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Do we say   dispatch   or  despatch

Do we say dispatch or despatch

dispatch 848 occurrences

In his celebrated dispatch to Pitt he mentions Carleton twice.

Carleton remarked in his dispatch that these separate addresses, and the marked absence of any united address, showed how much the population was divided.

In 1769 the official correspondence entered the 'secret and confidential' stage with a dispatch from the home government to Carleton suggesting a House of Representatives to which, practically speaking, the towns would send Protestant members and the country districts Roman Catholics.

But with such papers as Jack presented and the number of the party double that described in the dispatch, the adventurers easily evaded suspicion.

Turn it then on to a paste-board or very clean dresser, and with a large sharp knife divide it in two; make it up quickly into loaves, and dispatch it to the oven: make one or two incisions across the tops of the loaves, as they will rise more easily if this be done.

RAZED A dispatch from Berlin by wireless March 23 stated that according to a report received there from Cracow, the damages due to the war in Poland and Galicia at that time amounted to 5,000,000,000 marks ($1,250,000,000).

One of these men paused long enough to give him a sealed dispatch,the message to which the ocean-bed, the Midgard ooze, had thrilled beneath his tardy keel.

At last he came forward, with thin lips and hard, thoughtful eyes, like a man bent upon dispatch.

And in the Analects we read, 'There is merit in dispatch.'

Hence the Turks could dispatch no troops whatever to Tripoli, and its defense devolved solely upon the native Arab inhabitants.

It had come to be generally believed that the race of the Mings had died out, but a recent dispatch from China speaks of there still being a representative in existence, who possibly might give serious trouble to the new republic.

Dispatch then; be quicke.

My reply was that the first essential was the dispatch to European waters of every available destroyer, trawler, yacht, tug and other small craft of sufficient speed to deal with submarines, other vessels of these classes following as fast as they could be produced; further that submarines and light cruisers would also be of great value as they became available.

He's had a dispatch from Government to return without delay.

We got all ready with dispatch.

But how is your acquaintance to be long supported under such extraordinary dispatch of every subject for discourse?

What troubles me most is that forty-eight hours ago I brought you a dispatch from the Emperor.

It has been so vital that I have a long dispatch to-night, begging me to reaffirm my absolute conviction as to the truth of the information which I have forwarded.

But, even before the king's dispatch reached him, Paris had witnessed terrible proofs that the tranquillity which the king's visit to the capital was supposed to have re-established was but temporary.

These are always in readiness; and when dispatched with the khans letters, they convey them with great speed to the next foot-post station, where they hear the sound of the bells from a distance, and some one is always in readiness to take the letters, and to run on to the next station: Thus, by constant change of swift runners, the letters are conveyed with great dispatch to their destinations.

I your Commission will forthwith dispatch, [Sidenote: 180] And he to England shall along with you: The termes of our estate, may not endure Hazard so dangerous as doth hourely grow

For, definition being nothing but making another understand by words what idea the term defined stands for, a definition is best made by enumerating those simple ideas that are combined in the signification of the term defined: and if, instead of such an enumeration, men have accustomed themselves to use the next general term, it has not been out of necessity, or for greater clearness, but for quickness and dispatch sake.

But men, in making their general ideas, seeking more the convenience of language, and quick dispatch by short and comprehensive signs, than the true and precise nature of things as they exist, have, in the framing their abstract ideas, chiefly pursued that end; which was to be furnished with store of general and variously comprehensive names.

The dog did not, however, come out of the wood, and we rode from the dangerous vicinity with all dispatch.

Dispatch the rest here.

They are told, likewise, to travel with the utmost dispatch, as that is the only method of insuring a safe return.

V. eat, feed, fare, devour, swallow, take; gulp, bolt, snap; fall to; despatch, dispatch; discuss; take down, get down, gulp down; lay in, tuck in [Slang]; lick, pick, peck; gormandize &c 957; bite, champ, munch, cranch^, craunch^, crunch, chew, masticate, nibble, gnaw, mumble.

Certainly the way in which it is mentioned in the dispatch is good, and indeed Bourmont, a very clever man, and first under fire with his four sons, will soon be popular with an army.

The Duke has, as Rosslyn told me, written a memorandum to serve as the basis of Aberdeen's dispatch, very civil indeed to Molé, very much satisfied with the disposition evinced by the French Government, but, in our ignorance of the real state of things, declining to advise the King of the Netherlands.

