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Do we say   doomsday   or  domesday

Do we say doomsday or domesday

doomsday 136 occurrences

"Every day is Doomsday," says Emerson.

The old sense of doom is perpetuated, however, in Doomsday, which means the day on which we are all to be, not necessarily sent to hell, but judged.

Cap'n Darby, he could snooze till doomsday; but we knowed you wouldn't want to miss no fun a-going."

Congratulatory speeches, endorsin' these last resolutions, was made by the wimmen, and I gess they would have kept talkin' ontil doomsday, if the chokin-off committee hadn't been sent around with copies of Harper's Bazaar, full of pictures of the new fall fashions.

Ralph, the poet's ancestor, is mentioned in Doomsday

But in Mohammed's first preaching, the announcement of the Day of judgment is much more prominent than the Unity of God; and it was against his revelations concerning Doomsday that his opponents directed their satire during the first twelve years.

It is singular, that by the Doomsday Book, as quoted by Camden, there appears to have been in Lincoln, when that survey was taken, no less than 1070 "inns for entertainment.

Pay Day came late, as he always does; and Doomsday sent wordhe might be expected.

All this world it goeth away, Me thinketh it nigheth Doomsday; Now man goes to ground: perishes.

The Burial; The Resurrection; The Three Maries; Christ appearing to Mary; The Pilgrim of Emmaus; The Ascension; The Descent of the Holy Ghost; The Assumption of the Virgin; and Doomsday, close the series.

He will answer your questions; yes, he has said he would; but you may prattle until doomsday without effect, so far as he is concerned, unless you finish your speech with an interrogation point."

It is true that other characters famous in song and storyparticularly in "Mother Goose"have similarly owed their celebrity in whole or part to rodents, but there is, it is submitted, no other case of a mouse, as mouse per se, reported in the annals of the law, except Tutt's mouse, from Doomsday Book down to the present time.

It seemed leisurely certain, however, of catching us before nightfall; and, sure enough, as the light began to thicken, and we stood admiring its mountainous magnificencevast billows of plum-coloured gloom, hanging like doomsday over a stretch of haunted orchardthe great drops began to patter down.

These inquests on oath had been used by the Conqueror for fiscal purposes in the drawing up of Doomsday Book.

It had to watch alterations in the ownership and cultivation of land, to modify the settlement of Doomsday Book so as to meet new conditions, and to make new distribution of taxes.

He fell back on a simple expedient; in many places there had been a provision as old at least as Doomsday, which enacted that the money weighed out for town-geld should if needful be tested by re-melting.


This monument, called Doomsday-book, the most valuable piece of antiquity possessed by any nation, is still preserved in the Exchequer; and though only some extracts of it have hitherto been published, it serves to illustrate to us, in many particulars, the ancient state of England.

[n] Dugdale's Baronage, from Doomsday Book, vol.

All the immediate military tenants of the crown amounted not fully to 700, when Doomsday Book was framed; and as the members were well pleased, on any pretext, to excuse themselves from attendance, the assembly was never likely to become too numerous for the despatch of public business.

It appears from Doomsday, that the greatest boroughs were, at the time of the Conquest, scarcely more than country villages; and that the inhabitants lived in entire dependence on the king or great lords, and were of a station little better than servile

[FN [x] We learn from the extracts given us of Doomsday by Brady, in his Treatise of Boroughs, that almost all the boroughs of England had suffered in the shock of the Conquest, and had extremely decayed between the death of the Confessor, and the time when Doomsday was framed.]

[FN [x] We learn from the extracts given us of Doomsday by Brady, in his Treatise of Boroughs, that almost all the boroughs of England had suffered in the shock of the Conquest, and had extremely decayed between the death of the Confessor, and the time when Doomsday was framed.]

Dryden once dwelt in a quaint, narrow house, in Fetter Lane,the street in which Dean Swift has placed the home of "Gulliver," and where the famous Doomsday Book was kept,but, later, he removed to a liner dwelling, in Gerrard Street, Soho, which was the scene of his death.

