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677 example sentences with  doze

677 example sentences with doze

Making himself as comfortable as might be in a depressingly third-rate second-class compartment (there was no first class, and the third was far too richly flavoured for his stomach) he cultivated a doze as the train pulled out.

As he spoke, the horse, now going at a fairly respectable rate, turned into the main street of the town; a main street, thriftily prosperous but now somewhat a-doze in the sun.

They lounge, hips drooping, heads low, in a pleasant after-dinner doze.

Then I thought of Robespierre, and Marat, and Charlotte Corday, and Marie Antoinette,then of Delaroche's and Mรผller's pictures of the unfortunate Queen,then of pictures in general,then of landscape-scenery,till I almost fell into a doze, when I was startled by a faint sound along the wire, as of a sigh, like the first thrill of the AEolian harp in the evening wind.

So talking to himself he fell into a doze, and dreamed about his mother.

BOURKEโ€™S DREAM Lonely and sadly one night in November I laid down my weary head in search of repose On my wallet of straw, which I long shall remember, Tired and weary I fell into a doze.

He closed his eyes and began to doze.

"I shall doze on deck for a little time," he said.

Endymion came out of his doze.

But though Fitzgerald had usually spent the summer months in travelling, he seemed perfectly contented to sing and doze and trifle away his time by Rosa's side, week after week.

In fact, I and the corn chandler, who was looking a bit fagged I thought, as if he had had a hard morning chandling the corn, were beginning to doze lightly when things suddenly brisked up, bringing Gussie into the picture for the first time.

Don't forget that we're not stretched out on the ground under an apple tree taking an afternoon doze.

Being sleepy, however, I didn't molest her, but dropped off into a doze, and the next morning when I awoke in broad daylight I could find no sign of the animal at all.

Mike was tired after his journey, and he had begun to doze when he was jerked back to wakefulness by the stealthy turning of the door handle; the faintest rustle from Psmith's direction followed, and a slight giggle, succeeded by a series of deep breaths, showed that Jellicoe, too, had heard the noise.

Jellicoe, in order to give verisimilitude, as it were, to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative, flung so much agitated surprise into the last word that it woke Mike from a troubled doze into which he had fallen.

Soon after this William Bouchier was grievously sick, and when recovering, the monk Sergius visited him, and gave him so great a doze of rhubarb as had almost killed him.

As I sat in the woods with her for the last time, gloom in my heart, I fell into a doze.

"Having passed," says his son, "a considerable time in a sort of doze, from which it was thought he had hardly strength to revive, he awoke, and upon seeing me, feebly articulated, 'How do the dear people do?'

sleep, slumber, be asleep; hibernate; oversleep; sleep like a top, sleep like a log, sleep like a dormouse; sleep soundly, heavily; doze, drowze^, snooze, nap; take a nap &c n.; dream; snore one's best; settle to sleep, go to sleep, go off to sleep; doze off, drop off; fall asleep; drop asleep; close the eyes, seal up the eyes, seal up eyelids; weigh down the eyelids; get sleep, nod, yawn; go to bed, turn; get some z's, stack z's

sleep, slumber, be asleep; hibernate; oversleep; sleep like a top, sleep like a log, sleep like a dormouse; sleep soundly, heavily; doze, drowze^, snooze, nap; take a nap &c n.; dream; snore one's best; settle to sleep, go to sleep, go off to sleep; doze off, drop off; fall asleep; drop asleep; close the eyes, seal up the eyes, seal up eyelids; weigh down the eyelids; get sleep, nod, yawn; go to bed, turn; get some z's, stack z's

I stay awake eleven hours, and just when I doze off in the twelfth watch the blamed thing happens!

McCurdie and Biggleswade fell into a doze.

It is very hard that I can't get a doze without being meddled with!"

The breeze of dawn, tired and worn out, was sinking to a fitful doze in the cottonwood foliage near by.

Bed, that had for some time been calling us, unheeded as Juliet's nurse, had at last to be obeyed; but how grudgingly; and how eagerly we sprang from it at no late hour in the morning, at the first thought of the sweet new thing that had come into the worldlike children who, half in a doze before waking, suddenly remember last night's new wonder of a toy, to awake in an instant, and scramble into clothes to look at it again.

Well, one day, after quite a doze,

Besides, the rays of sun followed the strip of shadow around the pile, and each time I slipped into a doze I would be pricked into wakefulness.

He was roused from the doze by a tremendous snorting and snarling and found Black Bart playing with Satan.

Mrs. Seymour had sunk into a fitful doze by her side.

When at last she fell into a doze it was nearly seven o'clock in the morning, and Miranda, who softly entered the room, bringing fresh water, halted at the pillow, loth to waken her.

They did little else, these days, but dream and doze and wait.

I tumbled and tossed in my berth and counted a million sheep jumping a fence, worked at the multiplication table, and resorted to other devices to get into a doze, but every new creak, every groan of the straining timbers, kept me wide awake.

"I'd have a doze or two and a sandwich or two in between spins.

