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2448 example sentences with  dissolve

2448 example sentences with dissolve

We expect to prorogue on Friday and dissolve on Saturday.

My expectation is that they will say they neither have interfered nor will interfere to dissolve the union between Holland and Belgium.

All civil charms And priestly spells which late held hearts in awe Fear-bound, subjected to a better sway Than sway of self; these like a dream dissolve, And man rebounds whole รฆons back in nature.

It was most desirable to clear up all doubts and dissolve all skepticism.

Take a grain or two of opium, and dissolve it with three or four drops of rosewater in a spoon, and after mingle with it as much Unguentum populeum as a nut, use it as before: or else take half a dram of opium, Unguentum populeum, oil of nenuphar, rosewater, rose-vinegar, of each half an ounce, with as much virgin wax as a nut, anoint your temples with some of it, ad horam somni.

The right of a firm to dissolve its partnership with any one partner, breach of contract having been proved, and publicly to announce the same, is common to all men as social beings.

Notwithstanding this, the Royal Government will accept the demand of the I. and R. Government and dissolve the society Narodna Odbrana, as well as every society which should act against Austria-Hungary.

Still, at Aspasia's voice, a sudden rapture Exalts my soul, and fortifies my heart; The glitt'ring vanities of empty greatness, The hopes and fears, the joys and pains of life, Dissolve in air, and vanish into nothing.

"Prussia relies upon the armistice to enervate and dissolve our armies; she hopes that the Assembly, meeting after so long a succession of disasters, and under the impression of the terrible fall of Paris, wilt be timid and weak, and ready to submit to a shameful peace.

If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.

To the Senate of the United States: * * * * * The governor of the Mississippi Territory having thought it expedient to dissolve the general assembly of that Territory, according to the authority vested in him by the ordinance of July 13, 1787, and having declared it dissolved accordingly, some doubt was suggested whether that declaration effected the dissolution of the legislative council.

The sal soda will dissolve more readily in hot water.

Dissolve the ammonium persulphate in the water and add the ammonia.

Powder the persulphate and carbonate together, dissolve in the water and add the ammonia; mix thoroughly and allow to stand for one hour before using.

Dissolve a tablespoonful of ordinary baking soda in a little water and add it to four quarts of water.

In spite of ourselves, we became eager and excited, half fearing that the whole pageant would dissolve the next moment, and leave no trace behind.

Then it changed and he seemed to dissolve into a hideous heap.

This brought the new Government to a complete standstill, and, faced with absolute anarchy, the Council of Ministers had no alternative but to dissolve the old Directorate of Five and centre the supreme power in one person, to whom the Council of Ministers would be responsible for the administration of their several departments.

Eopuco I take to be from the verb puch or puk, to melt, to dissolve, to shell corn from the cob, to spoil; hence puk, spoiled, rotten, podrida, and possibly ppuch, to flog, to beat.

"But, though I cull the fairest flower That decks the breast of spring, And posies from the woodland bower For Daphne's bosom bring, "When I attempt to give the fair, With many a speech in store, My half-form'd words dissolve in air, I blush and dare no more.

But how important a thing it is to speak harmoniously, you may know by experience if you dissolve the carefully-contrived arrangement of a skilful orator by a transposition of his words; for then the whole thing would be spoilt, as in this instance of our language in the Cornelian oration, and in all the following sentences: "Neque me divitiae movent, quibus omnes

And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve

Strong acids, such as sulphuric acid and nitric acid, also dissolve it.

Dissolve the salts in the acid, add little by little the subacetate of lead, and well shake the mixture.

Our citizens have not entered its territories for the purpose of obstructing its laws, nor do we wish to do so, nor would we justify any individual in such act; yet we have been branded and stigmatized by its friends and advocates, both in the free and slave States, as incendiaries, fanatics, disorganizers, enemies to our country, and as wishing to dissolve the Union.

To dissolve slavery, is to dissolve the Union.

To dissolve slavery, is to dissolve the Union.

Why wish to dissolve it?

It is in perfect keeping with the threat we almost daily hear; that if petitioners do not cease their efforts in the exercise of their constitutional rights, others will dissolve the Union.

As the Southern States would not confederate without this clause, he asked, if gentlemen would rather dissolve the confederacy than to suffer this temporary inconvenience, admitting it to be such?

Equal parts of sal ammoniac and nitre are then to be finely powdered, and mixed together, and subsequently added to the Glauber's salts, stirring the powders well together; after which adding water sufficient to dissolve the salts, a degree of cold will be produced, frequently below Zero of Fahrenheit.

12.Goethe read me the thoroughly noble poem, "Kein Wesen kann zu nichts zerfallen" (No being can dissolve to nothing), which he had lately written.

