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166 example sentences with  dramatis

166 example sentences with dramatis

All the rest of the dramatis personae enter, and indulge in exclamations of joy.






p. 7 Dramatis Personae.

I have supplied the wenches' names as given in the Dramatis Personae.

p. 101 Dramatis Personae.

Dramatis Personae.

p. 287 Dramatis Personae.

I have added to the list 'Page to Pisaro; Clergy; Officers;' and have named Lysette from Act iii, v. 4to 1671 spells Orgulius, Orguilious; Falatius, Falatio; Cleontius, Cleontious in the Dramatis Personae, but in the text I have spelled these names throughout following 1724.

p. 395 Dramatis Personae.

Ravenscroft has no less than three cuckolds in his Dramatis Personae: Doodle, Dashwell, and Wiseacre.

DRAMATIS PERSONAE YUENTE, Emperor of China of the Dynasty Han.





Pendennyss and his sister follow immediately; so, my dear madam, the dramatis personæ will all be on the stage soon."

N.V. Dramatis Personae.

The DRAMATIS PERSONAE wander in their dialogue, not swayed by the fluctuations of feeling, but by the author's desire to show his wit and wisdom, or else by his want of power to control the vagrant suggestions of his fancy.

The dramatis personae of the offices of Tutt & Tutt were characteristic of the firm, none of their employeesexcept Miss Sondheim, the tumultous-haired lady stenographerand Willie, the office boy, being under forty years of age.


We are next favoured with an enumeration of the Attendants of this "debonair" Nymph, in all the minuteness of a German Dramatis Personae, or a Ropedancer's Handbill.

And because many passages in the course of the Work would otherwise be obscure, I have taken leave to insert one single Paper written by Sir RICHARD STEELE, wherein those Characters are drawn; which may serve as a Dramatis Personae, or as so many pictures for an ornament and explication of the whole.

[There was a second writer of both these names, probably a son, who published in 1608 a prose novel, founded on the play of "Pericles."] DRAMATIS PERSONAE.

Most of his best monologues are to be found in the volumes known as Dramatic Lyrics (1842), Dramatic Romances and Lyrics (1845), Men and Women (1855), Dramatis Personae (1864).

Il miò Valeriò e quel che s'è messò Fuòr de le dònne," &c. Even Metastasio, who wrote expressly for singers, and often with exquisite modulation, especially in his songs, forgets himself when he comes to the names of his dramatis persome,"`Artaserse, `Artàbàno, `Arbàce, Màndàne, Semirà, Megàbise,"all in one play.

In his tragedy, the dramatis personae are like so many statues "stept from their pedestal to take the air."

One great fault is, that the dramatis personae are too much employed in pointing out the Claudes and Salvator Rosas, with which they are surrounded.

part, role, character, dramatis personae [Lat.]; repertoire.

coworker, party to, participator in, particeps criminis [Lat.], dramatis personae [Lat.]; personnel.

Confederates, Conservatives, Democrats, Federalists, Federals, Freemason, Knight Templar; Kuklux, Kuklux Klan, KKK; Liberals, Luddites, Republicans, Socialists, Tories, Whigs &c staff; dramatis personae

[Footnote 65: In the Dramatis Personal to Ben Jonson's Every Man in his Humour, Bobadil is styled a Paul's man; and Falstaff tells us that he bought Bardolph in Pauls.


For purposes of reference the following list of dramatis personae may be useful: GREAT BRITAIN:

Seasons of the year, times of day, phases of the moon, phenomena of flowers, are quite as much your dramatis personae as the warriors and the ladies.

In order that the comments of the servants might reach the ears of the audience, they had to be shouted in a way (says M. Sarcey) that was fatal to the desired illusion.] CHAPTER V DRAMATIS PERSONAE The theme being chosen, the next step will probably be to determine what characters shall be employed in developing it.

Most playwrights, I take it, draw up a provisional Dramatis Personae before beginning the serious work of construction.

The dramatis personae would be: Hamlet, his confidant; Ophelia, her confidant; and the King and Queen, who would serve as confidants to each other.

One word may perhaps be said on the recent fashionnot to say fadof suppressing in the printed play the traditional list of "Dramatis Personae."