Austria seems to have hesitated about the acknowledgment of the King of the French after the receipt of a dispatch from Petersburg, and Metternich, who seems to be growing weak, wavered after he had received General Belliard very cordially.

Peel read first the dispatch written by Aberdeen with the omissions agreed upon, and then his own substitutions.

Four hours later a messenger brought to Ben the following dispatch: "Your news is most surprising.

" "Then," said Mazarin, "take this dispatch, carry it to England, and when you get to London, tear off the outer envelope.

Having completed his conquest, he had ample time to dispatch the imprisoned cub at leisure.

The Captain, however, sent up his own name, that if he could be admitted to drink one dish of tea with her, he should take it for a favour: and would go to town, and dispatch some necessary business, in order, if possible, to leave his morning free to attend her.

In 1516, Fernando Perez de Andrada was commanded by the king of Portugal to pass to the great kingdom of China and likewise to Bengala, with a dispatch to John Coelo, who was the first Portuguese who drank of the waters of the Ganges.

If you please, continued she, to wait a little, I shall not be long before I dispatch you.

After the utmost testimonies of respect on both side, Dorilaus told his daughter she ought to make her excuses to monsieur for having eloped from the monastry where he had been so good to place her, which, said he, I think you can do in no better a manner than by telling the truth, and as I am already sufficiently acquainted with the whole, will leave you to relate it, while I dispatch a little business that at present calls me hence.

But I have first a message to dispatch, continued he; at my return you shall know all.

despacho, m., haste, dispatch.

despedir, to discharge, dispatch, emit; to take leave (á, of); refl., to take leave, depart.

"Weekly Dispatch.

"Daily Dispatch.

"Daily Dispatch.

Ile call my sonne, and aske his good advice, How I may best dispatch this serious cause.

To the Senate of the United States: I transmit to the Senate a copy of a dispatch from the minister of the United States at London, together with the memorial and other documents addressed to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States by Count de Bronno Bronski which accompanied it, relative to an improved breed of silkworms which he desires to have introduced into this country.

During this time it should be borne in mind, that all the children are learning, not only those on the swings, but those who are sitting in the school; and it is surprising to see with what alacrity the children will dispatch their other lessons, when it is a wet day, in order to get to the swings.

I consulted several Dictionaries, but found no relief; at last having recourse both to the Bagnio in Newgate-street, and to that in Chancery lane, and finding the original Manuscripts upon the Sign-posts of each to agree literally with my own Spelling, I returned home, full of Satisfaction, in order to dispatch this Epistle.

But to get out of his difficulty without wounding the feelings of the Congressman required not only diplomacy but dispatch.

He then directed the other (her accuser) to take a tomahawk and dispatch her.

[Footnote 56: Dispatch from the United States minister at Naples relative to the saving from shipwreck of certain American vessels and their crews by officers of the Neapolitan navy and marine service.

"Mrs. Linceford, Miss Goldthwaite, Mrs. Linceford, Mrs. Linceford! Masterhm!Thayne," and he pocketed a big one like a dispatch.

This haying effected the destruction of Brahem, he contrived to dispatch his colleague so privately as to avoid the imputation of being accessary to his death, and succeeded him in the sovereignty.

Indeed, there were no letter carriers, and this in large cities was such an inconvenience that private dispatch companies undertook to deliver letters about the city for two cents each; and to accom

The transmitting or pattern slip, P, is perforated with groups of apertures of varying lengths and intervals as required to represent the dispatch which it is desired to transmit, by an arbitrary system of signs, such, for example, as the Morse telegraphic code.

As early as 1510, in fact, the Spanish crown relaxed its discrimination against pagans by ordering the purchase of above a hundred negro slaves in the Lisbon market for dispatch to Hispaniola.

By a decree of April 4, 1792, the Legislative Assembly granted full political equality to colored freemen and provided for the dispatch of Republican commissioners to establish the new régime.

In one of these a negro boy was acquitted of highway robbery after the jury's deliberation of several hours; in the other the jury on the case of a free negro woman charged with infanticide had been out for forty-six hours without reaching a verdict when the newspaper dispatch was written.

The account of the death of George the First was first brought to Walpole, in a dispatch from Townshend, who had accompanied that monarch to the continent.

On Saturday morning, we got a dispatch we should have received early on New Year's day, saying she was sinking.

