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204 examples of  disloyalties  in sentences

204 examples of disloyalties in sentences

Disloyalty is a sin.

Although her record in intelligence and morals is good, John Croker, who regularly reviewed her books, accuses her works of licentiousness, profligacy, irreverence, blasphemy, libertinism, disloyalty and atheism.

Remonstrance against her assessments was treated as factious disloyalty, and refusal to pay was promptly punished as revolt.

Posthumus then in a jealous rage wrote to Pisanio, a gentleman of Britain, who was one of Imogen's attendants, and had long been a faithful friend to Posthumus; and after telling him what proof he had of his wife's disloyalty, he desired Pisanio would take Imogen to Milford-Haven, a seaport of Wales, and there kill her.

Both generals were subsequently suspended from their commands and charges of disloyalty were made against them by many newspapers in the North.

Many years after this decision was revoked by congress and the stigma of disloyalty removed from his name.

If there should be disloyalty it will be dealt with with a firm hand of stern repression; but if it lifts its head at all it will lift it only here and there and without countenance except from a lawless and malignant few.

Yet how much better it were for you instead of reproaching Antony with cowardice to lay aside yourself that effeminacy both of spirit and of body, instead of bringing a charge of disloyalty against him to cease yourself from doing anything disloyal or playing the deserter, instead of accusing him of ingratitude to cease yourself from wronging your benefactors!

But he broke off suddenly; he was close to the edge of disloyalty now.

But for the restless disloyalty of the Hohenzollerns this German kingly caste might be dominating the world to this day.

Then let them run the risks any further disloyalty may have prepared for us.

Whence ne'er disloyalty shall root it forth, But faith plant firmer in your choice respect.

Will she not sayyea, flatly to my face, Accusing me of mere disloyalty

They have tried to infect the people of England with the contagion of disloyalty.

The Emperor does not wish to discover his weakness abroad, by letting Europeans witness the bad faith and disloyalty of his heterogeneous tribes.

'The present dreadful confusion of the publick ought to make you wrap yourself up in your hereditary possessions, which, though less than you may wish, are more than you can want; and in an hour of religious retirement return thanks to GOD, who has exempted you from any strong temptation to faction, treachery, plunder[780], and disloyalty.

We may concede without disloyalty that Solon is peculiar unto himself.

Mr. Montagu has discovered a new definition of disloyalty.

I claim that I prove my loyalty by saying that India is in no mood, is too deeply in mourning, to take part in and to welcome His Royal Highness, and that the ministers and the Indian Government show their disloyalty by making the Prince a catspaw of their deep political game.

To seek to thwart their inspirations is disloyalty to the country.

It was no news to him; for he had heard the rumor before; yet he had always regarded it as groundless;at least he had doubted the disloyalty of his opponents in the East.

And the spirit which lies behind all these forms of disloyalty to the good,the spirit which issues in selfishness and sensuality, cruelty and lust, intemperance and covetousness,this animating spirit of evil which works against the Divine will and mars the peace and order of the universe is the great Adversary against whom we must fight for our own lives and the life of the world.

Her mild sense of disloyalty was delicious.

The time has come when a frank account of our differences can be given publicity without a charge being made of disloyalty to the Administration in power.

It was, however, long after this incident that I began to feel that the President was imputing to me improper motives and crediting me with disloyalty to him personally, an attitude which was as unwarranted as it was unjust.

Without explanation my subsequent conduct would be, and not without reason, open to the charge of neglect of duty and possibly of disloyalty.

" "There are schools for the sons of noblemen in which he will forget it," said the friar bitterly; "where they teach disloyalty to princes and unmake men to make machinesand the mainspring is at Rome.

"It is of the clemency of the Serenissimo," said that inflexible voice, "that the Lady Marina reaps not the penalty of her flight and of her disloyalty to the State, since she hath sought to place her private judgment beyond the wisdom of the rulers of Venice.

Louise, indeed, noted that his eyes were fixed upon her more than once with thinly veiled admiration, and without a thought of disloyalty to Arthur, but acting upon the impulse of her coquettish nature, she responded with a demure smile of encouragement.

But pardon me, my dear friend, for I feel that I shall soon be punished for my disloyalty by death!

Zedekiah, now awe-struck by the death of his counsellor, made up his mind to resist the Egyptian party and remain true to Nebuchadnezzar, and resolved to send an embassy to Babylon to vindicate himself from any suspicion of disloyalty; and further, he sought to win the favor of Jeremiah by a special gift to the Temple of a set of silver vessels to replace the golden ones that had been carried to Babylon.

Depend upon envy, jealousy, spite, or plain venal disloyalty, if accident or inadvertence fail, to lay the law-breaker by the heels.

In firemen's phrase it may be called laying on the "hose" to quench disloyalty.

But wherefore do you use my daughter thus? Can you accuse her of unchastity, of loose Demeanour, disobedience, or disloyalty?

