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39 examples of diver's in sentences

Sparkling bubbles from his and the diver's helmets floated straight up to the skylights, along which they glided and vanished through a hole in the glass.

Dark stream flowing so blackly on, Thy turbid billows roll o'er golden sands; Beneath the surface all thy fear is gone, And precious gems fill full the diver's hands.

For, either sunk beyond the diver's skill, There, fathoms deep, our gold is all arust, Or in that island it is hoarded still.

I've heard of the diver to the depths Of the ocean forced to go, To bring up the pearl and the twisted shell From the fathomless caves below; I've heard of the things in those dismal gulfs, Like fiends that hemm'd him round I would not lead a diver's life For every pearl that's found.

Of course, there is very much more to be known, but if you remember what I say, it will give you some idea of a diver's outfit that may linger in your mind, to be added to as you grow older.

The diver's line must always be twice the length of the distance he goes down.

The diver's dress was much the same as the other's had been; he went backwards in the same cautious way, but instead of a long-handled hook, he carried only a queer bag that was let down to him by ropes.

The lookout stands forward of the diver's space.

I brought with me a lunette, the diver's aid, a four-sided wooden frame fifteen inches each way, with a bottom of glass and no top.

If perseverance gain the diver's prize, Not everlasting Blackmore this denies.


When the great storms raged along the Atlantic coast, they sometimes tossed a token into Diver's Bay.

So, as Clarice grew up, she earned the best reputation for industry of any girl in Diver's Bay.

He had a little personal vanity,and good looks to encourage the same; but he had besides a generous heart, and the conviction was general, whether expressed or not, that in Luke a man was growing up who would some day take the lead among the fishermen of Diver's Bay.

All day there was sad waiting, weary watching, around Diver's Bay.

IV. Bondo Emmins was not a native of Diver's Bay.

But as time passed on, Emmins found that he was not the only man in Diver's Bay; of all men to regard as a rival, there was Luke Merlyn!

Diver's Bay,and a score of people,and a thought that smelt like brimstone, and fiery enough to burn through the soul that tried to keep it,this for him;fishing,making bargains,visiting at Old Briton's,making presents to the dame,telling stories, singing songs by that fireside, and growing quieter by every other,that was the way he did it;cured himself of jealousy?

No danger of disturbance there!of all bleak and desert places known to the people of Diver's Bay,

Now and then a missionary came down to Diver's Bay, and preached in the open air, or, if the weather disappointed him, in the great shed built for the protection of fish-barrels and for the drying of fish.

He came down to Diver's Bay, expecting to find human nature there, and the only pity was that he had not time to perform what he attempted.

By daylight Clarice was again on the shore of Diver's Bay, there to renew a search which for weeks was not abandoned.

Few events ever occurred to disturb the tranquillity of the people of Diver's Bay.

I wish that I might write here,it were so easy, if it were but true!that Bondo Emmins came back to Diver's Bay in one of those long years during which she was looking for him, and that he came scourged by conscience to ask forgiveness of his diabolic vengeance.

Pure Pearl of Diver's Bay!

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