93 examples of disobliged in sentences

To him they come in their extremity, to whom, when he was in extremity, they had shewn but small regard; as if they presumed upon his gratitude whom they had disobliged, and had derived a claim to his courtesy from their own most discourteous and unpiteous treatment.

My trembling writing will show you, my dear impetuous creature, what a trembling heart you have given to Your ever obliged, Or, if you take so rash a step, Your for ever disobliged, CLARISSA HARLOWE.

[Mr. Lovelace having not returned an answer to Mr. Belford's expostulary letter so soon as Mr. Belford expected, he wrote to him, expressing his apprehension that he had disobliged him by his honest freedom.

But when he proceeded so far as to throw into prison Geoffrey, Archbishop of York, who had opposed his measures, this breach of ecclesiastical privileges excited such an universal ferment, that Prince John, disgusted with the small share he possessed in the government, and personally disobliged by Longchamp, ventured to summon, at Reading, a general council of the nobility and prelates, and cite him to appear before them.

Possibly, after I have disobliged him so much, he may be glad to have her so easily provided for, with money already raised; especially if he has a design to marry himself, as I hear.

I had rather die than return to a dependancy upon relations I have disobliged.

About this time a marriage was concluded between the Queen of England, and Philip, King of Spain, which not a little disobliged some of the nobility, who were jealous left their country by such a match should be subjected to the dominion of Spain, and their independent rights invaded by that imperious monarch.

They were partly Lower Creeks, and partly Yamasees, who had disobliged their countrymen, and, for fear of falling sacrifices to their resentment, had wandered in the woods till about the year 1731, when they begged leave of the Government of Carolina to sit down at Yamacraw, on the south side of Savannah river.

I am still unhappy ever to have disobliged him!

It behoved me to have so notable a person of my party; and the rather as I had disobliged her impertinent brother.

I am, indeed, very much disobliged with you: so is Lady Sarah.

[Footnote 86: Harris felt disobliged by my independence of action respecting the "goods offer."

The good old man told him at once that he must have forgotten the warning he gave him at parting, and have disobliged or have been unfriendly in some way towards his little neighbors; advised him to burn his hay, and to beware in future of showing ill-nature or a disobliging spirit towards the little shadowy people.

Nathan was permitted, on his expressing his sorrow that he had 'disobliged Friends,' to rejoin his society, and he died an elder.

When two connected words or phrases are contrasted, or emphatically distinguished, the comma is inserted; as, "The vain are easily obliged, and easily disobliged.

Some time after Mr. Addison said 'that his own opinion was the same with mine, but that some particular friends of his, whom he could not disoblige, insisted on its being acted,'" These particular friends who were not to be disobliged seem to have been shining lights of the Whig party.

What an enemy is a light and trifling spirit!I was grieved because I had disobliged my mother.

At Arras it sufficed even to have disobliged the wives of these miscreants to become the object of persecution.

Must the British Nation suffer forsooth, because my Lady Q-p-t-s has been disobliged?

Next day he made two mistakes in the first bill, disobliged a customer by surly answers, and dated all his entries in the journal in a wrong month.

Though the duke of Lauderdale had ordered our author to be educated as his heir, yet he left all his personal estate, which was very great, to another, the young nobleman having, by some means, disobliged him; and as he was of an ungovernable implacable temper, could never again recover his favour.

A man, that saw, and loved, and disobliged, Is banished, and is mad, all in a moment.

The fellow, with a sort of dejection in his looks, asked me if he had disobliged me in anything?

This is only practised now by some of the ancient midwives: I enquired their reason for this custom, which I told them was altogether unlawful; this disobliged them mightily, insomuch that they would give me no satisfaction.

"Why?" cry I, again letting fall my volume, and yielding to a curiosity as irresistible as unwise; for he had meant me to ask, and would have been disobliged if I had not.

93 examples of  disobliged  in sentences