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1230 examples of  displeased  in sentences

1230 examples of displeased in sentences

Some orator would say something that displeased the public, and in a moment there would be the greatest uproar, protestations and accusations from all sides, some of the extreme Left getting up, gesticulating wildly, and shaking their fists at the speakerthe

Simeon, feeling that, if any one had displeased God more than others, it was certainly he, spent the day in prayer and fasting.

The little Pilgrim laid her hand upon the woman's arm,for she was afraid lest our Lord might be displeased, forgetting (for she was still imperfect) that He sees all that is in the soul, and understands and takes no offence,and said quickly, 'Oh, be not afraid; He will save them too.

Dissatisfied, discontented, displeased, malcontent, disgruntled.

She intrigued with each secretly, and bestowed her fondness and withdrew it, plied them with tears, smiles, kisses, caresses; when the mother was angry, flew to the father; when both were displeased, transferred her caresses to the domestics, or watched until she could win back her parents' good graces, either by surprising them into laughter and good-humour, or appeasing them by submissive and an artful humility.

Caesar, it is likely, was not much displeased at the omission, as it furnished him with a pretext for visiting the island once more and completing a conquest which he had only begun.

As the devil of ill-luck would have it, half the audience did not know that H. had written it, but were displeased at his stealing from the "Road to Ruin;" and those who might have home a gentlemanly coxcomb with his "That's your sort," "Go it,"such as Lewis is,did not relish the intolerable vulgarity and inanity of the idea stripped of his manner.

He suggested to the Pope that he was probably odious to the court on account of his previous employments and his writings; that some would perhaps look very coldly on a minister who had married a Protestant wife; and that the French Republic might be displeased if he should hold a high post at Rome.

All the way there I was as dull and as silent as I used to be in shire, because I was so sorry mamma had been displeased with me.

REPENTANCE AND RECONCILIATION JANE Mamma is displeased and looks very grave,

This policy displeased the Romans, who had now become habituated to plunder.

Thomas Shouldice was displeased, sorely, bitterly displeased: in fact, he was downright mad, and being an Irish Orangeman, this means that he was ready to fight.

Thomas Shouldice was displeased, sorely, bitterly displeased: in fact, he was downright mad, and being an Irish Orangeman, this means that he was ready to fight.

But so much of the time she is displeased, and then there's no doing anything with her.

Perhaps instinctively sensible of the regard that dwelt, warm with wonder, on the fair curve of her cheek, the perfect modelling of her nose and mouth, she looked swiftly askance, after a time, surprised his admiration, and as if not displeased smiled faintly as she returned attention to the road.

But I am displeased that she should undertake to put constructions on my acts that no attention or words of mine will justify.

People liked to complain of the press and newspaper notoriety, when in their hearts, perhaps, they were not so displeased to be in that terrible lime-light; especially when the person associated with them happened to be a count, or a duke, or a prince.

"No, of course not," whispered back Lizzy; and so, confident and secure in this belief, and in the anticipation of "fun," as they called the displeased astonishment they expected to see Marian express at the sight of her uninvited guest, and the guest's mortification thereat, the conspirators stepped softly along down the stairs and across the great hall into the beautiful brilliant parlor.

" The captain was astounded, though he knew not whether to be displeased or to rejoice.

"I thought I'd tell you," said the small boy, delightedly aware that the information displeased Brown.

My readers will probably not be displeased to have a specimen of this ode: 'Hei mihi!

Dr. Johnson was displeased at my bustling, and walking quickly up and down.

Goldsmith feels himself so important now, as to be displeased at it.

Sir Allan seemed displeased at his sister's vulgarity, and wondered how such a thought should come into her head.

'I am sadly afraid,' she writes, 'of Lady K.'s being displeased, and fancying I promoted this publication.

I am not displeased that thou art so apprehensive of my resentment, that I cannot miss a day without making thee uneasy.

As I hope to live (my dear) my mother smiled, and looked not displeased with me.

As Manasseh was the oldest, he placed him at the right hand of Jacob, but the old man wittingly and designedly laid his right hand on Ephraim, which displeased Joseph.

When anything that was read or related displeased him, he was observed to smoke his pipe vehemently, and to send forth short, frequent and angry puffs; but when pleased, he would inhale the smoke slowly and tranquilly, and emit it in light and placid clouds; and sometimes, taking the pipe from his mouth, and letting the fragrant vapor curl about his nose, would gravely nod his head in token of perfect approbation.

Mercy was displeased.

" Mrs. White lifted her eyes very slowly towards her son, and spoke in the measured syllables and unvibrating tone which always marked her utterance when she was displeased.

Mr. Van Torp asked the wholly superfluous question in a displeased tone.

This boldness and independence of course displeased the Dictator, who predicted his future.

This, it appeared, had taken it out of him a bit, and I was not displeased.