But when bishop and abbot were one and the same, the monks still claimed the right of election, and so for generations the history of the diocese is a tale of strife and bickering, and how it was that pope, king or archbishop did not perceive that it was a case of hopeless incompatibility of temper, or, perceiving it, did not dissolve the union or get it dissolved is difficult to see.

To your ambition next he clears the way; For if succession once to nought they bring, 260 Their next advance removes the present king: Persisting else his senates to dissolve, In equal hazard shall his reign involve.

New ideas, however ardently preached, will dissolve no society which was not already in a condition of profound disorganisation.

It remain'd to dissolve another still more irrational prepossession, that a Taylor cannot be a Poet.

When the spirits take alarm, Prompt to anger, grief, or spleen, Reason can dissolve the charm, And say, 'tis a fictitious scene.

Under these circumstances they had convoked a general assembly at La Rochelle, in order to decide upon the measures necessary for their preservation; and although warned immediately to dissolve the meeting, they had refused compliance with the royal edict, even while aware that they were not strong enough to contend with any prospect of ultimate success.

Accordingly, on the advice of the soothsayers, they offered many expiatory sacrifices and voted that a larger statue of Jupiter should be set up, looking toward the east and the Forum, in order that the conspiracies by which they were distraught might dissolve.

But the first two Esses in possess, or any of its regular derivatives, as well as the two in dissolve, or its proximate kin, sound like two Zees; and the soft or flat sound is commonly given to each s in hyssop, hussy, and hussar.

But the charm began to dissolve; and from the time of that representation, they seem gradually, but perceptibly, to have declined in favour.

'Tis we alone who, waxing old, Look on her with an aspect cold, Dissolve her in our burning tears, Or clothe her with the mists of years!

Would that produce "The Last Judgment" of Spohr, that made you dissolve in tears?

If you mean that it is our aim to dissolve the Union, I for myself answer that it is untrue; for those who act with me I answer that it is untrue.

This is a grave charge you make against us, and we certainly have a right to demand that you specify in what way we are to dissolve the Union.

His charge is that if we elect a President and Vice-President both from the free-States it will dissolve the Union.

You do not pretend that it ought to dissolve the Union, and the facts show that it won't; therefore the charge may be dismissed without further consideration.

No other specification is made, and the only one that could be made is, that the restoration of the restriction of 1820 making the United States territory free territory would dissolve the Union.

We, the majority, being able constitutionally to do all that we purpose, would have no desire to dissolve the Union.

We, the majority, would not strive to dissolve the Union; and if any attempt is made it must be by you, who so loudly stigmatize us as disunionists.

We don't want to dissolve it, and if you attempt it we won't let you.

We do not want to dissolve the Union; you shall not.

Perhaps the most distinctively representative quality these addresses exhibit is the patriotic spirit and faith which led him to declare so dogmatically in this campaign of 1856, what the nation called upon him a few years later to execute by the stern powers of war, "We do not want to dissolve the Union; you shall not."

But on the word they saw the scene dissolve into a new one.

"I must begin by informing you, that the proposed decree of the Convention to dissolve themselves and call a new Assembly, was a mere coquettry.

To find some objection to every thing, and to dissolve in perpetual laziness under pretence that occasions are wanting to call forth activity, to laugh at those who are ridiculously busy without setting an example of more rational industry, is no less in the power of the meanest than of the highest intellects.

Strictly speaking, only about four-tenths of a cubic inch of potash holds this enormous power in connection with it so as to form a cubic inch of saltpetre, which we may handle and bruise, may melt and cool, dissolve and crystallize, without explosion or change.

It is customary for housekeepers to pour a hot solution of soda or potash down the sink pipes occasionally, to dissolve any grease which may tend to obstruct the passage; but this is only a partial safeguard, as there is no certainty that all the grease will be dissolved, and any particles adhering to the pipes very soon undergo putrefaction.

Bicarbonate of soda and lime is added to help dissolve the albuminoids, and sometimes diastase to aid the conversion of the starch into sugar; but there is nothing in this preparatory process that so alters the chemical nature of the grain as to make it possible to cook it ready for easy digestion in five or ten minutes.

Add the slices of lemon, and pour over all a very little boiling water to thoroughly dissolve the sugar; let it stand ten or fifteen minutes, then add the necessary quantity of cold water, and serve.

Or rub the sugar over the outside of the lemons to flavor it, and make it into a syrup by adding sufficient boiling water to dissolve it.

Other betrothal shall dissolve, Wedlock of will decay; Only the keeper of this seal Conquers mortality.