Of all these works the most characteristic is undoubtedly The Christ, a didactic poem in three parts: the first celebrating the Nativity; the second, the Ascension; and the third, "Doomsday," telling the torments of the wicked and the unending joy of the redeemed.

A cycle or circle of plays means a list forming a complete circle from Creation until Doomsday.

consummation, denouement; finish &c (completion) 729; fate; doom, doomsday; crack of doom, day of Judgment, dies irae, fall of the curtain; goal, destination; limit, determination; expiration, expiry^, extinction, extermination; death &c 360; end of all things; finality; eschatology.

; always, ever, evermore, aye; for ever, for aye, till the end of the universe, forevermore, forever and a day, for ever and ever; in all ages, from age to age; without end; world without end, time without end; in secula seculorum [Lat.]; to the end of time, to the crack of doom, to the 'last syllable of recorded time' [Macbeth]; till doomsday; constantly &c (very frequently) 136.

Takes up single testons upon oath, till doomsday.

His business gives him not leave to think of his conscience, and when the time, or term, of his life is going out, for doomsday he is secure; for he hopes he has a trick to reverse judgment.

There, now, Fomรญnishna, I'll never make this out till doomsday.

"Stands the vault adamantine Until the Doomsday; The wine-cup shall ferry

See that Doomsday Book, and show me those thousands of parishes, which are now decayed, cities ruined, villages depopulated, &c.

It will do more for Italian independence than all the ravings of revolutionary manifestoes and all the poignard-strokes of political assassins which can be written or given from now till doomsday.

And nothing can change that till doomsday."

Well, you'd better send word, and have it stored up for you till doomsday!

"Take self-love from love, and little remains," might be an extract from that Doomsday Book of Egoism in which Rochefoucauld was so deeply read.

His Christianity as Old as the Creation is the doomsday book of deism.

MEPHISTOPHELES (suddenly appearing very old) Since for the last time I the Brocken scale, That folk are ripe for doomsday, now one sees;

It is mentioned in Doomsday Book as belonging to Earl Aubrey; but the first notable man who held it was Hugh le Despencer.

The 'Heavenly Twins' can talk from now until doomsday tolls on the importance or non-importance of mathematics.

But the supreme point even of Doomsday, of the Dies Irae, has not been seized.

Here was interred with ceremony of waxen taper and mid-night requiem, the noble founder of this dilapidated fane, Sir Walter L'Espec, beneath that wreck of pillar and architrave and those carved remains of the chisel's achievementhe who deemed that the sepulchre "Should canopy his bones till doomsday; But all things have their end.

Let him rave on till doomsday.'

Old Buxton would have held out against it till doomsday.

The ancient pleasure grounds exhibit a great variety of pleasing objects, and also numerous curiosities; among others, a mill that was in being before the Norman conquest, it being mentioned in doomsday book.

The "solid temples," that heretofore were built as if not to be dissolved till doomsday, have been succeeded by thin emaciated structures, bloated out by coats of flatulent plaster, and supported upon cast-metal pegs, which the courtesy of the times calls pillars of the church.

"If I can get from coast to coast without taking the life of a single native, won't that be something greater to have done than all the play-acting from now till doomsday?

Sh'u'd think they c'u'd get around some time before doomsday!

The possessive case and its governing noun, combining to form a literal name, may be joined together without either hyphen or apostrophe: as, tradesman, ratsbane, doomsday, kinswoman, craftsmaster.

But a triple compound noun may be formed with one hyphen only: as, "In doomsday-book;" (Joh.

So St. Augustine's doctrine was: "The great fire at doomsday shall throw some into the portion of the left hand, and others shall be purified and represented on the right."

Evil and sad is their condition who can not be contented here nor blest hereafter, whose life is their misery and their conscience is their enemy, whose grave is their prison and death their undoing, and the sentence of doomsday the beginning of an intolerable condition.

