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1899 example sentences with  docks

1899 example sentences with docks

Then there is Herr August Thyssen"King Thyssen"who owns coalmines, rolling mills, harbours, and docks throughout Germany, iron-ore mines in France, warehouses in Russia, and entrepรดts in nearly every country from Brazil and Argentina to India.

Since the war the same situation has persisted, aggravated by the completion of the harbor works and docks at Lorenzo Marques, which favors more than ever the Delagoa route.

It was undoubtedly Schmall who took Lisette Beaurepaire to that hotel in Paddington and poisoned her; it was just as undoubtedly Schmall who took Ebers to the hotel in London Docks and got rid of him.

The big dry docks at Devonport were deserted except for a few picked hands, not more than two score at the outside, told off on night shift for special duty.

Here there is a fine harbor, with docks and warehouses owned by the government.

They jostled each other for preference, they clamoured for notice as I have seen the dock labourers clamouring for a job at the London docks.

During the night of Friday, the docks of LA VILLETTE, and the warehouses of the DOUANE, the GRENIER D'ABONDANCE and the GOBELINS were all burning!

At the DOCKS OF LA VILLETTE, and at the warehouses of the DOUANE, the destruction of property has been enormous.

Docks, Bonded Warehouses and Storehouses at La Villette.

He found one in the person of Mr. Wilks, who, having been unsuccessful in finding his beloved master at a small tavern down by the London docks, had returned to Sunwich, by no means benefited by his change of air, to learn the terrible truth as to his disappearance from Hardy.

The construction of the two dry docks at Charlestown and at Norfolk is making satisfactory progress toward a durable establishment.

Not in the case of a great contractor, perhaps, who can point to a viaduct and docks and railways, and say, "I built that, and that, and that.

At one time he was employed in the dock-yard with his fleet, at another he exercised with the legions; sometimes he would devote his time to the inspection of the works, which were every day carried on with the greatest eagerness by a multitude of artificers both in the workshops, and in the armoury and docks.

IV."Not Guilty" Arrived at Liverpool on Monday, after the bewilderment of a railway journeythe first she had ever madeMary found her way to the little court, not far from the docks, were Jem's sailor cousin lodged.

Mary hurried down to the docks, spent every penny she had in hiring a boat, and presently was tossing on the water for the first time in her life, alone with two rough men.

During the day Sidon is virtually emptied of its men-folk, and is given up to perambulators and feminine activities generally; for the men have streamed across the ferries that bridge the sunny, boisterous river, to the docks and offices of Tyre.

They saw the mast sheers and the docks; the large magazines, the arsenal, the rope-bridge and the big discarded dock, which had been blasted in the rock.

There is an evident justness in the suggestion of the same report that appropriations for the naval service proper should be separated from those for fixed and permanent objects, such as building docks and navy-yards and the fixtures attached, and from the extraordinary objects under the care of the Department which, however important, are not essentially naval.

"A few days ago, as he was coming out of the gate of the London Docks on foot, after having inspected them, a great crowd was waiting to see him, among whom was an old woman of about seventy years of age, who seemed very anxious to get near him, but, the crowd pressing very much, she exclaimed, 'Oh, if I could but touch his clothes!'

Soon the stretches of docks and the shadowy ships began to be broken by dim sweeps of marshland, and Joe knew that they were heading out for San Francisco Bay.

"I was on the docks one winter evening, wet, dark, and late, when I saw a man robbed of his purse.

The samples of gold are handed over at the docks to some accredited representative of the firmgenerally either Mr. Reuben or Mr. Walterwho has been despatched to meet the ship, and conveyed either to the bank or to the works according to circumstances.

Under these circumstances Mr. Reuben was sent down to the docks at an early hour in the hope the ship might arrive in time for the stones to be lodged in the bank at once.

"Mr. Hornby himself, to whom Mr. Reuben delivered up the package on his return from the docks.

These carts carry cotton to the mills or to the docks.

Miller recognized in him a black giant by the name of Josh Green, who for many years had worked on the docks for Miller's father,and simultaneously identified him as the dust-begrimed negro who had stolen a ride to Wellington on the trucks of a passenger car.

Cato was expected to land at the commercial docks below the Aventine (see below), where the senate and magistrates were awaiting him, but with his usual rudeness rowed past them to the navalia.]

Both places contain docks for building vessels, and several small corvettes in the Emperor's service winter in these harbours: but the roads, like those of Larache, are only to be frequented from the beginning of April to the end of September, on account of the shifting of the sand, which accumulates on the wind blowing from the south-west, when the bar is rendered unsafe for vessels to pass.

With a narrow shave past the Chelsea ferry-boat, I backed water, and came alongside a raft of ship-timber seasoning near one of the docks, tenanted by a score or more of semi-amphibious urchins, who were running races over the half-sunken logs, and taking all sizes of duckings, from the slight spatter to the complete souse.

