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116 examples of  doorkeepers  in sentences

116 examples of doorkeepers in sentences

Once past the doorkeeper, you hear the cries of the orange women going up and down the aisles.

'The Ladies introduced into the House' were 'without Hat, Cloak, or Bonnet,' the 'Doorkeeper of His Majesty's Council' having taken good care to see them 'leave the same in the Great Committee Room previous to their Introduction.'

It had a wonderful effect upon the doorkeeper.

"I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to in the tents of wickedness."

Send the doorkeeper to me.

" The doorkeeper came; a gigantic negro, magnificently attired.

His father lived in Leghorn; he was doorkeeper at the Prefecture.

Of course you will say nothing?" "Not a word, m'sieur," and he gathered up the notes plus twenty roubles with which I paid my bill, and taking my hat I followed him to the end of the salle-à-manger behind a high wooden screen, across the huge kitchen, and then through a long stone corridor at the end of which sat a gruff old doorkeeper.

I had rather be a doorkeeper in your margin than have their proudest text swelling with my eulogies.

So say MARGARET; and I therefore cease my philosophical remarks, which have so strongly impressed the doorkeeper that he has finally beckoned to a policeman to come and listen to them.

The doorkeeper's wife recounted, later on, that the fourth-floor tenant had heard the old gentleman walking about overhead all through the night.

Moreover, the accountant's madness was no longer doubted by anybody a few days later, when the doorkeeper of his house related his final eccentricities, and a commissary of police went to search his rooms.

But he must either consent to follow a plebiscite of his party or retire, like his doorkeeper, from Downing Street, under the intolerable burden of the suffragette.

"The dear Sister Superior is at prayer in the chapel," the doorkeeper had whispered.

The doorkeeper was called in, and, being shown the paper, was asked from whom he received it?

Soon after, the doorkeeper brought the man in, when he declared, upon examination, his name and his profession, which was that of a scrivener, and owned with great openness, that he was the author of the paper.

A noteworthy member of the Assemblya man of rare mind and of rare courageDurand-Savoyatwho from the preceding evening until the last day constituted himself our doorkeeper, and even more than this, our usher and our attendant, himself had placed a bell on our table, and had said to us, "When you want me, ring, and I will come in."

The boy, meanwhile, had opened the house door and now he stood outside quite courteously, like a doorkeeper, to bid Sally good-bye.

They'll pass up anything just to be able to stick their arm through the stage door and hand the doorkeeper a bunch of violets.

I had no more than exchanged the courtesies of the day with the stage doorkeeper and asked after his sick child than that mut-faced sneeze that calls himself a stage manager had the nerve to rush up an fine me five dollars.

The doorkeeper was a quiet man who had lost a leg in South Africa, after having been otherwise severely wounded five times in previous engagements.

Dr. Bream, the resident physician, gave the doorkeeper a bulletin every morning at ten for the benefit of each patient's friend; the notes were written on a card which the man held in his hand.

The doorkeeper evidently knew her, for he glanced at his notes and spoke without being questioned.

Spencer Wyatt pushed his way past a protesting doorkeeper.

Then they went into the presence, and reported what we had said, and they brought us before the entrance of the hall, lifting up the felt which hung before the decor, and we sung A solis ortus cardine, &c. When we had sung this hymn, they searched our bosoms, to see that we had no concealed weapons, and they made our interpreter leave his girdle and knife with one of the doorkeepers.

And what doorkeeper is placed with no door to watch?

janitor, doorkeeper, porter, warder, beadle, cerberus, ostiary^. SECTION IV.

The doorkeeper, postmaster, and chaplain, have duties indicated by their titles.

3. The organization is completed by the election of a clerk, a sergeant-at-arms; a doorkeeper, a postmaster, and a chaplain.

Then he went back to the monastery and found there a doorkeeper whom he did not know and who did not know him.

Visitors who can satisfy the authorities that they are desirous of studying the works of art with a serious purpose can obtain free passes; but only after certain preliminaries, which include a seance with a photographer to satisfy the doorkeeper, by comparing the real and counterfeit physiognomies, that no illicit transference of the precious privilege has been made.

Mr. Sinnett, doorkeeper in the house of Blavatsky, who, as a precaution against the vision of Bluebeards that the word Oriental is apt to conjure up in Western minds, is always dressed in the latest mode, and, so to say, offers his cigar-case along with some horrid mysteryit was to his prospectus of the new gospel, his really delightful pages, that Narcissus first applied.

