8968 examples of distributes in sentences

Then, taking fine white woollen cloth, all sorts of precious things, and articles which the Sramans require, he distributes them among them, uttering vows at the same time along with all his ministers; and when this distribution has taken place, he again redeems whatever he wishes from the monks.

The painter distributes his masses with a view to general effect; so does the musician: writers seldom do so.

When they talk of things thus obscure and unintelligible, not merely to offer their opinions as conjectures, but boldly to urge and insist upon them: to do everything but swear, that the sun {161} is a mass of liquid fire, that the moon is inhabited, that the stars drink water, and that the sun draws up the moisture from the sea, as with a well- rope, and distributes his draught over the whole creation?

God distributes different gifts to different people.

Third, it distributes the legislative, executive and judicial powers, which make up the sum total of all government, into three separate departments, and specifically limits the powers of the officers in each department.

He rules the wind, can calm the seas and stop fire, and he distributes wealth among men.

Within that court is a great palace, in which the khan holds feasts twice a-year, once in Easter, and the other in summer; but the latter is the greater, as all the nobles meet then at the court, when the khan distributes garments among them, and displays all his magnificence.

When that work was finished, he distributes garrisons, and closely fortifies redoubts, in order that he may the more easily intercept them, if they should attempt to cross over against his will.

Tuesday, 11th April: Marshal MacMahon, Commander-in-Chief, distributes his forces.

He then places the parts of the pole at the side of the blanket next the square end of shelter half, near and parallel to the fold, end of pole about 6 inches from the edge of the blanket; nests the pins similarly near the opposite edge of the blanket find distributes the other articles carried in the roll; folds the triangular end and then the exposed portion of the bottom of the shelter half over the blanket.

He distributes it as he pleases; he raises it to the top of steep mountains, and makes use of its weight to let it fall, in order to rise again, as high as it was at first.

From their dripping shades she distributes the waters, which she has garnered from the skies, over the plain and the valley: and the husbandman, before he has learned the marvels of science, worships the beneficent Naiad, who draws the waters of her fountain from heaven, and from her sanctuary in the groves showers them upon the arid glebe and adds new verdure to the plain.

Secondly, the manner in which the animal distributes his weightnamely, upon the heelsis calculated to aid in the bone's backward movement, for with his feet in this position tension upon the extensor pedis is relaxed, while that upon the flexor perforans is greatly increased.

" In the progress of day, "Shorn of his glory through the dim profound, With melancholy aspect looks the orb Of stifled day, and while he strives to pierce And dissipate the slow reluctant gloom, Seems but a rayless globe, an autumn moon, That gilds opaque the purple zone of eve, And yet distributes of her thrifty beam.

"It were no preposterous conceit to affirm, that nature typifies in each individual man the several offices and orders which our commonwealth distributes to the several ranks and functionaries of the state.

"Slavery merely serves to appropriate the wages of laborit distributes wealth, but cannot create it."

From the congressional page who distributes the copies of a pending bill, up through the representatives and senators who vote for it, to the president whose signature makes the measure a law, all are entirely unacquainted with this people or their needs.

The good business employs men, feeds them, clothes them, shelters them, generously distributes among them the goods that nourish life; the bad business contrives to levy tribute on the resources out of which they are fed and clad and nourished, and thus enriches itself by impoverishing the life of the multitude.

Simcoe, Lieutenant-Governor of Canada, builds fort on Miami; corresponds with Carondolet; distributes Dorchester's speech.

A soldier always accompanies the warder who distributes the food, to see that no word is spoken.

Communicating the fire to the tow, the tow communicates it to a candle, the candle to a fir-torch, the torch to a cartful of peats, which the master of the ceremonies, with pious ejaculations for the success of the experiment, distributes to messengers, who will proceed with portions of it to the different houses within the said two running streams, to kindle the different fires.

He does not depend altogether upon the incidents of the road, or the raptures of sight-seeing, or any odd fantasy that buildings or scenery may be kind enough to suggest: he provides himself with full half of his materials before he starts, in the shape of historical anecdote and romantic story, which he distributes as he goes along.

A system so unequal and unjust has been superseded by the existing law, which imposes duties not for the benefit or injury of classes or pursuits, but distributes and, as far as practicable, equalizes the public burdens among all classes and occupations.

It receives and distributes nerve-impulses and currents to all the abdominal organs, and supplies the main organs of nutrition, assimilation, etc., with nervous energy.

With a certain fiery impartiality which stirs the blood, Scott distributes his noble orations equally among saints and villains.

8968 examples of  distributes  in sentences