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85 examples of  dizziness  in sentences

85 examples of dizziness in sentences

A dizziness overtook me; and then all at once a great desire seized and shook my very soul.

Wesley was still subject to dizziness if exposed to the sun, but Jack and Vincent were robust as lumbermen.

Marvelling at his inward and invisible foe, he struggled to his feet, and found himself contending with a faintness and dizziness heretofore utterly unknown to him.

" Similarly, in Brandenburg, if a person is afflicted with dizziness, he is recommended to run after sunset, naked, three times through a field of flax; after doing so, the flax will at once "take the dizziness to itself."

" Similarly, in Brandenburg, if a person is afflicted with dizziness, he is recommended to run after sunset, naked, three times through a field of flax; after doing so, the flax will at once "take the dizziness to itself."

" The dizziness produced by his twenty-seven attacks of fever on the road made it all he could do to stick on Sindbad, who managed to give him a last ducking in the Lombe.

Meanwhile the three gentlemen behaved in such a manner as proved that the water of the Fountain of Youth possessed some intoxicating qualities, unless, indeed, their exhilaration of spirits were merely a lightsome dizziness, caused by the sudden removal of the weight of years.

Then Reginald, finding that he was no match for Fred in open conflict, dodged around behind him, and soon a misty dizziness in his head told Fred that he had been struck by something heavier than hands.

The higher they climbed, however, the slower he went; once he hesitated so long that she began to believe that dizziness had overcome him and that he was coming no further.

The Seventeen Little Bears said, "This is a very funny business, It gives us all a little dizziness.

It thundered and spouted out behind him from the hatches, and leapt madly past him, and caught his eyes in spite of him, and swept them away down its dancing waves, and let them go again only to sweep them down again and again, till his brain felt a delicious dizziness from the everlasting rush and the everlasting roar.

To this Barnaby made no reply, but, what with wonder and the dizziness of his head, seated himself at the table over against his interlocutor, who pushed a bottle of rum towards him, together with a glass from the hanging rack.

A ringing in the head and a nausea made for dizziness.

The air around him seemed to lack strength and vitality; and when, at last, he reached the tier of chambers that it had been his duty to supply with cars, he was suffering from dizziness, from shortness of breath, and from rapid beating of the heart.

Frequently there is severe pain in the heart, often dizziness with gasping breath, extreme pallor, and fainting.

Long before this time he would have suffered from nausea, headache, dizziness, and other proofs of blood-poisoning.

Its poisonous character is amply shown by the distressing prostration and pallor, the dizziness and faintness, with extreme nausea and vomiting, which follow its employment by a novice.

The morbid effects of tobacco upon the nervous system of those who habitually use it are shown in the irregular and enfeebled action of the heart, with dizziness and muscular tremor.

In childhood this strain may pass unnoticed, but, sooner or later it manifests itself by a sense of fatigue, dizziness, and a blurred and indistinct vision.

Every one knows the sudden sense of insupportable pain, sometimes producing even dizziness and nausea, which follows the accidental hitting of the ankle or elbow against a hard substance.

Sudden dizzinesses seized my head.

Though I nodded but once or twice to old Neptune, during the entire voyage, still I suffered much during the first five days, from the pressure of intense dizziness and headache, occasioned by the incessant rocking of our vessel upon the restless waves.

A dizziness in my head came on.

" The dizziness passed as suddenly as it had supervened.

winking &c v.; nictitation; blinkard^, albino. dizziness, swimming, scotomy^; cataract; ophthalmia.

Grin and Barrett, Who can scare it? Scare the firm of Grin and Barrett? When the other firms show dizziness, Here's a house that does not share it.

desunir, to separate, sunder, disunite. desvanecer, to cause to vanish; to clear up, unravel, dissipate; su cabeza, to make one giddy, affect with dizziness, make one's head swim; refl., to vanish, evaporate, disappear; to faint, fall fainting.

vertiginoso, -a, vertiginous, dizzy, confusing, producing dizziness. vรฉrtigo, m., vertigo, dizziness.

vertiginoso, -a, vertiginous, dizzy, confusing, producing dizziness. vรฉrtigo, m., vertigo, dizziness.

