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114971 examples of  down  in sentences

114971 examples of down in sentences

"And though she hears her praises, she doth go Benignly clothรจd with humility, And like a thing come down she seems to be From heaven to earth, a miracle to show.

" Wheels rolled away in the distance; the corner of a gray cloak fluttered where the drive turns down hill.

The gray morning passed away; the village on the hill sent down busy sounds of labor and cheer; flies buzzed on the sunny pane, doors clicked and slammed in the house, fires crackled behind the shining fire-dogs.

He sat down on a rock, and amused himself with the thought of the wonder there would be at home.

Suddenly he heard the sound of a horse's hoof, and grasping his rifle, stooped down behind a fallen rock.

If you see him go there come down with the news, and tell Tom to hurry down as quick as he can if he sees a party setting out.

If you see him go there come down with the news, and tell Tom to hurry down as quick as he can if he sees a party setting out.

We will have the horses saddled up by the time you are down again.

Mind, Tom, the moment you see a party issue out from there you crawl back to the path, and then hurry down as quick as you can, but mind you don't tumble in your haste.

"You are not to come down.

There is a good fire, and we have kept down thirty pounds of flour; we shall have time to bake that into bread before we start.

"We will follow this," Dave said; "it is the right direction anyhow, and it is as likely to take us down into the valleys again in time.

" The lads were heartily glad at the order, for they had for some time been momentarily expecting that their horses would come down over the bowlders.

" Luckily the moon was still high and shot full down upon the path they were traveling.

Even on foot the lads found it difficult to make their way down.

Sometimes they had to climb over heaps of bowlders, sometimes to slide down smooth faces of rock so steep that they could not keep their feet upon them, and often it seemed so perilous that they would have hesitated to attempt it had they not seen that Dave with his two horses kept steadily on below them.

The lads were surprised at the way their own horses followed, sliding on their haunches down the steepest places and picking their way among rocks and bowlders.

It has taken us six hours to get down here; it won't take them three.

Well, let the rest of you lie down and get a couple of hours' sleep.

Then I reckon the best thing will be for you to take the horses down and go straight up, leaving Dick to tell us exactly where you have gone up; then, as soon as it is quite dark, we will be off and follow you; they won't be able to pick up the trail and will guess we have gone straight down the valley.

Then I reckon the best thing will be for you to take the horses down and go straight up, leaving Dick to tell us exactly where you have gone up; then, as soon as it is quite dark, we will be off and follow you; they won't be able to pick up the trail and will guess we have gone straight down the valley.

"We may as well take the critters down at once," he said; "it may be two or three miles before we can find a place where we can get out of this valley, and there aint no use making two journeys of it.

I shall be just down beyond them.

There is one thing, it will be dark down here an hour before it is on the hill-tops.

They will talk for a quarter of an hour at least after they come up, and by the time they find we have gone, and got their horses over these rocks, and got down to the mouth of this gorge, it will be too dark for them to follow the tracks.

"Now throw yourselves down," Dave said, "and just lie as still as micethe slightest noise would tell them we had taken to the wood.

" In four or five minutes they heard the tramping of horses, and a party of Indians rode down the valley.

"They are having a talk over it," Dave said; "they know if we held on down the valley they would have overtaken us by this time, and they know we have taken to the wood one side or the other.

"It is now over six months since the Bluebell went down.

Bob sat down to the supper table in silence.

But bad luck had come and continued until the fortune dwindled down to nothing but the ownership of the old Bluebell.

The Bluebell was supposed to have gone down in sight of the coast and only two of the survivors had thus far returned.

"You see, it was Captain Randolph Sumner, the gentleman who owns that splendid new yacht down to Marcey's.

"I must go down and see if I can help in any way.

The ship is going down!"

Down she went and came up again, once, twice and then no more.

"Come down to breakfast, before it's cold," cried Jack.

Our hero made a bolt down the ladder after his friend.

The topsail-yards swung round, the helm was put hard down.

Down with helm!

The icy tops seemed now ready to topple down on the deck.

However, about eight bells on the following day, a gale sprang up from the northeast, which drove down the eastern floe in dangerous proximity.

Over it went, strained down by their united strength, and the Dart dashed through the breaking water.

" There was a rush down the steep rocks on to the sand.

"If I might be so bold, I would jist suggest that we should go down below.

" As Horton spoke, the object of his solicitude, with incredible speed, slid down the forestay and disappeared through the scuttle of the forecastle.

At length they reached the level summit and glanced down.

In two minutes Leeks reappeared and let down a flask into the boat.

They had just finished their meal when the latter shouted down the companion for them to come up.

" On went the captain and Bob, down one hill of ice and up another.

In brief, it was as follows: When the Bluebell went down, he and Ruel Gross escaped on a raft, and after several days of suffering, reached the coast of Siberia.

Captain Sumner has given up his roving life and has settled down with Viola as his housekeeper.

My aunt was the housekeeper there, and a sort o' one-horse carriage was down at Lexhoe waitin' to take me and my box up to Applewale.

And I'd a liked to ask him a lot about the ald lady, but I was too shy, and he and his friend began talkin' together about their own consarns, and dowly enough I got down, as I told ye, at Lexhoe.

"The squirehis name was Mr. Chevenix Crowl, he was Dame Crowl's grandsoncame down there, by way of seeing that the old lady was well treated, about twice or thrice in the year.

Here's your aunt coming down the passage.'

It's only a pair o' crutches for lame ducks, and ask us no questions mind, and we'll tell ye no lies; and come here and sit down, and drink a mug o' beer before ye go to your bed.'

