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Do we say   distrust   or  mistrust

Do we say distrust or mistrust

distrust 1252 occurrences

He hated the idea of spying upon Edith Morriston; after all, if she chose to walk and talk with this man it was no business of his; but a supreme distrust of Henshaw, unreasonable enough, perhaps, but none the less keen, made him suspicious that the man might be playing some cowardly game, might have drawn the girl to him by unfair means.

But I have no objection," he added in an offhand tone, "as you seem to distrust the lasting power of bluff, to give you an extra safeguard.

Women had never come much my way, but I had a boy's distrust of the sex; and as I plodded along the highroad, with every now and then a cuff from a trooper's fist to cheer me, I had hard thoughts of their heartlessness.

I could never keep from him my indignation and even distrust.

Now do you imagine that distrust and censure will help a soul reveal itself?

Last to yield, last to be forgiven, there will yet be little in your future career to justify the distrust of despots, or to recall the young heroine of Orlรฉans and St Antoine.

It is inconceivable that Birchill should have permitted himself to be reassured, when right through the negotiations between himself and Hill he showed the most marked distrust of the latter.

The policy which has set the people of Italy against one another, the diffusion of nationalist violence, the crude persecutions of enemies, excluded even from the League of Nations, have created an atmosphere of distrust of France.

That day I did my business in the city with a distrust of everyone, not knowing whether I was not followed or whether those who sought my life were not plotting some other equally ingenious move whereby I might go innocently to my death.

These instances of magnanimity, as they were believed to be, lulled the distrust of the citizens, and seduced them by degrees to abandon their old customs one by one at his bidding.

This roused the distrust and suspicion of the students; and it was with great difficulty that Professors Hye and Endlicher could prevail on the younger leaders of the movement to abstain from action until the professors had laid before the Emperor the desire of

His mind was altogether concrete, affirmative, and synthetic, with a profound distrust of abstract and analytical reasoning.

I cannot distrust a tale thus told!

" "Alarm, Carlo!" "Or, at least, distrust; for these wily senators do no act of mercy without a motive.

There was a transient gleam of distrust in the hasty glance of the Bravo, as he shot a look at the undisturbed eye of the innocent being who put this question.

A childish impatience glowed in his eye, and he gazed from the rent, the companion of so many solitary summers, to the face of his son, like one who began to distrust his enjoyments.

"I will try to believe thee, son," said the old man, who had good reason to distrust assurances so often made.

'Twould be madness to distrust the patricians!

Are you never going to trust me?" "You know it isn't you that we distrust.

Each side was full of distrust.

It might have implied, for example, that Victor's half-hearted and paltering distrust of Nogam had all along been only too well warranted.

"In the barren soil may the ploughshare rust, While the sword grows bright with its fatal labor, And blackens between each man and neighbor The perilous cloud of a vague distrust!

For the time being, her jealous distrust of the possible effect of these upon her son slumbered.

" Mrs. White seemed indeed to have lost all her former distrust and antagonism.

The jealous distrust which she had felt at first, and which had slept for a brief time under the spell of Mercy's kindliness towards herself, sprang into fiercer life than ever.

It was necessary, however, to talk on boldly, as any appearance of hesitation might excite the doctor's distrust.

Flora, on her part, was troubled concerning the distrust which she felt must be excited by her mysterious position, and she was continually revolving plans to clear herself from suspicion in the eyes of her new friend.

In the rush of this great national movement, separating England from the political ties of France and, to a less degree, from ecclesiastical bondage to Rome, the mutual distrust and jealousy which had divided nobles and commons were momentarily swept aside by a wave of patriotic enthusiasm.

It was not without the greatest reluctance that he was induced to take up the quarrel at all: for he had the strongest aversion for warlike operations in the existing state of India, and particularly on the frontiers of Afghanistan; and he had no small distrust of those military tendencies and that thirst for opportunities of distinction which are apt to characterise the ablest Governors of frontier provinces.

When I have wanted you with all my wantingwhy must I distrust you now?

The forests were emptied of outlaws, and confidence and security succeeded distrust and lawlessness....

