502 examples of dishonor in sentences

The charge against her familythe slur which could be thrown on them was not that of dishonor, dishonesty, immorality or intemperancenone of thesebut that they had worked at poorly paid, hard jobs, thereby giving evidence that they were not capable of getting easier ones.

I asked her if she wanted to dishonor me.

They said the race was open to all, and I crave the pardon of the nobles, since I meant to do them no dishonor.

He urged every power of his frame to avert the dishonor, with the desperate energy of an Italian, and then he cast himself into the bottom of the gondola, tearing his hair and weeping in agony.

Lord, hasten the day; and preserve my feet in thy path in the midst of many snares; and rather let me die than be suffered to do anything which would dishonor thy gracious and holy Name, and the profession I am making of thee before the world.

A long century of dishonor followed this inheritance of somebody's loot.

Anything that could by possibility have reflected blame or dishonor upon their father, she would have perished rather than have allowed them so much as to suspect.

If, Phoebus, thou of Ioue the ofspring be, Dishonor not thy deitie so much

War is terrible, but slavery and plunder and the silent gangrene of national dishonor, bribery and perverted conscience are worse.

There is nothing in it that can dishonor you.

Since there is no dishonor in his case, and all the town knows it is

There it stands, the symbol of decayed reputation, in its old age still retaining the primness of its youth; neither drooping in its infirmities under the weight of their burden, nor losing in its desertedness the fine lustre of its foliage; and in its disgrace still bearing itself proudly, as if conscious that its former honors were deserved, and not forgetting that dignity which becomes one who has fallen without dishonor.

An Administration would be unworthy of confidence at home or respect abroad should it cease to be influenced by the conviction that no apparent advantage can be purchased at a price so dear as that of national wrong or dishonor.

In a public letter which appeared in a newspaper and was copied all over the Union, Clay said that he believed slavery was doomed to end at no far away day; that the admission of Texas could neither hasten nor put off the arrival of that day, and that he "should be glad to see" Texas annexed if it could be done "without dishonor, without war, and with the common consent of the Union and upon just and fair terms.

Of your brother's dishonor ye make merchandise to-day, and to-day fratricide whispers me, and leers, and, Heaven help me!

She afterwards wrote "A Century of Dishonor," and "Ramona," which has preached for the Indians, and will continue to do so.

This work gets hold of a man, if he has any blood in his veins and sympathy in his heart, and makes him feel, if he would stand without condemnation before God in the last day, that he must do something to redeem his country from dishonor, and deliver this people from worse than slavery.

Thus the woman being made a Christian, he married her to Will Atkins; which being finished, he affectionately exhorted him to lead a holy life for the future; and since the Almighty, for the convictions of his conscience, had honoured him to be the instrument or his wife's conversion, he should not dishonor the grace of God, that while the savage was converted, the instrument should be cast away.

So shall men know me, and remember long, Nor my dark face dishonor any song.

Ah, stern harsh world, that in the wretched way Of poverty, dishonor and disgrace, Has pushed the timid little feet of clay.

" "If so, it is he, he alone, who has brought dishonor upon my house.

"Thou askest perjury and disloyalty and dishonor of an Iturbi y Moncada?" "An Iturbi y Moncada asks it of an Iturbi y Moncada.

For that which is beyond necessity cannot last, and being lost, and come short of, turns to dishonor.

And God will keep him in this world from the dishonoring of men, and in the next from the dishonor of the wicked in hell.

The political party which should be so blind to the true interests of the country as to resort to such an expedient would inevitably meet with final overthrow in the fact that the moment the paper ceased to be convertible into specie or otherwise promptly redeemed it would become worthless, and would in the end dishonor the Government, involve the people in ruin and such political party in hopeless disgrace.

502 examples of  dishonor  in sentences
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