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292 examples of  disproves  in sentences

292 examples of disproves in sentences

Yet there are accredited professors of English who do not know these facts, and who, if called upon, could neither prove them nor disprove them.

All I can say in its favor, however, is that I cannot disprove it.

By no means, Sir, you had much better Have them in your Posteriors: for then the Ladies Can never disprove you; they'll not look there.

On the other hand, it must be recollected that the absence of any modification, while it may leave the doctrine of the existence of a law of change without positive support, cannot possibly disprove all forms of that doctrine, though it may afford a sufficient refutation of many of them.

We call it craftthe glory of the sophist, who could prove or disprove anything for gain or display; the glory of the successful adventurer, whose shrewdness made its market out of the stupidity and vice of the barbarian.

It may be practically admitted that no philosophy allows of strict demonstration, since, being a conception of the totality of things, it modifies our understanding of every principle by which one might attempt to prove or disprove it.

The fond complaint, my song, disprove, And justify the laws of Jove.

Unlike the twins, Fred Brydon liked hard work, and applied himself with great energy to the work of the farm, determined to disprove his angry father-in-law's words that he would never make a success of anything.

Not only did the prodigious crops of Chantebled disprove his theory of the bankruptcy of the earth, that villainous earth in which, like an obstinate peasant weary of toil and eager for speedy fortune, he asserted nothing more would grow; but now that mill of his, which he had so disdained, was born as it were afresh, growing to a gigantic size, and becoming in his son-in-law's hands an instrument of great wealth.

Well; who can disprove it?

Morton and Murray affirm, that they were written by the queen's hand; they were carefully concealed from Mary and her commissioners, and were never collated by one man, who could desire to disprove them.

in the British Museum disprove 'the possibility of De Foe's authorship.'

Sir Edward's heart was too full not to seek immediate relief, and as he had strong hopes of the innocence of the colonel, though he could give no reason for his expectation, he returned with him to the parlor, and in a few words acquainted him with the slanders which had been circulated at his expense; begging him by all means to disprove them as soon as possible.

If a man might disprove all the untruths in creation, he would hardly be a hair's breadth nearer the end of his own making.

One of these critics is a man who has no personal knowledge of wolves or caribou, who asserts that the animal has no possibility of reason or intelligence, and who has for years publicly denied the observations of other men which tend to disprove his ancient theory.

To disprove this the prisoner said he would like the men to be called.

Now, the government might positively disprove and exclude forty such suppositions; but, so long as one remained which was not excluded, you cannot find a verdict of conviction.

The shining face of a street clock that a short time before he had looked at, admonished him there were no moments to spare, if he would carry out his plan, his headstrong purposeto verify or disprove a certain wild theorywhich would take him where, lead to what?

He tells a tale no one can disprove, for the South Seas are full of small islands, some of which are probably unrecorded on the charts.

The last insinuation I took the trouble publickly to disprove; yet, like one of Pope's dunces, he persevered in 'the lie o'erthrown.'

But their appearance on such occasions did by no means disprove their low and abject state.

He accused her of having been found in the arms of a lover without the license of the priest; which, by the laws of Scotland, was a crime only to be expiated at the stake, unless a champion could be found to disprove the charge before the end of a month.

To disprove this, it would be sufficient to quote the greater part of that story from the Tatler of the Young Man restored to Sight, which Jago has introduced into his Edge-hill.

This is enough to disprove what Johnson is reported to have said of him, that he was a plant that flowered late; that there appeared nothing remarkable about him when he was young; though when he had got into fame, one of his friends began to recollect something of his being distinguished at college.

To protect you from this misfortune, I could almost be tempted to disprove the counsel given you, to prefer, to the company of women capable of inspiring esteem rather than love, the intercourse of those who pride themselves on being amusing rather than sedate and prim.

I remember a conversation in which, when some disrespectful remark was made about hell, a loyal friend of that establishment said triumphantly, โ€œBut, absurd as it may seem, you cannot disprove it.โ€

If you were told that in a certain planet revolving round Sirius there is a race of donkeys who talk the English language and spend their time in discussing eugenics, you could not disprove the statement, but would it, on that account, have any claim to be believed?

Besides, he found no man can use that freedom of hyperbole in the character of a person commonly known (as great ladies are) which we can in describing one so obscure and unknown that nobody can disprove him.

I made a statement to M. Hamard of the Sรปretรฉ in Paris, and they have already made a discovery which you will find of interest and somewhat difficult to disprove.

When all the evidence for the defense has been introduced, the plaintiff may offer evidence in "rebuttal," that is, to contradict or disprove new matter adduced by the defense.

Can he disprove that it was declared heretical by the Church in the second century to believe the written words of a dead Apostle in opposition to the words of a living Bishop, seeing that the same spirit which guided the Apostles dwells in and guides the Bishops of the Church?

It would be difficult to disprove the contrary.