That those who ascribed their fear to a pretence about the [deficiency of] supplies and the narrowness of the roads, acted presumptuously, as they seemed either to distrust their general's discharge of his duty, or to dictate to him.

He had sunk into a dull distrust, imagining that he was still being watched, and that if they seemed to leave him at peace it was only in order to concoct in secret the darkest plots.

" She did not heed him, but began instead to take him to task about his continual distrust.

And although he allowed himself to be waited on, he refused roughly all remedies, in the distrust of medicine into which he had fallen.

3. &c. This, I say, happeneth for a punishment of sin, for their want of faith, incredulity, weakness, distrust, &c. SUBSECT.

The uncertainty felt as to the results to be brought about by the inevitable repeal of the Bank Act of 1797, and the return to cash paymentsresults which it was impossible to estimate correctly beforehandhad a tendency to augment the distress, by the general feeling of uneasiness and distrust which it created.

This sword of mine hath plow'd the ground, And reapt the fruit in peace; And your self have liv'd at home in ease: So terrible I grew, that without swords My name hath fetcht you conquest, and my heart And limbs are still the same; my will is great To do you service: let me not be paid With such a strange distrust.

Some Plot I did distrust thou hadst against the King By that old fellows carriage: but take heed, There is not the least limb growing to a King, But carries thunder in it.

Not haunted by any of the distrust and over-criticism which are apt to effeminate the American scholar, he plunged deep into the current of hearty national life around him, loved it, trusted it, believed in it; and the combination of this vital faith with such tremendous criticism of public and private sins formed an irresistible power.

A contingency which sometimes places it in the power of a single member of the House of Representatives to decide an election of so high and solemn a character is unjust to the people, and becomes when it occurs a source of embarrassment to the individuals thus brought into power and a cause of distrust of the representative body.

In this dilemma he bethought him of a plan of overcoming the scruples of all present, in which he was warmly seconded by the agent of the police, and to which, after the usual number of cavilling objections that were generated by distrust, heated blood, and the obstinacy of disputation, the other parties were finally induced to give their consent.

If we are to distrust each other for a few wrinkles, thou wilt find objections rising against thine own identity as well as against mine, friend Melchior.

The buffoon and the pilgrim, though of a general appearance likely to excite distrust, presented themselves with the confidence and composure of innocence.

The Signor Grimaldi, too, observed the audacious confidence of his air with distrust, for his spirit had taken secret alarm on a subject that was rarely long absent from his thoughts.

He felt the distrust of one who had sufficient knowledge of the world to be acquainted with the thousand expedients that were resorted to by men, in order to justify their daily want of faith.

"I will not distrust thee, dear; thou didst not drink at my breast, but thou hast taken in too many lessons of the truth from my lips to despise usand yet thou art not of us; thou mayest possibly prove a Prince's son, and the world so hardens the heartand they who have been sorely pressed upon become suspicious" "For the love of God, cease, mother, or thou wilt break my heart!" "Come hither, Christine.

" "Motherthou wilt make me curse the hour I was born!" Marguerite, while she could not overcome the cold distrust which habit had interwoven with all her opinions, felt that she was cruel, and she said no more.

My Lords, you are aware that the Treaty of San Stefano was looked on with much distrust and alarm by Her Majesty's Governmentthat they believed it was calculated to bring about a state of affairs dangerous to European independence, and injurious to the interests of the British Empire.

It is true I find a great deal of affectionate solicitude in them, but with it I also find so much complaint and distrust, so much fear that I am doing wrong, so much doubt as to my morals and principles, and fear lest I should be led away by bad company and the like, that, after I have read them, I am miserable for a week.

Distrust not, O reader!

"Your husband asserts positively in a note to me that he made one," said the doctor, bending his eyes searchingly upon her, for he suspected the truth, and that it was distrust of his wife that led Colonel Preston to take the precaution he had done.

But see William Penn, with weaponless hand, sitting down peaceably with his followers, in the midst of savage nations whose only occupation was shedding the blood of their fellow-men, disarming them by his justice, and teaching them, for the first time, to view a stranger without distrust.

But those who entertained such distrust had hardly come in contact with General Jackson, when they felt that they had to deal with a master-spirit.