To make clear Cakes of Gooseberries:Take your white Dutch gooseberries when they are thorough ripe, break them with your fingers and squeeze out all the pulp into a fine piece of cambrick or thick muslin to run thro' clear; then weigh the juice and sugar one against the other; then boil the juice a little while, then put in your sugar and let it dissolve, but not boil; scum it and put it into glasses, and stove it in a warm stove.

To make small White Mead:Take three gallons of spring-water and make it hot, and dissolve in it three quarts of honey and a pound of loaf sugar; and let it boil about half an hour, and scum it as long as any rises, then pour it out into a tub, and squeeze in the juice of four lemons; put in the rinds of but two; twenty cloves, two races of ginger, a top of sweet-briar, and a top of rosemary.

To clear Wine:Take half a pound of hartshorn, and dissolve it in cyder, if it be for cyder, or Rhenish-wine for any liquor: this is enough for a hogshead.

A faint bluish haze appeared to confuse the outlines of the trees, but as he lingered looking at them and at the house which he had now fully decided to take for his home, Mr. Melcombe saw this haze dissolve itself and retreat; there was light enough to make the paleness whiter, and to show the distinct brown trunk of each pear-tree, with the cushions of green moss at its roots.

ATTEND!" which arraigned, with uncommon spirit and boldness, the course of the officials who were urging the policy of arbitrary power, as having a direct tendency "to dissolve the union between Great Britain and her colonies."

Dissolve two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of mustard in one-half cup of vinegar; salt, pepper and paprika to taste, and then stir this slowly into the cream and eggs.

There are some prophets of evil who tell us that the Union is going to dissolve.

L. E. D.This gum is of a strong body, and does not perfectly dissolve in water.

The next day, his first care was to distribute fifty pounds among his friends, the cadgers, at a "house of call" in Westminster, and formally to dissolve his connection with them; those present undertaking for the "fraternity," that for the future he should never be noticed by them in public or private.

In the letter he discusses at length the programme; he does not attach much importance to the homage; it would be much better to come to terms on the military question, break with the Chamber, and dissolve.

ยงยง 376, 377.a Could one state dissolve the Union?

We, to the utmost of our power, weaken and dissolve the universal tie, that binds and unites mankind.

While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war, insurgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without warseeking to dissolve the Union and divide effects by negotiation.

Dissolve this in benzole, and use in the same way as glycerine.

To prepare it, dissolve one-half ounce of Dammar rosin and one-half ounce of gum mastic in three ounces of benzole, and filter.

Agustรญn de Iturbide attempts to dissolve the Mexican Empire.

Iodic acid is a white solid that can dissolve in water to make an acidic solution.

Liquids may dissolve in other liquids and gases in other gases.

Sometimes two or more liquids mixed together are needed to dissolve a crystal.

The hydrate (type with water molecules attached) can dissolve in water.

The ones that dissolve in water or stomach acid are very toxic.

These powers, along with the powers to dissolve (or refuse to dissolve) parliament (Section 5, Section 57), are termed "

These powers, along with the powers to dissolve (or refuse to dissolve) parliament (Section 5, Section 57), are termed "

Dissolve the sugar in the juice on medium heat, then bring to a boil.

Dissolve your church and spread out to other congregations in the area.

Now theyโ€™re behaving like battered spouses afraid to dissolve the marriage.

Oban Art Society has made the difficult decision to dissolve the group and distribute any assets to other like-minded bodies over the next year.

The permission of the AG is required for a nonprofit to dissolve and transfer its assets.

By looking for the blessings in every person and event in your life, you will begin to dissolve feelings of fear and guilt, bringing more ease and well-being to your body and mind.

Dr. Gosse says there are other challenges the characters would face in this scenario, such as procuring enough acid to dissolve a body.

Easier to dissolve - It is easier to dissolve a partnership than a corporation.

Easier to dissolve - It is easier to dissolve a partnership than a corporation.

For nothing is so apt to dissolve love as fear, and a suspicion of treachery.

He gives a moral pledge that between the minute that the rule is changed and the time that his own speech is finished he will not dissolve the House.

And while itโ€™s not clear that youโ€™d want to encourage sea animals to eat beer packaging โ€” biodegradable or otherwise โ€” if this packaging does make it to sea, at least it's possible it will dissolve or can be consumed.

As a gas, radon can also dissolve in groundwater and enter homes in rural areas via the well water supply.

That something so beautiful and painstakingly created needs to dissolve into creation nudges me toward seeing a purpose greater than my enjoyment of cooking, the practicality of my work or even the pleasure of eating a good meal.

Trinitrobenzene sulfonate (TNBS) 10g in 10ml HO, heat to dissolve and remove black flecks of oil by centrifugation.