But then, since this horror proceeds upon the account of so many accusers, God hath put it in our power by a timely accusation of ourselves in the tribunal of the court Christian, to prevent all the arts of aggravation which at doomsday shall load foolish and undiscerning souls.

Chesterfield, now the second largest town in its own county, was at the time of the Doomsday survey merely a bailiwick to Newbold, which at the present time has dwindled down to a small hamlet to the west of the parish.

I have a book at home, which I call my doomsday-book, where I have every man of quality's age and distemper in town, and know when you should drop.

" "If he waits for that, he may wait till doomsday.

PRIESTLEY, J. B. The doomsday men.

I have not looked into a book since I came home; nor shall I be able to do it until I have discharged my workmen, probably not before the nights grow longer, when possibly I may be looking in Doomsday Book."

And she thinks he has tricked her?' 'But for that and the humour she is in,' Mr. Thomasson answered, with a subtle glance at the other's face, 'you and I might talk here till Doomsday, and be none the better, Mr. Pomeroy.'

To uncover them all was a job to last till doomsday.

He is not without sin; but if he shall not die until he shall be stoned by saints selected from governments and parties, his existence will be prolonged until doomsday.

It is often known as the Last Judgment, Final Judgment, Judgment Day, Doomsday, or sometimes it is called The Day of the Lord.

The album's title was a reference to Doomsday Clock.

There is currently only one official Special Delivery map, and that is Doomsday.

They also appear in Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday.

When the half-human Doctor seemingly completes the sentence the original Doctor started at the end of "Doomsday" they kiss each other.

Citadel aggregates investment positions on trading screens to calculate "more than 500 doomsday scenarios" to assess the potential of risk for the firm.

G "doomsday machine", whose existence had not been announced.

Each of the planes, known as E-6B Mercury, A.K.A. โ€˜Doomsday Plane,โ€™ took off minutes before Friday morningโ€™s announcement one from the east coast, the other from the west coast.

Finally, in โ€œDoomsday Prep for the Super-Rich,โ€ Evan Osnos explores the extreme emergency plans of the super wealthy and chronicles the measures that some are taking to protect themselves, and only themselves, in the event of a global catastrophe.

From the fear of job security due to the prevalence of AI to doomsday predictions warning us against the rise of Skynet, there is no dearth of negative stories about AI.

His work has been the basis for many governmentsโ€™ actions โ€” including the U.S. and UK as well as many U.S. states โ€” and a lot of doomsday predictions.

A lot of fanboys aren't on board with female superheroes receiving the spotlight on the silver screen, so Gal Gadot's badass Wonder Woman leading the charge against Doomsday back in 2016 didn't exactly sit right with some of them.

How many of the doomsday predictions we've heard over the last 30 years have come even close to being true?

โ€œI feel like weโ€™re heading into doomsday and weโ€™re slowly waiting for it to come, whereas I feel if we just do a shut down, get it over and done with we can then start being more positive about whatโ€™s to come,โ€ said Blondee Salon owner Faith Williams.

In the face of declining oil prices, depleting reserves and seemingly inevitable Naira depreciation, Nigerians believed that the doomsday was closer than we had thought.

And it raises the question: Where have you gone, Doomsday and the Hogs?

Ivar and Erick hit a doomsday device-like double team on Murphy.

Many Americans have been forced to abandon their jobs โ€œindefinitelyโ€ while a doomsday scenario plays out around them.

Scientists studying a giant mass of ice in known as the โ€œdoomsday glacierโ€ believe they have discovered why it is melting so rapidly and pushing up sea levels.

She would join the Justice League and help out when Doomsday showed up, hoping that being a superhero would make Superman love her, but it didn't work out.

Superman was once replaced by four โ€œSupermenโ€ after he died at the hands of Doomsday.

That doomsday scenario has now been rebuffed by the Fed, he said.