A list of characters, it is true, may also affect one with acute anticipations of boredom; but I have never yet found a play less tedious by reason of the suppression of the "Dramatis Personae.

We have thus gathered our dramatis personae, the parties most essentially interested in Spenser's unlucky passion, into one familiar group.

When the subject is chosen, he develops his plan, fixes his dramatis personae and then strikes off in versi sciolti.


CURTAIN His Favourite Flower Dramatis Personae THE STATESMAN THE HOUSEKEEPER THE DOCTOR THE PRIMROSES His Favourite Flower A Political Myth Explained

CURTAIN The Comforter Dramatis Personae W.E.

He worked to one endhe endeavored to learn the mental reactions of every one of his dramatis persoae toward the fact of the crime he happened to be investigating; that and, as nearly as possible, their feelings at the moment of the commission of the crime, no matter where they might have been.

Suffice it to say that the dramatis personae are five in numberviz., Father Christmas, Saint George, a Turkish Knight, the Doctor, and an Old Woman.

But, on the whole, Dick, like most of the rest of the people with whom she had held converse since the curtain went down upon Arden, seemed unimportant and indistinct, like courtiers and foresters, not specifically named among the dramatis personae, just put in to fill out and make a more effective stage setting.

The narrative of all her novels is composed of such common occurrences as may have fallen under the observation of most folks; and her dramatis personae conduct themselves upon the motives and principles which the readers may recognize as ruling their own and that of most of their acquaintances.

In many cases this has added greatly to the effect, by keeping both the actors and action continually before the reader, and placing him, in some measure, in the situation of the audience at a theatre, who are compelled to gather the meaning of the scene from what the dramatis personae say to each other, and not from any explanation addressed immediately to themselves.

He may then be instructed to follow the dramatis personae of our great poet's plays on the stage, and after each of them has made his speech in the present corrupt reading, to pronounce aloud the words as "restored" by himself.

Though ostensibly a dialogue mainly between himself, Tickler (i.e., Lockhart), and Hogg the Ettrick Shepherdwith other occasional dramatis personae; the main bulk of them (including everything here quoted) was written by Wilson himselfin this form, to produce an original effect.

The Laughter of the Gods A Tragedy in Three Acts Dramatis Personæ King Karnos Voice-of-the-Gods (a prophet) Ichtharion Ludibras Harpagas First Sentry Second Sentry One of the Camel Guard An Executioner The Queen Tharmia (wife of Ichtharion) Arolind (wife of Ludibras) Carolyx (wife of Harpagas)

And he created the dramatis personae out of whose adventures the slender thread of continuity which binds the essays together is woven.

Dramatis personaeAn old lady and twenty school-boys.

The following was the cast of the piece on that occasion: Dramatis Personae. Lord Randolph, Dr. Robertson, Principal, Edinburgh.

"It should be black bombazeen ..." I proved to her that not only "Deborah Dowlas," but all the rest of the dramatis personæ ought to be in mourning ...

The dramatis personae, then, divide themselves into the men of straw and the right sort.

Having regard to the number of bad hats among the dramatis personæ, you will probably not be astonished to be told that their goings-on are excellently entertaining; though I cannot but think that to give both his leading lady and his soubrette, or Singing Chambermaid, the handicap of morally deficient young brothers, does look like laziness on the part of Mr. CAINE.


Mr. Choate, therefore, from pure force of mental constitution, threw himself into the life and position of the parties and witnesses in a jury-case, and they necessarily became dramatis personae, and moved in an atmosphere of his own creation.

His design was to lash the follies and vices of the day, and his dramatis personæ consisted for the most part of gulls, impostors, fops, cowards, swaggering braggarts, and "Pauls men."

His curious, analytic observation, his way of looking at the soul from outside, gives a doubleness to the monologues in his Dramatic Lyrics, 1845, Men and Women, 1855, Dramatis Personæ, 1864, and other collections of the kind.

But the rest of the speakers unite in condemning the extolled simplicity of the French plots, as actual barrenness, compared to the variety and copiousness of the English stage; and their authors' limiting the attention of the audience and interest of the piece to a single principal personage, is censured as poverty of imagination, when opposed to the diversification of characters exhibited in the dramatis personae of the English poets.