I am reminded of this ancient wound by the appearance of a new buccaneering book by Sir ARTHUR QUILLER-COUCH; and that not only on account of the name of the author, but because when a tale of this kind begins in Bristol Docks, with a company that includes an apprentice-hero, a one-eyed sailor and a parrot of piratical past, it is impossible not to recall Treasure Island.

'"O, Telegraft Hill, she sits proud as a Queen, And th' docks lie below in th' glare,'" I quoted from Wallace Irwin.

He lowered his gaze to the numerous wharves running out into the water, with teams appearing and disappearing at the entrances of the covered docks, like lines of busy ants.

=Nearest Stations.=Southampton Docks or Southampton West.

Crinkett handed him the money within the precincts of one of the city banks not an hour before the sailing of the Julius Vogel from the London Docks for Auckland in New Zealand.

He now no longer wandered along the harbor admiring from afar the great transatlantic liners in front of the monument of Christopher Columbus, nor the cargo steamers that were lined up along the commercial docks.

And after a second "refresco" from Uncle Caragol, he became submersed in a placid nirvana, seeing everything rose-colored and considerably enlarged,the sea, the nearby boats, the docks, and Montjuich in the background.

Lined up, drowsing along the docks, ready to begin their work, were new hospital ships, the more fortunate transatlantic liners that still retained a certain trace of their former condition, quite clean with a red cross painted on their sides and another on their smokestacks.

Then they cast anchor in the basin of Arenc near the docks.

The unloaded cargoes piled up the same articles on the principal docks,wheat, much wheat, sulphur and saltpeter for the composition of explosive material.

The ships at the docks seemed to be increasing in size, for on arrival they had extended only a few yards above the wharf; but now that their cargo was piled up on land, they appeared like towering fortresses.

When, an hour later, he left the barber-shop, tearing himself away from the interminable farewells of the proprietor, he passed down a broad street, lonely and silent, between two rows of docks.

" The cry made men rise up as though vomited forth by the earth; from mouth to mouth it leaped, repeating itself incessantly, penetrating through the docks and the boats, vibrating even beyond the reach of the eye, permeating everywhere with the confusion and rapidity of sound waves.

A great drawbridge put in communication the two shores bordered with vast constructions and high chimneys, naval shops, warehouses, arsenals, and dry-docks for cleaning up the boats.

The launch was waiting for them, at one of the big boat docks, sandwiched in between two immense lake steamers.

The hardy docks are showing, and the young nettles have risen up.

Docks, to Kill.

No haven, no docks, no comfortable place even for setting up the frame of a ship on the beach.

How'd you like to walk around the docks?

Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, a river bottom had been filled in back of the quays with material that had been excavated to form a vast basin with cement walls, where squadrons of Dreadnoughts might rest and await their turn to be warped into the great dry docks which open off it in chasmlike galleries.

I visited a few shops for some necessaries, and went on board the "Servia" during the afternoon, thinking that I might have difficulty in getting a cabman to drive to the docks after dark if the snow drifted deeply.

I.Consular Experiences The Liverpool Consulate of the United States, in my day, was located in Washington Buildings, in the neighbourhood of some of the oldest docks.

We got to our berth in the East India Docks at last, and arter we were made fast we went below to 'ave a wash and change into our shoregoing togs.

Around the platform and the quay are contrived docks for ducks.

Then there were no cascades of real water, nor London docks, nor offensively rich furniture, with hotel lifts down which some one will certainly be thrown, but one scene representing a street; a man comes onnot, mind you, in a real smock-frock, but in something that suggests oneand sings of how he came up to London, and was "cleaned out" by thieves.

In wrimplings made by Nature's hand Though docks and brambles here and there May sometimes cheat the gardener's care, Yet this to me is Paradise, Compared with prim cut plots and nice, Where Nature has to Act resigned, Till all looks mean, stiff and confined.

I cannot say that I should wish to see forest trees and docks and brambles in garden borders.

AYR (23), the county town of Ayrshire, at the mouth of a river of the same name, a clean, ancient town, its charter, granted by William the Lion, dating from 1200; well built, with elegant villas in the suburbs, a good harbour and docks for shipping; famous in early Scottish history, and doubly so among Scottish towns as the birthplace near it of Robert Burns.

GRANGEMOUTH (6), a busy port in Stirlingshire, on the Forth, 3 m. NE. of Falkirk; exports iron-ware and coal; has excellent docks, and does some shipbuilding.

GRIMSBY or GREAT GRIMSBY (59), a seaport of Lincolnshire, on the S. shore of the Humber, opposite Spurn Head, 20 m. SE. of Hull; was a port of importance in Edward III.'s time; is now noted as the largest fishing-port in the kingdom; has extensive docks, shipbuilding, tanning, brewing, and other industries.

WEST HARTLEPOOL (43), lies on the opposite and south side of the bay, 1 m. distant, but practically forming one town with Hartlepool, and carries on a similar trade, but on a somewhat larger scale; the extensive docks, stretching between the two towns, cover an area of 300 acres.

