishonor neither for you nor she, for God did make us all.

This very tone of mind is necessary before they can receive amusement from the jokes of others, or, what surely cannot dishonor even a hero, from passing jokes themselves.

Of Tarautas he made no mention at this time, in the way of either honor or dishonor, save only that he called him Emperor.

(He had done this to win the favor of the soldiers, partly to avoid seeming to dishonor his predecessor's memory entirely, especially in view of the fact that he had secretly thrown down some of the statues offered to him in Rome by Alexander and set on pedestals by Antoninus himself: and again he wanted to get an excuse for promising them seven hundred and fifty denarii more.)

To those who imposed it, the system of Penal Laws will remain a deep dishonor.

She left her home and spent three months in the Astor Library of New York, writing her Century of Dishonor, showing how we have despoiled the Indians and broken our treaties with them.

My Century of Dishonor and Ramona are the only things I have done of which I am glad now.

I ask you to read my Century of Dishonor.

Five editions of her Century of Dishonor have been printed since her death.

Was Bushido powerless to stay the current of commercial dishonor?

That samurai was right who refused to compromise his character by a slight humiliation in his youth; "because," he said, "dishonor is like a scar on a tree, which time, instead of effacing, only helps to enlarge.

The one my duty owes; but my fair name, Despite of death, that lives upon my grave, To dark dishonor's use, thou shalt not have.

Had he been there, not only would the garden have been more tastefully dressed, but they would have learned without painful experience that disobedience to Jehovah was disloyalty and dishonor, treason and rebellion.

The marriage was an indiscretion of his youth; but afterwards he fell into more grievous sin in denying the holy sacrament, and leaving his wife to die in misery and dishonor, and perhaps for this fault such great judgments fell upon him.

He told them that this might be a good to the world, whereas consigning him to death without use of any kind would bring on our republic perpetual dishonor.

Somehow as in a flash of intuition he perceived the whole tragedy of dishonor and of ruin which seemed to be writ on his opponent's face.

For had I not come without dishonor through a new and remarkable experience, and even defied the Mystery of the White Wolf, at perhaps more risk to myself than at the time I had imagined.

He had blurted it all out roughly,the story as told by his father of his mother's dishonor, of his own insignificance in the world, of the threatened loss of the property, of the heaviness of his debts,and added his conviction that his father had invented it all, and was, in fact, a thorough rascal.

Yet I swear I am dowered with more sense than Sir John Johnson, with his pale eyes and thick, white flesh, and his tarnished honor to dog him like the shadow of a damned man sold to Satan" "Is he dishonored?" "Is a parole broken a dishonor?

Because they are led by a man who told the rebel Congress that the covenant chain which the King gave to the Mohawks is still unspotted by dishonor, unrusted by treachery, unbroken, intact, without one link missing!

The letter that came back to the young Spaniard did not blame him so much: he was ignorant of all the facts; but a very formal one to Agricola begged to notify him that if Palmyre's union with Bras-Coupรฉ should be completed, as sure as there was a God in heaven, the writer would have the life of the man who knowingly had thus endeavored to dishonor one who shared the blood of the De Grapions.

Flowers are peculiarly suitable ornaments for the grave, for as Evelyn truly says, "they are just emblems of the life of man, which has been compared in Holy Scripture to those fading creatures, whose roots being buried in dishonor rise again in glory."[061

Even if the school generally understand who he is, the injury of public exposure is almost altogether avoided, for the sense of disgrace does not come nearly so vividly home to the mind of a child from hearing occasional allusions to his offense by individuals among his playmates, as when he feels himself, at a particular time, the object of universal attention and dishonor.

"Ah, coward!" screamed Trenta, "would you dishonor me?" "Cavaliere Trenta, this is folly," said the count, crossing his arms on his breast.

The dishonor of my niece is sufficient.

"Marescotti did not speak of dishonor.

" "But I speak of dishonor!" shrieked the marchesa, and the pent-up rage within her flashed out over her face like a tongue of fire.

"Dishonor!the vilest, basest dishonor!

To the eyes of men we are vessels of dishonor, but we know Thou dost not despise us, for Thou hast made us, and Thou dwellest with us.

Has your haughtiness reached such a degree that you not only pretend to be feared and worshiped by governors and governed, but neither recognize nor respect me, whose name you dishonor, and whose condignity you abuse?

A little soft lump of clay he comes into the world, and is moulded into a vessel of honor or a vessel of dishonor long before he can put in a word about the matter.

If she should, she would find no difficulty in obtaining it, and then I would take Eliza in her stead; though I confess that the idea of being thus connected with a woman whom I have been enabled to dishonor, would be rather hard to surmount.

You have rendered me the reproach of my friends, the disgrace of my family and a dishonor to virtue and my sex.

The political party which should be so blind to the true interests of the country as to resort to such an expedient would inevitably meet with final overthrow in the fact that the moment the paper ceased to be convertible into specie or otherwise promptly redeemed it would become worthless, and would in the end dishonor the Government, involve the people in ruin and such political party in hopeless disgrace.

but dishonor can come of it.

If Georgia, under her union nullifier, Governor Lumpkin, is permitted to set the process of the Supreme Court at defiance, it will be a foul dishonor upon the country.

I opposed his ordination as an elder of our church, because I thought it dishonor to sit by his side; and he therefore tried to make me look as black as himself, by publishing things he was enabled to concoct by the aid of certain of my enemies in New York.