His requirement was, that the petitioner should be self-possessed and brief,which requisition, hinted by the doorkeeper, and reiterated by the General himself, had not always precisely the effect intended.

The cost of a firman, including backsheesh to the priests and doorkeepers, is 700 piastres (about $33).

Dion Cassius, quoted Diophoratick Disgestion Disguest Division Doggshead Door ("Keep the door" = act as a pander) Doorkeeper Dorsers Dowland, John Draw drie foote Ducke Duns the mouse Dydoppers (dabchicks)

Doorkeeper was a common term for a pander.

Ramani Babu beckoned to a stalwart doorkeeper from the Upper Provinces, who was standing near.

When the doorkeeper stopped for want of breath, Bemani cast a look of scorn at Ramani Babu and strode out of the house in silence, full of rage.

"Doorkeeper, let him have fifty cuts, laid on hard!" Swish, swish, swish, sounded the nimble cane, and made a grey pattern on Sádhu's naked flesh.

bellowed Samarendra; then turning to his doorkeeper, he ordered him to "run the fellow out of the yard by the neck".

The doorkeeper, however, roughly denied her entrance; and when she threatened to report him to his mistress, he ran her out by the neck.

One morning, however, he was stopped by the darwán (doorkeeper) who told him gruffly that the "Bara Babu did not like to have outsiders hanging about the office".

It came from a well-dressed man, who was just entering Messrs. Kerr & Dunlop's office, welcomed by a salám from the surly doorkeeper.

By tendering a rupee to the doorkeeper he got a slip of paper and pencil, with which he indited a piteous appeal to Kisari Babu, and a promise that it should reach him.

I ran round, carefully avoiding them, picked the fragments of paper out of the basket, tied them in a corner of my gamcha (wrapper), and left the office quickly, asking the doorkeeper what direction they had taken.

Ten or twelve years later, Pulin was rich enough to build a pakka (masonry) house at Kadampur, which far eclipsed his father-in-law's, and had a well-paid doorkeeper in the person of Rámtonu.

The doorkeeper, a venerable man, has offered to light the great chandelier expressly for me to take my sketches in the evening for two hours together, for I shall have it a candlelight effect, when the room, already very splendid, will appear ten times more so.

But the intruder carried with him a small staff, on the one end of which was a brass crown, and on its side the letters G. R. It was a talisman potent as the wand of a magician; the doorkeepers became powerless before it.

Duffy, the wooden-legged doorkeeper, was not on duty, and the youth upon whom his duties had devolved allowed Joel to pass without giving his name for report as tardy.

XX In the court, which was enlivened by a parterre of roses, Jean, carrying a letter in his hand, was trying to find his bearings according to the directions given him in a low voice, as if it were a secret, by the lay-brother who acted as doorkeeper.

The old Spanish soldier who acted as doorkeeper responded.

" Mrs. Ellis and her daughters were the first who were found next day, at the office of the doorkeeper of the hospital waiting an opportunity to see their sick friends.

Not finding them disposed to converse, the doorkeeper resumed the newspaper he was reading when they entered, and was soon deeply engrossed in a horrible steam-boat accident.

Having said this, the bishops ordered the doorkeepers to give free ingress and egress to all, there being so great a number of people, who, from their ignorance of the state and nature of heaven, can form no other idea of heavenly joy than that it consists in the perpetual worship of God. 10.

The old doorkeeper opened the door for me, and gazed at me with an air of surprise.

The woman has been in the family of John Shackford, Esq., the present doorkeeper of the Senate of the United States, for many years; was considered an excellent servantwas the mother of a number of childrenand I believe was sold into the family where she met her fate, as matter of conscience, to keep her from being sent below.

" Doorkeeper.

" Doorkeeper.

The doorkeeper of the house, a crabbed individual who had only become mildly respectful when he learned that he was dealing with the police, had joined them, his crustiness tempered by curiosity.

The doorkeeper brightened.

" The doorkeeper touched his cap and departed.

When the doorkeeper comes back send him over to the hotel.

As to the assassin's personal appearance, there was a startling difference of opinion between the hotel doorkeeper and the garçon, both of whom saw him and spoke to him.

It's all right, I've fixed the doorkeeper.

And a moment later the two associates were talking earnestly near the doorkeeper's lodge.

Look over the two courtyards, have a word with the doorkeepers, see if he really went into the hairdresser's; if not, find out where he did go.