Neither can it be denied that systems grounded upon theory alone, unsupported by experiment, are properly viewed with distrust; for the most plausible reasoning upon the operations of nature, without accompanying proof deduced from facts, may lead to a wrong conclusion, and it is often difficult to separate that which is really useful, from that which is merely visionary....

During Rousseau's later years he was the victim of the delusion of persecution; and although he was protected by a succession of good friends, he came to distrust and quarrel with each in turn.

We should see the chiefs foment everything that tends to weaken men formed into societies by dividing them; everything that, while it gives society an air of apparent harmony, sows in it the seeds of real division; everything that can inspire the different orders with mutual distrust and hatred by an opposition of their rights and interest, and of course strengthen that power which contains them all.

A distrust of banks and banking institutions, however, was suddenly developed.

The negroes, particularly those at whose fustigation I had assisted in the morning, joined in the scoffs of their masters, calling me Bobolitionist, Black Republican, Liberator, and other nicknames by which these simple-hearted and contented creatures express dislike and distrust.

The mutual distrust of races and nations would disappear, if the children were trained in mutual love and sympathy as members of one great family of children all over the world, instead of being taught to glory only in their own traditions and to despise those of others.

Whatever interest may have been imputed to him should be placed to the account of his hapless victim; to the first striving with distrust of a generous nature; to the vague sense of misery, then its gradual developement, then the final overthrow of absolute faith; and, last of all, to the throes of agony of the noble Moor, as he writhes and gasps in his accursed toils.

There are some, however, in whom there is no deficiency of sensibility, yet who, either from self-distrust, or from some mistaken notion of Art, are easily persuaded to give up a right feeling, in exchange for what they may suppose to be knowledge,the barren knowledge of faults; as if there could be a human production without them!

Let no one, therefore, distrust it, to take counsel of his head, when he finds himself standing before a work of Art.

Still the quick and ever-changing glance of the Rover could detect no reason to distrust the firmness of his people.

There might even be a plausible defence set up for it, if it sprang from that formulated distrust of the energetic rational judgment in comparison with the emotional, affective, contemplative parts of man, which underlies the various forms of religious mysticism.

For Waally himself no great distrust was felt, since he had never been allowed to see much of the channels of the group; but it was very different with the sea-going Kannakas, who had been employed by the colonists.

But the other man was not so troubled, and was always very cheerful, saying to his neighbor: "Never distrust Providence.

Why will ye, O ye faithless ones, Distrust your Father's care?

"Nor can I forbear reminding her Majesty," he concluded, "with the same frankness as I formerly used towards her, that, after what has passed, it would be impossible for the King not to feel great distrust, which it will be expedient to exert all her energies to overcome, in order to build up the desired reconciliation on a solid foundation.

It is not merely that Manuel's nature is tinctured with the cool unhumanness of his father the water-demon: rather, these old poets of Poictesme would seem, whether of intention or no, to have dealt with their national hero as a person, howsoever admirable in many of his exploits, whom they have never been able altogether to love, or entirely to sympathize with, or to view quite without distrust.

But the cats received them in an attitude of invincible distrust, of which his poor nose frequently bore the sorry signature.


He must; according to them, distrust every one, even wife or son.

So in spite of their fears they kept him, but he was watched incessantly; and after his tusks were broken he became even more rebellious, and grew to distrust every one about him.

Whiles, when you deal w' a man and he tells you more than you think he can do, you come to distrust him altogether.

The seditious poet, not content with making an open attack upon us, by declaring, in plain terms, that he looks upon freedom as the only source of publick happiness, and national security, has endeavoured with subtilty, equal to his malice, to make us suspicious of our firmest friends, to infect our consultations with distrust, and to ruin us by disuniting us.

All her sadness and reserve, her distrust and her fear, had vanished; and rising confidence mingling with the love she had ever borne to him, she taught herself even to seek his opinion, and be guided by his advice.

They were even preferred to the notes of the Bank of England, which at one time, in outlying country places, were looked on with distrust, a state of things which seems almost incredible to the present generation.

The physician took care to hide his real motive and his distrust of Soane's discretion under a show of heartiness.

