292 examples of disproves in sentences

in the British Museum disprove 'the possibility of De Foe's authorship.'

The last insinuation I took the trouble publickly to disprove; yet, like one of Pope's dunces, he persevered in 'the lie o'erthrown.'

When all the evidence for the defense has been introduced, the plaintiff may offer evidence in "rebuttal," that is, to contradict or disprove new matter adduced by the defense.

It would be difficult to disprove the contrary.

"He'll be restless," Graham said, "until the coroner comes, and proves or disproves his theory of murder.

The manner in which thou interposedst to save his life, when we were in that fearful jeopardy of the tempest, disproves thy words.

But this event, honourable as it is to the Duke M. de Montmorency, completely disproves the charge of dupery brought against us.

He replied: "In spite of all that is written, said, and done, this great, big, incontrovertible fact stands outthe Negro is progressing, and that disproves all the arguments in the world that he is incapable of progress.

Do I not disprove the theory that one drop of Negro blood renders a man unfit?"

Instead of sustaining the assumption of the British functionaries, that correspondence disproves the existence of any such agreement.

I have come to prove or disprove his death.

Sixthly, such examples as the last, "If he do but touch the hills," having the auxiliary do not inflected as in the indicative, disprove the whole theory.

Some experts however hold that the PREMIER has a magnificent opportunity for displaying his imagination by the choice of Mr. WELLS, who is burning to disprove the recent astounding allegation of General WILSON that the War could not have been won without the Universities.

"Witchcraft! ohimé, one never disproves that.

But sound opinion and instincts in that field depend upon nothing of the sort, but upon the emergence of a few quite simple facts, which are indisputable and self-evident, which stare us in the face, and which absolutely disprove all the elaborate theories of the Bellicist statesmen.

But what seems at once to disprove it is, that, according to Henslow's account, Dekker was paid 10l.

A sense of humor is not given to every man: Dr. Löbel remarks seriously that this disproves the slanderous assertion so often made that the Turks are incapable of true love!

As these regions have been known a few years only, the universality of this depravity disproves most emphatically the ridiculous notion that savages are naturally pure in their conduct and owe their degradation to intercourse with corrupt white men.

It conclusively disproves what it was intended to prove; that Jeffrey died by his own hand.

Your own experience disproves it.

The word 'believing,' when I use it, doesn't mean that a good man says it, and that I can't disprove it, but a sort of vital assent, so that I can act upon the belief almost as if I knew it.

It is a great deal easier to say this than to prove it, and a great deal easier to dispute it than to disprove it.

He disproves, out of their own mouths, the allegations of several writers who have made this exploded assertion about 'godless tribes.'

" "The document itself disproves your assertion," cried Aveline, with exultation.

" "How perfectly the last assertion disproves the first!"

292 examples of  disproves  in sentences