Another dispatch ordered the cruiser Falcon, which was stationed in the port, to carry out the Governor's instructions in this respect.

"This was taken by one of my men from a trooper who had borne a dispatch from Alan Campbell to the enemy.

My man watched the interview between him and Cromwell himself, heard the terms of the dispatch, and saw Cromwell write and give this letter to the trooper, whom he afterward slew, and brought me the letter.

Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig gave the nation a birthday present on his own birthday, in the shape of a dispatch which is as strong and straight as himself: Frugal in speech, yet more than once impelled To utter words of confidence and cheer Whereat some dismal publicists rebelled As premature, ill-founded, insincere Words

[ILLUSTRATION: A GREAT INCENTIVE MEHMED (reading dispatch from the All-Highest): "Defend Jerusalem at all costs for my sake.

[Illustration: THE FINAL TOMMY;(ex-footballer): "We was just wipin' them off the face of the earth when Foch blows his whistle and shouts 'Temps!'"] These are only some of the heroes who have added to the glories of our blood and State, but the roll is endlesswonderful gunners and sappers and airmen and dispatch riders, devoted surgeons and heroic nurses, stretcher-bearers and ambulance drivers.

"Daily Dispatch.

Send Wrangel to meI will instantly Dispatch three couriers ILLO (hurrying out).

And dispatch immediately A servant for Octavio Piccolomini.

The word dispatch, from It.

For I feel that the past and present agitation are ruinous to our peace and prosperity and that our only remedy is to break up with dispatch the present Confederacy and construct a new and better one.

This dispatch was laid before the Governor and the members of Congress from the State who were in conference with him, and it was decided that I should comply with, the summons ...

I have just received a telegraphic dispatch informing me that you have removed forty muskets from Charleston arsenal to Fort Moultrie.

As soon as the authorities had finally made up their minds to send a flotilla of boats to Cairo for the relief of Khartoum, not a moment was lost in issuing orders to the different shipbuilding contractors for the completion, with the utmost dispatch, of the 400 "whaler-gigs" for service on the Nile.

(In Saint Louis post-dispatch, Sept 05, 1948)

(In London weekly dispatch, Apr. 17-June 19, 1927)

MARQUAND, JOHN P. Dispatch box, no.3.

"Daily Dispatch.

"No amount of War Office approval will make hens lay," says The Weekly Dispatch.

Skill and dispatch would be necessary qualifications, and he thinks that his "Old Sergeant Cornelius" might do for one of the workmen.

Drowning the insurgents, their wives and children, by boatloads, is called, in the dispatch to the Convention, a revolutionary measure* *

Pleasure of this Kind is the intemperate Meals and loud Jollities of the common Rate of Country Gentlemen, whose Practice and Way of Enjoyment is to put an End as fast as they can to that little Particle of Reason they have when they are sober: These Men of Wit and Pleasure dispatch their Senses as fast as possible by drinking till they cannot taste, smoaking till they cannot see, and roaring till they cannot hear.

The Bragg was one of the best boats in the service in point of speed, and proved of much value as a dispatch-steamer on the lower portion of the river.

Rep. 3.00 6.00 Pittsburgh Dispatch (w 1.00-90)..... 6 iss.

Ind. 5.00 2.50 Pittsburgh Dispatch ................

4.25 with Country Life ............................ 4.50 1.00 Rhodora, Boston .............................. m .95 1.00 Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch ......... s-w Dem. .90 3.00 Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch ...... 5 iss.

4.25 with Country Life ............................ 4.50 1.00 Rhodora, Boston .............................. m .95 1.00 Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch ......... s-w Dem. .90 3.00 Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch ...... 5 iss.

Dem. 2.50 5.00 Richmond Times-Dispatch ............... 6 issues 4.00 5.00 Rider and Driver, New York ...................

Jour .................. m .65 2.00 St. Louis Post Dispatch ............

Sunday Dem. 1.65 4.00 St. Louis Post Dispatch .......... 6 issues Dem. 3.20 1.00 St. Louis Republic..................... s-w Dem. .85 1.00 St. Louis Republic (Sun. 2.00-1.90) 6 iss Dem.

Last week I published a dispatch conveying to me the exalted approval of H.S.H. the Grand Duke of PFEIFENTOPF.

But, to make assurance doubly sure, I sent the following dispatch to the Grand Duke:"Mooncalves cast anserous doubts on your serene existence, and on that of Order.