Some became rather attached to the officers who came among them; others grew rather to dislike them: most felt merely a vague sentiment of distrust and repulsion, alike for the haughty British officer in his scarlet uniform, and for the reckless backwoodsman clad in tattered homespun or buckskin.

The direct reverse was the case during and after the Revolution; for the jealousy and distrust which the different States felt for one another were bitter to a degree.

They had the justifiable distrust of the militia felt by all the officers of the Continental Army.

Modern times and civilized society have more than once seen despotic sovereigns filled with distrust towards scholars of exalted intellect, especially such as cultivated the moral and political sciences, and little inclined to admit them to their favor or to public office.

But from that time forward open distrust and hatred were established between the two princes and their families.

Some of his advisers, with more distrust and more prevision, pressed him to order the arrest of so dangerous a man, notwithstanding his protestations; but Francis refused.

Distrust and disquiet reigned amongst the French colonists; the ardor of conquest fired the English, who had for a long while coveted the valley of the Ohio and its fertile territories.

Until this moment the vice governatore had been rather indifferent and inattentive as to what occurred; but the two exclamations of Raoul awakened a vague distrust in his mind, which, while it had no direct object, was certainly pregnant with serious consequences to the Frenchman himself.

He checked the dissolute conduct of the nobles, and set an example of industry and devotion to duty; but his narrow, bigoted disposition inclined him to distrust even his own ministers, so that, unlike his three predecessors, he was badly served by the lieutenants in whose hands the administration of the provinces rested.

He was delicately conscious that she regarded him with distrust or aversion; and, raising his hat politely to her, bowed, and passed on.

Strange tales, too, came to her (mostly anonymously) of Milan's amours in Paris, in Vienna, and half a dozen of his other haunts of pleasure, until her love, poisoned at its very springing, turned to suspicion and distrust of the man to whom she had given her heart.

He looked upon the people with distrust, and upon the king with veneration: the people had good claim to be well governed, and British Imperialism had the divine right to govern them well.

For some reason which I have not yet discovered, but it may have been distrust, he had not informed his confederate as to the whereabouts of the object of their entrance.

PERDICCAS, a favourite general of Alexander the Great, who, when on his deathbed, took his signet ring off his finger and gave it to him; he became an object of distrust after Alexander's death, and was assassinated in Egypt.

His impassioned devotion to Vera had led to nothing at all, his enthusiasm for Russia had led to a most unsatisfactory Revolution, and his fatherly protection of Markovitch had inspired apparently nothing more fruitful than distrust.

The source and foundation of all credit is in the confidence which the Government inspires, and just in proportion as that confidence shall be shaken or diminished will be the distrust among all classes of the community and the derangement and demoralization in every branch of business and all the interests of the country.

The next instant, with a swift movement, she tore it from her head and pushed herself as far as possible away from him out into the moonlight; and she sat there looking at him, wild with distrust and fear.

" At any other moment the distrust and indignity contained in the tone of this avowal would not have escaped Mrs. Conyers.

Now that Isabel, the one person whose respect she most desired, had openly avowed deep distrust of her, the shock was as real as anything life could have dealt.

"Our young women are sufficient to protect themselves without our showing tacit distrust, and encumbering them with guardianship," returned the Professor.

But that lady's acceptance of any one recommended in this manner was not to be thought of, and besides, the family were lively, merry people, and Cecil was one of those who dislike and distrust laughter, lest it should be at themselves.

mistrust 316 occurrences

Zadok specially watched each movement of his young master with open mistrust; and very nearly started upright, in his repugnance and dismay, when that intruding hand fell on the peaceful brow of her over whose fate, to his own surprise, he had been able to shed tears.

He mistrusted it, as nature had taught him to mistrust the touch of all men's hands, but he permitted it because he saw that it in some way pleased the girl.

No more those pearly tears of thine fall useless in the dust No more the jealous fear distract thy bosom with mistrust.

Whence this mistrust of your faithful Anno, who has served you so loyally and zealously these many years?" Lucifer pointed significantly to the gag and fetters.