These three took turns up there in the tower, locking and unlocking switches and signals until one might expect them to faint for dizziness and confusion.

I had shaken the dizziness out of my head when she finished, and I had obtained control over my tongue.

The words made me physically sick, and I sat down upon the floor of the place till the dizziness had passed from my brain.

Goethe cured himself of dizziness by ascending the lofty stagings of the Frankfort carpenters.

Clerambault however was weaker, and waking from his dizziness he thought: "I too have given all, even what was not my own.

They were ominous signsthese mysterious writings left in the snow by the unknown creature that had lured a human being away from safetyand when he coupled them in his imagination with that haunting sound that broke the stillness of the dawn, a momentary dizziness shook his mind, distressing him again beyond belief.

Some, though the ladders stood, a dizziness having come over their eyes in consequence of the height, fell to the ground.

It was probably a sudden dizziness which had come as she drew back and turned after picking the flowers.

She would master her dizziness for once and all; he should not know from her any confession of a weakness which was purely of the imagination.

All built from the little store where I began as a clerk!" "It'sit's immense!" gasped Jack; and he felt a dizziness and confusion in gazing at this kind of an abyss.

The dizziness passed all at once.

No, thank you," laughed Peggy, sitting up and feeling, except for a slight dizziness, almost herself again.

At certain periods, when the brain is heavy, the digestion is inactive, and the bowels are confined, when dizziness occurs, when the blood becoming too plentiful, grows thick and congested in the veins and rises to the head, then it is that nature needs to accomplish her work.

She was afflicted by a sudden dizziness.

I also remember turning into the street, my eyes almost blinded with tears, and that I felt a dizziness in my head.

It is fortunate for those who are not subject to dizziness.

She still felt ill and terribly shaken, but she rose softly, to try her strength, and she found that after the first moment's dizziness she could stand and walk alone.

The old lady had a fit of dizziness last week on the stairs.

But Tug had recovered enough from his dizziness to shake his head and mane lion-like, and cry: "Not much!

By this time supper was over, and the family were about to separate for the night, when Stephen, the grocer's eldest son, having risen to quit the room, staggered and complained of a strange dizziness and headache, which almost deprived him of sight, while his heart palpitated frightfully.

Wilt fly, and art not proof against dizziness?

There was nothing but long swirling waves of dizziness and a rushing sound.

There were moments when her head was swimming with moral dizziness.

Gradually, a dizziness, a lunacy, had seized upon me, till finally, up-buoyed on air, and dancing mad, I sped, I spun, with grinning teeth that chattered and gibbered, and eyeballs of distraction: for a Fear, toomost cold and dreadfulhad its hand of ice upon my heart, I being so alone in that place, face to face with the Ineffable: but still with a giddy levity, and a fatal joy, and a blind hilarity, on I sped, I spun.

The rider, either from dizziness or fear, had fallen at the moment the horse first struck the bank, and from the ravine below there came no sound to tell if yet he lived.

That dizziness will pass away shortly.

My head was absolutely ringing wi' dizziness and love.

Myra felt the blood rush to her head, and a feeling of dizziness made her tremble.

But people here, who slide in upon me, as I traverse the outermost edges of the walks, that I may stand in nobody's way, nor have my dizziness increased by the swimming triflers, tell me I shall not give them fair play under a month or six weeks; and that I ought neither to read nor write; yet I have all my town concerns upon me here, sent me every post and coach, and cannot help it.

I can not describe itit is a sense of smoothness and a little of dizziness.

In the Spring of 1874, I grew so much worse that life became a burden; I suffered from dizziness and great prostration; I was urged to go to you for faith cure.

When the limits of audibility are approached, the sound becomes much fainter, and when that limit is reached, the sound usually gives place to a peculiar sensation, which is not sound but more like dizziness, and which some persons experience to a high degree.

