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512 examples of  dishonour  in sentences

512 examples of dishonour in sentences

The master of the ship wanted him to "cut his mainsail and cast about, and to trust to the sailing of his ship"; but Sir Richard utterly refused to turn from the enemy, saying that he would rather choose to die than dishonour himself, his country, and her Majesty's ship, and informed his company that he would pass through the two squadrons in spite of them.

I have nought to say to her dishonour, Sir,

But when Carleton himself made a similar request, in the autumn of 1775, Admiral Graves, to his lasting dishonour, refused to sail up to Quebec so late as October.

A man, methinks, is he, that, when he speaketh, speaketh ever from his heart; that, being quick to hate all evil actions, is quicker to forgive, and who, fearing neither ghost nor devil, spells nor witchcraft, dreadeth only dishonour, and thus, living without fear, he without fear may die.

Is a man a lover of self because he hateth dishonour?

Your greatest victories bring no world honour to your armies because of the cloud of dishonour which hangs over every achievement of the German military machine.

Your greatest enemy is the Government which has dragged the fair name of Germany in the mire of dishonour, shocking the moral instincts of the whole world by acts no other civilised country would think of committing.

And ere this night is o'er Thy dead face shall dishonour me no more!

And for my part, I'm not sorry that my son should see, for once in his life, to what shame and degradation and dishonour, drunkenness and whiskey may bring a man.

On which the Major said, that though he had expected far better things of his nephew, there was no great misfortune in this, and no dishonour as far as he saw, and that Pen must try again.

My house should no such rude disorders know, As from high drinking consequently flow; Nor would I use what was so kindly given, To the dishonour of indulgent Heaven.

Had I deserved that Eveena should think so ill of methink me capable of doing such dishonour to her presence and to my own roof, which should have protected an equal enemy from that which you feared for a helpless girl?

It was still more in vain to remind her that such a concession must entail the dishonour that man fears above all perils; would brand me with that indelible stain of abject personal cowardice which for ever degrades and ruins not only the fame but the nature of manhood, as the stain of wilful unchastity debases and ruins woman.

In the eyes of the moralist the worst of all their crimes will perhaps be this, that the wretches tried to dishonour Belgium, after first assassinating her.

Lord Lansdowne's letter was the letter of a Peer who fears revolution more than national dishonour.

What causes this but the power of God, making of the same clay one vessel to honour and another to dishonour?

Enough for them and for us to know that no dishonour was done to the grand old man; that as he died far away on the lonely mountain top without a child to close his eyes, his last look fixed upon the good land and large which lay spread out below, of entering which he had been dreaming for fortyit may be for more than fortyyears.

Desire not of thy sovereign the thing Whereof shame may ensue by any mean; Nor wish thou aught that may dishonour bring.

Sylla nill brook[102], that in so many wars, So hard adventures and so strange extremes, Hath borne the palm and prize of victory, Thus with dishonour to give up his charge.

Thou'lt say, perhaps, the titles thou hast won It were dishonour for thee to forego; O, is there any height above the highest, Or any better than the best of all?

Admiral WAGER replied:Sir, this clause, however contemptuously treated, has been already passed into a law by a senate which brought no dishonour upon the British nation, by a senate which was courted and dreaded by the greatest part of the universe, and was drawn up by a ministry that have given their posterity no reason to treat them with derision and contumely.

If the elector of Hanover should be engaged in war with any of the neighbouring sovereigns, who should be enabled, by a victory, to enter into the country, and carry the terrours of war through all his territories, it would by no means be necessary for this nation to interpose; for the elector of Hanover might lose his dominions without any disadvantage or dishonour to the king or people of Britain.

But here it appears he made a false estimate of the value of honour and dishonour among the Huns.

If sonne you bee to Ioue, as erst ye said, In making loue vnto a mortall maide You work dishonour to your deitie.

begg't that I would not (Though I did kill) dishonour her, and told me She would pray for me.

He has not beene a flatterer of the Time, Nor Courted great ones for their glorious Vices; He hath not sooth'd blinde dotage in the World, Nor caper'd on the Common-wealths dishonour; He has not peeld the rich nor flead the poore, Nor from the heart-strings of the Commons drawne Profit to his owne Coffers; he never brib'd The white intents of mercy; never sold Iustice for money, to set up his owne And utterly undoe whole families.

