365259 examples of do in sentences

'Taint everybody 't would hev taken pains to do that.

" "I don't want anybody to bother himself on my account," said Eph.

I s'pose I should hev said they was; still, if they'd asked me how I knew" "Come, come, father!" said Aunt Lyddy, "do give poor Ephraim a little peace.

Why don't you just say you thought they were oysters, and done with it?" "Say I thought they was?"

"He has a right to the moneyand then you don't want to be under obligations to that man all your life.

he said, "if there's anything I can ever do, in this world or the next, for you or your folks, that's all I ask for, the chance to do it.

"I will do it, Major," said he; "and I shall never forget what you have done for me to-day.

"Major," said he, "I didn't use to take much stock in special Providence, or things being ordered; but I'm darned if I don't believe in them from this day.

" "Do' say that, Mist' Dunkin, do' say hit, seh," he replied, in a tone of deep mortification.

" "Do' say that, Mist' Dunkin, do' say hit, seh," he replied, in a tone of deep mortification.

And I gave the papers into his hand repeating my directions: "If the gentleman is not there, don't leave them on any account.

At last everything was put in order, and I seated myself in an arm-chair, rubbing my cramped fingers and wrist, and afterward consulting my watch, more for something to do than to ascertain the time, which the clock on the mantel-piece would have told me.

I do not understand it at all.

The moral precepts of the Siamese are comprised in the following Ten Commandments: 1. Do not slay animals.

2. Do not steal.

3. Do not commit adultery.

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With what unfailing regularity do the Numbers issue forth!

An extract shall speak for itself; and perhaps we cannot do better than select one of the battle-pieces, which has all the vividness of the finest historical painting: say BANNOCKBURN.

I Must do the deed, because I thought of it?

The mean time, if fortune Declare itself on my side, thou wilt know What is to do.

Mother was give wages then, but I don't know how much." MARGARET WHITE: Margaret White, 6606 18th Ave., Liberty City, Miami.

"Miss Ann, she used ter gibme money, but hi didn't know what t' do wid hit.

365259 examples of  do  in sentences