This, again, gave rise to mistrust abroad, at least in capitalist circles, who did their best to communicate their feelings to the great masses, ... and so the German people as a whole has been made responsible for what has been the work of a small class....

or do you mistrust your kinsfolk and friends in such sort, as without trial to decline their aid?

To see him think her demoralized by mistrust of the sincerity of the service to be meddlesomely rendered her by his future wifeshe would have hurled herself publicly into the lake there at their side, would have splashed, in her beautiful clothes, among the frightened swans, rather than invite him to that ineptitude.

"It is our bounden duty to the Fatherland to reveal the truth about English atrocities, and I am all the more conscious of that duty because some circles betray a certain amount of mistrust concerning the reports of English horrors.

Why else should he mistrust Liane's sincerity in asserting that she had seen Popinot?

Your grace hath small occasions of mistrust, Nor seek these citizens for your disclaim.

And, mother, do not mistrust my age or power, I am sufficient, I lack ne'er an hour; I had both wit to grant, when he did woo me, And strength to bear whate'er he can do to me.

Here is nothing to stagger you, nothing to make you mistrust, no suspicion of alloy, no drop or dreg of the worldly or ambitious spirit.

Isolation thus begets enmity and mistrust, as in other cases.

She was consequently in charity with all mankind; and if grown a little more distrustful of the intentions of her fellow-creatures, it was a mistrust bottomed in a clear view of the frailties of our nature; and self-examination was amongst the not unfrequent speculations she made on this hasty marriage of her former lover.

We decided that in order to make himself known, the messenger, when accosting me, should give the password, "What is Joseph doing?" I do not know whether he thought he noticed any doubt or mistrust on my part.

To know where to fix one's mistrust is the secret of a great politician.

You must excuse me, Madam: you would mistrust my sincerity in the rest, could I speak of these people without asperity, though so nearly related to you.

Against the cabin door leaned Savaroff, eyeing me with his usual expression of hostile mistrust.

But when we seek in friends that which can perpetually refresh and never satiate,the counsel which maketh wise, the voice of truth and not the voice of flattery; that which will instruct and never degrade, the influences which banish envy and mistrust,then there is a precious life in it which survives all change.

I, on my way through life, judge men and women, and I judge themwell, with few exceptions, unerringly, but at the back of my brain there lingers something of mistrust of this young man.

I did not mistrust Francis Norgate, but I knew very well that when the blow fell, he would waver.

" "It would be very ungrateful, sir, to mistrust a Providence that has done so much for me.

But, though, if Marie Antoinette did listen to his professions and advice with some degree of mistrust, she undoubtedly did him less than justice: she can hardly be blamed for indulging such a feeling, when it is remembered in what an atmosphere of treachery she had lived for the last three years.

Yet here he was, exciting mistrust by his secrecy, and leading a hole-and-corner sort of life when, as I have said, there was not the slightest necessity for it.

I do not mean to propose I do not mean to say I do not mistrust the future.

As a master of cunning he saw the necessity of reserve, mistrust, and silence.

A victim of mistrust and jealousy, he quarrels with Hume, who learns to despise his character, while pitying the sensitive sufferings of one whom he calls "a man born without a skin.

A veil of doubt and mistrust came over their faces, like a fog creeping up from the marshes to hide the hills.

And from this mistrust it is that such men fear marriage, or at least marry such as are of bodies to be trusted, to whom only they sell that lust which they buy of others, and make their wife a revenue to their mistress.

The Carthaginian senate, on the other hand, was based on a jealous control of administration by the government, and represented exclusively the leading families; its essence was mistrust of all above and below it, and therefore it could neither be confident that the people would follow whither it led, nor free from the dread of usurpations on the part of the magistrates.

He said, though I swore it was false, that I had grown to mistrust him!

Those who have studied in books of history the industrial and educational condition of the mass of the working populace at the beginning of this century, or have read such novels as Shirley, Mary Barton, and Alton Locke, will not be surprised at the mingled mistrust and hatred with which the working-classes regarded each new introduction of machinery into the manufacturing arts.

The cause of it is that men fight shy of all and any sort of reflection, and very properly mistrust their own discernment.

So thou shalt leave this place, for I mistrust that between you two some murder will befall in this country.