It may be remarked that Mr. Dunning's success in carrying his first resolution did in itself, to a certain extent, disprove the truth of that resolution, since, if the influence of the crown had been such as he represented it, it must have been sufficient to insure its rejection.

Mr. Stapleton, however, gives no authority for this assertion, and he was probably mistaken, since Lord Liverpool's papers afford no corroboration of it, but rather tend to disprove it.

He thus confirmed the existence of a lake eastward of Lake Torrens (now Lake Frome), but achieved nothing to prove or disprove Eyre's theory of their continuity.

For many years he had desired to either verify or disprove the so-called fairy tales which were going the rounds concerning Yellowstone Park.

"He'll be restless," Graham said, "until the coroner comes, and proves or disproves his theory of murder.

The manner in which thou interposedst to save his life, when we were in that fearful jeopardy of the tempest, disproves thy words.

"It would be useless, even tedious, to attempt to disprove a burglar theory, but against it is the difficulty of entrance, the weight of the gold, the ingenious method of opening the safe, and the assumption that not more than six persons knew the money was in the safe; while a person in the house might have learned it in any of a dozen ways.

But this event, honourable as it is to the Duke M. de Montmorency, completely disproves the charge of dupery brought against us.

He replied: "In spite of all that is written, said, and done, this great, big, incontrovertible fact stands outthe Negro is progressing, and that disproves all the arguments in the world that he is incapable of progress.

Do I not disprove the theory that one drop of Negro blood renders a man unfit?"

Could Washington and Lincoln, for example, have been actuated by the motives attributed to them by their enemies?" Like all men who have become shining marks in the annals of history, Morse could not hope to escape calumny, and in later years he was accused of actions, and motives were imputed to him, which it becomes the duty of his biographer to disprove on the broad ground of moral impossibility.

Instead of sustaining the assumption of the British functionaries, that correspondence disproves the existence of any such agreement.

[Footnote 1: Douglass, The Life and Times, p. 250.] Vocational education, Douglass thought, would disprove the so-called mental inferiority of the Negroes.

Leave to the people an independent judiciary, and they will prove that man is capable of governing himself,they will be saved from what has been the fate of all other republics, and they will disprove the position that governments of a republican form cannot endure.

Too young, too ignorant, and too distressed to disprove the accusations or resent his individual view, I could only take refuge behind what I had heard and seen in camp, and declare, "I know it is not true; they were good people, and loved their babies, and were sorry for everybody.

The professors still maintained the integrity of their long-established ordinances, and, to disprove the assertions of the young pretender, even sent a commission to examine the temples in question.

In equity, we acknowledge that Lodovico's record on the ledger of the Ghirlandajo brothers proves their willingness to take him as a prentice, and their payment to him of two florins in advance; but the same record does not disprove Condivi's statement, derived from his old master's reminiscences, to the effect that Domenico Ghirlandajo was in no way greatly serviceable to him as an instructor.

We firmly believe that if the friends of emancipation had wished to disprove all that has ever been said about the ferocity and revengefulness of the negroes, and at the same time to demonstrate that they possess, in a pre-eminent degree, those other qualities which render them the fit subjects of liberty and law, they could not have done it more triumphantly than it has been done by the apprenticeship.

We firmly believe that if the friends of emancipation had wished to disprove all that has ever been said about the ferocity and revengefulness of the negroes, and at the same time to demonstrate that they possess, in a pre-eminent degree, those other qualities which render them the fit subjects of liberty and law, they could not have done it more triumphantly than it has been done by the apprenticeship.

It is a curious fact, but one which it would be rather difficult to disprove, that children not unfrequently are the very opposites of their parents, in qualities such as I have described.

I have come to prove or disprove his death.

It will be observed, however, that we do not say an idea may not be denied; but to deny is not to disprove.

Nor does the actual cessation of these primeval forms, or the after presence of their fragmentary, nay, disfigured relics, disprove their reality, or their original integrity, as we could not else call them up in their proper forms at any future time, to the reacknowledging their truth: a resuscitation and result, so to speak, which many have experienced.

And this is Genius, which no criticism can ever disprove.

"Do we have to disprove these charges by affidavits?"

The defence set up was an alibi, and Cicero came forward as a witness to disprove it: he had met and spoken with Clodius in Rome that very evening.

I have only elicited the fact to disprove your theory.

It had been claimed at Washington that the whole thing was a plot to discredit the United States government in the eyes of the nations of Europe, and Ned Nestor and his chums had been sent out to search the wreck for papers which would disprove the statements made.

And as the conversational superiorities of woman disprove the supposed social inspirations of tobacco, so do her more refined perceptions yet more emphatically pronounce its doom.

Forsworn thyself: the traitor's odious name I first return, and then disprove thy claim.

If none of our older grammars disprove his assertion, it is time to have a new one that will; for, to expect the perfection of grammar from him who cannot treat the subject in a style at once original and pure, is absurd.