While matters were in this train, by the advice of one Doctor Calzadilla in whom he reposed great confidence, the king of Portugal resolved to dispatch a caravel in secret to attempt making the discovery which my father had proposed to him; as, if he could make the discovery in this clandestine manner, he should be freed from the obligation of bestowing any great reward on the occasion.

I am prepared to believe that there is much truth in the dispatch saying a majority of the Congress of the insurgents at Molores favor annexation to the United States.

The following dispatch is the official record: "San Juan, Porto Rico, Oct. 18.Secretary of War, Washington, D.C.: Flags have been raised on public buildings and forts in this city and saluted with national salutes.

When it had closed on the admiring eyes of the passengers and the coach had rattled away, Miss Nellie, without any undue haste or apparent change in her usual quiet demeanor, managed, however, to dispatch her business promptly, and, leaving an impression that she would call again before her return to Excelsior, parted from her friends, and slipped away through a side street, to the General Furnishing Store of Indian Spring.

I can not forego the expression of my regret at the apparent purport of a part of Lord Aberdeen's dispatch to Mr. Fox.

While these were going forward with as much dispatch as possible, Mr. Lally, one of the first assistants, was detached to reconnoiter the inlet of the lake.

Stores for a month's service were transported with all possible dispatch to Lake Temiscouata, along with the boats and camp equipage.

I'll wire him down this minute; you'll dispatch the message, and I'll go to my father.

despatch 831 occurrences

This is the stuff that'll remove your hand with neatness and despatch.

He is, then, a captain?" He read the despatch again, then murmured softly: "The cross!

Power of attention, power of industry, promptitude in beginning work, method and accuracy and despatch in doing it, perseverance, courage before difficulties, cheer, self-control and self-denial, they are worth more than Latin and Greek and French and German and music and art and painting and waxflowers and travels in Europe added together.

How they might ravage our coasts, and obstruct our trade; how they might triumph in the Channel, and block us up in our own ports, bombard our towns, and threaten us with invasions, I hope I need but barely mention, to incite this assembly to such despatch in manning our fleets, as may secure us at once from insults and from terrour.

What inconveniencies can ensue from such liberties as this, I am not able to discover; and, as all the orders of the house are, doubtless, made for more easy and expeditious despatch, if an order be contrary to this end, it ought to be abrogated for the reasons for which others are observed.

Sir, it is not very consistent to press the despatch of business, and to retard it, at the same time, by invidious insinuations, or unjust representations of arguments or expressions: whenever any expression is censured, it ought to be repeated in the same words; for otherwise, does not the animadverter raise the phantom that he encounters?

The report of the majority of the Hunter Committee, Your Excellency's despatch thereon and Mr. Montagu's reply have only aggravated the distrust.

Sir Stephen was sitting at the table before a despatch box, and he held out his hand and uttered a little cry of pleasure as he saw who it was.

I've got it here!" He patted the despatch case.

he took out the gold chain to which the key of the despatch box was fastened, and inserted it in the lock.

"If!" Falconer nodded at the despatch-case, and, with another bantering laugh, Sir Stephen opened it and took out a large envelope.

Yet if need be, when the other gentlemen have given in their evidence, rather than anything shall be wanting that will despatch him, I will enlarge my testimony against him.

Let us despatch him out of the way, said Mr. Hatelight.

For cormorants fish, and cormorants catch, And they swallow their prey with the utmost despatch, Without all the trouble of boning!

For cormorants fish, and cormorants catch, But if waves dash high they should use despatch, Or their loved ones will always be groaning!

Mrs. Eddy preferred to prepare a written answer to the interrogatory, which she did in this letter, addressed to the editor of the HERALD: "A despatch is given me, calling for an interview to answer for myself, 'Am I the second Christ?' "Even the question shocks me.

Being greatly alarmed at these things, Caesar thought that he ought to use all despatch, lest, if this new band of Suevi should unite with the old troops of Ariovistus, he [Ariovistus] might be less easily withstood.

XI.Vibullius, having received this commission from Caesar, thought it no less necessary to give Pompey notice of Caesar's sudden approach, that he might adopt such plans as the circumstance required, than to inform him of Caesar's message; and therefore continuing his journey by night as well as by day, and taking fresh horses for despatch, he posted away to Pompey, to inform him that Caesar was marching towards him with all his forces.

