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"Milton first planned the great poem, 'Paradise Lost,' as a drama, and this manuscript, kept within a glass case, is opened to the page on which the dramatis personae are planned and replanned.

The DRAMATIS PERSONAE wander in their dialogue, not swayed by the fluctuations of feeling, but by the author's desire to show his wit and wisdom, or else by his want of power to control the vagrant suggestions of his fancy.



The names throughout are very incorrectly given, and probably the printer composed from a copy in which some alterations had been made in the dramatis personae, but incompletely.

We are next favoured with an enumeration of the Attendants of this "debonair" Nymph, in all the minuteness of a German Dramatis Personae, or a Ropedancer's Handbill.

Il miò Valeriò e quel che s'è messò Fuòr de le dònne," &c. Even Metastasio, who wrote expressly for singers, and often with exquisite modulation, especially in his songs, forgets himself when he comes to the names of his dramatis persome,"`Artaserse, `Artàbàno, `Arbàce, Màndàne, Semirà, Megàbise,"all in one play.

Seasons of the year, times of day, phases of the moon, phenomena of flowers, are quite as much your dramatis personae as the warriors and the ladies.

When the subject is chosen, he develops his plan, fixes his dramatis personae and then strikes off in versi sciolti.

Dramatis Personae.

The Man of Business Dramatis Personae JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN (Ex-Minister) JESSE COLLINGS (His Friend)

The Instrument Dramatis Personae WOODROW WILSON (Ex-President of the United States of America) MR.

The shell, in which form all our dramatis personae now are, were reading among other things the last book of "Homer's Iliad," and had worked through it as far as the speeches of the women over Hector's body.

Every body knows the delightful romance of Kenilworth,a tragedy, of which the dramatis personae are the parties themselves, called up from their graves by the novelist magician.

But until the curtain should rise all arrangements were carefully concealed from every one except the dramatis personæ.

Mr. Choate, therefore, from pure force of mental constitution, threw himself into the life and position of the parties and witnesses in a jury-case, and they necessarily became dramatis personae, and moved in an atmosphere of his own creation.

It is not easy to discover what are his theories as distinguished from those of his characters, for he makes no comments, and is faithful in developing the unity and integrity of his dramatis personae, whether in his monologues or dramas.

THE DEATH OF WALLENSTEIN DRAMATIS PERSONÆ WALLENSTEIN, Duke of Friedland, Generalissimo of the Imperial Forces in the Thirty Years' War.

But things were different then; our ancestors insisted that the aforesaid dramatis personnae should be labelled, frilled and furbelowed.

He will have it in five acts, as the best form; and he has fixed upon his dramatis personae, at least the principal of them, for he names them on the margin as he writes.

Dramatis Personæ.

ll. 2-4. B] Dramatis Personae.

164 examples of  dramatis  in sentences