"I'm sorry to say, my young friend," the doctor said to Jack, for Dick had now gone off in a quiet doze, "that the affair has assumed a very serious aspect.

What are all the firesides and fictions of the world to me that I should loiter here and doze, doze, as good as die?

What are all the firesides and fictions of the world to me that I should loiter here and doze, doze, as good as die?

Meanwhile, Jeannie and Elinor Hadden had begun to be tired; and Mrs. Linceford, not much entertained with her novel, held it half closed over her finger, drew her brown veil closely, and sat with her eyes shut, compensating herself with a doze for her early rising.

The adventures of the night, however, affected Teddy's nerves too much for him even to doze, and he therefore maintained an unremitting watch until morning.

Her habit on warm nights was to sleep on the gloucester swing in the screened veranda and she made it her bed to-night, though beyond a short uneasy doze of two, she didn't sleep at all.

The vehicle still continued to rumble, and rattle, and shake, and squeak; I fell into a doze, caused by some fatigue and much claret, and gradually these sounds seemed to soften into a voice!

He sank into a sort of doze that was more like a stupor, from which he was awakened by a dusky figure in the doorway of the little shelter.

CHAPTER XII THE MARVELOUS TRAILER "Where are we, Tayoga?" Robert stirred from a doze and the words were involuntary.

He was in a doze, oblivious to movement and the softer sounds of the night, when a cry pierced the struggling consciousness of his brain like the sting of a dart.

Next morning, while lying in a half doze, I heard something like the upsetting of a jug near my bedside, and then, a sound like mopping up; suspicious of my company, I opened my eyes, and lo!

Sometimes, dead-tired by nine o'clock, after a hard day down town, he would doze over the evening paper.

Such we have often seen rising in the morning to cards, and retiring in the afternoon to doze, whose happiness was celebrated by their neighbours, because they happened to grow rich by parsimony, and to be kept quiet in insensibility, and agreed to eat and to sleep together.

All had reรซntered their berths to sleep or doze when the train went on, but several were on the move as it neared Paris, taking their turn at the lavatory, calling for water, towels, making the usual stir of preparation as the end of a journey was at hand.

Mr. Samuel Hazard, who visited Cuba about the year 1870, and wrote quite entertainingly about it, left the following description of his experience in Havana: "Hardly has the day begun to break when the newly arrived traveller is startled from his delightful morning doze by the alarming sound of bells ringing from every part of the town.

He was inclined to doze off whenever he sat down; the raucous noises of the city no longer jarred or startled him, and his surroundings were becoming unreal, grotesque, as if seen through the spell of absinthe.

When morning brought the gray light into the little room, the haunted man fell into a doze, and Follett, gently unclasping the hands from his arm, arose and went softly out.

I sew a little, and am going to sew more when my machine comes; read a little, doze a little, and eat a good deal.

He liked the odor of the loam in the early morning, the clean air washed by the dew and redolent of burning wood, the drowsy hour of noon with its meal of cheese and bread eaten at the shady brink of some musical stream and the day-dream or doze that followed it; the long mellow afternoons under the blue arch of sky where the pink clouds moved as lazily as he, in vagabond procession, across the zenith.

38.The auxiliaries do, dost, does,(pronounced doo, dust, duz; and not as the words dough, dosed, doze,) am, art, is,have, hast, has,being also in frequent use as principal verbs of the present tense, retain their peculiar forms, with distinction of person and number, when they help to form the compound tenses of other verbs.

That night, after we had gone to bed, and my wife had to all appearances been sound asleep for half an hour, she startled me out of an incipient doze by exclaiming suddenly, "John, I don't believe I want my new kitchen built out of the lumber in that old schoolhouse."

Afternoons, in the Congress, while the Premier on the Blue Bench would be answering the interpellations of the Opposition in sharp incisive tones, Rafael's brain would begin to doze, reduced to jelly, as it were, by the incessant hammering of words, words, words!

Says he: 'Very well, little mother,' and fell in a doze, and I too; as, not reproaching the Lord with it, I had not had a proper sleep for three nights.

She was just sinking off into a doze when she suddenly started up in terror.

He was just slipping off into a chilly doze when he was wakened by the taxi driver opening the door and shaking him by the arm.

The bears, too, are said to be waking from their winter's doze and poking around in warm and balmy corners.

It is permitted to the common men to doze at such moments, while a few are on the alert; but even duty, in the absence of necessity, feels its task to be irksome, and difficult of performance.

The Italian, of course, had withdrawn his hand like a flash, and was leaning the other way, with his eyes half-closed, like one sinking into a doze.

An' doze wee ban's so sof an' sweet, Mates wid dem toddlin', velvet feet, Jes to roun' you out, complete, Mah 'ittle Touzle Head.

The Minor Canon, relieved from his fears, lay back, and dropped into a doze; and when he was sound asleep the Griffin took him up, and carried him back to the town.

I tried every device I could think of to go to sleep, but could not lose myself in even a doze.