William had undertaken an expedition against Wales, and required the archbishop to furnish his quota of soldiers for that service; but Anselm, who regarded the demand as an oppression on the church, and yet durst not refuse compliance, sent them so miserably accoutred, that the king was extremely displeased, and threatened him with a prosecution [n].

The Earl of Cornwall, finding Henry peremptory in his commands, associated himself with the young Earl of Pembroke, who had married his sister, and who was displeased on account of the king's requiring him to deliver up some royal castles which were in his custody.

Roger de Thurkesby, one of the king's justices, was so displeased with the precedent, that he exclaimed, ALAS!

But this had a far contrary effect: she was equally displeased with the states and with Leicester; and it was with difficulty that, after many humble submissions, they were able to appease her.

But the King was so highly displeased with this ill success, that from that time he contracted a prejudice against the Earl, and soon after removed him from his command, and appointed the Earl of Hertford to succeed him.

We were not long in finding that she and her parents, with a serving-man or two, made all my aunt's household; and that she did very much work with her own hands, and would expect the like of us; a thing which displeased Althea not a little, but she said nothing of it, only to me, when we were got to our own chamber.

I spoke to him in the fear of the Lord; and he made no reply to what I said, but went away: he also had some concerns in the practice, and I thought he was displeased with me.

Such has been the influence exercised in the United States by the institution of slavery; it has forbidden authors to write, clergymen to preach, and almost individuals to think any thing that displeased it; it has invented the right of secession, in order to have at its disposal a formidable means of intimidation, and to place a threat behind each of its demands.

One's partiality to the English language seldom displeased me in Europe, but as this lady was a native of that part of the Pfalz whose people spoke a dialect more like the Pennsylvania German than I heard anywhere else, I insisted upon conversing with her in "the dialect."

Now, gentlemen, this kind of fantastic journey having displeased the editors of the Revue, it was suppressed.

Many of our visitors were displeased with the exhibition.

The French are displeased by the coldness of Austria and Prussia, and by the marching of Austrian and Prussian troops.

Has Conrad displeased you?"

Nor more unfit for my displeased minde.

He is sent away by his displeased parent to learn the virtue of obedience, while Anadea retires to St. Cloud to await her husband's return.

" Souwanas was not displeased at this interruption on the part of the children, and gladly availed himself of the opportunity thus offered to once more help himself to the sweets.

The older girls all seem displeased at her.

Johnson was not unnaturally displeased with the dialogue, and growled out, "Why should I be always writing?"

He had a habit of asking why, and of reasoning out a principle, from quite a little lad, which displeased people, so that he did not get all the credit from the schoolmaster and the clergyman to which his diligence and good conduct entitled him.

" I was startled with this plain-dealing; yet, there was something about the manner of the man that prevented my being displeased.

"Now," said Balin, as the two rode out of the town, "much I regret to have displeased King Arthur.

" Balin in reply told him of his adventures until the time they met, and added, "Truly I am very sad that King Arthur is displeased with me, for he is the most worshipful knight that reigneth on this earth.

" "As for that," said Balin, "I have little fear, but I regret beyond words that I have displeased my lord, King Arthur.

A.S. Society, says, in a letter, dated April 4, 1838: "I think it (slavery) ruinous to the temper and to our spiritual life; it is a thorn in the flesh, for ever and for ever goading us on to say and to do what the Eternal God cannot but be displeased with.

'I have often,' she said, 'when my women have displeased me, snatched their baby from their bosom, and running with it to a well, have tied my shawl round its shoulders and pretended to be drowning it:

The next child, not a little displeased with such disorderly movements, repeatedly seized the straggler by the frock, and pulled her into the ranks; but finally despaired of reducing her to subordination.

A.S. Society, says, in a letter, dated April 4, 1838: "I think it (slavery) ruinous to the temper and to our spiritual life; it is a thorn in the flesh, for ever and for ever goading us on to say and to do what the Eternal God cannot but be displeased with.

Under Hugh Capet it began to appear again; this the ecclesiastics were displeased with, and excommunicated all who let their hair grow.

" "Sometimes he called me when he was displeased with me.

Mamma will be so displeased.

He felt that she was not displeased: in reality the delight and anticipation she felt were beyond any power of hers to tell.

Displeased, it will seem a bright vial of wrath, Uncorked by its heat, the offender to scath; And, taking occasion to let off its ire, 'Tis startling to witness how high it will fire.

He then whispered anxiously and angrily with his men, who answered in a dogged, obstinate fashion, that evidently displeased him; till, finally, rising from his seat, he bade them follow, and scarcely taking time to thank Nathan for his food and fire, passed out of the door and made from the house.

This displeased him very much.

The chief priests and scribes were greatly displeased, when they heard it, and "said unto him, hearest thou what these say?

About a year before, in India, he had returned from a distant expedition to find a young cadet named Brown established as the habitual attendant on his wife and daughter, an arrangement which displeased him greatly, owing to the suggestions of another cadet, though no objection could be made to the youth's character or manners.