Then he ventured to try his feet, when he found a dizziness come over him, that compelled him to fall back on his berth.

In the silence May's blood gurgled at her ears, and she tottered with dizziness.

In a later edition this was conjecturally changed to business; but the occurrence of vertigine in the Latin translation enables Mr. Spedding to print rightly, dizziness.]

" A sudden feeling of dizziness came over me.

I do not know whether it is the exercise I take, but I sleep so heavily that it leaves a kind of dizziness when I wake up in the morning.

Thenceforth he held himself for an exempted And privileged being, and, as if he were Incapable of dizziness or fall, He ran along the unsteady rope of life.

I waltzed too near her at the ball; Her beauty dazed methat was all; I felt a dizziness.

In truth, Sappho's famous "symptoms of love" are laughably like the symptoms of fear which we find described in the books of Bain, Darwin, Mosso, and others"a cold sweat," "deadly pallor," "voice becoming husky or failing altogether," "heart beating violently," "dizziness which will blind him," "trembling of all the muscles of the body," "a fainting fit."

The dizziness of his path was invisible to him, for in a Grecian summer you can see nothing out of motor vehicles but dust.

Meanwhile, the three gentlemen behaved in such a manner as proved that the water of the Fountain of Youth possessed some intoxicating qualities; unless, indeed, their exhilaration of spirits were merely a lightsome dizziness, caused by the sudden removal of the weight of years.

After a little Dizziness, and confused Hurry of Thought, which a Man often meets with in a Dream, methoughts the Hall was alarm'd, the Doors flew open, and there entered half a dozen of the most hideous Phantoms that I had ever seen (even in a Dream) before that Time.

He did not know which were the most painful, his martyrdom in the dungeons of the gloomy castle, or his days of despair in the streets of crowded cities, seeing food and gold through the glass windows of the shops while his head was swimming with the dizziness of hunger.

But a haunting presentiment of what the dizziness and pain in her head and temples portended urged her to do quickly what she had to do; so with another gulp of the ice water she had ordered, and which only for a moment cooled her feverish heat, she went from her room into the hall, where the boy was waiting to show her the way to "the governor's house."

Again the reeking steel was upheld, and Lafitte placed his left hand near the Captain's heart, to make his aim more sure; again the dizziness of dissolution spread over his sight, down came the dagger into the captain's left thigh and Lafitte was a corpse.

This was the reason why I say I afterwards understood the enemy retreated; for I saw no more what they did then, nor indeed was I well of this blow for all the rest of the summer, but had frequent pains in my head, dizzinesses and swimming, that gave me some fears the blow had injured the skull; but it wore off again, nor did it at all hinder my attending my charge.

They were merciless; their principles were not only lofty to dizziness, but precipitous, and their heights unoccupied, andto the common sightunattainable.

But I never mind; for what does it signify? See my graceful hands, they're the things that dignify; All the rest is froth, and egotism's dizziness Have I not played with Phelps? (To Wenman)

When Coronado regained a portion of the senses which had been throttled out of him, he discovered Texas Smith standing by his side, and two dead men lying near, all rather vaguely seen at first through his dizziness and the moonlight.

In the dizziness of her delight, and amid the hiding veils of the obscurity, it did not seem wrong nor unnatural to fall against his arm and be supported by it for a moment.

His dizziness ended.

But when at last she complained of dizziness, he playfully whirled her out upon the piazza, and placed her on a lounge under the Cherokee rose her mother had trained, which was now a mass of blossoms.

The Frenchman loves his native wine; The German loves his beer; The Englishman loves his 'alf and 'alf, Because it brings good cheer; The Irishman loves his "whiskey straight," Because it gives him dizziness; The American has no choice at all, So he drinks the whole blamed business.

Love is like a dizziness; It winna let a poor body Gang about his biziness! Hogg.

The spell of the marvellous book fell on Peregrine; he listened intently, and craved ever to hear more, not being yet able to read without pain and dizziness.