And so by seven o'clock twelve or fourteen couples were collected (the number of persons admitted to such entertainments was always extremely small), and the rude disloyalty of the protest was to outward appearance effaced by the submission of the recusants.

And Marie Antoinette, though she carefully avoided mixing herself up with politics, was, as she reported to her mother, astonished beyond measure at their conduct, which she looked upon as arising out of the grossest disloyalty, and which certainly indicated the existence of a feeling very dangerous to the maintenance of the royal authority on the part of those very men who were most bound to uphold it.

The greater part of the house rose at her entrance, clapping their hands and cheering, and the disloyalty of a few malcontents only made her triumph more conspicuous, so roughly were they treated by the rest of the audience.

Marie Antoinette's favorite assertion that the people were good at heart, and that it was not without great perseverance in artifice and malignity that they could be excited to disloyalty and treason.

Yet so correct was her judgment and appreciation of sound political principles, or, perhaps we might say, so keen was her sense of what was due to the independence and dignity of France, in spite of its present disloyalty, that a report that the emperor and Prussia had, by implication, claimed a right to dictate to France in matters of her internal government drew from her a warm remonstrance.

Every arrangement for the day was discussed in a spirit of the bitterest disloyalty.

But seizing afterwards a favourable opportunity, he expelled Thurkill and Yric from their governments, and banished them the kingdom; he put to death many of the English nobility, on whose fidelity he could not rely, and whom he hated on account of their disloyalty to their native prince.

There was nothing that she detested so much as a disloyalty.

He is an enemy to God in the hate of grace, and worthy of death in disloyalty to his sovereign.

They repelled with warmth the imputation of disloyalty or rebellion.

He might succeed in defeating his foe, and at all events his position would not endure the disloyalty and disaffection that his refusal would entail.

In such fashion, still with the bravery and splendour of Eastern warfare wrapped about them, an army of 4000 men, with 300 horses, 1500 camels, countless stores, spears, arrows, armour and accoutrements, moved forward upon the small and factious city of the Prophet, whose fighting strength was hampered by the exhaustion of many campaigns and the disloyalty of those within his very walls.

"There can be no doubt," he said, "of his disloyalty," and he recounted the story of the melons and the bags of grain.

He is so set, he hath no cause to be Jealous, or dreadful of disloyalty; The pedestal whereon his greatness stands.

There would be little heard of disloyalty to the British if all the Sahibs were like Mr. Royle, He is so

Yes, a practical town; and I am surprised at your disloyalty to your own burro by mentioning camels.

I need not acquaint my Reader that this Princess was then under Prosecution for Disloyalty to the King's Bed, and that she was afterwards publickly beheaded upon the same Account, though this Prosecution was believed by many to proceed, as she her self intimates, rather from the King's Love to Jane Seymour than from any actual Crime in Ann of Bologne.

A plan to create a new industry does not call for disloyalty to the employer, for as a rule it is very foolish to attempt to compete with an established organization excepting on some business that gives the new organization an advantage by one or more of the following points: invention, simpler product, simpler methods, a higher degree of specialization, a more effective and direct scheme of sales or a better spirit of personnel.

But she also knew that this way lay madness, disloyalty, regret.

Pure circular motion is the type of perfection in the universe as a whole, but each part of the whole will inevitably express its partiality, will acknowledge its special character, and upon the frankness of this confession its comeliness will in no small degree depend; nevertheless, no sooner does the eccentricity, or individuality, become so great as to suggest disloyalty to the idea of the whole, than ugliness ensues.

I'm afraid there's a good deal of disloyalty among us.

A girl of her stock, living with her parents, with a brother fighting in France, never could be guilty of disloyalty, even if she were in love.

Had it not availed, Pilate would have been exposed to the suspicion of disloyalty to his government; and so perilous was this suspicion, that he was ready, at any expense to his conscience and sense of justice, to avoid incurring it.

Every step in the mobilisation of Great Britain's vast resources for the purposes of the war has been hampered by the tricks, the failures to understand, and the almost instinctive disloyalties of private owners.

But apart from this uncertain question of generosity, there are in this case two powerful forces that make against disputes, secret disloyalties, and meanness.

I am foolish, raw, inexperienced,worse than any of these;but never did a thought of disloyalty to your service enter into my heart.

Five of his successors were bishops of Coventry only, then the style changed to Coventry and Lichfield, and so remained till 1661, when (in consequence of the disloyalty of Coventry and the sufferings of Lichfield in the royal cause)

After Tewkesbury Edward paid the city another visit, and in return for its disloyalty seized its liberties and franchises, and only restored them for a fine of 500 marks.

Whereupon he retired in displeasure, and reappeared some days later with the threat to lay the city in ruins if it should persist in its disloyalty.

The man had nailed it high up in an apple tree, that they might not mistake his attitude of truckling disloyalty to his own country, hoping so to save his home.


But if to die amid disloyalty and hatred meant failure, then St. Paul failed.

For a time the Prince hesitated; he felt all the disloyalty of such a concession; but those were not times in which principles waged an equal war against passion; and the letters were ultimately placed in the possession of Madame de Villars.

