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640 example sentences with  division's

640 example sentences with division's

General Shea reported that the wire in front of him was cut before noon, but General Girdwood was not certain that the wire was sufficiently broken on the 74th Division's front, though he intimated to the Corps Commander that he was ready to attack at the same time as the 60th.

The 181st Brigade, 180th Brigade, and 179th Brigade of the 60th Division were to march in the same direction to attack the next portion of the system on the left of the 74th Division's objectives, then swinging to the north to march on Sheria.

The 31st Brigade, 30th Brigade, and 29th Brigade were to operate on the 60th Division's left, with the Australian Mounted Division watching the left flank of XXth Corps.

It was obvious from the complete success of XXth Corps' operations against the Turkish left, which had been worked out absolutely 'according to plan,' that General Allenby had so thoroughly mystified von Kressenstein that the latter had put all his reserves into the wrong spot, and that the 53rd Division's stout resistance against superior numbers had pinned them down to the wrong end of the line.

A hostile counter-attack developed against the Dorsets, but this was crushed by the Berks battery and some of the 52nd Division's guns.

The Division's most bitter struggle was about the Beth-horons, on the very scene where Joshua, on a lengthened day, threw the Canaanites off the Shephelah.

The Division's casualties during the day were 300 killed and wounded.

On the 24th demonstrations were made against Beitunia to support the left of the 52nd Division's attack on El Jib, but the enemy was too strong to permit of the yeomanry proceeding more than two miles east of Foka.

The 10th Division relieved the 229th and 230th Brigades of the 74th Division and extended its line to cover Beit Dukku, a point near and west of Et Tireh, to Tahta, and when the enemy retired from the immediate front of the 10th Division's left, Hellabi and Suffa were occupied.

Against the 74th Division's front the nature of the country was equally difficult.

To the south of Bethlehem, around Beit Jala and near Urtas, covering the Pools of Solomon, an invaluable water supply, there were prepared defences, but though the Division was much delayed by heavy rain and dense mist, the fog was used to their advantage, for the whole of the Division's horses were watered at Solomon's Pools one afternoon without opposition from the Urtas garrison.

Against us were the 27th Turkish Division and the 7th and 27th cavalry regiments south of the Jericho road, with the 26th, 53rd, 19th, and 24th Divisions on the north of that road and to the west of the Jerusalem-Nablus road, one division being in reserve at Bireh, the latter a new division fresh from the Caucasus.

The night was dark and misty, and by half-past one the Turks had developed a big attack against the whole of the 60th Division's front, the strongest effort being delivered on the line in front of Tel el Ful, though there was also very violent fighting on the west of the wadi Ed Dunn, north of Beit Hannina.

The conditions on the Western Front (defensive zone, attack divisions) are only partially applicable here, since the mobility of the artillery and the correct tactical handling of the attack division are not assured.

Perhaps they thought that, in order to keep possession of his prizes, he would divide his company, and by that division be more easily destroyed.

Only in the hospital that serves the division are the events of his bit of war correlated and reduced to a comprehensive whole.

The little birds which I have classed in the fourth division are a very important accompaniment to the anthem of dawn, their notes, though short, serving agreeably to fill up the pauses made by the other musicians.

On the third reading, a division being called for, there appeared for it thirty-five, and against it only thirteen.

[Footnote 309: It is remarkable that it was not a very full House, the numbers of the division being only 234 to 215.

When, on the other hand, you have no story to tell, the act-division is manifestly superfluous; but it needs no "virtuosity" to dispense with it.

A broad division is seen in regard to the Old Testament quotations.

Two outside pockets and one large inside division are indispensable.

That means that another division is over."

In regard, however, to such a division of the property of the Telegraph as shall enable each of us to labor for the general benefit without embarrassment from each other, I think it worthy of consideration, and the principle on which such a division is proposed to be made might be extended to embrace the entire property.

The Duke of Cambridge, with the Guards, advanced on the right of the second division to the edge of the plateau overlooking the valley of the Tchernaya, Sir George Cathcart's division being on his right.

The light division are, as usual, to bear the brunt of it, and the 33d will do their share.

Therefore the assault was to be made by about 750 men, with an equal body in support, the remainder of the light division being in reserve.

The fourth division is a natural consequence from those qualities, which we said were usually attributed to things in distinction from persons.

This General would be attended by the usual assistants, traditionally housed, clothed and fed, but, the division being run as a commercial venture, it would be a matter for consideration by the directors whether these young gentlemen should receive a salary or pay a fee.