The pontons, which are a sort of Gallic ships, he left at Lissus with this object, that if Pompey, imagining Italy defenceless, should transport his army thither (and this notion was spread among the common people), Caesar might have some means of pursuing him; and he sent messengers to him with great despatch, to inform him in what part of the country he had landed his army, and what number of troops he had brought over with him.

Petherton was breathing hard by this time, and let drive with: SIR,It is like your confounded impertinence to overhaul the few things I sent to Miss Gore-Langley, and had I known that you would have had the opportunity of seeing what my wife insisted on sending I should certainly not have permitted their despatch.

Accordingly, to gain their favor and sanction, he engaged Tomo Chichi to despatch an invitation to their chiefs, to hold a conference with him at Savannah.

despatch, dispatch; knock off, finish off, polish off; make short work of; dispose of, set at rest; perform, discharge, fulfill, realize; put in practice, put in force; carry out, carry into effect, carry into execution; make good; be as good as one's word.

Command N. command, order, ordinance, act, fiat, hukm^, bidding, dictum, hest^, behest, call, beck, nod. despatch, dispatch; message, direction, injunction, charge, instructions; appointment, fixture.

Lord Heytesbury's despatch and Gordon's are both dated on September 10.

I doubt my getting the Duke to agree to the sending of this despatch; but I shall try.

I think mine is a good cadre of a letter, but that specific instructions should be given to Lord Heytesbury as to what he shall endeavour to obtain in a separate despatch.

My draft was written before these reports were spread; and I only, from anxiety to have the despatch well written and soon, sketched what I thought would do.

Read a memorandum of Jones on the last mission to Lahore, and a very long secret despatch in 1811 upon the subject of Runjeet Singh's attempt to establish himself on the left bank of the Sutlege, and his retreat in consequence of remonstrances and military demonstration on the part of the British Government.

On my arrival in town, found a note from Hardinge, who thinks the despatch as to watching the Russians and navigating the Indus quite perfect.

Lord Rosslyn, who called upon me at the office, thinks I may go a little too far in my directions with regard to Russian spies, that is, in a public despatch.

Polignac offers, if it were desired, to sign a Convention upon the principles laid down in Aberdeen's despatch as to Algiers.

Prince Polignac sent a despatch to the Duc de Laval, giving explanations satisfactory upon the whole, but mixed up with matter accusatory of us.

Of this despatch the Duc de Laval was not authorised to give a copy.

Ordered the attendance of six witnesses for Tuesday, whom we shall endeavour to despatch, and that will enable everybody to go to Epsom on Thursday and Friday.

This despatch was secret; it was followed by a public warrant; and that was succeeded by a peremptory command.

During these marches and counter-marches, in which the king had no other object than to escape from his pursuers, in the hope that some fortunate occurrence might turn the scale in his favour, he received the despatch already mentioned from the marquess of Newcastle.

Leven was found in bed at Leeds about noon; and having read the despatch, struck his breast, exclaiming, "I would to God I had died upon the place.

Leslie and his officers, though they affected the utmost surprise, treated him with the respect due to their sovereign; and London in the name of the commissioners required that he should take the covenant, should order Lord Belasyse to surrender Newark, and should despatch a messenger with the royal command to Montrose to lay down his arms.

Why should he cause her to write and despatch with her own hand such curiously worded telegrams, addressed always to the registered address: "METEFOROS, PARIS"?

I understand the intricacies of the law, and know my way" (tapping his head and then his pocket), "to get a seal, with ten times the despatch of any attorney.

"If you are in great haste, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, "and if it be your will to despatch me at once, do not inconvenience yourself.

Every despatch he sent to Peshawur pointed to the likelihood of trouble.

The mode of proceeding should be that in a short time his Royal Highness should signify his intention to act by directing a meeting of the Privy Council, when he should declare his intention to take upon himself the care of the state, and should at the same time signify his desire to have the advice of Parliament, and order it by proclamation to meet early for the despatch of business....

Persigny, M. de, French Secretary of State, his despatch on Orsini's conspiracy.

The nets are so set up on the stakes, that when an animal bounds along and touches the net, it falls over him, and ere he can extricate himself from its meshes, the vigilant Banturs rush out and despatch him with spears and clubs.

The threshing-floor, and seed-cleaning ground presents a busy sight when several thousand maunds of seed are being got ready for despatch by boats.

