1693 examples of dodges in sentences

In the midst of these conditions the fighting airman shoots, dodges, pursues, and dives, intent only on one thing, the destruction of his enemy, while the observer photographs, marks his map with every gun-emplacement, railway station, dump of food or ammunition, unconcerned by the flying shells or the strange dives and swoops of the machine.

Relapsing, or Rückfall fever, as the Germans call it, was one of the common dodges used by them to deceive the ingenuous British doctor.

For Nazoro was a Wanyamwezi from Lake Tanganyika and disdained any of Ali's dodges to conciliate me.

They have all sorts of dodges to help them live in such places.

My companion was a witty little man with half the languages of Europe on his tongue, and a knowledge of all the tricks and dodges of all the criminal fraternity at his finger-ends.

Many are the quaint dodges and tricks of the hiders and seekers in the sea.

They have a way of hiding under weeds and rocks, being very clever at "hide-and-seek," and knowing all the dodges.

But as long as I stay here I'm going to stop this talk about trickery and low-down dodges.

The Hindoo system of wrestling is the perfection of science and skill; mere dead weight of course will always tell in a close grip, but the catches, the holds, the twists and dodges that are practised, allow for the fullest development of cultivated skill, as against mere brute force.

It's robbery, sir, I say, all these out-of-the-way cheap dodges, which arn't in the pharmacopoeia, half of them; it's unprofessional, sirquackery.

"If Cady dodges, it ain't any business of mine.

In every part of a run it is the same; the otter dodges up stream and down, lands for a moment, returns to his holt; but his adversaries are always with him, and as one sees their steady work the impression becomes stronger and stronger that for the real sport of otter-hunting there is nothing as good as the pure-bred Otterhound.

The writer on the frontier, who fills up a kind of elegant leisure by composition, not only pleases himself, which is a thing nobody can deprive him of, but dodges the coarser amusements of bowling, whist, and other resorts for time-killing.

For a few days he steers wild; in this ill-balanced course his lone horn strikes every tree on this side as he dodges from that side.

he-e-e!how he laughs when he recurs to those days of the long, long ago, with their miserable little swindles, no better than farthing candles, (allowable rhyme,) and their puny dodges devised for flagellating LUCIFER round a stump.

While it is true that outsiders sometimes become possessed by these dodges of official secrets, it is not less true that Cabinet Ministers are often curiously in the dark about great and even startling events.

Abercromby (I., 454) is another writer who believes that sham capture is not a survival of real capture, but merely a result of the innate general desire on the part of the men to display couragea view which dodges the one thing that calls for an explanationthe resistance of the women.

So far as concerns the provinces of Mindoro and Palawan, and the great island of Mindanao, he dodges the issue, alleging the unimportance of Mindoro and Palawan, and claiming that "Mohammedan Mindanao" presents a problem by itself.

"What an audacious little monkey you are; you know all sorts of dodges," said Eric.

"I've looked on at plenty of your dodges, sucking up to Aunt Charlotte to get taken out with her; but when it comes to playing spiteful tricks on my sister I will speak out.

All sorts of dodges have been used to get cheap woman labour, but, so far, the victory has been almost completely on the side of medical women.

He always dodges the subject, somehow.

The dodges and devices of authors are well-nigh infinite and quite beyond conjecture, and it is, of course, possible that Lord Chesterfield kept copies of these letters, which bear upon their faces evidence of care and elaboration.

At times it chuckles at you in a musical undertone as you walk along its banks, and again it seems to warn you from trespassing on its preserves, scolding in a shrill falsetto as it dodges under the roots of a fallen tree, or dives among the lilypads, as if to hide from your sight.

"To be struck down just when he was playing such tricks as them conjuring dodges, do seem uncommon awful," said he, after a time.

1693 examples of  dodges  in sentences