643 examples of doze in sentences

My wife looked up out of a doze, and gave me a smile: "I think he is a great deal better; but you are very late," she said in a whisper, shading the light with her hand that the Doctor might see his patient.

I like to see hawks sitting daunted in shallow holes, not daring to spread a feather, and doves in a row by the prickle bushes, and shut-eyed cattle, turned tail to the wind in a patient doze.

She asked a second time, with like result, lingered timidly, and as he turned to give his attention to a third visitor, reiterated: "Miché Vignevielle, I wizh you pliz led" "Madame Carraze," he said, turning so suddenly as to make the frightened little woman start, but extending his palm with a show of frankness, and assuming a look of benignant patience, "'ow I kin fine doze note now, mongs' all de rez?

Iv you p'iz nod to mague me doze troub'.

But fo' w'y you lill' gal lose doze hapetide?

"Suppose dad should be true w'at doze peop' say 'bout Ursin.

I s'all investigade doze ting; an', Manuel Mazaro, h-I am a hole man; bud I will requez you, iv dad wad you say is nod de true, my God! not to h-ever ritturn again ad de Café des Exilés.

he cultivated a doze as the train pulled out.

Then I thought of Robespierre, and Marat, and Charlotte Corday, and Marie Antoinette,then of Delaroche's and Müller's pictures of the unfortunate Queen,then of pictures in general,then of landscape-scenery,till I almost fell into a doze, when I was startled by a faint sound along the wire, as of a sigh, like the first thrill of the AEolian harp in the evening wind.

Soon after this William Bouchier was grievously sick, and when recovering, the monk Sergius visited him, and gave him so great a doze of rhubarb as had almost killed him.

MacDonald would attend to that very soon, so he went off into a doze that was almost sleep.

They did little else, these days, but dream and doze and wait.

with such zeal that Sleepy, who was taking a little doze in a tilted chair, went over backward into a corner, and had to be pulled out by the heels.

I had just began to doze, when the explosion of firearms startled all in the house.

Towards morning, I fell into a doze, the fourth or fifth renewal of my slumbers that night; and I remember that I had that sort of curious sensation which apprises us itself, it was a dream.

He sank into a sort of doze that was more like a stupor, from which he was awakened by a dusky figure in the doorway of the little shelter.

CHAPTER XII THE MARVELOUS TRAILER "Where are we, Tayoga?" Robert stirred from a doze and the words were involuntary.

Her mother had fallen into a doze.

Sometimes, dead-tired by nine o'clock, after a hard day down town, he would doze over the evening paper.

All had reëntered their berths to sleep or doze when the train went on, but several were on the move as it neared Paris, taking their turn at the lavatory, calling for water, towels, making the usual stir of preparation as the end of a journey was at hand.

Mr. Samuel Hazard, who visited Cuba about the year 1870, and wrote quite entertainingly about it, left the following description of his experience in Havana: "Hardly has the day begun to break when the newly arrived traveller is startled from his delightful morning doze by the alarming sound of bells ringing from every part of the town.

The old CLAUS and URSULA in the windows seem to doze.

He did seem once to get into a sort of doze, but it was only for a moment, and then he dreamt he had dug a deep hole into the earth and poured in tons and tons of the Food of the Gods, and the earth was swelling and swelling, and all the boundaries of the countries were bursting, and the Royal Geographical Society was all at work like one great guild of tailors letting out the equator....

"The singer, whose condition I dare say resembled that of his hero, was soon too far off to regale my ears any more; and as his music died away, I myself sank into a doze, neither sound nor refreshing.

"I yieldedstifling my qualmsto the almost overpowering temptation; and merely throwing off my coat, and loosening my cravat, I lay down, limiting myself to half-an-hour's doze in the unwonted enjoyment of a feather bed, a coverlet, and a bolster.

643 examples of  doze  in sentences