The time at which you despatch the seed is also the very time when you are preparing your land for spring sowings.

When some neglected fabrick nods beneath The weight of years, and totters to the tempest, Must heav'n despatch the messengers of light, Or wake the dead, to warn us of its fall? LEONTIUS.

Despatch; th' increasing danger Will not admit a lover's long farewell, The long-drawn intercourse of sighs and kisses.

Haste, Murza, to the palace, let the sultan [To one of her attendant Despatch his guards to stop the flying traitors, While I protract their stay.

Despatch, ye ling'ring slaves; or nimbler hands, Quick at my call, shall execute your charge; Despatch, and learn a fitter time for pity.

Despatch, ye ling'ring slaves; or nimbler hands, Quick at my call, shall execute your charge; Despatch, and learn a fitter time for pity.

It was while enjoying a delightful and distinctly sensational trip on the Columbia River that the passengers were enlightened as to a comparatively old trick, which was executed with the utmost promptness and despatch by a young second mate.

' 'Mary, despatch some one for Horton,' said Lord Hartfield.

Well, you have seen the despatch-box in the office, marked Hattie G., though I lost the old boat long before you came out.

His brain was very clear, more so than usual, and he not only received many impressions, and ordered them with ease and despatch, but his very senses seemed more than ordinarily acute.

Now, quick was even the word with Mr. Moggridge, as became a successful man of business, and for him to conceive an idea was to carry it out, as goods were always delivered from Mr. Moggridge's shop, with despatch.

Cæsar's Famous Despatch, "Veni, vidi, vici," written to the senate to announce his overthrow of Pharnacês king of Pontus.

CAUSTIC, of the Despatch newspaper, was the signature of Mr. Serle.




At times, when Cicero was more at leisure, and when messengers were handy (for we have to remember that there was nothing like our modern post), Cicero would despatch one of these letters to Atticus daily.

Mr. Madison's despatch to O'Brien on the subject is written in this spirit.

We should add, that Hamet, to satisfy himself of the truth of Eaton's representations, sent one of his followers to Barron, who confirmed the treaty; and that the Commodore, when he received Eaton's despatch, announcing his departure from Aboukir, wrote back a warm approval of his energy, and notified him that the Argus and the Nautilus would be sent immediately to Bomba with the necessary stores and seven thousand dollars in money.

My notion is to take their uniforms or just their overcoats, and then walk boldly down to the beach, and tell the chaps there that we have a despatch to take across to Ghanak.' 'Put up a bluff,' Roy answered.

While still sojourning at Metz, information reached Henry of the serious illness of Elizabeth of England; a despatch having been forwarded to the monarch by the Comte de Beaumont, his ambassador at the Court of London, informing him of the apprehensions which were entertained that her Majesty could not survive so grave a malady.

The King having decided that such should be the career of the young Prince, was anxious that he should at once assume the name and habit of the Order, and he accordingly wrote to the Grand Master to request that he would despatch the necessary patents, which were forwarded without delay, accompanied by the most profuse acknowledgments on the part of that dignitary.

With this unsatisfactory reply Leyré and his companion were fain to content themselves; and having, as they were desired to do, delivered into the hands of the Duke the detailed despatch of M. de Barrault with which they had been entrusted, they saw him calmly resume his way to Juvisy, while they continued their route to Fontainebleau.

In the act by which Philip bound himself thus to recognise the pretended claim of the Marquise, he also gave a pledge to furnish her with five hundred thousand livres in money, and to despatch the Spanish troops which at that moment occupied Catalonia to support the disaffected French subjects who might be induced to join the cabal in Guienne and Languedoc.

"Here, Sire," he said, "in my despatch-bag, are three purses filled with gold tokens, with a device expressive of the love borne towards your Majesty by your people.

" The priest dived forward and extracted a small despatch-box from some unseen receptacle.

"It's Beauregard's own despatch.

GRANVILLE, John Carteret, Earl, described by Lord Chesterfield, iv. 12, n. 5; despatch after the battle of Dettingen, iv.

Atoi was a very powerful man of about thirty, and those who attacked him had a most difficult task; twice he broke from them; and I then watched the countenance of his brother, which was perfectly cool and collected, though the firelock was in readiness, and the finger on the trigger, which might despatch him instantly.