These electoral districts are marked out by the legislature, and the division is apt to be made by the preponderating party with an unfairness that is at once shameful and ridiculous.

In the early days of the Republic, all divisions were made by straight lines, or as near straight as possible; but that fair and natural mode of division is not considered by the autocratic democracy as sufficiently favourable to their views; and the consequence is, that other divisions have been substituted, most irregular in shape, so as if possible to annihilate entirely the already weakened opposition.

This last arrangement could be carried out comparatively easily under our present system, but entails the drawback that the system of twofold division is still in force within the brigades and divisions.

In the second division are two huts, rather smaller, about ten paces from each other, in which dwell his wives.

Each division is curved in plan in a curious way, which may be the perpetuation of a feature of the original design, but was more probably introduced or modified by the person who recased the tower in 1826.

The fifth division is hortatory, or of morals as applied to duty, and embraces the art of rhetoric and other subsidiary arts.

The former division is called their species; the latter, their figure.

Some sly runner, Half-hearing, half-imagining, no doubt, Caught up the word and gave it to a gunner, And he, embroidering, 'twas noised about From lip to lip in many a trench's press Where working parties struggled to progress Or else go back, but both without success, "Officer says Division's going out.

(1) There is probably no place in which the common opinion of Melanesians approves the intercourse of the unmarried youths and girls as a thing good in itself, though it allows it as a thing to be expected and excused; but intercourse within the limit which restrains from marriage, where two members of the same division are concerned, is a crime, is incest.... (2)

The Effects of such a Division are pernicious to the last degree, not only with regard to those Advantages which they give the Common Enemy, but to those private Evils which they produce in the Heart of almost every particular Person.

Some of the staff have returned to St. Louis; to others have been assigned duties which remove them from head-quarters; and General Asboth's division being now in the rear, that soldierly-looking officer no longer rides beside the General, and the gentlemen of his staff no longer swell our ranks.

It will be found that this division is also based upon the purpose for which the composition is written.

In either case the division is complete and exact.

Nor should any other kind of division be ever admitted among Masons."

This division is a rational one.

The division is necessarily somewhat arbitrary, for the two traditions act and react on one another incessantly, and the types merge almost imperceptibly the one into the other; but that does not prevent the spirit that manifests itself in Drayton's eclogues being essentially different from that which produced Breton's songs.

Those in each division are counted by the proper officer, as will hereafter be explained, and the numbers are reported aloud to me.

Even to Psychical Researchers the earlier division is of scant interest, because witnesses to successful abnormal or supernormal faculty in savages cannot be brought into court and cross-examined.

The results of the operations of this division are embodied in a map and profiles, which are herewith presented.

A division's goal is usually similar to that of its parent company, and the division has to use its parent company's name.

Kampfgruppe Peiper entered Honsfield, one of the 99th Division's rest centres.

Kaohsiung is divided originally into 11 districts, after the administrative division's adjustment in 2010, the subdivisions of Kaohsiung has increased to 38 districts, most of them are added from the former county of Kaohsiung.

Lt. Gen. Renya Mutaguchi citation had sacked the commanders of his divisionsโ€™ during the fight and consequently, he and Lt. Gen. Musaku Kawabe was dismissed of command subsequently.

People compete at many levels, but the basic division is between amateurs and professionals.

Rajshahi division is in the north western corner of Bangladesh.

The 3rd Division's attack was part of a large attack by the U.S. VI Corps to move out of the Anzio beach.

The division is located on the coast north of the Hawkesbury River.

The division is on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

The Germans thought that the 29th Division's attacks were the main attack.

The major cities of this new division are Rangpur and Dinajpur.

The subtractions in long division are changed to additions by changing the signs at the very beginning, which keeps sign errors from happening.

They discovered cycle of cell division is regulated by cyclin and cyclin dependent kinases.

Yeide (2005), p. 88 The Germans had 630 of their soldiers killed and 4,400 wounded; Yeide (2005), p. 84 another 600 were killed in the 3rd Panzergrenadier Division's attack on the US 1st Infantry Division on 16 October.

General Leland Hobbs' 30th Infantry Division would be assisted by the 2nd Armored Division, which would try to go the 30th Division's hole in the Siegfried Line.

Hyakutake sent a member of his staff, Colonel Masanobu Tsuji to monitor the 2nd Division's progress along the trail and to report to him on whether the attack could begin on 22 October as scheduled.