Sixthly, such examples as the last, "If he do but touch the hills," having the auxiliary do not inflected as in the indicative, disprove the whole theory.

In the first place, its whole design was, to disprove what is true.

Such expressions as, "If thou do love, If he do love," appear to disprove this doctrine.

Some experts however hold that the PREMIER has a magnificent opportunity for displaying his imagination by the choice of Mr. WELLS, who is burning to disprove the recent astounding allegation of General WILSON that the War could not have been won without the Universities.

The fact is that the harsh feudal forest laws were rigidly enforced by the Conqueror, who no doubt in some places swept away the villages and churches of rebellious foresters, but the very qualities of the forest soil disprove the fact that the land was once all "smiling pastures and golden cornfields," as some of the old historians would have us believe.

One can only find out by eating it; and, as I have said, it may be your luck to disprove the proverb and both eat your cake and have it.

The facts of her life disprove it.

The eagerness to cast blame on old England in the one ease, and on New England in the other, does not disprove the sameness of the two things.

It does not, of course, in any respect disprove their purpose that, in the event, this object was never attained, and that an unsatisfactory Turco-Persian border still illustrates at this day the failures of Selim I and Mohammed IV.

The eagerness to cast blame on old England in the one case, and on New England in the other, does not disprove the sameness of the two things.

"Witchcraft! ohimรฉ, one never disproves that.

All that can be said is that there is nothing to disprove it and that it is not inherently improbable.

But sound opinion and instincts in that field depend upon nothing of the sort, but upon the emergence of a few quite simple facts, which are indisputable and self-evident, which stare us in the face, and which absolutely disprove all the elaborate theories of the Bellicist statesmen.

In the single county of Galway the records of the times showas may easily be verifiedan extraordinary number of deaths of this type, a fact which alone goes far to disprove those accusations of heartlessness and indifference which have in some instances been too lightly flung.

But what seems at once to disprove it is, that, according to Henslow's account, Dekker was paid 10l.

A sense of humor is not given to every man: Dr. Lรถbel remarks seriously that this disproves the slanderous assertion so often made that the Turks are incapable of true love!

As these regions have been known a few years only, the universality of this depravity disproves most emphatically the ridiculous notion that savages are naturally pure in their conduct and owe their degradation to intercourse with corrupt white men.

But of the dozen or so cases he cites, several rest on unreliable evidence, some have nothing to do with the question at issue, and others prove exactly the contrary of what he asserts; while, more suo, he placidly ignores the mass of facts which disprove his assertion that "women are not, as a rule, married without having any voice of their own in the matter."

His work left me fully convinced of what he endeavoured to disprove; and showed me, that the piece you mention is not the only one that he has written against moderation.

+Theme C.+Present all the evidence you can either to prove or disprove one of the following propositions: Select some question of local interest as: 1.

His tongue will tell you his experience, and under the questioning of a shrewd employer prove or disprove its statements as it runs along.

If he is not speaking the truth, you can easily disprove it.

Jinny did not quite like being left alone with her in that solitary place, and partly on this account, partly to disprove her ridiculous assertion, bent her steps towards the shore, calling loudly to her husband to return.

It conclusively disproves what it was intended to prove; that Jeffrey died by his own hand.

Your own experience disproves it.

The word 'believing,' when I use it, doesn't mean that a good man says it, and that I can't disprove it, but a sort of vital assent, so that I can act upon the belief almost as if I knew it.

It is a great deal easier to say this than to prove it, and a great deal easier to dispute it than to disprove it.

He disproves, out of their own mouths, the allegations of several writers who have made this exploded assertion about 'godless tribes.'

Happily, he lived to disprove his own maxim.

according as they are specified in the forsaid Catechism; and so, by an infallible consequence, they excommunicate the Queen and Parliament, who are grossly guilty of the most of them, only they have not the courage ingenuously and freely to own and express the consequence, but that it follows natively and necessarily from the premises, even according to their own principles, they will never be able to disprove.

Rely on it, Madam, Lady Exeter will contradict that assertion, and disprove it.

" "The document itself disproves your assertion," cried Aveline, with exultation.

In the evening we stood off to seaward, and during the night, while trying to avoid it, probably passed over the assigned position of a reef laid down on one of the charts as having been seen in 1804, but without being able to confirm or disprove its existence.

It would rest with the prosecution to disprove his existence in the body, especially as the bones in the vault cannot be identified.

" "How perfectly the last assertion disproves the first!"

That, Sir, was the tissue of lies which that jailbird had concocted for my undoing, knowing well that I could not disprove them because it had been my task on that eventful morning to keep an eye on M. le Marquis whilst he went to the Mont de Piรฉtรฉ first, and then to MM.

For this purpose I had been obliged to don a disguise, which I had not discarded till later in the day, and thus was unable to disprove satisfactorily the monstrous lies told by that perjurer.