Altogether, we had not to complain of any want of civility on the part of the custom-house officers; but travellers who take the overland route to India, through France, will do well to despatch all their heavy baggage by sea, nothing being more inconvenient than a multitude of boxes.

"When they were all seated in a row for final despatch, Sakon turned to the youngest and said'Go thou first, for I wish to be sure that thou doest it aright.'

Much of the increase is due, no doubt, to zeal for the rapid despatch of public business, but some, one fears, to the natural tendency of dug-outs (even in Whitehall) to protect themselves with wire-entanglements.

When really urgent messages are handed in for transmission to Paris they despatch them by passenger train; they find this method much quicker than cabling.

"My father's children were," as Laurence Sterne grimly puts it, "not made to last long;" but one cannot help suspecting that it was the hardships of those early years which carried them off in their infancy with such painful regularity and despatch, and that it was to the same cause that their surviving brother owed the beginnings of that fatal malady by which his own life was cut short.

On duly weighing these considerations in my mind I determined to make an accurate survey of this anchorage, including Sweers and the eastern portion of Bentinck Island; and to despatch two boats to examine the group of islands to the north-west, and the mainland from thence to abreast of the south-west end of Bentinck Island.

By the despatch we judge he's pretty ill.

They, however, sailed to the above-mentioned place, cleaned with unusual despatch, and just left that place the night before the sloops in pursuit of them arrived.

But a despatch being sent after them, they were brought back, and in a formal manner tried and sentenced, but one of them was saved by the humorous interference of one of the judges, whose speech was truly worthy of a piratewhile the other two suffered the punishment of death.

there was a strife among them, who with his own hands could despatch the greatest number, and in the shortest period of time.

But how trivial were such peccadilloes in a man who was so resolute not to be beaten in getting my despatch to the telegraph wire, that once, when three pontoons of the bridge across the Danube were sunk, he crossed the gap hand over hand by the hand-rope, sloshing down with the current as the slack of the rope gave to his weight!

In these, as in so many cases, the magic force may be supposed to take effect through mimicry or sympathy: by imitating the desired result you actually produce it: by counterfeiting the sun's progress through the heavens you really help the luminary to pursue his celestial journey with punctuality and despatch.

For, within that same hour, at table, she told Sir Lupus to my very face that she desired to wed Sir George as soon as might be, and would be content with nothing save that Sir Lupus despatch a messenger to the pleasure house, bidding Sir George dispose of his affairs so that the marriage fall within the first three days of June.

There were others, too, aides in new uniforms, a medical officer, who bustled about in the rôle of everybody's friend; and a parcel of young subalterns, very serious, very red, and very grave, as though the destiny of empires reposed in their blue-and-gold despatch pouches.

I crumpled the despatch into a ball and tossed it onto the live coals in the fireplace; the paper smoked, caught fire, and in a moment more the black flakes sank into the ashes.

" I opened the first despatch, looking at him keenly.

Look at the grin on himand his hatchet shined up like a Cayuga's war-axe!" I opened the despatch; it was from Schuyler, countermanding his instructions for me to go to Stanwix, and directing me to warn every settlement in the Kingsland district that McDonald and some three hundred Indians and renegades were loose on the Schoharie, and that their outlying scouts had struck Broadalbin.

I broke the wax of the second despatch; it was from Harrow, briefly thanking me for the capture of Beacraft, adding that the man had been sent to Albany to await court-martial.

" Two elements are indispensable in a successful trench-raidsurprise and despatch.

On the 28th of June, we were notified that the brig Olga had nearly all her cargo aboard, and would have "immediate despatch.

" Mr. Ferret I saw was getting into a brown study; and as I had pressing business to despatch, I got rid of him as speedily as I could, quite satisfied, spite of Z.Z., that Mrs. Grainger's chance of becoming Lady Compton was about equal to mine of ascending the British throne some fine day.

Popular feeling saw in the despatch of the man-of-war an unfriendly act which might easily have led to difficulty.

Rel., 1900, p. 609; Hay to White, March 20, 1900, citing Choate's despatch of April 26, 1900.]

In illustration of this important subject, I cannot do better than quote portions of a despatch from Colonel Barney to Sir Charles Fitzroy, dated Sydney, 20th July, 1847, published in a return ordered by the House of Commons: The extent of land fit for agriculture, within a few miles of the coast, far exceeds the expectations I had formed on my first visit.

[Footnote 179: #courrier#, despatch, here.