Black and bitter were the thoughts of Frenchmen when they saw this weal of dishonour slashed across the fair face of their country.

I have been an unwilling, nay, I may say an unconscious agent in a scheme of dishonour; but I should be culpable if, by any act of mine, I furthered it, even though the motive should be to save a parent from disgrace and a prison.

Amy almost wildly exclaimed, throwing herself at his feet, 'had you given me time I should have explained everything to you connected with my visit to Mrs Lyddiard; but I entreat you not to add to the dishonour you are already involved in by flight.

All delicacy it seems is to be at an end with me!but, if so, this man knows not what every wise man knows, that prudence, and virtue, and delicacy of mind in a wife, do the husband more real honour in the eye of the world, than the same qualities (were she destitute of them) in himself, do him: as the want of them in her does him more dishonour: For are not the wife's errors the husband's reproach?

How now, thou whore, dishonour to my bed!

"Do not dishonour me!

or the like; and that only because their father was not able to allow them a more genteel education: these are such employments that cannot but bring great disgrace and dishonour upon the Clergy.

The mother was a woman of virtue, and determined not to dishonour her daughter and her family by compliance; but being well acquainted with the impetuosity of the kingโ€™s temper, she thought it would be easier, as well as safer, to deceive than refuse him.

A few troops, however, of the vanquished had still the courage to turn upon their pursuers; and attacking them in deep and miry ground, obtained some revenge for the slaughter and dishonour of the day.

[s], that he was able to produce such convincing proofs of Alice's infidelity, and even of her having borne a child to Henry, that her brother desisted from his applications, and chose to wrap up the dishonour of his family in silence and oblivion.

Wotton could not be an unconcerned spectator of the miseries of his countrymen: their offences he knew proceeded rather from wantonness, and intemperance, than any real principles of dishonour; and therefore he thought it not beneath him to become a petitioner for their releasement.

E. This surely was a sinless infirmity, and needed not to have been recorded to his dishonour.

Whatever benefit was derived from that trade, to an individual, it was derived from dishonour and dishonesty.

"Armida," said Rinaldo, in a voice full of tenderness, "be calm, and know me for what I amno enemy, no conqueror, nothing that intends thee shame or dishonour; but thy champion, thy restorerhe that will preserve thy kingdom for thee, and seat thee in house and home.

The vision of an old heaven and a new earth was vouchsafed us during the war, when horror and dishonour and degradation were shot through and through with an epic heroism and chivalry and self-sacrifice.

Once more Magua offered the alternative of dishonour or death.

Some men loves wit, and can without dishonour Endure a jeast.

But the soldiers of the ninth legion, being over zealous to repair the dishonour which had been sustained, having rashly pursued the fleeing enemy, advanced into disadvantageous ground and went up to the foot of the mountain on which the town Ilerda was built.

In sum, he is the disgrace of a merchant, the dishonour of a city, the discredit of his parish, and the dislike of all.

A knave is the scum of wit and the scorn of reason, the hate of wisdom and the dishonour of humanity.

The lady came of a class which, held in dishonour in the West, had its social position and prestige in India.

It was with the utmost difficulty last night, that I preserved myself from the vilest dishonour.

In fine, (as Machiavel observes) "virtue and prosperity beget rest; rest idleness; idleness riot; riot destruction from which we come again to good laws; good laws engender virtuous actions; virtue, glory, and prosperity;" "and 'tis no dishonour then" (as Guicciardine adds) "for a flourishing man, city, or state to come to ruin," "nor infelicity to be subject to the law of nature."

These also made it their business, as the former, to set up the light of nature under the name of Christ in men, and to dishonour and cry down the Church, &c.

So likewise of those actions which have been performed in India, only as it were of yesterday, the exact memory of them is confined to four persons; and if they were to die, all remembrance of these transactions must have ended to their great dishonour.

It is pitiful to look at the magnificent portrait, still hanging in the palace where he reigned, of the child-king seated in his robes of State, the sceptre in his hand, looking with eyes of innocent wonder into the future, then to think upon the depth of degradation reached by the once revered Monarch before his body was dragged in dishonour and darkness to its last resting-place.

