Do we say distrust or mistrust

distrust 1252 occurrences

There might even be a plausible defence set up for it, if it sprang from that formulated distrust of the energetic rational judgment in comparison with the emotional, affective, contemplative parts of man, which underlies the various forms of religious mysticism.

For Waally himself no great distrust was felt, since he had never been allowed to see much of the channels of the group; but it was very different with the sea-going Kannakas, who had been employed by the colonists.

But the other man was not so troubled, and was always very cheerful, saying to his neighbor: "Never distrust Providence.

Why will ye, O ye faithless ones, Distrust your Father's care?

"Nor can I forbear reminding her Majesty," he concluded, "with the same frankness as I formerly used towards her, that, after what has passed, it would be impossible for the King not to feel great distrust, which it will be expedient to exert all her energies to overcome, in order to build up the desired reconciliation on a solid foundation.


He must; according to them, distrust every one, even wife or son.

So in spite of their fears they kept him, but he was watched incessantly; and after his tusks were broken he became even more rebellious, and grew to distrust every one about him.

Whiles, when you deal w' a man and he tells you more than you think he can do, you come to distrust him altogether.

The seditious poet, not content with making an open attack upon us, by declaring, in plain terms, that he looks upon freedom as the only source of publick happiness, and national security, has endeavoured with subtilty, equal to his malice, to make us suspicious of our firmest friends, to infect our consultations with distrust, and to ruin us by disuniting us.

All her sadness and reserve, her distrust and her fear, had vanished; and rising confidence mingling with the love she had ever borne to him, she taught herself even to seek his opinion, and be guided by his advice.

The physician took care to hide his real motive and his distrust of Soane's discretion under a show of heartiness.

Some became rather attached to the officers who came among them; others grew rather to dislike them: most felt merely a vague sentiment of distrust and repulsion, alike for the haughty British officer in his scarlet uniform, and for the reckless backwoodsman clad in tattered homespun or buckskin.

The direct reverse was the case during and after the Revolution; for the jealousy and distrust which the different States felt for one another were bitter to a degree.

They had the justifiable distrust of the militia felt by all the officers of the Continental Army.

Modern times and civilized society have more than once seen despotic sovereigns filled with distrust towards scholars of exalted intellect, especially such as cultivated the moral and political sciences, and little inclined to admit them to their favor or to public office.

But from that time forward open distrust and hatred were established between the two princes and their families.

Some of his advisers, with more distrust and more prevision, pressed him to order the arrest of so dangerous a man, notwithstanding his protestations; but Francis refused.

Distrust and disquiet reigned amongst the French colonists; the ardor of conquest fired the English, who had for a long while coveted the valley of the Ohio and its fertile territories.

Until this moment the vice governatore had been rather indifferent and inattentive as to what occurred; but the two exclamations of Raoul awakened a vague distrust in his mind, which, while it had no direct object, was certainly pregnant with serious consequences to the Frenchman himself.

Strange tales, too, came to her (mostly anonymously) of Milan's amours in Paris, in Vienna, and half a dozen of his other haunts of pleasure, until her love, poisoned at its very springing, turned to suspicion and distrust of the man to whom she had given her heart.

He looked upon the people with distrust, and upon the king with veneration: the people had good claim to be well governed, and British Imperialism had the divine right to govern them well.

For some reason which I have not yet discovered, but it may have been distrust, he had not informed his confederate as to the whereabouts of the object of their entrance.

PERDICCAS, a favourite general of Alexander the Great, who, when on his deathbed, took his signet ring off his finger and gave it to him; he became an object of distrust after Alexander's death, and was assassinated in Egypt.

His impassioned devotion to Vera had led to nothing at all, his enthusiasm for Russia had led to a most unsatisfactory Revolution, and his fatherly protection of Markovitch had inspired apparently nothing more fruitful than distrust.

mistrust 316 occurrences

He mistrusted it, as nature had taught him to mistrust the touch of all men's hands, but he permitted it because he saw that it in some way pleased the girl.

No more those pearly tears of thine fall useless in the dust No more the jealous fear distract thy bosom with mistrust.

Whence this mistrust of your faithful Anno, who has served you so loyally and zealously these many years?" Lucifer pointed significantly to the gag and fetters.

or do you mistrust your kinsfolk and friends in such sort, as without trial to decline their aid?

To see him think her demoralized by mistrust of the sincerity of the service to be meddlesomely rendered her by his future wifeshe would have hurled herself publicly into the lake there at their side, would have splashed, in her beautiful clothes, among the frightened swans, rather than invite him to that ineptitude.

Isolation thus begets enmity and mistrust, as in other cases.

She was consequently in charity with all mankind; and if grown a little more distrustful of the intentions of her fellow-creatures, it was a mistrust bottomed in a clear view of the frailties of our nature; and self-examination was amongst the not unfrequent speculations she made on this hasty marriage of her former lover.

We decided that in order to make himself known, the messenger, when accosting me, should give the password, "What is Joseph doing?" I do not know whether he thought he noticed any doubt or mistrust on my part.

To know where to fix one's mistrust is the secret of a great politician.

Against the cabin door leaned Savaroff, eyeing me with his usual expression of hostile mistrust.

But when we seek in friends that which can perpetually refresh and never satiate,the counsel which maketh wise, the voice of truth and not the voice of flattery; that which will instruct and never degrade, the influences which banish envy and mistrust,then there is a precious life in it which survives all change.

I did not mistrust Francis Norgate, but I knew very well that when the blow fell, he would waver.

But, though, if Marie Antoinette did listen to his professions and advice with some degree of mistrust, she undoubtedly did him less than justice: she can hardly be blamed for indulging such a feeling, when it is remembered in what an atmosphere of treachery she had lived for the last three years.

Yet here he was, exciting mistrust by his secrecy, and leading a hole-and-corner sort of life when, as I have said, there was not the slightest necessity for it.

As a master of cunning he saw the necessity of reserve, mistrust, and silence.

A veil of doubt and mistrust came over their faces, like a fog creeping up from the marshes to hide the hills.

And from this mistrust it is that such men fear marriage, or at least marry such as are of bodies to be trusted, to whom only they sell that lust which they buy of others, and make their wife a revenue to their mistress.

The cause of it is that men fight shy of all and any sort of reflection, and very properly mistrust their own discernment.

His entertainer experiences a quiet comfort and bien-être stealing over him, to which he has long been a stranger, while Tom Ryfe with every mouthful swallows down some emotion of jealousy, humiliation, or mistrust.

There was a "Something" always between them, a shadow, not of suspicion nor mistrust, for Bearwarden was frank and loyal by nature, but of coldness.

I am a daughter of the Traversari, Sister of Porzio and Berto both ... I knew that Florence, that could doubt their faith, Must needs mistrust a stranger's; holding back Reward from them, must hold back his reward.

It is noted by some, that since the European voyagers have carried away several of these people, their mistrust is so great, that it is very difficult to prevail on them to come on board.

The more my reason acknowledged that Pani Celina was right in mistrusting me, the more I felt offended that she should harbor that mistrust.

He had a great mistrust of conventional interpretation and traditional explanations.

Meetings of any kind were objects of fear and mistrust to the rulers.

Do we say   distrust   or  mistrust