1241 examples of docks in sentences

But without waiting to be denied this information, Mr. Wertheimer continued: "Going on the evidence of your looks and temper, you've been down to Tilbury Docks this afternoon to see Karslake and Sonia off.

"Last night I came down by the first trainI waited at the station for itI came straight from the docks."

In February, 1917, in order to investigate this aspect of the question, a conference took place between the Naval Staff and the masters of cargo steamers which were lying in the London docks.

Twice Ginger Dick slipped off and tried to get a ship and came back sulky and hungry, and once Peter Russet sprained his thumb trying to get a job at the docks.

The most impressive approach is now by the river through the infinitude of docks, quays, and shipping.

That London is the great distributing center of the world is shown by the fleets of the carrying trade of which the countless masts rise along her wharves and in her docks.

It was easy enough to trace the course of Mortimer Lightwood and Eugene Wrayburn, as they walked under the guidance of Riderhood through the stormy night from their rooms in The Temple, four miles away, past the Tower and the London Docks, and down by the slippery water's edge to Limehouse Hole, when they went to cause Gaffer Hexam's arrest, and found him drowned, tied to his own boat.

The strictly commercial aspect of the Docksthe London Docks above and the West India Docks belowshades off by slight degrees into the black misery of the hole.

The strictly commercial aspect of the Docksthe London Docks above and the West India Docks belowshades off by slight degrees into the black misery of the hole.

At the DOCKS OF LA VILLETTE, and at the warehouses of the DOUANE, the destruction of property has been enormous.

Townley told methat long ago when a ship from England arrived in the Hoogly a cannon was fired, and all the gay bachelors left their offices and went to the docks to appraise the new arrivals.

[Illustration: A-round our coasts the fish-ers meet With Had-docks, which, when dri-ed, we eat.]

It's a pub for the two of us in Liverpool, down near the Regent Docks, like gentlemen, or I'm a beggar.

76, is the invention of the late Mr. Otis, an application of the spoon dredging machine of the docks to railway purposes, with very important modifications.

One Sunday evening, when staggering along by the docks and looking at the different ships, trying to meet with some of his old messmates, he noticed what seemed to him a most curious-looking vessel, and called out to a sailor near him,"What in the name of sense is that odd-looking craft, without sail or steam, good for?" "Have you never before seen the floating chapel?" asked the trim-looking tar whom he accosted.

The Boreal left St. Katherine's Docks in beautiful weather on the afternoon of the 19th June, full of good hope, bound for the Pole.

All about the docks was one region of heads stretched far in innumerable vagueness, and down the river to Woolwich a continuous dull roar and murmur of bees droned from both banks to cheer our departure.

And Father O'Grady spoke of the miles and miles of docks.

The lower part of the town is a dead flat, intersected with canals and docks, filled with stagnated water from the Basin: owing to this circumstance the town is unhealthy at certain seasons, and subject, in the fall, to musquitoes: these inconveniences might have been avoided by building the town a mile lower, on either side the bay.

" So those who were twain sailed gently into Southampton docks resolved to be one when the gods were willing.

In the Thames, and before the docks of Hamburg, Captain Ferragut would chaff his subordinate.

At his right would be hooked a horse, at his left, a great raw-boned mule, and this triple and discordant team appeared in all the carts, standing immovable before the ships the length of the docks, or dragging their heavy wheels up the slopes leading to the upper city.

What a crowd of steamboats were laid up along the "Algiers" shore, and of Morgan's Texas steamers, that huddled, with boilers cold, under Slaughter-House Point, while all the dry-docks stood empty.

He made the rounds of the fishing docks, continually on the lookout to be of help, anxious to do anything at any time in exchange for a few articles of food that he could carry proudly home to his mother.

So ahftah Ah visit wid 'em a spell, Ah goes down to de docks an' sign t' ship on a fo'-mahster tramp.

1241 examples of  docks  in sentences