I scorn a trust unwillingly repos'd; Demetrius will not lead me to dishonour; Consult in private, call me, when your scheme Is ripe for action, and demands the sword.

Thus the men whose task it is to cultivate the rich soil of Kentucky are ignorant and lukewarm; while those who are active and enlightened either do nothing or pass over into the State of Ohio, where they may work without dishonour.

The innocent child who had never given her an hour's care; the one creature she loved with all the strength of her proud naturehis future was to be blighted by his father's misdoingsovershadowed by shame and dishonour in the very dawn of life.

But if he had lived a few weeks longer England would have rung with the story of his profligacy and dishonour.

How dare you look me in the face and charge my dead husband with treachery and dishonour?

At which she began to sob, and bewail her ruin and the dishonour of her family.

Of two vessels, one for honour and the other for dishonour, surely nature never made so complete a contrast as Matilda Tipping and her sister, Mary Mesurier.

I do not yet know what the other Ministers' wives are going to do, but I do know that I think Milton quite right in saying: "The wife, where danger or dishonour lurks, Safest and seemliest by her husband bides.

This Creature is what they call newly come upon the Town, but who, I suppose, falling into cruel Hands was left in the first Month from her Dishonour, and exposed to pass through the Hands and Discipline of one of those Hags of Hell whom we call Bawds.

Yet not the burden of shame and dishonour, as our story will show, for she was justified by the law of her countryyea, by certain words once written by an apostle to the Corinthians, all which may as yet appear a great mystery; but as regards Mysie Craig's agony, as she staggered down Miss Gilroy's stairs on her way home, there could be no doubt or mystery whatever.

How matters progressed afterwards for a time, we know not; but the Scotch know that there is wisdom in making the best of a bad bargain, and in this case it was a good one; for, as the Lady of Balgruddery, Mysie Craig did no dishonour to George Balgarnie, who, moreover, found her a faithful wife, and a good mother to the children that came of this strange marriage.

You are come to dishonour my childto carry her away from those who love her and cherish her, and would preserve her from such mischievous serpents as you.

Then, and then only, will he be able to judge the bravery of the nation which, preferring death to dishonour, has in all likelihood saved both France and ourselves from sharing its terrible but glorious fate.

In the British trenches now there must be many hundreds of fine young lawyers, still but little corrupted, who would be only too glad to exchange the sordid vulgarities and essential dishonour of a successful lawyer's career under the old conditions for lives of service and statecraft....

He continued abroad during several years, every one of which brought some fresh accession to the estimation in which he was held, as well as to his own impatience of stain or dishonour.

You have an impetuosity, and an impatience of imagined dishonour, that, if once set wrong, may make you as eminently mischievous as you will otherwise be useful.

By so doing it would renounce its highest ideals; it would allow its own sense of justice to be violated by an injustice, and thus dishonour itself.

When the King saw the seneschal he had no thought but to hide his dishonour.

It was not until after the receipt of this enormous present that the Marquis d'Entragues and his step-son affected to suspect the design of the King, and upbraided M. de Lude with the part which he had acted, desiring him never again to enter a house which he sought only to dishonour; an accusation which, from the lips of the husband of Marie Touchet, was a mere epigram.

Despite all these drawbacks, Biron with his usual recklessness had nevertheless accepted him as a partner in his meditated revolt, D'Auvergne having declared that he would run all risks in order to revenge the dishonour brought upon his family by the King; but in reality the Comte only sought to benefit himself in a struggle where he had little to lose, and might, as he believed, become a gainer.

Then it was that the King conceived that unfortunate attachment for his younger daughter, which deprived him of the greatest solace of his old age and exposed him to the raillery and contempt of his fellow-nobles, coupled with sarcastic congratulations upon the advantages which he was supposed to have derived from the dishonour of his child; an event which had clouded his remnant of existence with shame and despair.

"Instead of a church you shall become justly hated and despised as a people who foul their homes and dishonour beyond forgiveness the names of wife and mother.

The memorable lines placed in the mouth of his "Night," sufficiently display his feeling after the final return of the Medici in 1530: Sweet is my sleep, but more to be mere stone, So long as ruin and dishonour reign; To hear nought, to feel nought, is my great gain: Then wake me not, speak in an under-tone.