"'Hish!' says she, very soft, and comes over to me on tiptoe, and she says in a whisper: 'Thank God, she's asleep at last, and don't ye make no noise till I come back, for I'm goin' down to take my cup o' tea, and I'll be back

i' noome and Mrs. Wyvern, and she'll be sleepin' in the room, and you can run down when we come up, and Judith will gie ye yaur supper in my room.'

"I went back this way, right into the corner, and I gev a yellock, ye'd think saul and body was partin', and that minute my aunt, from the door, calls out wi' a blare, and the ald lady turns round on her, and I turns about, and ran through my room, and down the stairs, as hard as my legs could carry me.

"I cried hearty, I can tell you, when I got down to the housekeeper's room.

"The news had come that day that the squire was to be down next morning at Applewale; and not sorry was I, for I thought I was sure to be sent home again to my mother.

"Well, it could na be a full quarter past twelve, when I sees a lightin' on the wall befoore me, as if something took fire behind, and the shadas o' the bed, and the chair, and my gown, that was hangin' from the wall, was dancin' up and down on the ceilin' beams and the yak pannels; and I turns my head ower my shouther quick, thinkin' something must a gone a' fire.

And she turned round to me, like a thing on a pivot, flyrin', and all at once the room was dark, and I standin' at the far side o' the bed; I don't know how I got there, and I found my tongue at last, and if I did na blare a yellock, rennin' down the gallery and almost pulled Mrs. Wyvern's door off t' hooks, and frighted her half out o' wits.

"My aunt packed up my things for me, and the three pounds that was due to me, to bring home, and Squire Crowl himself came down to Applewale that day, a handsome man, about thirty years ald.

But whatever it was, ma little maid, sit ye down and tell all about it from first to last.

"But in place o' that he steps in saftly, wi' the poker pointed like a swoord, and he gies it a poke, and down it a' tumbles together, head and a', in a heap o' bayans and dust, little meyar an' a hatful.

Two bells had been taken down from the chime; and now the shrewd part of the assemblage, putting things together, began to comprehend the nefarious plans of the sexton, who lay mangled and dead on the floor of the tower, where only two days ago he had tolled the holy bell to call the good Christians of Golden Friars to worship.

It snorted, it pawed, it arched its neck; then threw back its ears and down its head, and looked ready to lash, and then to rear; and seemed impatient to be off again, and incapable of standing quiet for a moment.

The rider got down

Let us gang awa's up to the Vicar's, and gan him come down, and talk wi' him.

They then sat down at the window, which was open, looking into the yard, the opposite side of which was white in the brilliant moonlight.

The blunderbuss had burst to shivers right down to the very breech.

He had forgotten his horses; they were jogging along, heads down and "form" gone.

They stood at the window watching their father as he walked up and down the garden, his hands behind his back, his shoulders stooped, his powerful head bent.

Lie down and go to sleep.

And, when his son joined them and walked up and down with them, he listened with heavier droop of face and form to the affected chatter of the young "man of the world" and the old "grande dame" of Chicago society.

" Just about the hour she was setting down this first result of her instinct's warning against the danger signal she had seen in Hiram Ranger's manner, he was delivering a bombshell.

Midway in the process of arranging his hair he put down his military brushes; leaning against the dressing table, he fixed his mind upon the first serious thoughts he had ever had in his whole irresponsible, sheltered life.

The strange woman am I, of whom we read that her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

Mr. Doty, at a children's meeting in the afternoon, asked us whether we would come to help in the missionary work, and asked us to write down the question and think and pray about it, and when we had made up our minds to write an answer underneath the question.

The Rabbit didn't mind it so much, for wherever he was thrown he came down soft.

And when the Boy dropped off to sleep, the Rabbit would snuggle down close under his little warm chin and dream, with the Boy's hands clasped close round him all night long.

But he snuggled down patiently, and looked forward to the time when the Boy should be well again, and they would go out in the garden amongst the flowers and the butterflies and play splendid games in the raspberry thicket like they used to.

And a tear, a real tear, trickled down his little shabby velvet nose and fell to the ground.

And she kissed the little Rabbit again and put him down on the grass.


He looks kind o' run down jest now 'cause he"the boy felt a tightening at his throat, and winked hard to keep the tears from starting again"'cause he ain't got much appetite.

He'd never lay down on you, an'," almost defiantly, "he's got good legs.

Of noted McKenzie River parentage, he came from Dawson, where he was born, down the Yukon to Nome with "Scotty" Allan.

" [Illustration] VII The Dawn of a To-morrow [Illustration] [Illustration] CHAPTER VII THE DAWN OF A TO-MORROW Once out of the streets where there is danger of upsetting the unwary or absent-minded pedestrian, the Allan and Darling Team headed down the trail with real pleasure in the prospect of a long run.

She sat down in the snow while she figured out a plan of campaign for the restoration of her rights; and then was off immediately in pursuit.

Kid, who was no respecter of the elements, much less of people, and whose one rule of life appeared to be "Get There, and Get There First," dashed up those slippery barriers to find a sheer drop of five feet or more on the other side, down which he would take team and sled.

Sit down and tell me.

" She sat down.

Rowcliffe looked down at the table.

But you seeit's broken down.

Then, out of an old box, they dragged a scrap-book full of pic-tures, and sat them down to look them o-ver.

(She goes to the settle and sits down)

Or I will tear thee from my wounded breast, Pull thy lov'd Down away, and with thy