His purpose was accomplished, and now he had only one thoughtto leave the hôtel as quickly as possible; it would be a matter of a few moments to pack his modest belongings, then he could rouse the doorkeeper and be off with his bag and the precious record.

It was not yet three o'clock, and M. Paul, in the real burglar spirit, reflected that his departure with a bag, at this unseasonable hour, might arouse the doorkeeper's suspicion; whereas, if he waited until half past five, the gate would be open and he could go out unnoticed.

They acted as messengers, as doorkeepers, as guides, as orderlies for staff officers, and as couriers for the various ministries; they ran the elevators in the hotels, they worked in the hospitals, they assisted the refugees to find food and lodgings.

This was designed to appease the fury of Cerberus, the infernal doorkeeper, and to procure a safe and quiet entrance.

He was compelled to call the porter from those slumbers which only doorkeepers know, and this man was doorkeeperishly wrathful at having his beauty-sleep broken; he growled his rage.

One night, Hannah being doorkeeper at her own union meeting, a colored girl applied to be admitted.

If he's going to be let in, too, why have doorkeepers, and what's the use of the whole business?

He refused to see even the reporters," said the doorkeeper, as if that were final, and a man who would deny himself to the reporters would not admit royalty itself.

The doorkeeper's faith in the consistency of public men was rudely shaken a few minutes later, when the messenger returned with orders that the lady was to be admitted at once.

Our trusty doorkeepers of former time There strut and swagger in heroic rhyme.

"I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God."Id.

Special Mounted Police will assist the doorkeeper to collect all stragglers at the Stage Door and will cause them to be returned to their paternal units (if their credentials are not satisfactory).

Nodding familiarly to the doorkeeper, I passed up the long passage to the stage.

Madame Boche, the doorkeeper of the Hôtel Boncoeur, had kept a place for her, and immediately started talking, without leaving off her work.

To think that I have been sitting alongside of a gentleman all the evening, and never found it out!" The doorkeepers and attendants at the House of Commons are all old servants, who generally have lived in great families, and have obtained their places through influential recommendations.

Some of them were doorkeepers.

In the morning, Vidyeswara, having collected a large troop of followers, went to the palace and announced himself to the doorkeeper, saying, "Tell the king the great conjurer is arrived.


Bathing next in Koti-tirtha, after having worshipped the Yaksha doorkeeper, Machakruka, one obtaineth the merit of giving away gold in abundance.

My obliging friend the "mad lover" [of la Cité] handed me over to the doorkeeper of the citadel.

No work for the next man, a chauffeur, or the next, a brass worker; the next, a teamster; the next, a bank clerk; the next, a doorkeeper of a Government office; whilst the wives of those who still had work were buying in the only market they had.

Along the sides of the valley are the tombs of the kings neatly numbered, as it might be mining adits with concrete steps leading up to them, and iron grilles that lock of nights, and doorkeepers of the Department of Antiquities demanding the proper tickets.

RAIVATIKA, the warder or doorkeeper.

VETRAVATÍ, female warder or doorkeeper.

The doorkeepers were inexorable.

Then, before he could give it, the doorkeeper reeled back into the room, and Mr. Blows with a large following pushed his way in.

Some puppets of little or no consequence appeared several times at the window to allure the boys and the rabble: The trumpeter sounded often, and the doorkeeper cried a hundred times till he was hoarse, that they were just going to begin; yet after all, we were forced sometimes to wait an hour before Punch himself in person made his entry.

Nodding familiarly to the doorkeeper, I passed up the long passage to the stage.

There, under the care of a friendly doorkeeper who treated him to candy out of a paper bag, he stayed in perfect contentment until his parents were ready to go home.

How I looked, what I said, how I made my exit, whether the doorkeeper spoke to me as I passed, I have no idea to this day.

" "That's all right," said the doorkeeper, "but I may not be here when you return.

Everybody has his own theater, in which he is manager, actor, prompter, playwright, sceneshifter, boxkeeper, doorkeeper, all in one, and audience into the bargain.

To obtain access through the stage-door to the back of the theatre was one thinga franc to the doorkeeper had done the trickto mingle with the scene-shifters, to talk with the supers, to take off my hat with every form of deep respect to the principals had been equally simple.

Twenty-five francs for a gold locket, ten francs for a bouquet, another ten for bonbons, and five for gratuities to the stage-doorkeeper!