Do we say downright or outright

downright 514 occurrences

On downright Dulness let her rather split, Than be Fop-mangled under colour of Wit.

" With this cutting remark, which for a moment I feared would provoke a downright quarrel, Sergeant Corney strode off into the darkness, I following meekly at his heels.

He sees too clearly the downright facts of life.

What use would it be in the hour when complete commercial dislocation caused downright famine?

Personally I would not even herethough the need is a crying oneadvocate downright compulsion; but I would make these things a part of the recognized system of education, with appropriate regulations and the strongest recommendations and inducements to every individual to fall in and co-operate with them.

It is my opinion, Mr. Dodge, that downright ignorance is at the bottom of it all, for Dorindy says that they actually know no more of the intricacies of the neighbourhood than if they lived in Japan.

"That pain is no evil, if asserted with regard to the individuals who suffer it, is downright nonsense; but if considered as it affects the universal system, is an undoubted truth, and means only, that there is no more pain in it, than what is necessary to the production of happiness.

" "Any solution of it present itself to your mind?" asked Allerdyke in his brusque, downright fashion.

Thus a motely rhetorical tissue of real incident and downright fable is imposed upon the world, which each successive author continually improves into deeper falsehood.

The Duke of Wellington said of George IV's story that he was at the Battle of Waterloo, "At first it was a lie, than a strong delusion, and at last downright madness.

He said indeed, (continues he) I would rather have that Man for my Friend than any Man in England; but for an EnemyThis melts the Person he talks to, who expected nothing but downright Raillery from that Side.

"Well, it's a downright shame you don't go round more," he kept saying; and she felt ashamed of her tame acceptance of her fate.

But to send ambassadors to a man respecting whom you passed a most dignified and severe decision only thirteen days ago, is not an act of lenity, but, if I am to speak my real opinion, of downright madness.

Then she had a dumpy figure, and good large hands and feet, a look of downright honesty and good-temper, and a nice, clear voice in speech or singing, though she only sang hymns.

"I'm downright glad we've got to do the backache portage to-day, because, as we can't be in two places at once, I shan't be found at the store if anyone comes to see me special," he said, winking up at a bluebird which sat on a bough above his head.

Downright horrid money-grubbing, I call it, for before she came he was always" "Always what?" demanded Katherine sharply.

You are a very pretty girl anyhow, but when you are angry it is downright lovely that you are.

Then, seizing her in a bearlike embrace, the Irishwoman whispered: "It is downright ashamed of myself you've made me; and if I don't do better in future, then my name is not Juliana Kathleen M'Crawney, and never has been!" "Good-bye!

But when, at John's suggestion, I spoke of the possibility of having in the Cravens and the Blakes,the Cravens are very musical, you knowand Wallace Hood who would be really hurt if we left him out, Paula came nearer to being downright rude than she often allows herself to be.

Nothing less than a downright unmistakable triumph would convince them.

" Though perhaps Wayne had been downright disappointed at not having the boat for Ann when he came home.

"Is it necessary to be so downright brutal in actions as well as speech?"

"It is no Fairy gift at all," exclaimed others; "it is downright plodding and working.

In short, if he had gone on long they would all have got quite conceited and fancy, and fancied themselves a set of downright beauties.

I should feel it a downright robbery, that I should!' 'Miss Shepperson,' exclaimed Mrs. Rymer in soft reproach, 'don't you understand how much better it is to pay all we owe, even though it does leave us penniless?

outright 439 occurrences

"'Oh! the poor, lame weaver, How he will laugh outright When he sees his dwindling flax-field All full of flowers by night!'

The wonder was that she did not swoon outright.

SEX CHEMISTRY A few general statements may be put down outright as material to go upon before we proceed to details.

Under the photograph was scrawled in blue crayon, "Ain't she my darling?'" The representation struck Tom as so comical that he was compelled to laugh outright; he simply couldn't help it.

The drollest part of the ceremony is, that the boys should scamper after the butcher, pelting the sheep, and trying to kill it outright, thus endeavouring to bring ill-luck upon their city and themselves.

Later someone said to me that I was foolish to sell that sketch outright for so little money.

In the naphtha some one's voice belched through a megaphone; he laughed outright now.

"I happen," says he, "to know that Lord Byron offered to give the Guiccioli a sum of money outright, or to leave it to her by his will.

Joel had not been seen to smile, since he engaged with the captain; though three times had he laughed outright, and each time at the occurrence of some mishap to Michael O'Hearn the fruit of one of his own schemes of annoyance.

At any other time John Crewys would have laughed outright at this collection of works of art.

This gallant, I tell you, with other lewd franions, Such as himself, unthrifty companions, In most cruel sort, by the highway-side, Assaulted a countryman as he homewards did ride: Robbed him, and spoiled him of all that they might, And lastly bereav'd him of his life outright.

Stephen watched her face in silence for a moment; then he laughed constrainedly, and said, "Don't be afraid, Mrs. Philbrick, to say outright that it is the dismallest old barn you ever saw.

Mercy laughed outright.

Overshadowed by the more brilliant gifts and more attractive personality of the parent, he was for years spoken of in rather a disparaging manner in Sweden, while in Norway he harvested outright hatred in return for his determined upholding of the union.

Once, when a rose was given her, she wept outright; but she soon wiped her eyes, and apologized by saying: "I wonder whether a Pensée-Vivace makes Rosa feel as I do when I see a rose?

When she disappeared through the Deacon's front door, she sat down and cried outright.

O, it were brave if my master could meet with a merchant of ill-ventures, to bargain with him for all his bad conditions, and he sell them outright!

I will give it to you outright.

When I came to my senses and found myself not killed outright, and my gun two or three ells away, I began to rise up.

I hope I shall get a husband before many months, or I expect I shall be an outright old maid, for I be most seventeen already; besides, mayhap I may want to go to school.

We will take a sort of an option on him; you can keep him with you, and we will pay a certain sum for the privilege of being permitted to buy him outright before the stampede actually begins.

In the year 1898 the United States finished the work begun over a century before by the backwoodsman, and drove the Spaniard outright from the western world.

Yet, though he longed to speak outright and demand of Miriam what she knew, and especially that she should reveal the place of the clergyman's concealment and what portent it was that required all this dread and muted atmosphere for its preparation, he kept a seal upon his lips, realizing that loyalty forbade, and that the knowledge of her contempt would be even worse than the knowledge of the truth.

I had often heard him say that if he suffered an accident, he wished to be killed outright and not be left a cripple, and his wish came true.

Frowenfeld, for once, laughed outright, and it seemed so odd in him to do so that both the ladies followed his example.

Do we say   downright   or  outright