43 examples of dod in sentences

When next we met, the old blue shirt and cabbage-tree were gone; A brand new suit of tweed and Doctor Dod he had put on; Arm in arm with him was one who strove, and not in vain, To ease his pockets of their load by drinking real champagne.

Rage made the face of the o-gress glow like a fur-nace, as she made a pounce at poor Wil-lie for his ill-ad-vis-ed speech; and she would have caught him in her gripe, had he not dod-ged round a large bun-dle of ve-ge-ta-bles which luck-i-ly lay on the floor.

For W. Ellis, J. Roberts, Mrs. Billingsly, A. Dod, and J. Fox. 1725.

Once, John, who thirsted always for information, and mindful of a point that had struck him in the chapter at morning prayers, said: "Miss Aitken, are you any relation to Achan-in-the-Camp?" Miss Elspeth, looking quizzically at her sister, answered for her: "Dod!

Of all the dash-blanked-dod-blizzened" "Caspar!

Miss Dod and Mrs. Sterry are the only two volleyers.

"To dod sheep, is to cut the wool away about their tails.


[Footnote B: The will of Benjamin Dod, a Roman Catholic citizen of London (died 1714) runs in part as follows: "I desire four and twenty persons to be at my burial ... to every of which four and twenty persons ...

By Dod Osbourne & Joe McCarthy.

By Dod Orsborne, edited by Joe McCarthy.

By Dod Osbourne & Joe McCarthy.

" "But Dod took Te-qua away," Kitty would sometimes say.

Liberal and Tory journals alike condemned the way in which in Dod Street, in September, the Socialists' meetings were attacked.

"Dod" is a familiar household word in the British Parliament.

Its founder was an Irishman, Charles Roger Dod, who for twenty-three years was a parliamentary reporter for the Times.

"Boy's gone home to see his dad about working for me this afternoon; in the meantime, it you're not too proud to take hold and help us with this dod-ratted fence, I'll be obliged to you.

The Dod-aers of the Dutch is most probably a vulgar epithet of the Dutch sailors, expressive of its lumpish conformation and inactivity.

"Dod gast the luck!"

Dod, but that's a braw birthday' '

Dod, Lizzie, thon was a gorgeous banquet!

I'll be dod-gasted!

O, mama says buddy tomed stwaight down from Dod; Hush-a-bye O, uh-huhm, wock-a-bye b'o', At doctuh mans bwunged him, now is n't zhat odd Wock-a-bye, my 'ittul b'over.

On asking the cause of this, he received for answer, "Dod, sir, they were saying ye had preached an auld sermon to-day, but I tackled them, for I tauld them it was no an auld sermon, for the minister had preached it no sax months syne.

An' mebby you'll see your way clear t' help me leave this dod-rotten hole.

43 examples of  dod  in sentences