The company has built a concrete doomsday vault in Norway to house its cookies.

The Presidential Task Force led by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation has enabled a multi-sectoral response and contributed to our ability to manage the outbreak without a doomsday scenario.

The theme of this season is water, due to the flooding that the Doomsday Device Event caused at the end of Season 2. With a series of sea-based quests, players are keeping as busy as ever.

This cosplayer's work reminds observers of Doomsday's wisdom and experience more than any other since the most impressive and visually striking element is the long, white hair.

This is a pretty important plot point in Doomsday Clock and its introduction of the Metaverse which I will do my best to avoid spoilers on while I further discuss it later in this post.

A year ago, Doomsday Clock named the DC Universe as the 'metaverse', something that no-one at all followed up on.

Well, that would have had a huge implication for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as Zod could have been the new big bad; especially since his corpse wouldnโ€™t be around to be used in the creation of Doomsday.

What a Luxury Doomsday Survival Bunker looks like.

When she takes a side gig answering e-mails for her former writing teacher's doomsday podcast, her focus on climate dread and prepping for the end-times begins to consume her, and the narrative gains steam.

You canโ€™t fault Cowherd and his optimistic outlook on the season just like you canโ€™t fault the โ€˜doomsday mediaโ€™ for painting a negative narrative about the season because we really donโ€™t know all that much at this point.

Climate change and nuclear war are now presented side by side in the BASโ€™ doomsday clock.

Ancient Maya workshop for astronomers discoveredAstronomical tables look well beyond 2012 'doomsday'

Not being a nuclear strategist I can't calculate, ahh, the finer points of the nuclear or doomsday arithmetic.

The irony being that the Moslems are the only ones safeguarding the world from a Doomsday scenario by refusing to abandon the one city where both Christian and Jewish Zionists want to bring the world to an end.

The publication of the full, previously leaked doomsday document, the Yellowhammer contingency plan, anticipating measures if a no deal Brexit takes place, has also done its bit to pockmark Johnsonโ€™s efforts to maintain a steady ship.

Well, it sort of ties in with the doomsday idea.

domesday 89 occurrences

At the time of the Domesday Survey the place was held by Auschetel de Ros from Bishop Odo, but the heir of De Ros was Lora, Lady of Horton, who married into the north-country family of Kirby, who, however, had for long owned lands hereabouts.

Indeed the earlier chroniclers, though they speak of Great Chart and Wye, know nothing of Ashford which in Domesday Book appears to have consisted of a few mills and a small church, the manor being in possession of Edward the Confessor, while St Augustine's at Canterbury and Earl Godwin held certain lands thereabout.

The church of St Mary of Great Chart is not mentioned in the Domesday Survey, but that a church existed here in the twelfth century is certain, for even in the present building we have evidences of Norman work, for instance in the walling of the south chapel, and in the vestry doorway.

The place is not mentioned in Domesday Book, but about 1194 we find Archbishop Herbert confirming the church of St Margaret of Beatrichesdenne, with the chapel of Hecchisdenne (Etchden) to the Priory of St Gregory in Canterbury.

Domesday Book knows nothing of her; as a place of importance, as a town that is, she is a creation of Rye, and her development was thus necessarily late and endured but for a season.

Two churches at Steyning are spoken of in the Domesday Survey, and it has been thought that the second of these is really that at Warminghurst.

That Earl Godwin held Bosham we are assured by the Domesday Survey, which also speaks of the church, presumably the successor of the old monastery of Dicul.

This, as I have said, and as Domesday Book tells us, Bishop Osbern of Exeter "holds of King William as he had held it of King Edward."

The manor of Havant belonged when Domesday Survey was made to the monks of Winchester.

The Domesday Survey speaks of it as a "halla," but in the first half of the twelfth century the Normans built a castle in the north-west corner of the Roman enclosure, which in 1153 Henry II.