That the language, as well as actions and character of the dramatis personae, might be raised above the vulgar, their sentiments were delivered in rhyme, the richest and most ornate kind of verse, and the farthest removed from ordinary colloquial diction.

" The scene of this strange drama is laid in Heaven, and the dramatis personæ are as follows: Beelzebub } Belial } Disobedient Officers.

But the reading of "Lorna Doone" calls to my mind, and very vividly, an original artistic principle of which English romance writers are either strangely ignorant or neglectful, viz., that the sublimation of the dramatis personae and the deeds in which they are involved must correspond, and their relationship should remain unimpaired.

* * * * * THE DEATH OF WALLENSTEIN DRAMATIS PERSONÆ WALLENSTEIN, Duke of Friedland, Generalissimo of the Imperial Forces in the Thirty Years' War.

But things were different then; our ancestors insisted that the aforesaid dramatis personnae should be labelled, frilled and furbelowed.


Dramatis personae.

James Reid Parker (A); 28Dec64; R352061. Dramatis personae.

Dramatis personae.

Dramatis personae, 1896-1902.

Dramatis personae, 1896-1902.

James Reid Parker (A); 28Dec64; R352061. Dramatis personae.

Dramatis Personæ.

The existence and nature of the dramatis personae who come on to the scene when we have made our exit have been determined by some frivolous love-affair.


In all free governments, especially, it is the habit to overrate the dramatis personae of the hour.

You baulked him when he was a young beginner, And almost spoiled a very hopeful sinner; But if once more you slight his weak endeavour, For aught I know, he may turn tail forever; DRAMATIS PERSONAE.

[Footnote A: Alluding to the Indian Queen, in which the scene is laid before the arrival of the Spaniards in America, and which was acted in 1664, as this was in 1665.] DRAMATIS PERSONAE.

DRAMATIS PERSONAE LYSIMANTES, first Prince of the Blood.

It must be remarked that in all Indian stories where two or more sisters are the dramatis personae, the elder is invariably represented as silly, ridiculous, and disgustingthe younger, as wise and beautiful.

This new <i>dramatis persona</i> had appeared suddenly from nowhere and straightway vanished without leaving a trace, excepting the two or three beads that we had picked up in Jeffrey's room.

A glance at the dramatis personae reveals a curious artificial symmetry which, as we shall shortly see, is significant of the spirit in which Fletcher approached the composition of his play.

The contrast between the loving and the careless nymphs, and the episode of the latter being bound to a tree, appear to anticipate the later pastoral; while the introduction of Cupid as a dramatis persona carries one back to the mythological drama, and the rustic characters connect the piece with the plays of the Rozzi.

B] Dramatis Personae.

It was also observed that a wonderfully natural style of acting was instantly developed among the other dramatis personae.

Every one of us in childhood has constructed such an invisible dramatis personæ, but it never occurred to our nurses to correct the composition by careful comparison with Balzac.

But the reading of "Lorna Doone" calls to my mind, and very vividly, an original artistic principle of which English romance writers are either strangely ignorant or neglectful, viz., that the sublimation of the dramatis personæ and the deeds in which they are involved must correspond, and their relationship should remain unimpaired.

In boldness of conception and thoroughness of organization there has been nothing to compare with it, and it is worth while to dwell somewhat upon its details, first introducing the Dramatis Personae.

But this defalcation, if we may so call it, of the chief dramatis personae of the day, though considered to be in good taste, is by no means a popular innovation, but is rather regarded as a prudish dereliction from the ancient forms of hospitality, which are more prized than ever on so genial an occasion as a marriage.

At first as all the dramatis personae he was in search of came out one after another from that gossip's tongue, he was amazed and delighted to find that instead of having to search for one of them in one part of England, and another in another, he had got them all ready to his hand.

[As she departs, winding her way among the tumbled rocks, the curtain falls.] * * * * * THE JEWESS OF TOLEDO AN HISTORICAL TRAGEDY IN FIVE ACTS By FRANZ GRILLPARZER DRAMATIS PERSONÆ ALFONSO VIII., the Noble, King of Castile.

Past so inhabits present that Mantel includes the dead in the trilogy’s dramatis personae.

This poem is one of a series entitled "James Lee's Wife," in "Dramatis Personae" (1864).