502 examples of dishonor in sentences

It not only undermines personal character, it is the root of national ignominy and dishonor.


Be just and do not clothe thyself with dishonor.

that any rumor of our difference should get abroad in the world, which would redound to the dishonor of both!

He was a man of simple habits and the most exemplary life, whose whole force lay in his extreme devotion to duty and his passionate love for the Church; his sole anxiety was for her glory, and he would have been supremely happy in the life he had chosen, were it not for his growing anxiety lest from her own sons she should receive dishonor.

For in those lofty lookes is close implide Scorn of base things, and sdeigne of foul dishonor; Thretning rash eies which gaze on her so wide, That loosely they ne dare to looke upon her.

* Let no man dare, when I am dead, to charge me with dishonor; let no man attaint my memory by believing that I could have engaged in any cause but that of my country's liberty and independence; or that I could have become the pliant minion of power in the oppression or the miseries of my countrymen.

Shame and dishonor sit By his grave ever; Blessing shall hallow it Never, O never!"

Yet, when the senate manifested a desire to dishonor Gaius, he personally prevented such a measure from being voted, but on his own responsibility caused all of his predecessor's images to disappear by night.

It gives me pleasure to state that the Governments of Buenos Ayres and Venezuela, whose names were assumed, have explicitly disclaimed all participation in those measures, and even the knowledge of them until communicated by this Government, and have also expressed their satisfaction that a course of proceedings had been suppressed which if justly imputable to them would dishonor their cause.

I say, an't please your gracious Excellence, I found this Gentleman within my closet, There set by subornation of this Lord, And here appointed to dishonor me.

"A Century of Dishonor" was a well written book, and contains many unpleasant truths.

She afterwards wrote "A Century of Dishonor," and "Ramona," which has preached for the Indians, and will continue to do so.

This work gets hold of a man, if he has any blood in his veins and sympathy in his heart, and makes him feel, if he would stand without condemnation before God in the last day, that he must do something to redeem his country from dishonor, and deliver this people from worse than slavery.

Legion of dishonor.

Legion of dishonor.

" (See also Roosevelt's remarks87, 831, 335 on Helen Hunt Jackson's Century of Dishonor.)

"We ourselves," says a contemporary chronicler, "saw these things; and it was a great dishonor that in the midst of the kingdom of France the King of England should squander, spoil, and consume the king's wines and other goods."

The young Duke of Normandy had thrown himself at the feet of the king his father, crying, "Ah! my lord, for God's sake have mercy; you do me dishonor; for what will be said of me, having prayed King Charles and his barons to dine with me, if you do treat me thus?

"For nothing discreditable, I hope, dear Ghita, if it be only not to dishonor your friends!" "Many think, and say, you are Frenchmen, and that the English flag is only a disguise.

we should be much more like to dishonor them!

This procedure seemed to be a part of the established code of dishonor.

Therefore we must call upon God, He has promised to help: therefore let me not think Him to be false or untrue to His promises, for we can not dishonor God more than by not believing or trusting in Him.

Ah, stern harsh world, that in the wretched way Of poverty, dishonor and disgrace, Has pushed the timid little feet of clay.

The letter that came back to the young Spaniard did not blame him so much: he was ignorant of all the facts; but a very formal one to Agricola begged to notify him that if Palmyre's union with Bras-Coupé should be completed, as sure as there was a God in heaven, the writer would have the life of the man who knowingly had thus endeavored to dishonor one who shared the blood of the De Grapions.

502 examples of  dishonor  in sentences