Moreover, there is no mention in the Domesday Survey of any church at all within the borough of "Hantune," and though we may think that the church of St John then existed, St John's was never the mother church; this was St Mary's which possessed all the tithes of the town.

Its history, as I say, goes back far beyond the Conquest, when it was served by secular canons, as it was at the time of the Domesday Survey, when we find that twenty-four were in residence.

In Domesday Book we read: "The King himself holds Lyndhurst, which appertained to Amesbury, which is of the King's farm."

There Domesday Book was compiled, and there it was kept in the Treasury of the Norman kings, and the only name which it gives itself is that of the "Book of Winchester."

King's Worthy, where the road first turns eastward and where the church, curiously enough, stands to the south of the way, [Footnote: According to Mr Belloc (The Old Road) this modern road does not exactly represent the route of the Pilgrim's Way which ran to the south of King's Worthy church] was but a hamlet and of Martyr Worthy, Domesday knows nothing.

William had the famous Domesday Book compiled, that he might know just what every freeman in his dominions owned and for what he could be held accountable.

[Footnote 14: See Completion of the Domesday Book, page 242.] But what can one man, however able and advanced, do against the current of his age?

The fifteen hundred tenants-in-chief of Domesday Book take the place of the countless land-owners of King Edward's time, and the loose, unsystematic arrangements which had grown up in the confusion of title, tenure, and jurisdiction were replaced by systematic custom.

The actual amount of dispossession was no doubt greatest in the higher ranks; the smaller owners may to a large extent have remained in a mediatized position on their estates; but even Domesday, with all its fulness and accuracy, cannot be supposed to enumerate all the changes of the twenty eventful years that followed the battle of Hastings.

The king of Domesday is the supreme landlord; all the land of the nation, the old folkland, has become the king's; and all private land is held mediately or immediately of him; all holders are bound to their lords by homage and fealty, either actually demanded or understood to be demandable, in every case of transfer by inheritance or otherwise.

Nor is it easy to reduce the organization described in Domesday to strict conformity with feudal law as it appears later, especially with the general prevalence of military tenure.

Between the picture drawn in Domesday and the state of affairs which the charter of Henry I was designed to remedy, there is a difference which the short interval of time will not account for, and which testifies to the action of some skilful organizing hand working with neither justice nor mercy, hardening and sharpening all lines and points to the perfecting of a strong government.

The wording of the Domesday survey does not imply that in this respect the new military service differed from the old; the land is marked out, not into knights' fees, but into hides, and the number of knights to be furnished by a particular feudatory would be ascertained by inquiring the number of hides that he held, without apportioning the particular acres that were to support the particular knight.

This had been done before the Domesday survey, and almost necessarily implies that a like measure had been taken by the lay vassals.

In that famous council of Salisbury of 1086, which was summoned immediately after the making of the Domesday survey, we learn from the Chronicle that there came to the King "all his witan, and all the landholders of substance in England whose vassals soever they were, and they all submitted to him, and became his men and swore oaths of allegiance that they would be faithful to him against all others."

The lesson may be learned from the fact of the Domesday survey.

The great inquest of all, the Domesday survey, may owe its principle to a foreign source; the oath of the reporters may be Norman, but the machinery that furnishes the jurors is native; "the king's barons inquire by the oath of the sheriff of the shire, and of all the barons and their Frenchmen, and of the whole hundred, the priest, the reeve, and six ceorls of every township."

" COMPLETION OF THE DOMESDAY BOOK A.D. 1086 CHARLES KNIGHT (When William the Conqueror had been some years established in his English realm, he found himself confronted with a feudal baronage largely composed of men who had gone with him from Normandy, where many of them had reluctantly bowed to his command.

A large part of the manors were burdened with special dues to the crown, and for the purpose of ascertaining and recording these William sent into each county commissioners to make a survey, whose inquiries were recorded in the Domesday Book, so called because its decision was regarded as final.