HARWICH (8), a seaport and market town of Essex; is situated on a headland on the S. side of the conjoined estuaries of the Stour and the Orwell, 5 m. N. of the Naze and 65 m. NE. of London; it is an important packet station for Holland, has a good harbour and docks, with an increasing commerce.

ST. NAZAIRE (26), a flourishing seaport of France, on the Loire, 40 m. W. of Nantes, where large sums have been expended in improving its spacious docks to accommodate an increasing shipping-trade; its exports, brandy, coal, wheat, &c., are mainly from Nantes and the interior.

I trudged daily about the docks and timber-yards, learning to measure logs, piles of planks, and, more troublesome, ships for tonnage; indoors, part of the time practiced customs book-keeping, and talked to the clerks about literature and poetry in a way that excited some astonishment, but on the whole, as I found at parting, a certain degree of curiosity and respect.

So the job went to the docks at Hongkong, and good gold with it.

The latter proceeded to the forts, while the infantry lined up on the docks.

what lies are floating about the docks this morning?


Down at the Docks DOWN at the dockswhen the smoke clouds lie, Wind-ript and red, on an angry sky Coal-dumps and derricks and piled-up bales, Tar and the gear of forgotten sails, Rusted chains and a broken spar (Yesterday's breath on the things that are) A lone, black cat and a snappy cur, Smell of high-tide and of newcut fir, Smell of low-tide, fish, weed!I swear I love every blessed smell that's there

After the 1960s, the port industry began to decline, leading to all the docks being closed by 1980.

Soon Gulli went to the rescue with a MAS, but approaching the docks found a huge crowd of nationalist Slavs.

West India Docks was primarily developed by Robert Milligan (c. 1746โ€“1809) who set up the West India Dock Company.

Cash grab for the docks because the PLP have bankrupted the country.

Crew Dragon docks with the International Space Station.

During the 19th century, immigrants from Italy, Spain, Greece, and other countries came to Marseilles to work its docks, mills, and factories.

In more recent times, the controversy surrounding dredging a deep water channel into Falmouth Docks has taken centre stage.

Lobster traps and buoys on the docks at Spruce Head harbor.

Neither batch of renderings has shown the N. 6th Street facade, which is currently where the loading docks and a winding ramp are located.

Set to open in September, she added, is Tiki Docks River Bar & Grill, on the south bank of the Alafia River just east of U.S. 301, at 10708 Palmetto St.

Several boaters told The News Tribune they routinely see people swimming in the boat launch and docks area.

'The captain in his broadcast said he hopes we are all feeling grateful for the huge effort of Holland America to find us port docks?

The Dundee Harbour Trustees, a locally elected body, had finally delivered to the merchants of Dundee the modern harbour with docks that they craved.

The Grand Princess Cruise ship docks at the Port of Oakland, with 21 confirmed cases of coronavirus among roughly 3,500 passengers and crew.

The piece of art now appears with a in Bristolั‚ะะฉs Albion Docks.

The sister platform of Prospector 1, which is already moored at Sheerness Docks, arrived this morning more than four hours ahead of schedule.

This means that Mumbai based Mazagon Docks Ltd (MDL) and Larsen &Turbo (L&T) have been approved as the Indian Strategic Partners (SP) and will now compete to be chosen for constructing six submarines in India.

Time was spent investigating TIP information, assisting Forestry with an investigation and taking questions from the public regarding shoreland alterations as residents began preparing docks and lifts for the fishing opener.

A cruise ship docks at Atlin Terminal in Prince Rupert.

Concerns have been raised about the condition of the Canonto and Shabomeka docks.

Docks in international criminal courts should be warmed by such adventurous men.

East Coast docks is looking for a representative to serve from Cumberland county through to Guysborough area as the EZ Dock dealer.

Following the notice of service change issued July 17, 2019 restricting Vaucroft and Halkett Bay docks to pedestrian loads only, SCRD has undertaken further analysis and is permitting golf carts to travel on the wharf approach.

Government Docks at 153 Main St.; in Wellington Park beside the United Church and on the Wellington Beach.

He said his docks are aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Items such as docks that were pulled up on shore were inspected to see if any zebra mussels could be seen or felt.

Last year the seven fuel docks were reported to have sold 156,000 tons of steam coal to propellers.

On a beautiful spring morning on the island of Pellestrina, south of the Lido on the Venetian lagoon, a small boat moored at the docks suddenly explodes, killing two local clam fishermen.

Or your other option is from the south passing between Little Grenadier and Grenadier to reach the park docks.

As well, there was close to an hour and a half of idling at the ferry docks, and longer than usual warmup times -- all negative factors on mileage.

As you approach Grandview Resort docks and islands are on the west shore.

Truck turning templates will be applied to ensure that there will be sufficient manoeuvring space on-site for large trucks to efficiently access the loading docks.