547 examples of doges in sentences

His companion raised three of his fingers, with an occult meaning, towards the palace of the doges.

Your ancestors were senators and Doges of Venice, while mine have been, since the fishermen first built their huts in the Lagunes, laborers on the canals, and rowers of gondolas.

The edifice in which the Doges of Venice dwelt still stands a gloomy monument of the policy of the Republic, furnishing evidence, in itself, of the specious character of the prince whom it held.

That bright circle of stamens is the very ring with which Doges once wedded the Adriatic, Venice has lost it, but it dropped into the water-lily's bosom, and there it rests forever.

The horses of Lysippus, carried from Greece to Rome, and from Rome to Constantinople, at last surmounted the palace of the Doges.

He aims to show that the beauty of such buildings as St. Mark's Cathedral and the Doges' Palace is due to the virtue and patriotism of the people, the nobility of the designers, and the joy of the individual workmen, whose chisels made the very stones of Venice tell beautiful stories.

Consecration of the Doges of Venice.

333.Interior Court of the Palace of the Doges of Venice: Buildings in which are the Cells and the Leads.

The chief of the bailiffs (sbirri) shall avoid making domiciliary arrests, but he shall try to seize the culprit unawares, away from his home, and so securely get him under the leads of the Palace of the Doges.

As we float away through the watery streets, old Shylock shuffles across the bridge,black barges glide by us in the silent canals,groups of unfamiliar faces lean from the balconies,and we hear the plashing waters lap the crumbling walls of Venice, with its dead Doges and decaying palaces.

The project being discovered, Faliero was put to death (1355), at the age of 76, and his picture removed from the gallery of his brother doges.

In the tombs of the Doges the old Pisan motive of the curtains (first used by Arnolfo di Cambio at Orvieto, and afterwards with grand effect by Giovanni Pisano at Perugia) is expanded into a sumptuous tent-canopy.

On every side, above, around, wherever the eye falls in those vast rooms, are seen the deeds of Venicepainted histories of her triumphs over emperors and popes and infidels, or allegories of her greatnessscenes wherein the Doges perform acts of faith, with S. Mark for their protector, and with Venezia for their patroness.

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Marino Sanuto, who wrote the lives of the Doges of Venice in 1493 (Daru says, erroneously, some fifty years afterwards), has preserved the Orations made by the Doge Tomaso Mocenigo, in opposition to the Florentine proposals; which he copied, according to his statement, from a manuscript that belonged to the Doge himself.

Dove Inscription on Church Plate Anecdotes of Books, by Joseph Hunter Queries answered, No. 3.Flemish Account Answer to Minor Queries:Richard Greene, &c. QUERIES: Sanuto's Doges of Venice MSS.

The loss of the great Campanile of St. Mark is not compensated for by the gain of the penny steamer which frets and fusses its prosaic way along the Grand Canal, or blurts its noisome smoke in the very face of the Palace of the Doges.

The modern aristocrat not only is well drawn in Titian's Venetian doges, and in Roman coins and statues, but also in the pictures which Commodore Perry brought home of dignitaries in Japan.

NOTES: The Doges Agostino Barberigo, and Leonardo Loredano, Consalvo of Cordova, Giovanni Borgherini and his tutor, Luigi Crasso, and others, are mentioned as having sat to Giorgione for their portraits.

It is a matter of more regret, therefore, that the likenesses of the Doges Agostino Barberigo and Leonardo Loredano are missing, for in them we might have had specimens of work comparable to the Caterina Cornaro, which, in my opinion at all events, is Giorgione's masterpiece of portraiture.

ADOPTIONISTS, heretics who in the 8th century maintained that Christ was the son of God, not by birth, but by adoption, and as being one with Him in character and will. ADOR`NO, an illustrious plebeian family in Genoa, of the Ghibelline party, several of whom were Doges of the republic.

AMAL`FI, a port on the N. of the Gulf of Salerno, 24 m. SE. of Naples; of great importance in the Middle Ages, and governed by Doges of its own.

At first there were three provisional consuls, Bonaparte, Siéyès, and Roger Ducos; then three consuls for ten years, Bonaparte, Cambacérès, and Lebrun, which was dissolved with the establishment of the Empire on the 20th May 1804. CONTARI`NI, an illustrious Venetian family, which furnished eight Doges to the Republic, as well as an array of men eminent in the Church, statecraft, generalship, art, and letters.

CORNARO, an illustrious patrician family in Venice, from which for centuries several Doges sprung.

547 examples of  doges  in sentences