The Domesday Book contains a record of the ownership, extent, and value of the lands of England at the time of the survey, at the time of their bestowal when granted by the King, and at the time of a previous survey under Edward the Confessor.

The survey contained in the Domesday Book extended to all England, with the exception of Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Durham.

Let us first see, from the information of Domesday Book, by "what men" the land was occupied.

There are entries in Domesday Book which show that the villani were not altogether bondmen, but represented the Saxon "churl."

Domesday shows that in the district of the New Forest certain manors were afforested after the Conquest; cultivated portions, in which the Sabbath bell was heard.

Domesday affords indubitable proof of the culture of the vine in England.

Wherever we find a mill specified in Domesday, there we generally find a mill now.

Domesday affords us many curious glimpses of the condition of the people in cities and burghs.

The Domesday survey shows that in some towns there was an admixture of Norman and English burgesses; and it is clear that they were so settled after the Conquest, for a distinction is made between the old customary dues of the place and those the foreigner should pay.

Domesday contains notices of forty-nine castles; but only one is mentioned as having existed in the time of Edward the Confessor.

In the Domesday enumeration of castles, we have repeated mention of houses destroyed and lands wasted, for their erection.

But this fortress was registered in Domesday Book.

There is one more feature of this Domesday Book which we cannot pass over.

In Domesday the number enumerated is a little above seventeen hundred.

The politic ruler of England had, in the completion of Domesday Book, possessed himself of the most perfect instrument for the profitable administration of his government.


In the Domesday Book, Ralph, the direct ancestor of the poet, ranks high among the tenants of the Crown, in Notts and Derbyshire; in the latter county he resided at Horestan Castle, from which he took his title.

Hence, we find by the extracts which Dr. Brady has given us from Domesday, that almost all the inhabitants, even of towns, had placed themselves under the clientship of some particular nobleman, whose patronage they purchased by annual payments, and whom they were obliged to consider as their sovereign, more than the king himself, or even the legislature [k].

Wilkins, p. 70.] The cities appear by Domesday-book to have been at the Conquest little better than villages [r].

The account of them is extracted from Domesday-book.

Dr. Brady assures us, from a survey of Domesday-book [x], that in all the counties of England, the far greater part of the land was occupied by them, and that the husbandmen, and still more the socmen, who were tenants that could not be removed at pleasure, were very few in comparison.

We are to think of the conquerors, therefore, as they thought and spoke of themselves in the Domesday Book and all their contemporary literature, not as Normans but as Franci, that is, Frenchmen.

Cursor Mundi (c. 1320) is a very long poem which makes a kind of metrical romance out of Bible history and shows the whole dealing of God with man from Creation to Domesday.

Domesday Book completed 1087.

The Domesday survey shows that in 1085 the church and her dependents held more than one third of some counties.

Red book, Blue book, Domesday book; cadastre [Fr.]; directory, gazetter^. almanac; army list, clergy list, civil service list, navy list; Almanach de Gotha^, cadaster; Lloyd's register, nautical almanac; who's who; Guiness's Book of World Records.

record, note, minute; register, registry; roll &c (list) 86; cartulary, diptych, Domesday book; catalogue raisonne [Fr.]; entry, memorandum, indorsement^, inscription, copy, duplicate, docket; notch &c (mark) 550; muniment^, deed &c (security) 771; document; deposition, proces verbal

Before I leave Scarborough I must go back to early times, in order that the antiquity of the place may not be slighted owing to the omission of any reference to the town in the Domesday Book.

At this time, under the reign of William, a year previous to his death, an inventory was taken of the real estate and personal property contained in the several counties of England; and this "Domesday-book," as it was called, formed the basis for subsequent taxation, etc.

; the other, according to Domesday Book, was held by Orgar, the Thane; and from the latter another manor has since been taken.

* * * * * DOMESDAY.

