512 examples of dishonour in sentences

Is a man a lover of self because he hateth dishonour?

There is no inducement to dwell on amours devoid of romance, further than to remember that they never trenched on what the common code of the fashionable world terms dishonour.

A man who has all his life unreflectingly adopted the traditional principle that death is preferable to dishonour, that a lie is essentially dishonourable, will be far more likely to die for the truth, than one who has philosophized much about honour and veracity, and whose resolution is enfeebled by the consciousness of the weak and flimsy support which theory lends to these healthy and universally received maxims.

We Catholics know well enough that the degraded and superstitious will pervert saint-worship as they pervert other good things to their own hurt and to God's dishonour, but we also know that of itself the doctrine of the Heavenly Court is altogether in the interests of the very highest and purest religion.

My house should no such rude disorders know, As from high drinking consequently flow; Nor would I use what was so kindly given, To the dishonour of indulgent Heaven.

Who aims but at our purse; and shall this Parricide Worse is he far, far worse (if foul dishonour Be worse than death) to that confiding Creature Whom he to more than filial love and duty Hath falsely trainedshall he fulfil his purpose?

In the eyes of the moralist the worst of all their crimes will perhaps be this, that the wretches tried to dishonour Belgium, after first assassinating her.

Desire not of thy sovereign the thing Whereof shame may ensue by any mean; Nor wish thou aught that may dishonour bring.

But once more, 'She has no notion,' she says, 'that I can or dare to mean her dishonour.

The barons were all alike ready to change sides as often as the shifting of parties gave opportunity to make a gain of dishonour; an oath to Stephen was as easy to break as an oath to Matilda or to her son.

But (not so much to dishonour it)

I have felt it necessary to make these remarks, because in different parts of the country I have found mere children employed as school-masters and school-mistresses, to the great detriment of the young committed to their charge, and the dishonour of the country that permits it.

Yes, and what are we to get in return for the betrayal of our friends and the dishonour of our obligations?

I can only say, if we had dallied or temporized, we, as a Government, should have covered ourselves with dishonour, and we should have betrayed the interests of this country, of which we are trustees.

There is no man, either inside or outside of this room, more convinced that we could not have avoided it without national dishonour.

The French Emperor, French Marshals, 100,000 gallant Frenchmen in arms preferred to be carried captive to the strange land of their enemy rather than dishonour the name of their country.

He had come at last, Baalzebub, God of flies, and of what flies are bred from; to visit his self-blinded worshippers, and bestow on them his own Cross of the Legion of Dishonour.

A sudden fit of frenzy overtook The king at last, and Timma's awful doom He thundered forth in accents strong like these: "Be this my decree, forthwith known to all, That Timma henceforth shall be banished from My land for this dishonour brought on me.

It is you that dishonour the cause for which we standit is you who would make it a mean and little thing.

But this security was now lost, and Mr. Falkland would take a pride in publishing his dishonour.

The slightest breath of dishonour would have stung him to the very soul.

Can that circumstance dishonour me?

that I was deprived, by the pestilential influence of some demon, of the opportunity of avenging my dishonour?

What right have you to dishonour your father in this way?

Her eyes said so openly they were his, and her mouth said it was his, her whole being went out to him; in the radiance of her face could be read immortal designs: the maid kissing her farewell to innocence was there, and the reason why it must be, and the fate of the unborn; it was the first stirring for weal or woe of a movement that has no end on earth, but must roll on, growing lusty on beauty or dishonour till the crack of time.

512 examples of  dishonour  in sentences