As the train stops you drowse if you have been waking, and wake if you have been in a doze; but in any case you are aware of the locomotive hissing and coughing beyond the station, of flaring gas-jets, of clattering feet of passengers getting on and off; then of some one, conductor or station master, walking the whole length of the train; and then you are aware of an insane satisfaction in renewed flight through the darkness.

He gave the boys a pathetic glance of recognition as they came in, and with a feeble wag or two of his tail tried to show them he was glad to see them; but this done, he seemed to be completely exhausted, and once more laid his head between his forepaws and seemed to doze.

In the first watch these anticipations were realized, and I was roused from a momentary doze by a loud roaring, which I at once recognized to be the voice of thunder, heralding the advancing tide.

Returning late to his modest lodging, he could not go to sleep for a long time, and when at last he did doze off, he could dream of nothing but cards, green tables, piles of banknotes, and heaps of ducats.

The Broom began to doze, And thus, to keep herself awake, Did gently interpose: '

She was awakened from a doze by a knocking at the street-door.

Sleeping is out of the question, with joints all strained by dancing attendance upon my sporting friend; or if I do happen to doze, I am awakened at the very earliest dawn by the horrible din of a lot of rascally beaters and huntsmen, who must needs surround the wood before sunrise, and deafen me with their clatter.

Sometimes the girls would doze, and wake in the middle of a long tale.

(The coal being brought in haste, he put it into the bowl with his finger and thumb, and seemed to doze while he drew at the stem.

I went into a doze.

And presently Macgregor dropped into a doze.

I want you to sell me doze basilic."

"Doze Creole' is lezzy," said Aurora.

"'Sieur Frowenfel'," said Aurora, leaning her head on one side, "some pipple thing it is doze climade; 'ow you lag doze climade?" "I do not suppose," replied the visitor, "there is a more delightful climate in the world.

"'Sieur Frowenfel'," said Aurora, leaning her head on one side, "some pipple thing it is doze climade; 'ow you lag doze climade?" "I do not suppose," replied the visitor, "there is a more delightful climate in the world.

"Bud, 'Sieur Frowenfel'," said Clotilde, as Frowenfeld pausedAurora was stunned to silence,"de Unitee State' goin' pud doze nigga' free, aind it?"

," said Aurora, with a pensive respiration, "I thing id is doze climade," and the apothecary stopped, as a man should who finds himself unloading large philosophy in a little parlor.

"I thing, me, dey hought to pud doze quadroon' free?"

"Hanny'ow, I know she continue in love wid 'im all doze ten year' w'at 'e been gone.

He and the Second Nurse talked apart for quite a long while, and paid no attention to the child, who lay shamming a doze, but with her ears open.

Across the warm chord of this semicircle the sheep-dogs, stretched before the blaze, looked up lazily, and settled themselves to doze again.

O boys,that were,actual papas and possible grandpapas,some of you with crowns like billiard-balls,some in locks of sable silvered, and some of silver sabled,do you remember, as you doze over this, those after-dinners at the Trois Frรจres, when the Scotch-plaided snuff-box went round, and the dry Lundy-Foot tickled its way along into our happy sensoria?

He was afraid his next doze might be longer, so he finished fixing his foot-gear standing up.

Sir Philip was taking his after-dinner doze in his arm- chair; and little Philip was standing by Anne, who was doing her best to keep him from awakening his grandfather, as she partly read, partly romanced, over the high-crowned hatted fishermen in the illustrations to Izaak Walton's Complete Angler.

Yet in spite of terrors and anxieties, she was so much worn out as to doze long enough to lose count of time, till she was awakened by the rocking and tossing of the boat and loud peremptory commands.

Her maid came and took her furs from her, and she lay on the library sofa, after Henriette had persuaded her to have a little chicken broth; and then she fell into a doze, and was awakened only by the sound of the electric bell.

The wine in her weak state made her sleepy, and she gradually fell into a doze, and her head slipped sideways and rested against Tristram's shoulder, and it gave him a tremendous thrillher beautiful, proud head with its thick waves of hair showing under her cap.

"Yes, greatly better; a good sleep was what I needed, and I fell into a doze while you were beside the bed, I believe.

He could say no more, but fell into a sort of doze, the result of the powerful stimulant on his enfeebled frame and empty stomach.

Julia Clifford took special charge of Grace Hope, the doctor of William Hope, and Colonel Clifford sat by Walter, congratulating, soothing, and encouraging him, until he began to doze.

Though near enough to let their snoring keep A friend awake, if e'er to doze inclined.

Furthermore, a doze of customer handling or public relations training is needed during this period of time.

They can stay alert with their phones for hours, but doze off as soon as they lay hands on an inspirational book to read.

Now even though you are all relaxed, don't doze off or tune out just now because if you do, you'll think that all I said this morning was relax, smile, and live in the present moment.

Several times I manage to doze off, but then I wake up and look around in an attempt to make sure that no bear has decided to walk to the river by this route.

Weโ€™ve probably all experienced, at one time or another, a sudden and intense urge to sleep, so strong that you feel like you might doze off right in the middle of whatever youโ€™re doing.