Mr. Bowles in his History of Bremhill, makes a few observations suggested by the account in Domesday Book, on the wages, and some of the prices of agricultural produce on the farms where the villani and servi, literally slaves and villans, laboured.

Now, at the time of this calculation, everything must have borne a greater price, reckoning by money, than at the time of Domesday; for the prices of articles now set down (from an authentic document of the accounts of the Duke of Cornwall, first published from the original by Sir R.C. Hoare, in his History of Mere,) bear date somewhat more than two hundred years afterwards, in the reign of Edward the First, 1299.

The fact that Domesday mentions no parish churches proves nothing.

The cathedral treasury was once the repository of Domesday Book, also known as The Book of Winton.

Domesday Book, 171.

The cities of England appear by Domesday Book, to have been at the conquest little better than villages; York itself, though it was always the second, at least the third city in England, contained only 1,418 families; Norwich contained 738 houses; Exeter, 315; Ipswich, 538; Northampton, 60; Hertford, 146; Bath, 64; Canterbury, 262; Southampton, 84; and Warwick, 225.

It derives its name from the saint to whom the church is dedicated: it was called St. Pancras when the Survey of Domesday was taken.

St. Ives is a town of considerable antiquity, and in Saxon times was known as Slepe, which name is still retained by one of the two manors included in the parish, and it is applied to the town in the Domesday book.

It must have belonged to the Abbey when Domesday was compiled; for, though neither Westbourne nor Knightsbridge (also a manor of the same house) is specially named in that survey, yet we know, from a later record, viz.

a Quo Warranto in 22 Edward I., that both of those manors were members, or constituent hamlets, of the vill of Westminster, which is mentioned in Domesday among the lands of the Abbey.

In Domesday Book we find frequent mention of goldsmiths; and we know the Anglo-Saxons had their goldsmiths, silversmiths, and coppersmiths.

would probably find part of the information he seeks in Domesday Book, seu Censualis Willelmi Primi Regis Angliรฆ.

"Domesday" is written in Latin throughout; and the "de," denoting the place, is there occasionally followed by what seems to be the Latin ablative case.

A dais-man is still a popular term for an arbitrator in the North, and Domesday-Book (with the name of which I suppose every one to be familiar) is known to be a list of manor-houses."

and in Domesday at 100s.

Guort, gorz, or gort, in Domesday, are interpreted by Kelham as "a wear"; and in old French, gort or gorz signifies "flot, gorgรฉes, quantitรฉ" (Roquefort).

Now there were slaves in England in those days; at the time of the Conquest the Domesday Book reports twenty-five thousand.

So the Domesday Book records "the customs," that is to say, the laws, of various towns and counties; these bodies of customs invariably containing a mere list of penalties for the breach of the established law; while later charters usually give the inhabitants of a town all the customs and free privileges enjoyed by the citizens of London.

EASTBOURNE (35), a fashionable watering-place and health resort on the Sussex coast, between Brighton and Hastings, and 66 m. S. of London; has Roman remains, and is described in "Domesday Book."

ELLIS, SIR HENRY, chief librarian of the British Museum from 1827 to 1856, born in London; edited various works on antiques; wrote an "Introduction to Domesday Book"; knighted in 1833 (1777-1869).

It is a rare old church, founded, according to the county history, in the reign of Edward the Confessor, and entered with a full description in Domesday Book.

It was called 'Great Domesday' because of its size.

Keymer's records go back as far as The Domesday Book.

K. S. B. Keats-Rohan, Domesday People, A Prosopography of Persons Occurring in English Documents 1066-1166 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 1999), p. 196 Lambert was killed at the battle of Lille in 1054.

Peckham appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Pecheham.

The Domesday Book was a record of every farm, village and house so that he knew how much rent he should get.

Domesday book In 1251 Henry III said there could be a weekly market here and two annual fairs.

Leeds has been known since being mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086.

The Domesday Book, the great survey of England commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086 and written on vellum, has survived over 900 years, he notes.