643 examples of doze in sentences

It must have been the clock striking, I concluded, presently; and was commencing to doze off, when a sudden noise brought me back, once more, to life.

When the carriage stopped, and the man opened the door, Mr. P. rubbed his eyes, for he had fallen into a doze, on the way, and sprang hastily out.

Mr. BUMSTEAD, rousing from a brief doze, glanced indifferently towards the spot indicated; but, in another instant, was on his knees beside the undefined object he there beheld.

" In an attempt to look into the speaker's inmost soul, Mr. BUMSTEAD fell into a doze, from which the crash of his accordion to the floor aroused him in time to behold a very curious proceeding on the part of Mr. CLEWS.

Ursin Lemaitre din kyare nut'n fo' doze creed; he fall in love!

"Madame Carraze," said Monsieur Vignevielle, "doze kine of note wad you 'an' me juz now is bein' contrefit.

You muz tek kyah from doze kine of note.

She asked a second time, with like result, lingered timidly, and as he turned to give his attention to a third visitor, reiterated: "Miché Vignevielle, I wizh you pliz led" "Madame Carraze," he said, turning so suddenly as to make the frightened little woman start, but extending his palm with a show of frankness, and assuming a look of benignant patience, "'ow I kin fine doze note now, mongs' all de rez?

Iv you p'iz nod to mague me doze troub'.

But fo' w'y you lill' gal lose doze hapetide?

"Suppose dad should be true w'at doze peop' say 'bout Ursin.

Don't forget that we're not stretched out on the ground under an apple tree taking an afternoon doze.

Mike was tired after his journey, and he had begun to doze when he was jerked back to wakefulness by the stealthy turning of the door handle; the faintest rustle from Psmith's direction followed, and a slight giggle, succeeded by a series of deep breaths, showed that Jellicoe, too, had heard the noise.

They might all be out, and then you'd have to hang about, and wait; and presently you'd hear them come in, and you'd go out into the passage, and they'd say 'Hello!'" Jellicoe, in order to give verisimilitude, as it were, to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative, flung so much agitated surprise into the last word that it woke Mike from a troubled doze into which he had fallen.

Somewhere about that epoch she fell into a doze with one eye open, when a terrific peal of thunder started her to her feet.

I had just began to doze, when the explosion of firearms startled all in the house.

It is an incivility and an impertinence to doze while the company is conversing, to be seated while the rest stand, to walk on when others pause, and to speak when you should be silent, or listen.

As fast as I would fall into a doze, the chill of the atmosphere would steal through my blanket, and remind me of my location.

As the train stops you drowse if you have been waking, and wake if you have been in a doze; but in any case you are aware of the locomotive hissing and coughing beyond the station, of flaring gas-jets, of clattering feet of passengers getting on and off; then of some one, conductor or station master, walking the whole length of the train; and then you are aware of an insane satisfaction in renewed flight through the darkness.

She was awakened from a doze by a knocking at the street-door.

He shook his head gently as he realised this, and, yielding to the drowsy quiet of his surroundings, laid aside the useless pipe and fell into a doze.

The breeze of dawn, tired and worn out, was sinking to a fitful doze in the cottonwood foliage near by.

A strange washerwoman, coming late at night for the "things," will burst in by mistake to the patient's sickroom, after he has fallen into his first doze, giving him a shock, the effects of which are irremediable, though he himself laughs at the cause, and probably never even mentions it.

In the evening Mrs. Woodford was sitting by the window, letting her needlework drop as the light faded, and just beginning to doze, when her repose was broken by a voice saying "Madam.

Many ways of ascertaining the fact were revolved by her as with an aching head she lay hopelessly awake till morning, when she fell into a doze which lasted until she found that Raymond had risen, and that she must dress in haste, unless she meant to lose her character for punctuality.

643 examples of  doze  in sentences