75 examples of donas in sentences

As a looker on, PUNCHINELLO would suggest to the political parties, as applicable in this case, the following quotation from VIRGIL: "timeo Dana-os et dona ferentes.

"Maridite, maridite, donzela, Che dona maridada è sempre bela; Maridite finchè la fogia è verde, Perchè la zoventù presto se perde.

" "Dona date, astantes; versus ne reddite: sola Imperat aethereis alma Moneta deis.

Upon their breasts hung a piece of lead with this inscription: 'Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi dona nobis pacem.'

The remains of Dona Ines de Castro taken out of her tomb six years after the interment, when she was proclaimed queen of Portugal.

" In the Gaelic, donas [means] "bad luck" or in contempt, "a poor ignorant creature."

"She was always a little dearer to me than his second wife, the proud Dona Maria Ortega, perhaps because Rafaela belonged pre-eminently to San Francisco.

This practice is described by the following epigram: Est rosa flos, Veneris cujus quo facta laterunt, Harpocrati matri dona dicavit Amor, Inde rosam mensis hospes suspendit amicis Convivii et sub ea dicta tacenda sciat.



Matthew Lisner, sheriff of Dona Ana, bent a hard eye on his subordinate.

And I never could hear that our side had any the best of it or that the good name of Dona Ana was in any way bettered by our wars.

"Hands up!" said the sheriff of Dona Ana.

quasi magnum Nempe diem donas?

b. Dona. c. Gratuita.

[93:] Certain "dona," however, supposed to be voluntary, were always excepted.

See a diploma of Louis of the year 854 to the monastery of St. Gall in Germany, where it describes the usual "dona" for all monasteries as "Caballi duo cum scuteis et lanceis."

If he left her for another she would cry for a week, then serenely marry whom my father bade her, and forget Reinaldo in the donas of the bridegroom.

" When they ascended the steps, not a woman was to be seen; all had followed Prudencia to her chamber to see the donas of the groom, which had arrived that day from Mexico.

Quite apart, on a little table, was the crown and pride of the donas,six white cobweb-like smocks, embroidered, hemistitched, and deshaladoed.

The older women patted the things approvingly; and, between religion, a donas to satisfy an angel, and prospective bliss, Prudencia was the happiest little bride-elect in all The Californias.

Prudencia, the mantilla of the donas depending from a comb six inches high, was attired in a white satin gown with a train of portentous length, and looked like a kitten with a long tail.

Mas grans paors m'o tol e grans temensa, Qu'ieu non aus dir, dona, qu'ieu chant de vos.

Pus astres no m'es donatz Que de mi dons bes m'eschaia, Ni nulho nos plazers no·l platz, Ni ay poder que·m n'estraia, Ops m'es qu'ieu sia fondatz En via d'amor veraia, E puesc n'apenre assatz En Cataluenha la gaia, [120] Entrels Catalas valens E las donas avinens.

"Oh, Dona Schnapper-Elle, do not sin against the goodness of creative Nature!

75 examples of  donas  in sentences