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51 examples of  door-keeper  in sentences

51 examples of door-keeper in sentences

We pass the door-keeper, who, as is the custom of his kind, frowns malignantly at us, and evidently asks himself"How much longer can I refrain from tearing up the tickets of these impudent pleasure-seekers, and throwing the pieces in their infamously contented countenances?"

Even the Viceragal door-keeper saying, 'Please Sir, I can serve the Government

Nevertheless it would be wrong to appeal to the door-keeper until one has appealed to the highest in the land.

And as I propose, if the necessity arose, to ask the door-keepers of the Government to dissociate themselves from an unjust Government I propose now to address, an appeal to the Judges and the Executive Councillors to join the protest that is rising from all over India against the double wrong done to India, on the Khilafat and the Punjab question.

When the priest forgets his mediation of a servant, his duty of a door-keeper to the temple of truth, and takes upon him the office of an intercessor, he stands between man and God, and is a Satan, an adversary.

Finally, there was a puffing of a locomotive out on the track, and a ringing of an engine bell, and the door-keeper called out: "All aboard for Pittston, Scranton, and Carbondale!"

"Yes," said the door-keeper, in answer to Ralph's question, "there'll be another train going up at eleven thirty-five.

After the passengers had all gone out, the door-keeper called Ralph to him.

" The door-keeper paused and looked thoughtful.

The kind-hearted door-keeper saw Ralph leap on to the train as it moved slowly out, and then he turned back into the waiting-room.

He did not just understand why the door-keeper's word should be good for his passage, but the conductor would know, and doubtless it was all right.

" The conductor smiled, as he recognized a familiar scheme of the kind-hearted door-keeper, but he said, trying to speak sternly: "The man had no right to tell you that.

One man hurried to notify the door-keeper and the private detective employed oh all such occasions, while others hastily searched the boothof course in vain.

We were then sent for, and a door-keeper searched us for concealed weapons.

"What paper do you represent?" asked the door-keeper.

Tickets are not collected till one's destination is reached, where they must be delivered to the door-keeper on leaving the station.

Cave had interest with the door-keepers.

At the beginning of the war, and indeed till after the revolution in Russia, it was announced and stated as an axiom that on the conclusion of peace, Russia should be the door-keeper of what after all is her own lodge-gate.

It appeared to be a part of their church service, for both the priest and boab, or door-keeper, kept up a running series of responses, and occasionally the whole crowd shouted out some deep-mouthed word in chorus.

This was the signal for a general attack from the door-keeper and all the boys who were present.

There was a door-keeper at this room, and we were admitted only after inspection.

Some person insisted on being admitted, and the door-keepers resisted him.

He is a retainer to the Muses; a door-keeper to learning; a lacquey in the state.

We never see a large school but we feel inclined to shoot them all, masters, ushers, and door-keepers included, merely to put them out of pain.

" "Very cold," replied Esther, taking a seat beside her mother; "how long will it be before we can go in?" "Oh, you've good an hour to waitthe doctor hasn't come yet," replied the door-keeper.

I begged the door-keeper to allow me to speak with my friend for only a short moment; but she would not.

Our representatives are bound by oath, not to pass any law abridging the right of petition, but if this resolution is constitutional, they may order every petition to be delivered to their door-keeper, and by him to be committed to the flames; for why preserve petitions on which no action can be had?

Our representatives are bound by oath, not to pass any law abridging the right of petition, but if this resolution is constitutional, they may order every petition to be delivered to their door-keeper, and by him to be committed to the flames; for why preserve petitions on which no action can be had?

This dangerous practice of concealing in prison was attempted in the case of Jonathan Strong; for the door-keeper of the Plty Cptr (or some person who acted for him) absolutely refused, for two days, to permit this poor injured Negro to be seen or spoke with, though a person went on purpose, both those days, to demand the same.

As an illustration of the kindly feeling towards Americans, I may mention, parenthetically, that I have known gentlemen admitted to the Speaker's Gallery on their simple statement to the door-keeper that they were from the United States.

"I had rather be a door-keeper in the house of my God.

As he withdrew it, the door-keeper slashed at his abdomen, missed by a hair's-breadth, raised his arm to save his neck from a slash, and was stabbed to the heart, the knife held dagger-wise.

The door-keeper followed him, saying, "You must uncover yourself, sir.

"Because you are in a church, sir," answered the door-keeper.

" The reverential habits of the door-keeper were not quite strong enough to compel him to that sacrifice; and he walked away, without saying anything more on the subject.

The wag boldly answered, "I am the Lord Jehovah's servant," and was admitted, one of the door-keepers saying to the other, "I never heard of that man's master before, but suppose it is some scurvy Scotch lord or other.

Well might the Psalmist say, 'I would rather be a door-keeper in the house of my God, than dwell in the tents of wickedness'

There was a secret Access to this Part of the Court, at which Eucrate used to admit many whose mean Appearance in the Eyes of the ordinary Waiters and Door-keepers made them be repulsed from other Parts of the Palace.

Will you be jogging, good nimble tongue, My fellow door-keeper. 2 Ush.

For this they gave him the title of Capitolinus, and in honor of the geese they have door-keepers as guards in the palace in remembrance of their watch at that time, just as earlier the Greeks in Athens called Pelargikon Geraneia (Crane-ry) from such creatures.

She hands it to a door-keeper, who may possibly be considerate, but cannot offer her a chair.

She starts for rehearsal happily enough from the little room in Bloomsbury, passes the door-keeper without question, and takes up her stand in the wings.

Janina, mortally stabbed, practically blew the head off one of these door-keepers.

In short, when I arrived at the city gate, the night was far advanced, and the door-keepers and guards had shut them.

The door-keeper sent word of my arrival, and orders came to bring me to the presence; the same eunuch came out, and taking my hand in his, he led me along, whilst we talked in friendly converse.

She was rudely repulsed by the door-keepers, who "wondered what women wanted in such places."

The door-keeper told them the rehearsal was just over and they would find me on the stage.

'You go and ask the door-keeper.

But the door-keeper knew only that he had been asked for 'Mr. Fison' by two nice-spoken young ladies, that he had directed them where to go, and had opened the stage-door for them.

"Lot's drunk," one door-keeper whispered to another.

After an hour or so the visitor approached a gallery door-keeper and said: "My name is Swate.