[afterwards called 'Living without God in the World'] with my name, and all due acknowledgments for the honour and favour of the communication: indeed, 'tis a poem that can dishonour no name.

It was in the name of religion that the Pharisees suffered a man to violate even the sanctities of the Fifth Commandment, and to do dishonour to his father and mother.

Nothing to his dishonour came out in the trial.

What right have you to dishonour your father in this way?

"Besides did he not bring unmerited dishonour on grey hairs of poor old progenitor by finding him out in bribe-taking?

per annum, and a grey pigtail:" the match turns out a miserable one: Amelia's dishonour by Vavasor Kendal, her divorce, and Mr. Allanby's death are told in a few pagesthe guilty pair, Vavasor and Amelia, flee to Paris, and we are introduced to this faithful picture of Parisian vice: "The infirmity of Amelia's health served at least to release her from those forced efforts of gaiety which had recoiled so heavily on her feelings.

This remedied the dishonour by preserving the equilibrium, and was kept always in action by eloquence and comedy.

And shall I credit aught to his dishonour?

it seemed like truth: and for one so lost, so utterly irredeemable, was she to murmur against that pure and benevolent parent who had cherished her with such devotion, and snatched her perhaps from disgrace, dishonour, and despair!

And few of the men who were there, I know, but judged me a happy man, in spite of all the shame and dishonour that had come upon my name.

"If," answered Sturt, "we shall meet with the same reception from them as we have hitherto enjoyed from all other chiefs whose possessions we have had occasion to trespass upon during our journeyings, we cannot complain of want of either kindness or hospitality; for as travellers we come, and once eating the 'salt of an Uzbeg,' we know that none would dishonour himself by acting the traitor."

and think foul scorn, that Parma, or Spain, or any Prince of Europe, should dare to invade the borders of my realms; to which, rather than dishonour should grow by me, I myself will take up armsI myself will be your general, your judge, and the rewarder of every one of your virtues in the field.

The extreme despotism of the government seems to have confounded every principle of right and wrong, every distinction of honour and dishonour and the individual, of whatever class, alive only to the sense of personal danger, embraces without reluctance meanness or disgrace, if it insure his safety.

He even published Mrs. Manley's dishonour, and from that time our sprightly poetess was considered, by the sober part of the sex, quite abandoned to all shame.

To bring up a son or daughter in idleness or ignorance ought to be as great a reproach to a parent as it is to a child to dishonour its father or mother.

When this charge of ingratitude and dishonour was published against Mr. Pope, to acquit himself of it, he called upon any nobleman, whose friendship, or any one gentleman, whose subscription Mr. Addison had procured to our author, to stand forth, and declare it, that truth might appear.

Different opinions have been offered, some to extenuate the fault of Mr. Pope, for printing and mutilating these letters, without his lordship's knowledge; others to blame him for it as the highest breach of friendship, and the greatest mark of dishonour.

But my child's dishonour troubles me the most.

Listen to his heartrending cry 'For it is not an open enemy, that hath done me this dishonour; for then I could have borne it.

Come, come, draw fool; draw ere I run thee through and dishonour sword by attacking thee, unarmed; draw, I say, fool!"

Yea, they may come higher, and vent some desperate thoughts and expressions of God, to the great scandal of the godly, and the dishonour of God. 8.

BEAUREPAIRE, a French officer, noted for his noble defence of Verdun against the Prussians; preferred death by suicide to the dishonour of surrender (1748-1792).

Will you dishonour his memory by a refusal?" "O, if this tale be true, I have no escape from misery!"

It is no dishonour for a girl of the middle or lower class to have a liaison with some admirer, particularly if he is a student or a young officer; in fact, it is quite the proper thing for him to be welcomed by her parents, although it is perfectly well understood that he has not the slightest idea of marrying her.

It seems to be used of reality in a somewhat vague sense, as it were jure dignitatis and to have as little ethical significance as "right honourable" when applied to a politician or "reverend" to a clergyman: cases in which it might be consistent to say that right honourable gentlemen manifest various degrees of honour and dishonour, or that reverend gentlemen are worthy of various degrees of reverence and the opposite.