I was to mistrust myself, was I?

" "I know how to stop those rumors, for I'm sure it's Peabody's work, he thinking Langdon will hear the talk and mistrust me," began Haines, when in came Senator Langdon himself, his face beaming contentedly.

It appeared that the guardians of this artillery had manifested some intention of restoring it, horses had even been sent without any military force to create mistrust, but the men declared that they would not deliver the guns, except to the battalions to which they properly belonged.

Have a care how you excite our mistrust.

Accordingly, for the reasons mentioned he would not receive all of those ambassadors, affecting to mistrust that they were spies, but chose out a few and sent the rest back before they reached Gaul.

Hither must he bring no mistrust.

I should mistrust as much, but that this place Beares greater compasse then a childish hand.

"An' I mistrust I ain't quite equal to another handlin,'" thought the Elder to himself, as he noted how the sunny road seemed to go up and down under his feet.

And in consequence of this, there was a general mistrust of any one belonging to the tribunal, so much so that "a brother," says a German writer, "often feared his brother, and hospitality was no longer possible.

" The familiar gas-lamps, the roll of the cabs, the bustle in the streets, dispelled whatever shadows of mistrust in his own merits remained from Tom's reflections in the railway carriage; and long before he reached his uncle's house, he had made up his mind to "go in," as he called it, for Miss Bruce, morally confident of winning, yet troubled with certain chilling misgivings, as fearing that this time he had really fallen in love.

His entertainer experiences a quiet comfort and bien-รชtre stealing over him, to which he has long been a stranger, while Tom Ryfe with every mouthful swallows down some emotion of jealousy, humiliation, or mistrust.

There was a "Something" always between them, a shadow, not of suspicion nor mistrust, for Bearwarden was frank and loyal by nature, but of coldness.

I mistrust your judgment.

And let the tortures of mistrust On selfish bosoms only prey.

Colonel A. said that it was impossible for him to mistrust the negroes as a body.

Mr. Birney remarked, that Mr. Clay had just told him, he had lately been led to mistrust certain estimates as to the increase of the slave population in the far south westestimates which he had presented, I think, in a speech before the Colonization Society.

I always mistrust those wall-eyed saints.

If Miss Lind entertains any sentiment for me but one of mistrust and aversion, her behavior is singularly misleading.

" "Mistrust!

I am a daughter of the Traversari, Sister of Porzio and Berto both ... I knew that Florence, that could doubt their faith, Must needs mistrust a stranger's; holding back Reward from them, must hold back his reward.

Far as it would have been from my mind, at that time, to question the manifestations which accompanied them, I could not smother my mistrust of their characters.

"How is it," I asked him, "that so many of my fellow-mediums inspire me with an instinctive dislike and mistrust?"

"By mistrust you mean dislike," he answered; "since you know of no reason to doubt their characters.

Among us, he said, there could be no more hatred or mistrust or jealousy,nothing but love, pure, unselfish, perfect love.

I began to mistrust, even to hate him, while I was still subject to his power, and unable to acquaint him with the change in my feelings.

It is noted by some, that since the European voyagers have carried away several of these people, their mistrust is so great, that it is very difficult to prevail on them to come on board.

MARGARET That John would think more nobly of himself, More worthily of high heaven; And not for one misfortune, child of chance, No crime, but unforeseen, and sent to punish The less offence with image of the greater, Thereby to work the soul's humility, (Which end hath happily not been frustrate quite,) O not for one offence mistrust heaven's mercy,

It is mistrust of the heavenly love that cares for us.

The more my reason acknowledged that Pani Celina was right in mistrusting me, the more I felt offended that she should harbor that mistrust.

It was as if some profound mistrust weighed upon her

I shall find it, I shall reach it, in some day of sudden glory, of hope fulfilled and sorrow ended; and no step of the way thither will be wasted, whether trodden in despair and weariness or in elation and delight; till we have learned not to fear, not to judge, not to mistrust, not to despise; till in a moment our eyes will be opened, and we shall know that we have found peace.

' 'I mistrust him,' the viscountess answered.