He considered that Brigham was unduly surprised by the occurrence; almost displeased in fact; showing a tendency to attribute the day's good fortune to phenomena wholly natural.

But while the Queen was bewildered by these conflicting claims, her ministers, who were anxious to retain the power in their own hands, were not displeased to see the number of candidates for place daily increase.

"Tell them," said the captain, "that I am much displeased.

The other replied to the same effect as in his letter, previously forwarded, and said also that he wished to converse with Pompey: but the people were displeased to hear this, fearing that some measures might be concerted against them.

And since he saw them displeased at what was going on and suspicious of the multitude of soldiers, he wished to encourage and to conciliate them somewhat, to the end that quiet might prevail in their quarter while he was conducting the war.

In the following sentence: 'Though he be displeased at it, I will bolt my door; and let him break it open if he dare:' may we not as well affirm, that and governs the imperative mood, as that though and if govern the subjunctive?"Churchill's Gram., p. 321. OBS.

"I hope it is not I that he is displeased with.

Though I know you will be displeased with me, yet I hope when you shall find that I may have the genius of an actor without the vices, you will think less severe of me, and not be ashamed to own me for a brother."

"I was saying that you wore a displeased air almost as if you envied France her good fortune of to-day!"

Mr. Calvert, who sat directly behind her, could only see the pink ear and outline of the fair, displeased face thus turned away, but he thought she looked more imperiously lovely and more distant than the painted goddesses of the Olympian hierarchy who disported themselves, after the artist's fancy, upon the great dome of the hall.

Returning refugees, a few days later, found Moussa very pleased-with himself and very displeased with uncooked putrid flesh.

On my return from Weissenfels, where I met my friend Kรถrner from Dresden, I received your last letter but one, the contents of which pleased me for two reasons; for I perceive from it that the view I took of your mind coincides with your own feelings, and that you were not displeased with the candor with which I allowed my heart to express itself.

They didn't like my tragedy, and I am very much displeased about it.

Once I remember walking with him just the same short walk, from his house to Sir William's, and our conversation fell upon Charles I., with regard to whose truth and honour I had used some expressions in a review, which had, as I heard, displeased him.

She was not displeased.

She felt hurt and displeased at his indifference, and resolved to play him a trick.

He is intelligent and handsomejust a miniature tiger, and growls like a new arrival from the jungle when he is displeased and he is a great ratter.

Try as I would, I wasn't able to hit upon any theory that supplied a solution to the conduct of either Lord Ralles or Miss Cullen, unless they were engaged and Miss Cullen displeased him by her behavior to me.

I was one of those whom this election had displeased; but with culpable timidity I had yielded to the authority of my superiors in dignity.

You know that fighting men are not likely to be laden with pretty things for to present to ladies; and for my part, I am sore displeased that I am in no wise well provided for making you such present as I am bound to make.

The treaty of the quadruple alliance had at last come to be definitively signed; Marshal d'Huxelles, head of the council of foreign affairs, an enemy to Dubois, and displeased at not having been invited to take part in the negotiations, at first refused his signature.

" Frederick II. had renovated affairs and spirits in Germany; the day after Rosbach, he led his troops into Silesia against Prince Charles of Lorraine, who had just beaten the Duke of Bevern; the King of Prussia's lieutenants were displeased and disquieted at such audacity.

" A beautiful letter addressed to the Regent and disavowing all the satirical writings which had been attributed to him, brought Arouet back to Paris at the commencement of the year 1717; he had been enjoying it for barely a few months when a new satire, entitled J'ai vu (I have seen), and bitterly criticising the late reign, engaged the attention of society, and displeased the Regent afresh.

Similarly Indian women of the Thompson tribe abstained from venison and the flesh of other large game during menstruation, lest the animals should be displeased and the menstrual flow increased.[240] For a similar reason, probably, Shuswap girls during their seclusion at puberty are forbidden to eat anything that bleeds.

Only Loki, the mischief-maker, was displeased, and he went in the guise of an old woman to Frigg, who told him that the weapons of the gods could not wound Balder, since she had made them all swear not to hurt him.

" The lady gave a displeased start.

The admiral was not at all displeased at this skirmish, as he imagined these Indians were Caribs, so much dreaded by all the other natives of Hispaniola; or at least, being a bold and resolute people, that they bordered on that race; and he hoped that the islanders on hearing how seven Spaniards had so easily defeated fifty-five fierce Indians, would give the more honour and respect to our men who had been left at the Nativity.

On the whole, Velasquez was well satisfied with the conduct of this expedition; though he appeared at first displeased with Grijalva, owing to the unjust aspersions which were thrown upon him by Avila and Montejo.

If you could turn over the leaves of these and say to me in a note that they impress you favourably, and that you are not displeased with his magazine article, I will make him a happy man by sending him the note.

At all events I did not go, and that displeased Goethe.