5890 examples of distress in sentences

I feel, I know, that you can relieve the distress of this miserable mother and devoted sister.

A real, deep, tender feeling will prompt one to do all he can to alleviate distress or add to the world's joy.

My dear, did you really find that your 'trouble' was of your own making, and did you really change ANYTHING except your own amount of distress during the process of disintegration?

And oftimes the vivacious and angelic Duchess of Devonshire, whose bloom had not then suffered from the canker-worm of pecuniary distress, created by the luxury of charity!

She was very young and her distress was obvious.

One article of furniture after another was reluctantly sacrificed, or some little comfort abridged, until, at the end of months of degradation and absolute distress, their bare board was spread within bare walls, and it became necessary to beg, to starve, or to remove.

I only wanted him to please my wife; she will be very much disappointed, as she has his wife washing for her, and she will be in great distress at parting with her husband.

Some of us have seen that happen, many have heard of it; few can think without real sympathy of such mortal suffering and distress.

All that is in a Man's Power to do to advance his own Pomp and Glory, and forbears, is so much laid up against the Day of Distress; and Pity will always be his Portion in Adversity, who acted with Gentleness in Prosperity.

The remaining Part of this Dialogue is very obscure: There is something in it that would make us think Socrates hinted at himself, when he spoke of this Divine Teacher who was to come into the World, did not he own that he himself was in this respect as much at a Loss, and in as great Distress as the rest of Mankind.

But from me what can proceed But all corrupt Who can afterwards behold the Father of Mankind extended upon the Earth, uttering his midnight Complaints, bewailing his Existence, and wishing for Death, without sympathizing with him in his Distress?

thy gentle Looks, thy Aid, Thy Counsel, in this uttermost Distress, My only Strength, and Stay!

When this Passion is represented by Writers, it is common with them to endeavour at certain Quaintnesses and Turns of Imagination, which are apparently the Work of a Mind at ease; but the Men of true Taste can easily distinguish the Exertion of a Mind which overflows with tender Sentiments, and the Labour of one which is only describing Distress.

Whence thou return'st, and whither went'st, I know; For God is also in Sleep, and Dreams advise, Which he hath sent propitious, some great Good Presaging, since with Sorrow and Heart's Distress Wearied

"Come, come, Mr. Claridge," Hewitt said more placably, for he had gained his point; "don't distress yourself, and don't attempt to deceive meyou can't, I assure you.

That in distress she crawl'd for aid to you?

A poor negro man was lying upon a couch, apparently in great distress; a more miserable object can hardly be conceived.

Their yearnings over human distress are so intense, that they beg the privilege of performing all operations, and furnishing all the medical attention needed, gratis, feeling that the relief of misery is its own reward!!!

Such a state of things, in a country professing to be moral and christian, is a disgrace to human nature and is well calculated, to induce those abroad unacquainted with our general habits and feelings, to regard the morals of our people in no very enviable light; and does more to injure and weaken our political institutions than years of pecuniary distress.

But," he added, seeing the tears streaming down my cheeks, "I will not distress you by dwelling on the misery you have occasioned her.

The mother, in her distress and anxiety, caught at a hope as an assurance which the daughter could not feel.

Through all its distress her heart exulted in the thought that he was faithful in his service to suffering humanity, even when love itself beckoned him away.

No experience of their individual lives had ever presented such a daily ordeal of physical distress; none had ever been so devastating to hope and spirit.

If mental distress and physical discomfort can constitute vengeance Ben was already avenged.

In spite of all his endeavours, the tears gushed from the young man's eyes, and the Commodore, perceiving his distress, made a last effort and consoled him in these words: "Swab the spray from your bowsprit, my good lad, and coil up your spirits.

5890 examples of  distress  in sentences