1230 examples of displeased in sentences

This policy displeased the Romans, who had now become habituated to plunder.

Thomas Shouldice was displeased, sorely, bitterly displeased: in fact, he was downright mad, and being an Irish Orangeman, this means that he was ready to fight.

Thomas Shouldice was displeased, sorely, bitterly displeased: in fact, he was downright mad, and being an Irish Orangeman, this means that he was ready to fight.

But so much of the time she is displeased, and then there's no doing anything with her.

Perhaps instinctively sensible of the regard that dwelt, warm with wonder, on the fair curve of her cheek, the perfect modelling of her nose and mouth, she looked swiftly askance, after a time, surprised his admiration, and as if not displeased smiled faintly as she returned attention to the road.

But I am displeased that she should undertake to put constructions on my acts that no attention or words of mine will justify.

But this had a far contrary effect: she was equally displeased with the states and with Leicester; and it was with difficulty that, after many humble submissions, they were able to appease her.

One's partiality to the English language seldom displeased me in Europe, but as this lady was a native of that part of the Pfalz whose people spoke a dialect more like the Pennsylvania German than I heard anywhere else, I insisted upon conversing with her in "the dialect."

Now, gentlemen, this kind of fantastic journey having displeased the editors of the Revue, it was suppressed.

Many of our visitors were displeased with the exhibition.

The French are displeased by the coldness of Austria and Prussia, and by the marching of Austrian and Prussian troops.

Nor more unfit for my displeased minde.

The older girls all seem displeased at her.

He had a habit of asking why, and of reasoning out a principle, from quite a little lad, which displeased people, so that he did not get all the credit from the schoolmaster and the clergyman to which his diligence and good conduct entitled him.

" I was startled with this plain-dealing; yet, there was something about the manner of the man that prevented my being displeased.

Under Hugh Capet it began to appear again; this the ecclesiastics were displeased with, and excommunicated all who let their hair grow.

Displeased, it will seem a bright vial of wrath, Uncorked by its heat, the offender to scath; And, taking occasion to let off its ire, 'Tis startling to witness how high it will fire.

He then whispered anxiously and angrily with his men, who answered in a dogged, obstinate fashion, that evidently displeased him; till, finally, rising from his seat, he bade them follow, and scarcely taking time to thank Nathan for his food and fire, passed out of the door and made from the house.

This displeased him very much.

The chief priests and scribes were greatly displeased, when they heard it, and "said unto him, hearest thou what these say?

He considered that Brigham was unduly surprised by the occurrence; almost displeased in fact; showing a tendency to attribute the day's good fortune to phenomena wholly natural.

Though I know you will be displeased with me, yet I hope when you shall find that I may have the genius of an actor without the vices, you will think less severe of me, and not be ashamed to own me for a brother."

"I was saying that you wore a displeased air almost as if you envied France her good fortune of to-day!"

Mr. Calvert, who sat directly behind her, could only see the pink ear and outline of the fair, displeased face thus turned away, but he thought she looked more imperiously lovely and more distant than the painted goddesses of the Olympian hierarchy who disported themselves, after the artist's fancy, upon the great dome of the hall.

On my return from Weissenfels, where I met my friend Körner from Dresden, I received your last letter but one, the contents of which pleased me for two reasons; for I perceive from it that the view I took of your mind coincides with your own feelings, and that you were not displeased with the candor with which I allowed my heart to express itself.

1230 examples of  displeased  in sentences