There is no conscious disloyalty on their part to the word of God; but the subject makes no appeal to them, it fails to "find" them.

This disloyalty to Mithridates enraged the latter, who gained possession of the youth and slew him, while the mother beheld the deed of revenge from a distance.]

Some of the greatest tragedies in life have come from this disloyalty among girls in their relations with each other.

Most Englishmen, therefore, have no feeling of disloyalty to the democratic idea in admitting that it is not safe to allow the efficiency of officials to depend upon the personal character of individual representatives.

"We're strangers and perhaps you don't like us very much, and you feel that singing for us would be like singing the Lord's song in a strange country; you feel as if it would be profanationa kind of disloyalty.

Nevertheless the expedition had really accomplished something, for it overawed the Wabash and Illinois Indians, and effectively put a stop to any active expressions of disloyalty or disaffection on the part of the French.

He was confirmed in his belief by the undoubted corruption and disloyalty to their country, shown by a few of the men he met, the most important of those who were in his pay being an alleged Catholic, James White, once a North Carolina delegate and afterwards Indian agent.

Moreover others who never indulged in overt disloyalty to the Union undoubtedly consulted and questioned Gardoqui about his proposals, while reserving their own decision; being men who let their loyalty be determined by events.

There was, it is true, a strong buccaneering spirit, and there were plenty of men ready to enlist in an invasion of the Spanish dominions under no matter what pretext; but even those men of note who were willing to lead such a movement, were not willing to enter into it if it was complicated with open disloyalty to the United States.

Such information could be gathered but for one purpose; and it seems probable that Wilkinson had hinted to him that part of his plan which included an assault of some kind or other on Spanish rule in Mexico; but Pike was an ardent patriot, and there is not the slightest ground for any belief that Wilkinson dared to hint to him his own disloyalty to the Union.

I need not acquaint my Reader that this Princess was then under Prosecution for Disloyalty to the King's Bed, and that she was afterwards publickly beheaded upon the same Account, though this Prosecution was believed by many to proceed, as she her self intimates, rather from the King's Love to Jane Seymour than from any actual Crime in Ann of Bologne.

Mr. Grimkรฉ told Carolina that, if she persisted in her disloyalty, she would stand as a blasted tree in the midst of her sister States.

Disloyalty among the Women.

"Loyalty and Disloyalty.

I knew one widow whose disloyalty was of the most violent character.

"Disloyalty to the United States of America as the supreme authority in the Islands is made a complete disqualification for holding office, and every applicant for admission to the service must, before being admitted to examination, take the oath of loyalty.

They made reports upon which were based the appointments of municipal officers, the granting of licenses to carry firearms, and the determination of the loyalty or the disloyalty of individuals.

And here I was suffering, yet refusing the services of a skilled physician because I fancied there was something in his manner the tolerance of which would savor of disloyalty to Dicky!

homebut I had absolutely no conviction of disloyalty.

Had he been there, not only would the garden have been more tastefully dressed, but they would have learned without painful experience that disobedience to Jehovah was disloyalty and dishonor, treason and rebellion.

The King was furious at such evidence of his mistress's disloyalty, and vowed he would never see her again.

It must have seemed to her indeed that because of her own initial disloyalty the whole world was falling away from her.

All at once he became aware of the general disloyalty of his flock, and immediately resigned.

Guilty of disloyalty to your proud and noble husband, you have sought to remove by violent deaths those who stood between you and your lover.

It was creditable to him, that in a court where morality was at so low an ebb as that of James I., he should have remained uncorrupted; and that not all the allurements of the numerous beauties by whom he was surrounded, and who exerted their blandishments to ensnare him, could tempt him for a moment's disloyalty to the object of his affections.

" "I regret that such disloyalty should be laid to the charge of any English noble," said Sir Jocelyn sternly.

If the House were as free from small-minded jealousy and disloyalty as it is from bribery and idleness, it would be a very noble assembly.

She was conscious of his strange aversion to the unfortunate man without understanding the reason, but as she was in the habit of entertaining his caprices more from affectionate tolerance of his weakness than reverence of his judgment, she saw no disloyalty to him in withholding a confidence that might be disloyal to another.

That this seemed to point to Sleight's disloyalty to himself while he was acting as his agent, or a double treachery on the part of Sleight's informants, was in either case a reason and an excuse for his own interference.

Disloyalty before unsuspected suddenly became bold, and treason astonished the world by bringing at once into the field military forces superior in number to the standing Army of the United States.

Even in the portions of the country which were most loyal political combinations and secret societies were formed furthering the work of disunion, while, from motives of disloyalty or cupidity or from excited passions or perverted sympathies, individuals were found furnishing men, money, and materials of war and supplies to the insurgents' military and naval forces.

The line between loyalty and disloyalty is plainly defined.

To all persons who shall be so released and who shall keep their parole the President grants an amnesty for any past offenses of treason or disloyalty which they may have committed.