In 1998 and 1999, he was part of a majority of trustees who refused to cut services to balance the division's budget.

Because the division is so awful you canโ€™t help but think about winning.

Carolyn Cory, the local school division's superintendent, says Barnesky had just finished high school and Tilbury had graduated the year before.

Kolhapur division has reported 1,02,015 cases and 3,192 deaths till now, while Aurangabad division's case tally stood at 56,467 and death count at 1,455.

Marylandโ€™s Labor Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment but said in a post Monday that the unemployment division's new one-stop application was meant to streamline the process.

Pembina Trails superintendent Ted Fransen said the division's student services team, including mental health and social workers, is supporting the school community as it mourns the loss of two students.

Posting about the rescue on the division's official Facebook page, the Gardaรญ thanked everyone involved in the rescue, from the passerby who raised the alarm, to the council and the kind-hearted members of the public.

Teams across the division are working hard to increase access to COVID-19 supplies while continuing to support other ongoing programme operations and respond to emergencies including in Yemen, Syria and DRC.

As Hailey explains, her favorite subject in school is Math; โ€œI love math because multiplication and division are fun!โ€

The C division is played as Individual Stableford and Tony Power had 38 points to win the division followed closely by Coenie du Bruyn on 34.

With only about a quarter of this summer's WSL signings being English, will the division's global growth help or hinder the national team?

Again, I understand that our division is being left alone out of this forced amalgamation, but I thought it was interesting because they are very astute trustees.

For Ms. Murray and Mr. McDougall, who were not married to each other, the initial decision about the pension is made under the common law of unjust enrichment and the mechanics for the division are found in the Pension Benefits Act.

From left: Guy Rook, divisional intelligence leader for RCMP J Division's special I unit, winner of the award for Excellence in Organizational Innovation; and Public Safety Minister John W. Foran.

Grades 3/4, 4/5 and 7 all received 6 Microsoft Surface Pros along with various pieces of software to assist in implementing the school division's Standards for Success in Literacy (SSL) initiative.

He foresees a $700-million business in Canada this year and said that, while Focus-infused WSP is "not an LNG design house," its 900-person oil-and-gas division is now "one of the biggest shops in western Canada."

In March of this year, the Water and Wastewater Services Division's Works Best Practices Program (WBPP) began focusing on initiation of Phase 2 activities.

In terms of delivering the shelter fund, it is important to note the changes in the Division's capacity to address clients' shelter issues over the past several years.

I take it therefore that Mrs. John is aware of the division being sought by Mr. John.

Other factors will have to be considered since it is obvious that some changes in our stock of facilities will have to occur if the division is to meet service responsibilities and budget pressures over the coming years.

Our team of researchers from the faculties of education and social work at the University of Manitoba are learning about how educators in one school division are working to better support children in care.

A recent change in the division's structure has been the elimination of the infectious diseases ward in mid-1997.

Teams in their division are, two teams from the host New Brunswick, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

The ability-to-pay concept may seem logical and reasonable at first glance, but let us consider a school division's ability to pay.

The Administration division is responsible for daily operations of the municipal fire services.

As the divisional armoured reconnaissance unit it was frequently expected to provide support to the division's infantry as well as acting as a reconnaissance unit, that is seeking information on the enemy and terrain for the divisional commander.

The division being held, Mr. Chairman, in my understanding is the formal, final vote of the Committee on that matter, and that disposes of that issue.

The fee for the filing of a prior notice of sale for non-payment of immovable taxes, in paper form, at the registry office for a registration division is $63 plus $9 per lot or part of a lot.

The funds associated with the installation of pavement markings and regulatory signs are contained in the Transportation Services Division's Operating Budget.

There is also an Urban and Rural Planning Division: This division is staffed by professional town planners and supported by planning technicians and other administrative staff.

These issues have been resolved, as reflected in the Division's 1999 budget request which has recently been reviewed by the Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O.) and Budget Committee.

Attracting a total of 12 entries, the Intermediate Single Horse division is led by Canadian Tina Sully with 52.66 penalty points.

Third place in the menโ€™s division is only worth $150 US, but is enough to turn us casual canoeists into serious racers.

This comes from Birdtail River School Division's presentation and many, many others.

This division is also responsible for the provision of assessment services to all municipal corporations outside of Winnipeg.

This division is reflected in the kind of language Wright uses to talk about the passions themselves.