The queen had represented the dissatisfaction and opposition of the notables, which "proceeded solely," she said, "from the mistrust inspired by the comptroller-general;" she had dwelt upon the merits and resources of the Archbishop of Toulouse.

Brienne had exhausted his boldness as well as his basenesses; he succumbed beneath the outcry of public wrath and mistrust.

I do not believe I can remain in France; the lively interest now shown in my behalf might eventually occasion mistrust.

We have our days when we mistrust and dislike the world in general and many people in particular.

Nor did my Friends mistrust the Guile.

The latter, more particularly, experienced an instinctive mistrust with regard to Negoro, whose conduct, meanwhile, merited no reproach.

On the other hand, the Catholic schools and universities, though they are reported to keep up the old medieval mistrust of Greek, teach the classics as lovingly, tenderly, and intimately as the old Church has always taught them.

For thereof come all contraries to gladness; Thence sickness comes, and overwhelming sadness, Mistrust and jealousy, despite, debate, Dishonour, shame, envy importunate, Pride, anger, mischief, poverty, and madness.

CHRYSANTHUS. Reject then That mistrust; in blood and fire Martyrdom the rite effecteth: (Enter Polemius and Soldiers.) POLEMIUS.

" She loved him in this brighter mood, when he had thrown from him that mantle of jealousy and mistrust which of late had sat on him so ill.

for she felt hurt, deeply wounded by his mistrust of her, when she had so wholly, so fully trusted him.

Gloom and mistrust prevailed, and the want of unanimity among the officers debarred them the consolation they might have found in mutual sympathy and encouragement.

When tormenting thoughts, thoughts of fear, thoughts of unjust deeds of others done to you, thoughts of self-pity, anxiety, doubts, unforgiveness, mistrust of God, or evil of all kinds appear to take up your thoughts, just resist them and point to the blood on the door of your heart.

Seeing now, too late, the resuit of his foolish mistrust, Cefalo follows with prayers and self-reproaches Son ben certo Che tu mi cognoscesti ancor coperto but in vain.

He had a great mistrust of conventional interpretation and traditional explanations.

He does harm to the young, because he makes them dislike virtue and mistrust beauty.

" "Eh?" The woman still stared, divided between surprise and mistrust.

5 But vow'd I have, and never must Your banish'd servant trouble you; For if I break, you may mistrust The vow I madeto love you too.

Were Troy restored, thou shouldst mistrust a wind False as thy vows, and as thy heart unkind.

There was shyness and frankness; there was mistrust and confidence; there was sentimentality and gayety.

He felt that he would do well to mistrust it and he almost regretted having admitted, among the scentless plants, this orchid which evoked the most disagreeable memories.

"But all this does not prevent me from seeing," he said, forced by weakness from his meditations, "that I must be careful to mistrust these delicious and abominable practices which may ruin my constitution."

"If he wasn't an old hidalgo, I'd mistrust him.

"[105] SUSPECT, EXPECT, ANTICIPATE.To suspect is "to mistrust," "to surmise."

[Note 7: Suspicion and mistrust were mutual, for Columbus thought the natives were practising magic when they cast perfumes before them, as they cautiously advanced towards him; he afterwards described them as powerful magicians.

At its first introduction, the Waltz was received with great mistrust by the older portion of the community.

On the same principle, I respect leaves soiled and dog's-eared, but mistrust gilt edges; love an old volume better than a new; prefer a spacious book-stall to all the unpurchased stores of Paternoster Row; and buy every book that I possess at second-hand.

After all, does Bainrothe mistrust her honesty or mine?

You cannot doubt this yourself, Evelyn, and, with your opinion of Mr. Bainrothe, must see that I felt I had good reason for mistrust.

I have not earned at your hands mistrust and obloquy like this, Miriam; but, for the sake of the past, I shall strive and bear with the present.

This effort produced in my mind only mistrust and disdain; but with others it was, unfortunately, more successful.

Meetings of any kind were objects of fear and mistrust to the rulers.

Consequently there was but little social intercourse, much mistrust, and not infrequently actual outbursts of passion.

This timidity of his explains his fear of being duped by the ingรฉnue of Limoges, as well as his mistrust of the man who made rough draughts of his letters, instead of writing them off-hand.