292 examples of doggedly in sentences

"You know a lot, Fogerty," he said, doggedly.

" "I want to be your friend, and I want to be your friend quickly," he said doggedly.

" They were caught indeed, not only in a squall, but in the steady force of a driving northeasterly storm setting in doggedly with a very ugly fog.

"It's of no use," she said, doggedly.

West closed the door and walked noiselessly forward in the manner of one in a sick-room, At length he asked in a voice which strove to be natural and unconcerned: "What are you doing, Joel?" The head over the book only bent closer as its owner answered doggedly: "Studying Greek!

"Since the first day I saw you," replied David doggedly.

He worked doggedly on for a while, then he arose in defense of his country, whereupon Mitchell artfully shifted his attack to English steel-mills.

" Day after day Henry Hanford pursued his work doggedly, seeing much of Lowe, something of Wylie's clerk, and nothing whatever of Sir Thomas Drummond or the other members of the Royal Barrata Bridge Commission.

Just in front of me, however, was Jacques Richard, always a troublesome individual, standing doggedly, with his hat upon his head and his hands in his pockets, straight in the path of M. le Curé.

He sat to the last moment doggedly struggling to keep cool and to mount the ciliated funnel of an earthworm's nephridium.

He thought incredulously of the long decline in tenderness that had followed the first days of their delight in each other, the diminution of endearment, the first yielding to irritability, the evenings he had spent doggedly working, resisting all his sense of her presence.

Presently she began to talk again in her trailing pensive way: "I had been working deep and doggedly for days, hardly noticing who came in or out.

That which interested me more particularly, however, was the scene nearer at handthe stragglers, the wounded, the skulkers, the disorganized bodies of men, the wearied commands which had been fighting since daylight, now doggedly falling back, relieved by new arrivals, yet unwilling to go.

"If it be necessary to salvation," she persisted, doggedly, "I will not take it if darling Annie is to be shut out.

An infinite energy required a resisting or doggedly indifferent material, itself quasi infinite, to take the impression of its life, and render potentiality into power.

"I agree," said Lupey doggedly.

That which he had originally dismissed as an unjust suspicion had now grown to be almost certainty; and he waited doggedly the word which must confirm it.

I sit doggedly still, where I am, on the cold moor.

But," persisted Mr. Hucks doggedly, "she's there if she's alive.

Mealy saw it all through envious eyes and with a pricking conscience, as he doggedly fumbled the myriad buttons which his mother had fastened upon his pretty clothes.

He hurled a bit of that anger in the clod that hit Mealy Jones, then Jimmy walked doggedly back to the house.

" The remark of that simple, but intelligent old woman as to the restraint imposed by the Kaiser upon the Zeppelins constituted the universal belief of all Germany until the British doggedly built up an air service under the stress of necessity, which has brilliantly checked the aerial carnival of frightfulness.

" D'ri was worn out with lack of sleep and rest, but he had hung doggedly to his saddle.

" "It doesn't much matter, I suppose," said Lucy, doggedly.

" This was Lucy's reply, and given very doggedly.

292 examples of  doggedly  in sentences